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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  December 1, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us tonight. we're getting our first look inside the maricopa county sheriff's deputy says they found nearly 100 animals today. >> deputies are calling this the biggest animal cruelty hoarding cases they have ever investigated. >> reporter: all evening when we were outside of the home in east mesa deputies were telling us that the conditions were arrow -- atrocious. right now, the animals have been surrendered and they are trying to fig out what exactly is next. goprow video shows what deputies walked into today, a home in nasty condition. animal cages stacked high,
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covered in their own feces. the two owners were holding hundreds of different species. >> i thought they had 15 dogs in the backyard. >> reporter: 36 dogs pulled fom the house, boa constrictors, bird, and hedge hedgehogs among the species. bizarre because the various deputies spent six hours carrying out animals, stunned by their findings, they even identified a tarantula. the owners were trying to raise the animals to sell to pet stores. >> they were raising to sell to pet stores. >> reporter: alex and his brother told me the owners had weird behavior. >> they blacked out the windows
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>> reporter: living conditions outside posing an issue for neighbors with bags of trash piled high. >> we had to put rat poison on the side because their trash would attract all of the rats and stuff. >> reporter: definitely very disturbing to see. the sroerpbs not been arrested. they need to and then they will suggest charges. a 16-year-old was living in the home. you can see why it would be so disturbing to think why anyone would live like that. i'm stefania okolie, fox 10 news. she has been missing for more than a year and scottsdale police are calling this woman's disappearance suspicious.
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crabble. she was last seen near scottsdale road and thompson peak parkway. her husband and three children have not heard from her since. if you have any information, you're asked to call the scottsdale police department. >> you cannot arrest me until i know i've a warrant. >> you can't hit a girl like that. >> remember this flagstaff woman in the middle with police? she will not face charges. she was struck in the face by a flagstaff officer who attempted to arrest her. the officer accused her of kicking anymore and kneeing him. he is on administrative leave while police investigate. a valley man accused of recording other men inside restrooms in restaurants.
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least once. matt rodewall with details. matt? >> reporter: john and kari, it is unclear if the victim or the co-worker knew each other in this case. we do know they were working in separate departments inside the competitor -- xerox office. police say that brandon sorrentino was caught in the act when he was tape ing a co-worker inside the bathroom in tempe. the man told authorities he was using the restroom when he noticed a light from the cellphone down below and saw he was being recorded. he quickly alerted security. police seized his phone and that was just the start. when police went through
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40 different videos taped inside bath rooms, including here at the hotel. videos dated back to september 23 and included bathroom shots from ak-chin pavilion. they spoke to sorrentino's husband and he told investigators brandon may have a sex addiction and may be experiencing suicidal after not coming home from work that night. they live here in an apartment at at the 800 block of east curry road. sorrentino is facing one count of recording. now, obviously, the charges could change in the weeks to come and police say when they took a look at the video that sorrentino took at the alexander
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was five minutes long. matt rodewall, fox 10 news. a fox 10 news alert tonight, these are live pictures from tacoma, washington, where a police officer has been shot several times by a suspect. the officer rushed to the hospital in critical condition. police believe that suspect is holed up inside a home in the city. officers have it surrounded as they try to get the person to come out. if anythin you later on in the newscast. police found three more bodies in the wildfire. it could be arson. this brings the death toll to seven people and rescue and search missions are continuing missing. crews have searched 30% of the city of gatlinburg, a popular tourist town in the great smoky
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from the area and waiting to know when they can go back and, frankly, if their homes are standing. survivors sharing stories of their escapes. >> we have animals and i came back to get them. i have a parrot and a cat. i was not about to let them get burned up. i did not think we would make it back out. >> much of the flame, most of them have been contained. hopes the city can reopen on friday. were you up this morning? you probably weren't. >> i have kids. they are not driving yet. >> good, good, keep that at bay. it was a cold morning in phoenix. in fact, many parts of the country were warmer than we were here. >> the temperatures are dipping low again tonight. dave munsey here with a look.
