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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  November 16, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm MST

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is is the 9-1-1 me on the road."me, trying to kill into the back 9-1-1 me on the road."me, scottsdale 911, what is the address of your emergency? >> i don't know where i'm at. a man is trying to kill me on the road. >> the 911 call is chilling. a womannerner terrorized on thed with a man repeatedly ramming into the back of her vehicle. >> you may remember this inci week. it involved a suspect and a scottsdale police car. >> the suspect was arrested and thankfully, everybody is ok, including the woman in the 911 call. >> we spoke to her about her terrifying ordeal. we're live from the scene of the crash with what that woman had to say. >> reporter: that's right, john and kari. this is where it ended when police were able to get ahold of
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she heard the 911 calls for the first time herself. tears reliving the horrifying moments. >> 911, what is the address of your emergency? >> i don't know where i'm at. a guy is hitting me in the back of me trying to kill me on the road. >> reporter: police say was road rage and drunk driving. she tells me she would die. >> a drunk driverrer chasing you for that long, of course, i thought i was going to die. >> what kind of car are you in? >> reporter: thursday evening, she was on her way to a kick ballgame when a driver rammed into the back of her car and flipping her off. as she was on the phone with 911, he continued to ram into
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>> he has his lights off. >> reporter: we hear the dispatcher to calm down and listen. in her situation, she says that wasn't easy. >> someone is bashing in the back of you with your car. you're not going to think about what you're telling me. i'm tellin you. >> reporter: fatima was scared for her life. she had no idea who the man was and why he was chasing her. >> where are you right now? >> reporter: what is haunting her to this day, the look on his face. >> likea rage, like anger and he was going in a spiral right and left, right and left with no expression on his face. >> reporter: police catching up to the driver at 48th and thomas. >> i ran out of my car. i had no shoes on and i stood in the middle of the street crying. >> reporter: that was the end. >> you are safe.
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>> reporter: fatima told me it is going to take quite a while to heal from this. she says she is still having nightmares. he is facing a slew of charges. police describe the behavior saying he had apparent mood swings. his eyes were bloodshot and water. they also found alcohol bottles in the back o he is being held in jail on a $50,000 bond. new details coming out tonight about what led to charges being dropped in the 2015 freeway shooting investigation that involved leslie merritt jr. was arrested in the string of shootings plaguing valley freeways. the crime lab tied the bullet
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>> the test fired bullets were a match from bullet fragments from four casings over the last weekend in august. >> recently released documents show that prosecutors asked a second ballistic expert to take a look at this and the expert came back inconclusive. that expert requested his mentor to review the evidence a third time now. his mentor agreed and questioned fired from the same gun. today, bill montgomery down played these findings. >> that doesn't mean the bullets are not associated with the weapon in question and that's where the investigation stands at this point. >> investigators say merritt remains their main suspect. >> he picked the wrong house to break into. a teenager burglary suspect ends
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by the people inside the house. matt rodewald has the latest from buckeye. >> reporter: neighbors say they haven't seen anything like this. a young couple staying with her brother on watkins road. they went out to get a pizza but they were concerned when they came back. >> there was a vehicle in her yard and he did not recognize it. >> reporter: an 18-year-old man was inside the house but the couple did not know it. >> he fo and got into an altercation and they fought an wrestled around and hended up shooting him twice. >> reporter: at that point, his brother-in-law held him down until the authorities came. neighbors were stunned. >> you feel vulnerable when you have a certain level of trust in your home an you want to feel safe. it is too bad that people take to stealing, take from those who
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belongings and possessions and it is an unnerving feeling. >> it makes you think twice about carrying a weapon. nobody was hurt on our side and the good guys won. >> reporter: the 18-year-old suffered two gunshot wounds but his injuries are minor. more than a week after the 2016 germ election, the maricopa county recorder's office is still counting ballots. in tonight there is roughly 3,000 early ballots still need to be counted and 32,000 provisional ballots they have to verify. as we reported yesterday, this will be helen purcell's last election.
