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tv   FOX 10 News 6pm  FOX  November 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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let's look at where the airport is. it is 15 miles southwest of the capitol here. it is not a large airport. in fact, they have 8,000 flights a day out of that airport compared to 120,000 flights out of sky harbor airport. passengers were stranded as officers work to get people safely out. in a tweet this afternoon, police employee killed as michael winchester. the fox affiliate says he is the father of kansas city chiefs' player james win winchester. a plane carrying federal inmates was allowed to land. southwest airlines says it is working to accommodate passengers. there is no word on a motive for
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an update for you now, the airport just resumed normal operations after being shut down for most of the day after that shooting. a scary sight in front of a phoenix gas station as a cement truck rolls on its side. it happened at 35th avenue and camelback road. the truck turned and toppling over narrowly missing a pedestrian on the sidewalk. it was about 10 feet away bus stop. >> he probably turned too fast and when he turned too fast, he started flipping. you could see him trying to turn the steering wheel. >> reporter: no word if the driver will face citations after this crash. a man suspected of raping a woman who became unconscious after leaving a scottsdale nightclub faces a judge today. rodolfo ramirez pled not guilty
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and sexual assault. prosecutors say he picked up the woman off of the ground and carried her away as you can see from this photo from a surveillance camera. the former m.m.a. fighter sexually assaulted the woman in a parking garage and at his apartment. he is due back in court next month. homeland security agents and phoenix police took two men into custodto extradited to connecticut to face charges in a murder of a man on saturday. the victim had been stabbed to death. no word on what led to that man's killing. bank of america employee is accused of stealing from customers he was supposed to be helping. he worked at dobson and chandler roads. he is accused of taking customers' money and transferring $10,000 into his own account.
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activity and alerted police. all of the money was restored to the customers and he is looking at fraud and theft charges. helen purcell is out of a job. she has been unseated by adrian font evens -- fontes. this comes after voters waited in long lines to cast their ballots. >> reporter: we all remember the lg presidential preference election back in march. helen purcell took much of the blame for the problem and it cost her the election. >> you have a whole series of issues that didn't get noticed year and year out until we had the p.p.p. in march. >> reporter: the democrat announced his presidency in the wake of the presidential election disaster. >> i think it is important and
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government that people want a change and a difference and what this race means is we're moving towards a place where we pay attention to the voters. we pay attention to the citizens and we pay attention to what they want. >> reporter: he plans to keep the good policies and programs in place but ensuring smooth >> we're going to go out and.- listen to the voters to hear what they have to say about what they feel how elections be run. >> reporter: purcell released a statement saying i want to thank everyone who voted, regardless how they voted. there is no greater joy than seeing high turnout and participation. i want to thank the hard working men and women in my office for their tireless service. purcell added that serving was a privilege of a lifetime. she was elected to this position
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recorder's office still has ballots that need to be processed. if approved by defeat, prop 205 would allowed arizonans to possess an ounce of marijuana and possess six plants for use. different story in colorado where denver becomes the first city in the country to allow recreational marijuana at bars and restaurants with the passage customers will be able to use the drug inside as long as they don't fire up so things like edibles. those businesses may have smoking areas outside as well. in the border battle, the police of the los angeles chief department says his department& won't help deport immigrants under the trump administration. he says it is not the job of his
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the department avoided turning over documents to i.c.e. and beck says his officers do not make contact with individuals based on their immigration status. several democratic mayors of sanctuary cities, including new york, seattle, and chicago say they will do all they can to prevent deportation. the architects of the immigration law says those mayors will be singing a different tune in due >> what the mayors are not saying is they receive tons of dollars in federal grants and president-elect trump has made sanctuary cities may see some of that money dry up if they are continuing to defy federal law. i've been working with states like arizona, alabama and representing i.c.e. officers who are suing the obama administration. i'm deeply involved in this issue and what we can do to some the sanctuary cities is there
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that outlawed sanctuary cities and they are thumbing their nose at federal law and putting their own citizens at danger. >> the studies estimate there are 300 sanctuary cities in the u.s. that shield immigrants from deordeportation. students protesting president elect donald trump. they marched passed the capitol to the supreme court. they are hopeful the next president will not in greece, thousands of people protest a visit by president obama. police using tear gas to fight back the crowds. joel waldman has more on president president obama's trip overseas. >> reporter: president obama speaking from greece during his last overseas trip denying responsibility for the election
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the republican's surprising win for america's desire to try something new. >> at times of significant stress, people are going to be looking for something and they don't know exactly what they are looking for and they play opt for change. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan who had contentious moments with president-elect trump during the republican primaries says he is all in. ryan's chances of h the speakership seeming more secure. >> i talked to donald so many times this week and that is let's make sure we get people back to work. >> reporter: g.o.p. primary interest in having an administration position.
