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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  November 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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thanks for joining us for fox 10 news at 10:00. a vigil held tonight for a little girl who disappeared from her phoenix neighborhood 24 years ago. >> brandy myers was just 11 years old when she disappeared back in 1992 and is believed to be possibly a victim of the canal killer. the 11-year-old was last seen in her sunnyslope neighborhood and the last street she was seen on happens to be the same one where the accused killer brian miller lived. miller was arrested last year for the deaths of two women who were found murdered along the arizona canal in phoenix back in 1992 and 1993. >> investigators say d.n.a. linked him to those crimes although not officially connected. the two women were murdered around the same time little brandy myers disappeared.
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vigil in el canto hoping to raise awareness and get answers. >> my family, especially, my mother especially, we're broken. we're trying to find a way to live without brandy. it is my biggest hope and my biggest dream that i can come to my mother one day assay we got >> miller pled not guilty and the trial is set to start in april of next year. a developing story, a family facing tragedy. new developments on a crash that killed a 35-year-old mother and injured her two children as they crossed a chandler street. now, we've learned the woman's 3-year-old son ryan was released from the hospital but his
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coma. the driver is facing several charges. families and loved ones gathered today in sky harbor to welcome home hundreds of soldiers who have been deployed in the middle east for the past nine months. >> they are back just in time for the holidays. stefania okolie joins us with the story. >> reporter: you see the tear, tight hug, goodbye, and what we see at the deployments identical nine months later when the heros return but this time it is tears of joy followed by laughter. loved ones wipe away tears as a long wait finally comes to a happy ending. after nearly a year serving in the middle east. >> my heart stopped. i needed to find my husband. it has been so long. >> reporter: nothing compares
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>> we missed him so much. >> reporter: the first kiss and for some, the first time they will wrap their babies in their arms. a welcome back for army guard soldiers after a successful mission in kosovo over a nine-month deployment. now, they are home in time for the holidays. >> spend good quality time with the family. >> reporter: simple things like. >> mow the grass, swim in the swimming pool that thing. >> reporter: hundreds of families getting their heros back and feeling proud of their sacrifice. >> successful deployment and a safe return. >> reporter: stefania okolie, name. the family of an army sergeant who was killed in afghanistan last week say they were booed. traveling to the air base to receive sergeant john perry's remains.
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there was a 45 minute ground stop because of a suspicious package. the family was in danger of missing its connecting flight. the pilot told the passengers to remain seated so that a special military family could exit. as they deplaned, the perry family says first-class passengers booed and complained. perries say an airport representative stayed with them to make sure the family boarded their connecting flight. on to a casa grande police have identified the man shot and killed in an officer-involved shooting last night. 48-year-old gabriel parker was killed after he went in his home and came out with a machete in his hand. officers ordered him to drop the machete but parker continued to approach. they used bean bags and a tazer to get him to stop buzz officers
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incident. a woman rushed to the hospital after her home went up in flames. crews were called out near thunderbird and 38th street. fire crews found the woman when they searched the home. she may have been asleep when the fire started in the home. the home was not a total loss. >> this just proved a case that you really have to rely on having proper working smoke alarms, an exit plan throughout the valley. >> now, the cause of the fire is not known at this time and the woman is in stable condition. did you see the fountain in fountain hills park today? it was blue to honor those in law enforcement. four fountain hills residents organized the event to honor those who lost their lives across this country. government and law enforcement
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attorney bill montgomery. >> and we take it personally that we honor our police and fire because they really do take very good care of our community. >> the fountain turned blue to the tune of god bless america. today, people of the valley got quite the show. it was the third annual arizona hip-hop festival. >> organizers say it is a g >> reporter: as you guys can see and hear, this is live and well. this is a tough act to follow. hundreds of local artists and people from all around the country are here to perform. we caught up with some of the performers earlier. here is what they had to say about the arizona hip-hop festival. today is hip-hop day. don't believe it? ask phoenix mayor greg stanton.
