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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  November 20, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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disappointing loss for the sun it was a tough loss for the sun devils in seattle tonight but they never quit playing. >> no, i don't think they had a choice. there were times i wish they would quit playing. they were beat up but i still love my sun devils. jude, come on, what's going on? >> reporter: we have to talk a little bit. >> we do. >> the 5:1 start? sun devils' worth losing streak since todd graham took over. they took on number sixth ranked washington at their place coming off of their first loss of the season. manny wilkins and todd graham saying let's finish with a flurry.
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off of the deflection. crump takes it to the house. watch the block in the back by maurice chandlers. right there. it is a flag and that is the kind of night it was. unbelievable interception by king. look at this. nfl-style i.n.t. they have quite a secondary and a team that can bring it defensively. 75 yards from jake browning. chico is the man on this one. how about it, you have to like it. 75 yards. they have all kinds of offensive weapons here. this time, browning on a second and 11 goes with the deep ball to donte peres 45 yards and they are up 17-0. a long second half. manny wilkins trying to stay on his feet.
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there is number 32. sacked seven times in this game. unable to get the offense clicking. made a run late but still, they get blown out, 44-18 the final. a.s.u. falls to 5-6 on the season. for the arizona cardinals, they are in minneapolis, minnesota. carson palmer, you look at his numbers last game. 376 yards. this touchdown pass to david johnson in the win over san francisco. on the road against a minnesota vikings also desperate to stay in the playoff hunt. we're going to alert you. we have an ice scraper sighting in minneapolis. it is below freezing as we check in with our man on the road richard saenz. >> reporter: it is a crisp 27 degrees here in minnesota. it is cold here. when they leave an ice scraper
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things are heating up for the vikings and the arizona cardinals. this is a big game for both teams and guys like carson palmer know they have to come through. >> i always try to improve and i always feel like i can play better. this is one of the games where it is a difficult environment, very good defense. i have to play my best game to date and i expect to do so. >> repo the ground. good thing the vikings play in a new indoor stadium. some people say it is louder than seattle. we'll find out tomorrow. i'm rich. >> ard saenz. >> reporter: cardinals at the vikings at 11:00 a.m. our guest analyst max starks on
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i will talk about cancer, purple tie, coyotes battling the sharks and another big night for college football. more action in the pac 12 and around the country. we'll see you back in sports in 30 minutes. >> thank you are very much. a vigil is held tonight for an 11-year-old girl who disappeared 24 years ago. >> you may remember her name, it is brandy myers. neighborhood on one afternoon back in 1992. people gathered tonight in encanto park to remember brandy and hopefully, renew interest in her case. her family hopes the vigil may spark someone's memory and find out what happened to her. she was last seen on the street where brian miller lived.
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evidence linked him to two or kill information the valley. those women were found murdered at the same too many that brandy disappeared. miller is still awaiting trial. following up on a terrible accident that killed a 35-year-old mother and injured her children. they were crossing chandler street. her son ryan was released from the hospital. he will undergo hours physical therapy. her 2-year-old sister remains in a coma. people of the valley, well, they got quite the show. it was the third annual phoenix hip-hop festival. >> it is still going on. marcy jones live outside of the comerica thaoeter to give us the low down. >> reporter: the show is still going on, as you can see behind me. things are alive and popping right now. we're told this is going to go
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locally and around the country that came to perform. we talked to a few of them earlier. here is what they had to say. today is hip-hop day. don't believe it, ask phoenix mayor greg stanton. >> yes, we declared it in the city of phoenix. >> reporter: folks flocked to comerica theater to watch more than 200 artists perform, some newer than others. 16-bar challenge and won the opportunity to perform here today. ? talk to you i want to be with you ? >> reporter: she hasn't missed a phoenix hip-hop festival yet, especially because each year the expectations grow higher. >> bigger and better and more people involved, sponsors, more artists are getting involved. it is getting bigger and better. >> reporter: for the