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donald trump is pushing back at the reports that the process is going going smoothly. he tweeted that it is organized and he is the only one who knows who the finalists are going to be. big-name republicans have been seen coming and going from trump tower, among them former presidential candidate ted cruz who is rumored short list for u.s. attorney general. trump camp insists this entire process is going to take some time. >> not going to rush to put names forward until we're sure. we are going to make sure that we're confident will pass confirmation and will implement trump's vision. >> leading the transition is mike pence.
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the naval observatory. when asked if he thinks trump and pence are ready for day one, biden replied, no one is ever ready. >> hillary clinton is making her first public appearance tonight since losing the election last week. she was honored during the beat the odds celebration in the nation's capital. she did address the election encouraging her supporters to never give up. >> i know m disappointed about the results of the election. i am, too. more than i can ever express. but as i said last week, our campaign was never about one person or one election. it was about the country we love and about building an america that is hopeful, inclusive, and big hearted. >> during her speech tonight,
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this is shocking, video just into our newsroom appears to show a flagstaff police officer punching a woman in the face. take a look. >> you cannot arrest me until i know i have a warrant. >> hey, you can't hit a girl like that. >> cellphone video captured by the woman's boyfriend was taken earlier this afternoon as the couple were getting evicted. when the police showed up, officers confronted the woman who they believe h out for her arrest. it was during the confrontation when the officer punched her in the face. she was arrested for resisting arrest. flagstaff police are aware of the video and they are concerned about what they are seeing and they have launched an internal investigation. we have all received calls from wrong numbers but
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saying, hey, you have the wrong number that is how it ends. >> or stop bothering me. not the case for a valley man who received a thanksgiving dinner invitation from a woman claiming to be his grandmother. take a look at the screen shots. it turns out, it wasn't his grandmother and the woman had the wrong number. she offered him dinner anyway. >> the man posted about it online and tonight strangers are meeting for the first time. marcy jones is live with the story. >> they accidently meet via text and now they are meeting for real. >> reporter: absolutely, guys. very, very heart warming. when you think of thanksgiving, mashed potato toerbgs cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, the actual bird itself but you don't think of texting but that is what brought these two valley strangers together and they say
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other way. when was the last time a wrong text led to a dinner invitation? >> i got a random group text and i texted back and found a new grandma. >> reporter: once the two exchanged selfies, they knew it was a mixup. grandma extended the invite. >> i was like, wow, she is i should go. she seems very sweet. just a nice lady, i guess. >> reporter: we were there when they met for the first time. >> i grew up in a military family so we invited vets over that we didn't know for thanksgiving dinner to it is not uncommon. i haven't done that in quite a long time. i'm happy that you want to come
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>> reporter: jamaal and wanda have a lot in common like open minds and open hearts but there is something he can help with her texting. >> i did not think for a second he would want to come to my house after seeing my picture. >> it wasn't bad. >> that because great selfie. >> are you kidding? my family teases me because i take bad selfies because i >> reporter: i asked jamaal what his grandma thought about the whole thing. she said she doesn't text and didn't know what this was this was going but wanda invited jamaal and his entire family over for thanksgiving. before i left, i overheard wanda put on her grandmother hat with jamaal saying we're going to take about what you've been doing on twitter, young man. i would love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation.
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much fun next week. i wish i got an invite. >> wonderful spirit of the great arizona. >> we focus on people doing bad things and you realize how many great, great things are out there. >> reporter: heart warming. speaking of thanksgiving, we are a little week out. have you gotten the bird yet? >> i'm on the other story. if you bother me, i have gotten the invite. >> you have to open up. >> a little more than a week away, a week tomorrow. it is going to be feeling more like summer than fall, unfortunately. maybe by thanksgiving it will feel more fall-like. >> dave is up with a look at the changing weather forecast. dave, a little bit of a difference over the next few days. >> reporter: i'm not ready for thanksgiving but i'm going to check my texts, she might have
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is a possibility. this is what it looks like right now. a little moisture to the north of us. a little snow up there cooling things off. look how fast it is out of here and the chilly weather comes in behind it. we'll take a look at what is happening as far as our lows are concerned. our lows have been around 62 going down do 53 degrees overnight. normal is 55. everyone is in the same mode. 71 for tomorrow. lots of sunshine. 77 on friday. look there, we go to 80 degrees on saturday. sunday, we'll be in the 80's as well but there is a big change coming on monday. we'll talk about that coming up. >> ok, dave, thank you. coming up on fox 10 news at 9:00, city leaders responding to president-elect donald trump's
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cities harboring illegal ill grants. his idea to deport those. >> jerry williams is weighing in on what they plan to do and not do. a tattoo technique that is catching on. they are called blackout
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only on fox tonight. tonight only on fox, tattoos are a colorful way t story and show your personality. we know that. now, some tattoo lovers are turning away from color. >> they are getting so-called blackout tattoos. these are solid black designs on a large part of the body. kristy siefkin shows us how the trend covers up the past and make a new statement about the future.