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secretary of state as democrats are urging president-elect donald trump to fire steven bannon appointed chief strategist. >> donald trump's appointment of steve bannon is the wrong message to send to americans today. >> reporter: as president-elect trump works to build his administration, house democrats agree to delay their elections, citing the devastating results from election night. coming up, people in phoenix and across the country protest the dakota pipeline. the status of the contentious project. avatar acrobat visits phoenix children's hospital ahead of the cirque du soleil show that opens tomorrow. >> reporter: still on the warm side but temperatures will be
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across the country to protest the dakota access pipeline. they want to send a message to the federal government to block the project. the core of engineers has put the project on hold. >> the controversy over the access pipeline is headed back to court. developer energy transfer partners is asking the federal court that it has a legal right to build under the river. it comes after the core of engineers delayed the project to evaluate the issue. the company's c.e.o. slamming the decision reading in part "this action is motivated by politics at the expense of a company that has done nothing but play by the rules it was given." the pipeline will run 1,200 miles through four states. the company now needs permission
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river. it is that move that is opposed by the neighboring sioux tribe and others. >> if this pipeline were to burst, it will cause irreversible damage for millions of people along the missouri river. >> reporter: as the legal battle goes on so does the protests. activists are protesting at locations across the nation. and i care about what happens to this planet. >> reporter: the incoming trump administration could reverse course. president-elect trump says he is bringing back the controversial keystone pipeline and this does much the same moving oil cheaper and faster. back here in arizona, grand canyon west reaches a milestone seeing one million visitors so far this year. officials with the west rim
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million annual guests for the first time in a i think isle year last year in december. nearly 120,000 more visitors than 2014. they say the visiters flock fog the sky walk, the lodge, and other tkpw-bg -- grand canyon tourism. st. mary's food bank is 5,600 turkeys short of their goals in handing out dinners. and albertsons will continue to accept turkeys through next wednesday. new at 6:00, circumstance -- circumstance cirque du soleil will take over talking stick but performers visited phoenix children's hospital.
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children's faces and showing off elements that it takes to create the people of pandora. >> getting out there in the community and helping the people >> that show opens tomorrow and it will run through sunday. tickets range from $40-$110. still ahead after the break, dave munsey is in with a look at your forecast when we come back.
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>> reporter: dave, no more supermoon but a nice night to get out and enjoy it. >> reporter: the moon was fun to enjoy, too. there will be hanging around for a while. marc. we'll bring the temperatures down to the seasonal norm. for a little bit, we may go below the seasonal norm. winds west, northwest at 3 miles an hour. 78 degrees at deer valley. 75 in ahwatukee. still in the 80's, 84 in apache junction right now. you can see this system working its way up here and got a little
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northwest. that stuff is going to stay there. we will see a little bit of cloud cover down here. windy conditions up in the northwest that is going to hold through thursday morning. just to show you the clouds coming through as it happens on late wednesday and thursday. that system will have clouds with it. it will be breezy from time to time and these temperatures will come out of the 80's. we go to 86 degrees in goodyear. 84 at deer 84 at gateway. other numbers we have, 82 at lake havasu. bullhead city, 81. 75 at st. johns. window rock, 73. 79 in sedona. 90 degrees in yuma. through the night, there is that moon we were talking about. temperatures dropping off into the 60's. it will be around 60 degrees for the overnight low. 60 at deer valley. 53 at goodyear.
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down into the chilly zone. 86 for the high. 59 for the low. 76, 53 would be your normal high and low. record high at 90. record low at 33. take a look at what we're forecasting for tomorrow. as you can see, temperatures coming down. a few upper 70's as well. 58 the forecast for flagstaff. 63 in show low. 85 at gila bend. let's take a look across the country here. most moisture about 3 inches in new jersey. these guys picking up a pretty good load there. take a look at what we have overnight, 60. 81 degrees for tomorrow. take a look at the rest of that map and you can see 60's hanging out but lots of 70's with an 80 thrown in here and there. watch your kids around water. >> reporter: when you're one
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opposing teams do. david johnson on the challenge in the run guam. you're going to want to hear what he has to say next up in
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david johnson is ranked fourth in the league with 760 yards. the result, opposing defenses are loading up their defenders near the line of scrimmage. san francisco did that. you can count it out, there is eight guys near the line of scrimmage. 19 carries, just 55 yards. they load up knowing that number 31 in all likelihood in certain football. they bring more offenders and that was a struggle for the arizona cardinals in the run game and ranked run in the run defense. expect that to be the norm for the second half of the season this weekend against the minnesota vikings. we had a chance to talk to david johnson yesterday on what opposing defenses continue to
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definitely, especially those guys. they were ready for the run and they put nine guys and bringing the safety down in the box. when we played those guys, i could see the safety gearing up and they were closer to the line of scrimmage than the linebackers. >> reporter: tough task for a.s.u. they will travel to washington to take on the huskies. the huskies are coming off of a loss against u.c.s. they had a great year. they maybe the most dynamic wide receiver in the pac 12 putting up great numbers in the huskies. they are a strong football team on the rebound after a loss against u.s.c. >> they play good defense. they are good defensively against the run and they are good in the back end. i would say explosive plays and
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i think of them that describes how they played the game. they are very well coached that they are well coached. >> reporter: it does not get easier for todd graham. you are coming off of a loss. game is on fox 10 saturday. >> looking forward to that. thanks for being with us. "tmz" is next. we're back here at 9:00 and
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: real estate trophy goes to cindy crawford and rande gerber. they just made $10 million in a year, and didn't even sell the full property they bought a year ago. >> i feel like for $60 million, i want to walk out my door and stand in the ocean. harvey: for 30 seconds, you're rande gerber. now, you have a choice -- >> i will take 30 seconds with cindy crawford, thank you very much. >> what will he do the next 25 seconds? [laughter] >> we got a copy of dream kardashian's birth certificate. the ob/gyn delivered all of kim's babies, all of kourtney's babies. harvey: he's all up in all of their business. >> he's seen all of their vaginas in their worst possible state. >> he sees the one-month checkup. >> the one-month checkup is gross too. >> no, it's not. >> is it? you have a kid.


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