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tv   FOX 10 News Noon  FOX  November 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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all r -- are all of the people. a couple of friends came from political -- plitt mouth rock. >> we're preparing. we're brining the turkey. we have the vegetables ready to pop in the oven. we have to be up at 7:00 a.m. for the turkey trot so we have to pray pair >> reporter: i imagine she can't run too quickly in the pilgrim outfit. >> she can still get away from me. >> reporter: you better watch her then, sir. a cast of characters out here, not just the pilgrims but the people rushing to get their flights we. we've seen remarkable reunions.
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thanksgiving that they are getting to celebrate. in fact, we caught up earlier with a family out of houston that brought their baby boy to phoenix just so he could be with husband grandpa for the first time and experience their first thanksgiving. is this your first thanksgiving, jack? >> it is. >> reporter: what are you going to feed him? >> whatever he will eat. >> reporter: jack, what are you thinking thanksgiving meal? maybe sweet potatoes, stuffing? >> how about pumpkin pie. >> reporter: i think he is the pump pie -- pumpkin pie here. obviously the great thing about visiting the airport on a
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i did talk to some of the workers here at sky harbor and the bellhops an said they only made $20 because there are so few people here at the airport. we will be here watching as traffic picks up. all in all, people are in good moods and bringing cookies and we are going to get a lunch snack and touch back with you later on in the day. >> i think it is going to be busier this afternoon. together and taking off half day from work. >> reporter: packing up. travelers hitting the road early today hit a snag in the west valley. a semi rolls over and the crash closed one lane of the freeway about 60 miles west of downtown phoenix. look at this backup, i-10 is a huge truck route. adot had a detour taking trucks off at salome road.
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there. >> the backup isn't the only one travelers should expect today. millions of people are headed on on the road headed to their thanksgiving destination. hi, nick sole. >> reporter: hi, guys. it is smooth sailing going south. let me move it over so you can see the freeway. it is a beautiful drive this morning. it is expected to get a lot more right now, everything looks perfect on the i-17. aaa predicting two million more americans will be hitting the roads this thanksgiving holiday because consumer confidence is up. people are feeling comfortable spending money. the average low is $2.17. oh, we see an accident here. not too bad.
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cheapest gas you can guyed is $1.85 a gallon. we caught up with people who were traveling in from out of state. they told us they left at 4:00 in the morning to avoid the rush hour traffic. so far, their drive in from southern california going northward to flagstaff has been smooth sailing. we checked in with adot. they do not have planned freeway closures this week so nothing to look out for. also, you probably an increase in d.p.s. troopers on the roads, especially on this travel corridor of the i-17. they are specifically looking for speeders. last year, troopers investigated about 150 crashes throughout the holiday weekend because of speeding and of those crashes, there were three fatalities. if you see the freeway signs, they are watching you to watch your speed and there will be an increase in d.p.s. troopers along the road.
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down, take your time. i'm nicole garcia, fox 10 news. fox 10 news alert on camelback mountain. fire crews made contact with a hiker who was too weak to make it down. the fire bird helicopter, the rescue helicopter deployed out there and the hiker was flown out in a few minutes. if you have family or friends coming in from out of town, it is somet you're ready to do it. a fiery crash caused a chain of collisions on the loop 101 in tempe last night. a truck in flames as he passes by the wreck there. this happened last night near southern. d.p.s. says a white pickup truck was speeding. there are the flames coming from the vehicles. the truck was speeding and passing vehicles between the
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wall. two people were spent to the hospital. the driver of the truck was believed to be impaired at the time of the crash. a jury was not able to reachal verdict against a fire captain in two counts of killing. he pled not guilty to two counts of second-degree murder and one woupblt of first-degree murder. they believe it was about a custody battle involving his daughter. evidence to tie him to the killings. a hearing for sheriff joe arpaio as he only has a short time left in office. civilcivil rights attorneys comn a that he has not done enough to comply with the judge's orders. the changes such as revamping the sheriff's supervisors and setting up an alert system to
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arpaio is also facing contempt of court charges in the case. this comes weeks after he lost his bid for a seventh term. donald trump picks his p*eurs female to his cabinet. millions of people are expect to destkrepbd on the streets of new york for the thanksgiving day parade tomorrow. how authorities are using dump safe. >> reporter: things could hardly look better. your thanksgiving is coming up soon. find out about that forecast in
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call or visit a restaurant today. authorities in michigan say a police officer's is in say a police in michigan authorities authorities in michigan say a police officer's is in grave condiation - after he was shot in the head. and grave condiation - after he a michigan police officer is struggling to survive after being shot in the head. >> police are questioning a man about the attack. 29-year-old colin rose police officer for wayne state university radioed last night that he was looking into a theft of navigation systems from several cars and s.u.v.'s and was about to speak to someone when shots were fired. when officers arrived on the scene, rose was on the ground. the police chief describes him
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he does a lot of community service. he goes to schools and talks to kids. he does demonstrations with his k-9. >> a suspect has been taken into custody. no charges have been filed. the officer is out of surgery and is now in critical condition. south carolina governor nikki haley has accepted president-elect donald trump's nomination to be the u.n. ambassador. if confirmed by the senate, she would be first nonwhite cabin -- cabinet official. she was an outspoken trump critic through most of the presidential race. after meeting with trump, she said "they had a nice conversation." he announced his pick for the department of education.