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masters of the canvas and the body. >> i haven't named that yet. that is brand new. this is clifton santiago. one-eyed willie. >> reporter: vibrant designs are client faiths but many are opting for blackout tattoos. solid black designs covering large areas of the body. >> they fancy that style or it could be for coverup purpsz -- purposes. >> reporter: he has been inkling clients for seven years. his passion is colorful designs but he also does blackout tattoos, covering up your exes name or fixing shoddy work by another tattoo artist. >> does this look like a flower to you? >> reporter: she got her tattoo to cover up a flow print going wrong. >> there is one here and there
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colored. >> reporter: she could have colored the flowers with another traditional design but she asked for dark art. >> you can convey emotion instead of blackout the whole arm. >> it is more popular from other countries because it is a traditional, almost tribal but this is like a new twist on tribal. >> reporter: blackout tattoos is gaining traction in the u.s. as tattoo removal can be painful and pricey. his cline wants a blackout tattoo on his hamstring, it is not a coverup but a bold design. >> this could take two, three, four tries because i have to line this with the top of buddha's head. >> reporter: stencil applied,
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? >> reporter: you might think filling in all of that dark color in the diamonds is the most painful part but the artist and the clients tell us it is lining the edge that hurts even more. 10 hours later, the blackout is complete. ready to show off in the light of day. >> you made it. name. >> tyson says getting a blackout tattoo can be quicker than a traditional design. if you change your mind down the road, you can get it lasered off. >> black is the easiest shade to remove believe it or not but it could take 15 sessions. >> reporter: he plaid his high school football here in the valley for the same tame that produced hall of fame errand
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for the cardinals' offensive line. cards-vikes, it our lead storying in sports. >> reporter: starting to see the temperatures come down a little bit. you can feel it. there is something going on.
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>> reporter: well, 70 degrees outside right now. just a light breeze out of the east out there. the city looking pretty good. there is a little bit of cloudiness today. still a little bit out there. it is going to clear up by morning. 67 degrees in fountain hills. 70 right now in glendale.
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this is where the moisture is to the north of us here. you can see more and more of it. we've been shouting -- showing you through the day. the cool air is filtering in the state of arizona changing things a little bit. a little windy out there as well. early in the morning, these will be ending for you on thursday morning. the wind advisories and mostly for the northwestern corner. 31 miles an hour wind gusts at kingman so you can have the advisory out. the winds are blowing pretty good for this late at night across the entire north. 79 degrees is what we go to for a high today. mid 70's in buckeye and goodyear. 81 in chandler. at gateway, 81. kingman, 76 degrees. 71 in st. johns. 63 in show low. 70 in sedona. we had 80 in gila bend today.
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tonight. normal is 55. we are below that on just about everything we are showing you here, in fact, we are with scottsdale coming closest with a 54-degree overnight low forecast. 79 for the high. 59 for the low. 75 and 52 would be the normal high and low. record high, 89. record low at 32. let's take a look at it and see what we're forecasting. we're bringing the temperatures down one degre right now will be the high tomorrow. you see 60's out there. 69 in cave creek. 69 at apache junction as well. we get you a look at the highs around the state or the forecast highs around the state. 57 in payson. winslow at 54. 72 in gila bend. 73 at yuma. yuma was 90 the other day. you can see that moisture we're talking about in the west. a little bit of stuff down here
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you can see up in the plains and new england where they had pretty good showers through the day today. 68 at charlotte. 84 degrees in wichita. denver at 80 degrees. you can see the warm temperatures hanging in. 71 for tomorrow with lots of sunshine. we continue with the 70's on friday. 80's through the weekend. 60's to start next week, you bet. sunshine and a turkey 69 degrees next thursday. we're going to beat the heat down for thanksgiving. watch your kids around water. >> that's not a turkey, dave, that is a perfect day. still ahead, the new fitness trend that might have you interested. crawling like a baby. >> me? >> that is the new fitness trend. we're going to describe why it might be a good move for you.