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house tomorrow, john. get some extra bondurants for me. there is the temperature in the city at 41 degrees. we get into the west valley at surprise. 35 at fountain hills. 35 at apache junction. there is a 34 right there down at queen creek and in maricopa. it was a cold morning. the norm for this time of year is around 47 degrees. let's take a look and see what happened. there is dallas with 45. 45 in memphis. every one of the temperatures is greater than 41 degrees. all of those folks doing pretty good as far as those folks are concerned. only by a couple of degrees in a couple of places but everybody beating that 41-degree temp. this is what we're forecasting for tomorrow morning, we're going to take it down one more
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ahwatukee. 34 in mesa. 35 in fountain hills. surprise at 37. another cold one for you. as far as the weather is concerned, temperatures are a little bit on the cool side, on the highs as well. we'll have those for you coming up. ? that's a nice version. >> residents in neighborhood are getting into the holiday spirit. more than a dozen homes have synchronized their lights. >> it sounded hraoeublg -- like green day. ? >> that might be. >> the display has 110,000 light, 30 strobe lights. >> and a partridge in a pear tree. >> they are raising money for
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memories for valley families. >> when you're 5 years old, you barely remember what you got when you were 5 years old but you remember the traditions and that is looking at christmas lights. >> over the past few years the display has helped or it raised $18,000 for make a wish. while you're on our facebook page, le holiday light display is and we'll come out and photograph it. >> i got one of those that you spray the lights with -- the house with lights. >> that would be you. what can i put in the ground that will be easy? >> and light up the house. the christmas display is impressive but phoenix is lacking when it comes to holiday spirit, according to a new survey.
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plus, a story you will only see on fox. gone are the days of suits and ties and in are the days of comfortable and casual. there are workplaces in the valley, one in particular where it is working. the story of how one valley law firm is doing it and doing it well. a valley woman is facing a $1,000 tab to take and send them overseas. the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old.
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charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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well, it started off as a valley woman's good deed. it is turning into a costly venture now. the woman who serves in the arizona national guard put together care packages for our troops overseas. >> but as she came to find out, sending the packages is no longer free.
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time to ship them. >> danielle miller live with the story tonight. danielle? >> reporter: john and kari, typically sending things from one military base to another military base is free but because of a lack of funding is no longer in place. now, she has to come to the post always to ship everything that could cost nearly $1,000. >> they need it. >> reporte staff sergeant decided to collect things for care packages to send them over to afghanistan. she will be shipping nearly 300 pounds of goods to the 160th forward surgical team. >> i was getting e-mails and text messages from parents on what is needed, what can we pick
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>> around the holidays, it's important because they are away from their families and we should be able to give a little something to them. >> reporter: the group has had much success, there was a setback after she found out shipping things military base to military base was no longer free. she has to pay for the postage out of pocket, which could cost around $1,000. no matter what, she says the remembers what it meant to get stuff just like this. >> it is going to be pretty neat. it is going to be really neat. when strangers take the time to do something like this, it is amazing. not everybody has a wonderful support system. so million who may not be getting mail is going to get something. >> reporter: if you would like to help with the shipping cost,
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we have a link on our page, we've heard an anonymous donor will match whatever they do not raise in honor of the girls' soccer team there. >> we talk about in honor and sacrifice that so many of our fighting men and women have given for this country. the remains of a u.s. soldier who died in combat more than 60 years ago in the returning home today. daniel hunt died in 1951. d.n.a. from his remains match samples given by two of his brothers and members of hunts' family have relocated to arizona and today, this ceremony to honor him at sky harbor airport. >> it is overwhelming, exciting, hopeful. we're trying to definitely put the hope out there for other
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get to experience what we've been experiencing over the last three months. >> private first class hunt was awarded three purple hearts. he will be buried on friday, full military honors. >> reporter: we just talked about our cool temperatures and the fact they are going to drop off again tonight. that is one weather story and there is another one down in the southeast. >> playoff spot. the cardinals are trying to win one game. richard saenz at practice today. bruce arians talks accountability. are the d-backs on the brink of
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people in the southeast are cleaning up after a people in the southeast folks in the southeast are cleaning up after a tornado
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and left a dozen injured. >> the storm hit while the region is dealing with a drought and raging wildfire. 13 tornadoes touched down in alabama, louisiana, mississippi, and tennessee. thousands of people were left without power and a state of emergency has been declared in alabama where three of the deaths occurred. >> reporter: yeah, it is a real mess down in that part of the country. you can see a little bit of that storm. you can see it rolling through. other things happening, a little bit of snow in the northwest. up to two feet of snow. not quite as much but some places saw a little bit of rain. more than 20 tornadoes reported
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one that they thought was a tornado, it wasn't confirmed in atlanta, they did see a swirling pattern of debris. the storm system falling apart a little bit. heading up north and that is where the warnings are, not for tornadic activity or thunderstorms. it is winder storm warnings for thursday. up in maine is we you expect to see that sort of thing. .65 of an inch in new orleans. they picked atlanta. .5 of an inch in charlotte. you can see here, .32 of an inch in washington. over two 2 inches in the last report in new york but they readjust that every 24 hours. winds out of the southwest at 7 miles an hour. temperatures 49 degrees in deer valley. 46 in mesa. temperatures dropping off.