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standards in the past, which can be controversial. her husband is heir to the amway fortune. he called her a brilliant advocate. i disavow is what trump is saying about the all white movement. one group got national attention in d.c. where they cried out heil trump and did nazi salutes. trump said he does not want to energize such salutes. giant dump trucks will be filled with sand to prevent any potential terror attacks. they will be used to create a physical barrier. remember like what we saw in europe when someone got in a
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things. newauthority say there is no credible threats but they want to be safe. the nhl's newest team has a name and a logo. when the vegas franchise will play the first game. find out who can see up to a foot of snow tonight. >> reporter: they will be happy to get here if they are wraeddy to fly arizona's way.
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take a look at this. a snowy thanksgiving expected for people in parts of washington state. they have been getting hit hard with a winter storm.
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snow. many are probably welcoming it since a lot of folks will be able to stay off of the roads. the heaviest accumulation is expected tonight and could see up to a foot of snow by tomorrow. >> that's a lot. if you're already in your house and you're making your bird, as long as you keep your power. >> reporter: you don't have to >> it is beautiful. just to the east of seattle. very nice. >> reporter: that is on ron's road from seattle to spokane. >> spokane is nice, too. >> reporter: i know. ron likes it up there, too. >> nice dropping your voice. >> reporter: i try to say it like ron does.
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it is going to be busy all over the nation. so far, looks like we're going to be just fine as far as big travel days go. 70 degrees at sky harbor and that is nice considering that your average high is about 72 or so. we are way off the record today. that is always good news. good for us so we're in for a pretty swell day before thanksgiving. i think even tomorrow is going to there is not much happening directly to the west of us. you get out here to the gulf of alaska though, this is bringing& the weather into washington and oregon. this is the first in a series of weather -pl ises that are going to train over the same real estate. by the time we get to sunday, we're going to drop those temperatures. we're talking about the possibility of daytime highs of
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upper 50's to around 60 degrees. be prepared, it is going to be a very big change for us. the low is going to carve its way into the pacific northwest. we'll see how deeply it dips to the south. i think the second one is going to affect you by late in the weekend and late next week. for now, blue skies. a clear sky tonight as well and a beautiful day tomorrow. 73 in 68 in glendale. cave creek already up at 74 degrees so a quick look at the rest of the nation shows cool air across the northern tier of states. boy, do we have strong weather in other parts of the nation. there is the know we are talking about. this is the first moving into the u.s.'s direction. can't forget our friends in chicago and madison and milwaukee and detroit. weather moving through the great
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a quick look at the forecast shows pretty good news. today, fantastic. with a confident turkey, 74 degrees and friday, 76. a great finish to the workweek. boy, look at sunday, 59 degrees. >> falls off of a cliff. >> reporter: it falls off. >> i've a buddy that just texted me and said you want to golf on >> windy and cold. >> reporter: got your head covers on your hands. >> good call. one of the best rebounders to the nba could face
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after months of after months of deliberation the nhl and team owners decided
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the vegas golden knights. >> i think it is fitting, don't you. >> it is a cool logo. what do the knights have to do with anything? >> all-nighter in vegas. >> but you have the k. in front of it. maybe it is an excalibur but that is long in the tooth. 31st team in the league. people gathered around t-mobile arena to hear the announcement. for the last time, president obama bestows the medal of freedom to a distinguished group of americans. 21 people were honored, including robert deniro, tom hanks, michael jordan and ellen degeneres. ellenellen almost missed out one ceremony. she forgot her i.d. so security did not let her in right away.
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dennis rodman faces charges that could include a hit-and-run. rodman drove a wrong way on a california highway that forced another car to swerve into a concreter divide. he is also charged with giving false information to a police officer and driving without a valid license. if convicted on all counts, rodman could face up to two years in prison. brad pitt is cleared in a child abuse investigation stemming from a fight on board a private jet. authorities have investigated and will not continue to investigate. his wife angelina jolie filed for divorce a few days later. the hole dries officially here in the valley when you see this. >> yes, it is the phoenix zoo lights. a valley traditiight?
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>> reporter: off we run into your extended forecat. a lot of your lesser stations will give you a three-day forecast or five. some of them try to fake you out with a seven. we go to a full 10. >> is that what propelled us to number one? thank you for making us number one. >> reporter: i think the missing proportion is to your right, syleste.
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one, producer chris. >> everyone involved. the zoo lights starts tonight at the phoenix zoo. >> the kickoff tonight. the moon mountain cave crickets. >> they did the mannequin challenge. >> the marching band from a.s.u. will open this thing up as they open the whole thing. open through january 8. i love zoo >> so fun with the kiddos. they have hot chocolate there, the whole nine. >> reporter: a billion lights or a trillion lights.
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? ? dish nation ? >> hey, welcome to "dish nation," everyone. today we have phaedra gracing us with her presence in atlanta. what's up, y'all? >> hey. >> i got a great show for you. would you pay $150 for 50 cent's underwear? >> no. >> we'll tell you it. >> i don't know. >> doesn't matter. no. >> in case you need it, we'll tell you how to snag it later on. plus, another day, another celebrity divorce, and this one is no surprise. first, you guys, kanye is in the hospital. it's not looking good. according to law enforcement, kanye was at his trainer's home when police responded to a call for a welfare check claiming that kanye was acting errat erratical erratically. by the time responders arrived, kanye was calmer, and he did not want to go to the hospital, but he was convinced it was the best


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