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world record. yes, those are real. those are real. she hasn't cut them since bill clinton took office. the motivation behind this madness. >> how do you make food? >> i don't know how you doing the. first, president-elect trump's plans to do away with city sanctuary plans stirring up reaction across the country. the tonight. we'll tell you what they have to say. this is my park. i'm like the mayor here. i know every bench, every tree, every squirrel -- -hey, what's up, andy. -andy: hey! same with my banking. with my bank of america mobile banking app,
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it was a big part of his it was a part of his campaign. donald trump's hardened stance on immigration and doing away with so-called sanctuary cities who look the other way when it comes to deporting illegal immigrants. >> city leaders these plans, including the leaders of phoenix. danielle miller joins us life -- live with what the mayor and police chief had to say. >> reporter: phoenix mayor greg stanton saying phoenix will continue to be one of the most welcoming cities in the united states to anybody seeking refuge from a war-torn country.
9:33 pm
president-elect donald trump promises to block federal funding for sanctuary cities. since then, several mayors came out against trump vowing to protect illegal immigrants. greg staten saying "residents and visitors can be assured we will professionally and stead fastly uphold the laws of the city but that does not mean phoenix will fall victim to discourse that is openly attack any factic members of our community. we will not turn into a mass deportation force even if the federal government threatens to with hold federal dollars." >> he is telling the general public that you can pick and choose the laws you want to obey. these are individuals who committed crimes and they are in our jails and he is telling our
9:34 pm
them here. >> reporter: we spoke with police phoenix chief and she says the department will stand by local, state and federal laws. >> i am the police chief. the police chief protects and serves the people in her community and that is what her officers do. we're going to continue to do that. we are encouraging witnesses and victims of crimes to call us. >> reporter: the mother of mesa sergeant brandon mendoza who was killed by immigrant talks about her stance. >> the mayors claim that the sanctuary cities do not have higher crime rates. when you look at a chart of sanctuary cities, whether crime has risen or gone down, they failed to mention that crime has increased over 600% in some of the sanctuary cities. >> reporter: this will take time to figure out, especially talking about the federal dollars but billions of dollars
9:35 pm
not sure how it might affect arizona. danielle miller, fox 10 news. dozens of border patrol agents are headed to the rio grande area of texas to deal with a surge of illegal immigration across the border. new data shows a nearly 90% increase over a year ago in the number of women and children coming into america illegally. two-thirds of boarder apprehension happen in the rio grand area. that is the it will be a two-month assignment for agents being deployed from california and arizona. looks like the famous pink underwear will be a thing of the past in tent city. they were a trademark of sheriff joe arpaio's tenure for the past 20 years but paul penzone says pink undies is not what law enforcement is about. he is willing to close down tent city but he wants to make a full evaluation first.
9:36 pm
scale back the mcso chain gangs and has no plans to hold any immigration patrols. developing tonight, a crime that is so cruel. a pair of burglars ransack a woman's home and they shake hands with her on their way out. steve krafft has the latest. >> reporter: this is a story about taking advantage of vulnerable people, the kind of thing that can and everywhere. it took place in casa grande. casa grande police got a call at 7:30 last night. a woman in her 90's told them that two men ransacked her house. >> she is hard of hearing so apparently, they knocked at the front door and they went to the
9:37 pm
to break the window. two of them climbed in and started going around the house picking whatever they wanted. >> reporter: the men discovered the elderly woman inside but they didn't care. >> they didn't do anything. they just got a pillow case and started gathering whatever they wanted. >> reporter: while she was here? >> yeah, she followed them. she tried to leave by the front door. >> reporter: she tried to get leave. >>reporter: did they tie her up? >> no. >>reportr: did they hurt her? >> no, when they left, they shook her hands. it is so strange. >> reporter: so they shook hands with her when they left? >> yeah, the nerve to do that. >> reporter: they weren't done. casa grande police believe the men then burglarized another home about a block away. casa grande police don't have much to go on.