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isn't just another performance. it could be a big break. >> a lot of great headlines. a lot of local guys are really good they are just trying to get the exposure and this is the place to do it. >> reporter: many local artists say they are proud to represent hope and hope to represent others with their word. >> i always go with even tide and throw my hands on the rollercoaster and i have to destiny and anyone who tests me will never get the best of me. >> reporter: i love that guy. i wish i had that skill. you don't want to hear me rap. this is supposed to go on until 10:30. if you can hustle downtown, you don't want to miss the show. if you can't come, it will be going on next year. in phoenix, marcy jones, fox 10 news. >> thank you, marcy. the fountain at fountain hills park turning blue to honor
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organized the event to commemorate those who lost their lives across the country. many prominent government and law enforcement officials were in attendance, including sheriff joe arpaio and bill montgomery. >> we take it personally that we honor our police and fire because they do take good care of our community. >> you see the fountain there as it turned blue to the tune of "god bless a man is in custody after police say he tried to bite a police officer on the hand. this is 23-year-old suspect. police say he bit an officer's hand as he tried to take him into custody. now, at the time, he was allegedly trespassing. phoenix police say the officer was treated as a precaution but not taken to the hospital. he was booked on charges of
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trespassing a family of an army soldier says they were booed when they landed at the sky harbor airport. they were there to receive the remains from sacramento. there was a 45 minute stop because of a suspicious package. the flight was late and the family was in danger of missing the connecting flight. remain seated so a special military family could exit. the perry family says first-class passengers booed them and complained. an airport represent stayed with them to make sure the family boarded the connecting flight. new at 9:00, a tearful homecoming for valley soldiers from the army national guard that was deployed in the middle
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loved ones just in time for the holidays. stefani has the story. >> reporter: homecomings for the military are a beautiful thing. if you come from a military family, you know the sadness involved in saying goodbye but you know the nine anxious long months come to an end like they did today for the 150 soldiers. ? >> reporter: loved ones away tears as a long wait comes to an ending. >> my heart stopped. i had to find my husband. >> reporter: nothing compares to the first hugs. >> he has missed him so much. >> reporter: the first kiss and for some, the very first time they will wrap their babies in their arms. a welcome back for more than 150
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successful deployment in kosovo. over a nine month deployment and now they are home in time for the holiday. >> spend quality time with the family. >> reporter: that plus the simple things. >> mow the grass and swim in the swimming pool. >> reporter: hundreds of families getting their heros back and feeling proud of their sacrifice. >> pride, success deployment and a safe at long last, snowbowl has finally opened flagstaff's ski resort opened this morning after having to delay its opening day twice. temperatures were just a little too warm to make enough snow. new to the resort is the grand canyon resort is the first high-speed chair lift gives you a view of the grand canyon. it was 14 years in the making.
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the campaign issue that president-elect donald trump talked about that mccain says he wants to stop. you have heard of standing ovations at the theater. the person booed for seeing one of broadway's biggest hits when we come back. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump meets with one of his loudest critics.
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says he had a mitt romney former presidential candidate mitt romney says he had a far-reaching conversation with president-elect donald trump. with donald trump on the golf course. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump met with 2012 presidential nominee mitt romney. the two tried to mend fences. >> i appreciate the chance to speak with the president elects and look forward to the coming administration. >> reporter: there was no
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job offer. it was the first of many high profile visitors meeting with donald trump and mike pence. also, general james matties. >> we had a far-reaching conversation with regards to the various theaters in the world where there are interests of the united states of real significance. >> reporter: rudy giuliani and with the president-elect on sunday. doug mcelway, fox news. arizona senator john mccain sending a strong message to president-elect donald trump. he says he does not care what trump says. the united states will not reinstate water boarding. he told the halifax international security form that techniques such as water board willing be challenged in court.