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hip-hop day in the city of phoenix. >> reporter: thousands of folks flocked to comerica theater in downtown phoenix to watch more than 200 artists perform, some newer than other. >> last night i competed in a 16-bar challenge on mill avenue and won the opportunity to perform here today. ? talk to i want to be with you you ? >> reporter: jenny j. says she hasn't missed a hip-hop festival yet because each year the expectations grow higher. >> bigger and better and more artists are getting involved. all around, it is getting bigger and better. >> reporter: for the underground hip-hop scene, this isn't just another performance. for many, it can be a big break. >> it is a great opportunity to bring the community together and see all of the hip-hop fans in phoenix. it is great to see everybody come out under solidarity for hip-hop day. >> reporter: many of the local
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inspire other. >> every time i flow i don't know where my mind is going to go but i throw my hands on the rollercoaster ride. i have to pause and i have to remember this is who i am and every who second guessed me will never get the best of me. >> reporter: we are told that things will wrap up around 10:30. if you miss it this year, it will be back next year. in phoenix, marcy jones, fox 10 news. up next, arizona senator john mccain making a vow to oppose some of the things president-elect donald trump said during his campaign. we'll tell you what he had to
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president obama in peru president obama in peru for the asian-pacific economic cooperation summit. the person today is facebook founder mark zuckerberg. zuckerberg spoke to world leaders at the summit about fake news. he acknowledged the role social media had in elections and stressed the sites have responsibility to ensure accuracy and fairness on the internet. sucker berg plans to include warning labels on false stories and working with journalists to develop a better fact-checking
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arizona senator john mccain sending a strong message to president-elect trump saying he doesn't care what trump says. the united states will not reinstate water boarding. mccain who is the chairman of the armed services committee told the halifax international security forum in canada today that harsh interrogation techniques such as water boarding will be challenged in court. today, tru m presidential nominee mitt romney. trump is allegedly considering romney for secretary of state. he met with retired general james mattis to lead the penning. democratic leaders are not happy with everyone trump is considering for his cabinet. they have shown concern for the possibility that alabama senator jeff sessions is being
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>> he will need a thorough vetting. some of the comments are old but they are troubling. some think that because he is a senator should get through without tough questions, no way. >> new jersey governor chris christie has been absented for a lot of the meetings that are deciding the cabinet positions. when asked about it, trump responded by saying "we like chris a they will decide who will serve in trump's cabinet and they will continue their talks and discussions tomorrow. do you like the 80-degree temperatures? >> i love the 80-degree terms. >> they are going away. it is going to cool off. we are going to go through what the weather forecast has in
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ue to your money. if you're heading out and about for the evening, 71 degrees. it will dip into the 60's but calm winds and a pleas across the valley from east to west. first, we do have rain and some cloud movement heading into the area. we will see how much rain gets here. you can see the activity pushing into the california coast and the baja coast as well. it will work its way into western arizona. you can see the clouds and rain showers and the moisture trying to work its way in but not getting there. you saw the clouds pretty thick, pretty heavy but not able to
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good. 73 in chandler. gateway, 70. wickenburg holding at 69 at the moment. very pleasant for all of us if you're heading out and about. this is where we were compared to where we were 24 hours ago. we should expect that to continue at least for a couple more hours anyway. for the record, 83 degrees. no complaints in terms of the warm temperatures for mid-november. not quite a record but pretty close in the category, so to speak in the record conversations. across the country, not a lot of activity but look in michigan. you can see the lake-effect snow machine taking a beating. winter-storm warnings. take a look at the futurecast. the clouds work its way into central arizona and sunday evening it is going to start
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and through the valley. that rain chance activity will continue all the way in through midday on monday and as it pushes out, it clears up and looks pretty good into tuesday. from there, we don't have to deal with any rain for quite some time. not too bad. for tonight, temperatures are looking a the low 60's and maybe tomorrow as we try to get into the 70's. one more day of warm temperatures. the rain showers >> you're ok with that. >> i was called that once. it turns out who immensely enjoys the rain. >> immensely enjoys the rain. >> it sounds fantastic to us.
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? always thrilling. always alluring. always hitting. always on.
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five, four, three, two, one. and liftoff. >> those night launches are so cool. this is the most advanced weather satellite ever built taking off from cape florida. the satellite onboard was partial hr*eur developed by a valley company. it's part of an $11 billion effort from the united states to revolutonize forecasting and save lives. it will track u.s. weather as never before. we're talking hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning storms, even solar flares. impressive. today marks national
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now, 260 kids have a place to call home in maricopa county. this was part of maricopa county's 17th annual national adoption day. county superior court finalizing all 260 kids adoptions and the event was filled filled with boe houses, super hero characters and cake. the new adoptive parents say it may have never been their first choice but they never regretted adopting. >> we thought about other routes but it worked out. everything went so quickly and it turned out fantastic. >> there are more than 100,000 kids in foster care across the country. now, it comes down to matt and linda, the territorial cup that is prize left for a.s.u. and u. of a. with one more game to go after what happened tonight against the washington huskies. we'll give you the highlights,
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>> reporter: so what is left to play for if you're a.s.u. or the u. of a.? how about the territorial cup? the uncivil war for the cats and sun devils might be the highlight of the season for both programs. u. of a. is losing to oregon state as we speak. could they pull off a stunner at washington? they are down 3-0, you see the interception takes it to the end zone. watch number 16 with the block in the back. totally unnecessary. call it back. todd graham furious. third and 7. interception of the day, kevin king, a one-handed grab. wow, how about this?
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impressive. if it is not king, it is butte baker, you have jake browning dodging it off to chico mckhrafper. chico is the man on this one. yeah, 75 yards. you have to like that. 10-0. how about jake browning. 338 yards in the air, including this deep ball to donte peres. 45-yarder. 44-18 we'll count it down for the u. of a. game. sacked six times. let's go to philadelphia. the sixers are just two wins of the season tonight. last night at the pacers, top of the key to alex len. you have to love it for 21 years of age.
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fallly. eric bledsoe goes deep but no chance to keep this competitive. brandon knight blocked by okafor. certainly yo rodriguez throws it up and it is all philadelphia, they win 120-105. arizona coyotes, hockey fights cancer night. there were so many interesting stories from the former announcer for the coyotes battling an aggressive form of this game went to overtime. redirected the shot and that is the difference in the game. coyotes win, 3-2 in o.t. arizona cardinals big morning tomorrow morning. get up early, 9:00 a.m. kickoff. fox nfl sunday. at 11:00 a.m., cardinals-vikings, sports night tomorrow night at 10:30. i'm going to say u. of a., a.s.u., you're in for something.
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>> it is going to be fun. have a great saturday night.
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