9:38 pm
suspects. they believe there are two of them, a white man in his 40's and a white man in his 20's. if you have any information, give casa grande a call. steve krafft, fox 10 news. after the break, we go behind the new cirque du soleil performing in the valley. the show based on the movie "avatar." dave back with a look at
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160 a-s-u students are out of their tempe dorms tonight... after their building is flooded. 160 a.s.u. students are out of their dorms after a building flooded. a water pipe burst in juniper hall. students had to evacuate as floors and elevators flooded.
9:42 pm
gather their belongings before headed to other dorms for the night. >> it was up to people's hips and knees and really high. >> a lot of water. it is expected to be five days before students can return to their dorm rooms. the new interchange at bell road and grand avenue in surprise is set to open on tuesday. construction started in april and adot says the interchange will help with freight trains. this cost taxpayers $42 million. get ready for deep discounts after you digest your turkey. a new report from wallet hub says the average discount for black friday items will be nearly 40%. the report naming macy's the best store for black friday. jcpenney's, kohl's and sear's making big discounts.
9:43 pm
tinier stores. the company is planning to open more smaller stores, try hundreds more. the goal is to cater to crowded urban areas in college towns. the post election rally is over at least for now. the dow falling for the first time since america picked its new leader. you can own a piece of american history. the dress that wore to sing happy birthday to john f. kennedy will be auctioned off on thursday. some say it could fetch up to $3 million. the new cirque du soleil show based on "avatar" made its debut tonight. we got a look at their final rehearsal. toruk, the first flight, is a prequel to the movie.
9:44 pm
puppets. the cast rehearsed for hours before the big opening night. toruk will be running through sunday at talking stick arena. >> reporter: well, let's take a look at these temperatures. things are cooling off and they are going to cool off around the state. let's take a look here. 32 degrees at the freeze mark in flagstaff. at the grand canyon, we go below that at 26 degrees. 39 in 36 at prescott. 53 at gila bend. 53 in casa grande. let's take a look at sky harbor. 53 degrees. just about everything around the valley superior sponds with that. we get a couple of 51's in mesa and gateway. it is going to be sunny and chilly tomorrow.
9:45 pm
low 70's through the day, however. it is going to be a beautiful day. just a little chilly. >> we talked about this. >> i prefer easing into that, dave. slowly easing into it. >> she likes it when it is 110. >> i like to ease into the cool stuff. talk back time after the break. we're talking about a strange new fitness trend, crawling. >> you're using all of your muscle group, right? plus, why having a
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the world is the valley's coming up new at 10:00, the world is apparently the valley's oyster. more international flights heading to and from mesa's gateway. a deal on roundtrip tickets. oxford dictionary has the word of the year inspired by the presidential election. we'll fill you in on fox 10 news at 10:00. >> huge or big league. >> huge and big league would apply to the next story. do you know what these are? fingernails. impressive. everything is bigger in texas, right? she has not cut them since bill
9:49 pm
yanny williams lives in houston, texas. she is trying to break a world record on having the longest fingernailsship. she says she is doing it for her grandchildren. >> i would eventually break through don't you break your nails? >> i thought this was long. >> this is an infant compared to that. time for talkers. >> we're used to seeing people in odd positions in fitness classes. the strangest thing you may soon see is the newest fitness trend crawling beckoning back to what is called original strength, practicing moves of young
9:50 pm
restart on your life and fitness and muscles. >> you're working every muscle group so i see how this has validity. those who are into it say it is the new plank. >> i can just imagine getting knees that are scabbed out. >> try it out. >> i don't think so. >> go ahead. >> not right now. i can't see green -- grown people doing this. >> people will do anything t they will do anything. they will do anything. what does attitude have to do with how long you live? it turns out, maybe a lot. a pessimistic attitude increases heart disease. your personality traits can make your physical health worse. >> i totally believe that. if you want happiness, it is all up here. >> happiness is a state of mind.