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he would push law that prohibit water boarding being used against suspected terrorists. new york senator chuck schumer is threatening political payback if republicans and donald trump try to undo president obama's major legislative achievements. the democrat told the associated press "they will rue the day if republicans appeal the health care schumer was on the committee for the dodd frank bill, which provides tougher oversight for financial institutions. vice president elect mike presence attending "hamilton" last night and he was greeted with loud booing inside and outside of the theater and a curtain call lecture. now president-elect donald trump
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brian llenas joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: mike pence booed by the audience and lectured by the cast in new york city. the show uses rap and history to tell the story of alexander hamilton while highlighting the strength of america's diversity. at the end of the show, an actor read a message from the cast directly to pence their hope that the administration will be inclusive. >> we are the diverse america who are alarm and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and work on behalf of all of us. >> reporter: pence left his seat before the message from heard it from the hallway. he did not respond but waved to a crowd of protesters when he left. donald trump is demanding an
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future v.p. was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of hamilton. this should not happen. the theater must always be a safe and special place. the cast of hamilton was very rude last night to a good man mike pence. apologize. dickson responding to tweet, "conversation is not harassment, sir. i appreciate mike pence for stopping to listen." the actor says it was important to speak marginalized group. >> i'm glad we had the opportunity. i'm glad he stayed. he stayed and he listened. >> reporter: hash tag boycott hamilton trended on twitter as people debated if this act was appropriate. brian llenas, fox news. dozens of counter protesters
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a white lives matter in texas. the event organized online called for whites to stand together for "the self preservation of the race, the people, and the children." demonstrators coming together at the state capitol in austin this afternoon were met with dozens of counter protesters. many holding science calling them racist, big stays police surrounded them in riot gear to keep the piece. a nice warm day for us today but we have changes in store.
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all right, so we like science, right? >> i love science. >> we like stuff that flies. this story is for you. the most advanced weather saturday light ever built is
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nasa launched the $1 billion satellite tonight. it will track u.s. weather as never before, hurricanes, tornadoes, lightening, storm, even solar flares. >> you like weather, right? >> i do. >> you like it from a far when it looks like this. >> yes, from afar. >> minnesotas are dealing with this. this is the first big snowstorm of the season. the state and caused car accidents. state patrol reports 450 crashes and 660 spinouts. yikes. this is the sad part and reality of this weather, at least two deaths were reported yesterday and they were blamed on icy roads. police have lifted no travel advisories for southwestern
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>> they will be dealing with snow for quite some time because the lake-effect snow machine is on. we don't have any winds here. look how nice it is. dealing with the warm weather we've had the last few days. you can see the calm temperatures, warm temperature, calm winds and a nice night to get out on a saturday night. it could not have worked out better for us. you can see the aiv and west. it is pushing to the baja coast. we're going to see the shower activity. we'll see about the rain totals but some of the clouds starting to work in today. as you look here in the western part of the state of arizona here, we are starting to see the clouds filter in. as you were able to go out and about, the clouds got thicker and darker but not enough moisture to bring rain showers out of this here. the temperatures held up nicely.
12:26 am
ahwatukee, 73 degrees. take a look at wickenburg. still 70 at this hour. nice temperatures across the valley and pretty consistent across from buckeye to mesa as well. not bad. as you look statewide, the temperatures are warm even to the southwest and yuma, 57 in sedona. that is comfortable for sedona as well. not too bad all across the region. really and for the record, 83 degrees is our temperature. nice and warm. above normal not quite the record but not bad for the middle of november. i don't think anyone is complaining. satellite and radar, you can see the lake-effect snow that pushes off lake michigan and northeastern ohio and new york, they are dealing with the snow that you tend to deal with in november and particularly late march when you have the warm waters and cold temperatures
12:27 am
rain is going to be here for the next few days. we anticipate it working in here through the evening hours of sunday. you can see this cool front pushing through here and the temperatures will drop once the rain comes through here. it is going to be nice and comfortable for everybody once we get through the rain, maybe .25 of an inch as you go through the valley. overnight lows are expected to be comfortable. it will continue on as the highs back in the 70's. up we were 70's forhe not badded a all. as we go through a couple more, low 60's tonight. upper 70's tomorrow. here is your 10-day forecast. sunday, the last real warm day that we'll have for a little bit and rain showers will push its way through. we'll see about the variety of rain and how much rain we get. after that, 65, comfortable. we're damaging around the 70-degree mark. >> do you know i like rain? i love rain. monday i will be dancing around. monday that will make me happy.