9:51 pm
pessimist and optimist, it cost you nothing. >> if you wake up thinking it is going to be a decent day it is. >> how is tomorrow going to be? >> i think it is going to be a good day. >> i am in. >> we're done talking. it is your turn to talk back. we posted these topics on our facebook page. >> i haven't gotten around to it again. i'm tardy. i will get on head to our facebook page and share your thoughts about anything. >> we would love to hear from you and like us while you're there. >> reporter: i will tell you one thing, i'm going to share a few thoughts about what is happening this sunday in minneapolis. vikings, cardinals, what do they have to do to win one on the road in minnesota? plus, brandon knight goes off against the nuggets but would it be enough for the suns on the road in denver?
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9:54 pm
>> reporter: if there is one specific area i will be watching come sunday when the cardinals take on the vikings, it will be arizona's offensive line
9:55 pm
defensive force, particularly john wetzel up against griffin. this vikings team can definitely do a number on the run. they are the third-ranked defense in the national football league with mike zimmer. there is griffin, number 97. he will bring it around the edge, talented, athletic and coming from the same school t produced randall mcdaniel. talented and somebody you have to game plan against. we talk about game planning on our facebook page at jude lacava fox 10. dave christeson son what you can do. >> griffin is one of the most underrated defensive end in the league.
9:56 pm
robinson is a high energy, athletic guy. we struggled in carolina and our guards have to play better for us to run and protect better. >> reporter: such a key matchup for this coming sunday's game on fox. kickoff, 9:00 a.m. cards-vikings, 11:00 a.m. don't forget, stay tuned for sports night. a.s.u. the challenge of going to the washington huskies and coming utah. two yards against utah and you wonder what is going on with this talented running back. a big part and they will need behrapbl to step up and control the football when it comes to
9:57 pm
to are 26 point underdog. here is graham on what respects from the washington program. >> we are playing the best team in our league. their record, how they played, they played really well. they have been very efficient with the football and the one game they lost, they turned the football over and that is a big factor there. they played good defense and the ball and probably as explosive as any team in our league explosively. >> reporter: another big weekend for football here on fox 10. washington state, colorado and a.s.u. at the huskies. fox 10 new office -- news after the game. he lost his mother and missed
9:58 pm
wilson chandler put on a show. look at brandon knight. a lot of one-on-one basketball. he put up four rebounds, four assists but this team lost the energy. they got rebounded. the nuggets have to win a home game on the season. baseline landed in. eric bledsoe trying to make a play and watch the nuggets kick it nuggets win, 120-104 the final. suns lose on the road tonight in denver. mic smith finally back in net tonight for the coyotes at the saddle dome against the calgary flames. mike smith was nab you -- fabulous. it is chippy there in the first period. mic smith was the difference
9:59 pm
air. nice glove save there. toby reeder just scored so the coyotes are leading in this game. after two periods, coyotes lead call calgary, 1-0. more from tyrann mathieu as he sizes up the vikings offensive weapons. we'll get to that story. right now it is marc martinez with fox 10 news at there is a new sheriff in town and that means new changes what we can expect when paul penzone takes over. burglars target one elderly woman's home. a flagstaff officer tries to arrest a woman but when she doesn't cooperate, the officer punches the woman in the face and this is caught on camera. the news starts right now. thank you for joining us
10:00 pm
flagstaff. this started with a couple getting evicted from their home. the woman in the video gets in a confrontation with police on the scene. when the officer punches her in the face. take a look. >> you cannot arrest me until i know i have a warrant. >> hey, you can't hit a girl like that. >> you saw it right there. things getting heated after the officer struck the woman family members. the video was taken by the victim's brother. the officers said she had a warrant out for her arrest. we talked to her boyfried tonight. he claims she did not have a warrant at all. >> he says you have a warrant and she says no, doing. he assumes she had a warn and


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