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anybody. >> and the flowers and everything is going to bloom. the winter lawns is fantastic. it is a party. >> it will be nice. check this out. about 100 uber drivers roll into kennel worth elementary school rolling up their sleeves for community service. they painted a mural, built a shed. boy, those uber drivers are so hand >> multitasking. >> they painted on campus and got everyone home safe as well. >> that's great. thanksgiving is coming. it is thursday. >> around the corner. >> st. mary's food bank asking for help to give a lot of people to help give a warm turkey dinner. >> you heard the call and they donated 700 turkeys this morning in time for the super saturday turkey drive. they hold it every year and 28
12:29 am
u-haul employees had a hand in the donation as well. >> one of the traditions that u-haul has is the team members get a thanksgiving bird every year. many of our team maybes out of generosity or maybe they are not cooking for their families choose to regift a that bird and donate to st. mary's. >> they collected 2,200 turkeys. they are still 1,600 their goal for the year. they should get khroels. >> i hope so. meet the valley man who played a big role in many of your childhoods. families made whole today. one of my favorite days after
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a woman is rushed to the a woman is rushed to the hospital for smoke inhalation tonight after fire crews called to battle a fire at her house in the north valley. firefighters tell us they found the woman while they were searching the home. they say she may have been sleeping when the fire broke out in her home. this was all unfolding near thunderbird and 68th street. fortunately, the home is not a total loss. firefighters urge people to make sure their fire alarms are working. >> this just proved the case
12:33 am
having proper working smoke alarms, an exit plan throughout the valley. >> cause of that fire still under investigation tonight. the woman is under stable condition. new tonight at 9:00, many families have grown a little bit as hundreds of foster kids have a place to call home. >> reporter: it's national adoption day and that means more than 260 kids now finally have a place to call home here in maricopa county. >> we the first week we were there, we were all kind of hovering like i think he is supposd to be ours, which the interesting because we were just going to foster. >> reporter: the barber family welcomed a new baby boy. >> his name is andrew. we've had him for two years and he is just incredible. >> reporter: being able to finalize adoption paperwork and take their child home is a day
12:34 am
>> it was a long emotional process but he is worth everything. it has been awesome. >> it is a chance for these kids to have a life that they wouldn't have had if they would have stayed put. >> reporter: and a place to call home. >> we're so excited. >> we're thrilled. >> this has been a huge blessing. >> reporter: the zander family says after three years of trying to conceive, kingston is their >> we were not planning on adoption but everything worked out. everything went so quickly and turned out fantastic. >> reporter: courtney griffin, fox 10 news. >> today marked the 17th annual national adoption day. from the yellow submarine to the rug rats, he has done it all. world famous animater and local phoenix resident ron campbell is holding an arts show this weekend. the animater held a one-man art
12:35 am
paintings. the show is being held in scottsdale. while he may be known for drawing the beatles and their yellow submarine, he knows how to draw many childhood favorites. >> i did work on scooby-doo. i worked on beatle bailey. i worked on the rugrats. i gave up 10 years of my life to the smurfs. can you imagine a grown man giving up 10 years of his life to the jetsons, the beatles. >> the art show started thursday and runs through tomorrow. >> la, la, lala la. >> reporter: i love that. lieutenants see what happens with the sun devils at the washington huskies. man, they lost six of the last seven. bad timing against washington for sure. college football, plane of the it coming your way next.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. >> reporter: kwraorl in the week, a.s.u. athletic's director made it known that todd graham will be the head coach next season. they are trying to avoid losing
12:39 am
chris peterson looking at trying to get into the college football playoff. browning makes a rare mistake. watch carefully number 16. maurice chandler blocked in the back. they call it back. a sign of what would be a long night for todd graham. third and 7. manning wilkins and there is the interception of the day kevin king, one-arm grab. a nice secondary for this husky defense. man, can they play. a poppas here to chico and he takes the rest of the way. 75 yards. they got playmakers. you look at john ross, 12 catches tonight. you look at the run game and the experience of this game and what peterson has done in two shot
12:40 am
45 yards. it is 17-0. wilkins was sacked six times, eight tackle for losses. it was one of the nights for a.s.u. they would love to forget. the final 44-18. washington over a.s.u., 44-18. let's take a trip. michigan state, oh, man. look at mike weber. first to worst. tried to make it a game here. l.j. scott finds the end zone but he makes a decision to go for the two-point conversion. you still have under five minutes to go. he goes for the two-point conversion and tyler o'connor gets picked off. oh, man, you have to play the percentages. that's it. buckeyes win, 17-16 setting up the showdown with michigan coming up this coming week.
12:41 am
12. unlikely leaders, washington state and colorado in the north and south. nice throw to jamal morrow. 46-yard, cougars are up 14-7. this colorado team, man the quarterback put up numbers you dream about. 108 yards rushing and 345 yards passing. the colorado buffaloes stampede, phillip lindsey, 31 144 yards. colorado wins, 38-24. colorado over washington state. let's take a trip to philadelphia. the 22-year-old from cam cam calais campbell -- cameroon.
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let's talk nfl. arizona cardinals going to make any type of playoff spot, they have to win tomorrow. sam bradford, they got a new offensive coordinator that means short, three-step drops. stefon diggs is a big playmaker. kyle rudolph, this is a team that is always tough at home. the so for the cardinals. you have to win some of these road games. they have five road games left. richard saenz in cool minneapolis. >> reporter: jude, we have arrived in minnesota and the cold was waiting. 27 degrees when we touched down. you can still see snow and ice on the ground here. good thing the vikings played a brand-new viking stadium. a lot has changed since vikings
12:46 am
season, a new stadium and no adrian peterson. >> they are getting the ball out quick, obviously, they are not the same offense without adrian. they got great weapons on the outside with diggs and rudolph. they have a veteran quarterback and it's the nfl. it is any given sunday so we have to be prepared. >> reporter: tyrann mathieu the honey couple times. if he can go, that will be a major boost for the cardinals. when he is on the field, they do so much better. >> reporter: let's go to philadelphia. the schedule tomorrow 9:00 a.m., fox nfl sunday and game time 11:00 a.m. cards at vikings. the hope for the sixer team, just two wins on the season. devin booker coming off a nice
12:47 am
three, block shots and make things happen. he has been the lone bright spot for philadelphia. look at this block right here. eric bledsoe with the jumper here. he put up 21. watch brandon night. okafor to sergio rodriguez throw it up there. how about this, the sixers beat the suns, 120-105 the f hockey fights cancer night. you see the lab with the fight against this dreaded disease. the once announcer for the coyotes battling an aggressive cancer right now. the redirect and coyotes win over the shark, 3-2. very emotional stories from a number of folks affected by
12:48 am
tonight. check it out. coyotes win in overtime, 3-2. we're back with more football, sports news. we'll see you in 20 minutes. right now, you think denny's new pancakes are only for breakfast? well denny's new pancakes don't obey the laws of time. look at them, they don't even obey the laws of gravity. denny's all-new fluffier, tastier, better pancakes. day or night.
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get a featured six-inch subway sub for just $3.50. all with no artificial flavors. the $3.50 sub of the day we took an already great lineup and made it better. linda with fox 10 news at 10:00. thanks for joining us for fox 10 news at 10:00. a vigil held tonight for a little girl who disappeared from her phoenix neighborhood 24 years ago. >> brandy myers was just 11
12:51 am
back in 1992 and is believed to be possibly a victim of the canal killer. the 11-year-old was last seen in her sunnyslope neighborhood and the last street she was seen on happens to be the same one where the accused killer brian miller lived. miller was arrested last year for the deaths of two women who were found murdered along the arizona canal in phoenix back in 1992 and 1993. >> investigators say d.n.a. linked him to those crimes th connected. the two women were murdered around the same time little brandy myers disappeared. tonight, brandy's family held a vigil in el canto hoping to raise awareness and get answers.
12:52 am
mother especially, we're broken. we're trying to find a way to live without brandy. it is my biggest hope and my biggest dream that i can come to my mother one day assay we got him. >> miller pled not guilty and the trial is set to start in april of next year. a developing story, a family facing tragedy. new dev killed a 35-year-old mother and injured her two children as they crossed a chandler street. now, we've learned the woman's 3-year-old son ryan was released from the hospital but his 2-year-old sister remains in a coma. the driver is facing several charges. families and loved ones gathered today in sky harbor to welcome home hundreds of soldiers who have been deployed
12:53 am
>> they are back just in time for the holidays. stefania okolie joins us with the story. >> reporter: you see the tear, tight hug, goodbye, and what we see at the deployments is almost identical nine months later when the heros return but this time it is tears of joy followed by laughter. loved ones wipe away tears as long wait finally comes to a happy ending. after nearly a year serving in the middle east. >> my heart stopped. i needed to find my husband. it has been so long. >> reporter: nothing compares to the first hugs. >> we missed him so much. >> reporter: the first kiss and for some, the first time they will wrap their babies in their arms.
12:54 am
soldiers after a successful mission in kosovo over a nine-month deployment. now, they are home in time for the holidays. >> spend good quality time with the family. >> reporter: simple things like. >> mow the grass, swim in the swimming pool that sort of thing. >> reporter: hundreds of families getting their heros back and feeling proud of their sacrifice. >> successful deployment and a safe return. >> reporter: stefania okolie, name. the sergeant who was killed in afghanistan last week say they were booed. traveling to the air base to receive sergeant john perry's remains. on the flight to sacramento there was a 45 minute ground stop because of a suspicious package. the family was in danger of missing its connecting flight. the pilot told the passengers to remain seated so that a special
12:55 am
family says first-class passengers booed and complained. perries say an airport representative stayed with them to make sure the family boarded their connecting flight. on to a developing story, casa grande police have identified the man shot and killed in an officer-involved shooting last night. 48-year-old gabriel parker was killed after he went in his home his hand. officers ordered him to drop the machete but parker continued to approach. they used bean bags and a tazer to get him to stop buzz officers say they were not effective. no officer injured in the incident. a woman rushed to the hospital after her home went up in flames. crews were called out near
12:56 am
they searched the home. she may have been asleep when the fire started in the home. the home was not a total loss. >> this just proved a case that you really have to rely on having proper working smoke alarms, an exit plan throughout the valley. >> now, the cause of the fire is not known at this time and the woman is in stable condition. did you see the fountain in fountain hills park t it was blue to honor those in law enforcement. four fountain hills residents organized the event to honor those who lost their lives across this country. government and law enforcement officials were there, including attorney bill montgomery. >> and we take it personally that we honor our police and fire because they really do take
12:57 am
>> the fountain turned blue to the tune of god bless america. today, people of the valley got quite the show. it was the third annual arizona hip-hop festival. >> organizers say it is a great way to showcase local talent. >> reporter: as you guys can see and hear, this is live and well. this is a tough act to follow. hundreds of local artists and people from country are here to perform. we caught up with some of the performers earlier. here is what they had to say about the arizona hip-hop festival. today is hip-hop day. don't believe it? ask phoenix mayor greg stanton. >> yes, we declared it. hip-hop day in the city of phoenix. >> reporter: thousands of folks flocked to comerica theater in downtown phoenix to watch more than 200 artists perform, some newer than other.
12:58 am
and won the opportunity to perform here today. ? talk to i want to be with you you ? >> reporter: jenny j. says she hasn't missed a hip-hop festival yet because each year the expectations grow higher. >> bigger and better and more artists are getting involved. all around, it is getting bigger and better. >> reporter: for the underground hip-hop scene, this isn't just another performance. for many, it >> it is a great opportunity to bring the community together and see all of the hip-hop fans in phoenix. it is great to see everybody come out under solidarity for hip-hop day. >> reporter: many of the local artists say they are proud to represent hope and hope to inspire other. >> every time i flow i don't know where my mind is going to go but i throw my hands on the rollercoaster ride. i have to pause and i have to
12:59 am
every who second guessed me will never get the best of me. >> reporter: we are told that things will wrap up around 10:30. if you miss it this year, it will be back next year. in phoenix, marcy jones, fox 10 news. up next, arizona senator john mccain making a vow to oppose some of the things president-elect donald trump said during his campaign. we'll tell you what he had to
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