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we also have a hard freeze warning south of tucson. all of the freeze warnings are to the south of us at this particular time. we went to 62 degrees. 61 in goodyear. 60 degrees in deer valley. 61 in chandler. other numbers would be 48 in sedona. 45 in payson. 45 in winslow. 37 in show low. 67 in yuma. 62 down in tucson. this is what we're for lows tonight, a lot of the lows are a degree or so cooler than what we had last night. you can see it, it is going to be cooler here. ahwatukee at 34. 34 in mesa. 34 throughout a lot of the east valley as a matter of a fact. 41 for the low. 62 for the high. 69, 47, normal high and low. record high at 87. record low at 30.
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the low 60's or right at 60. overnight, 40 degrees. 61 degrees and a few clouds tomorrow. we stay with the 60's in the weekend. a few 50's mixed in to next week's forecast. >> and 30's. i see 30's. >> tinder ornamentals are at risk. >> reporter: your ornamentals should be safe, >> are you sure? >> reporter: we'll talk about it. >> always a big concern of mine. >> you want to protect them. it was a tragic accident. a toddler is hit and killed by a car backing out of a driveway and we're hearing from the person behind the wheel. a billboard on an arizona highway capturing attention for the wrong reasons, defaced by an offensive symbol.
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martyrs into their own hands to fix it. as the dress code becomes more relaxed, the unprecedented move by the oldest law firm in
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it was a tragic accident. a 1-year-old boy killed after being hit by a car in a valley neighborhood. >> the vehicle was backing out of the driveway when this
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hearing from the driver of the car and the boy's family. >> marc martinez joins us with the story. marc, exactly what happened? >> reporter: it looks like a tragic accident that the driver did not see the boy walking behind him. the driver and the family are completely devastating. the boy wandered away from the family gathering. >> he was the light of their life. >> reporter: a family in mourning the day 1-year-old xavier hernandez was killed by a neighbor who was backing out of his driveway. that neighbor spoke with us today and says as he pulled out, he heard a sound under his truck. he got out and that is when he found the child. he says in the moment, he thought to pick up the child and take him to his father and he didn't know what to do. the parents of the 1-year-old
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hospital but police and paramedics caught up and took him the rest of the way. he later died. >> everyone is doing the best they can. you have to do the best you know how and for the most part, the family the holding it together as well as anyone would. >> reporter: no arrests have been made. the family set up a go fund me page to help with funeral costs. we have a marc martinez, fox 10 news. a valley woman badly hurt in a house fire in the east valley. it happened overnight in a mobile home park near apache park and crismon. tonight, she is in critical condition. smoke inhalation and burns. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a big boulder causes state
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adot workers were blasting rock to prevent it from falling on the road and that is when the 18-foot tall boulder dislodged and fell 150 feet down on to the highway. removing the boulder took extra time causing the road to be closed four hours longer. a billboard depicts president obama alongside rushmore but many were offended when a swastika was painted near the president's face. this is near mile post 28. a couple was driving to oklahoma to visit family. they saw the billboard and contacted adot but decided they could.wait. so on their way back, they brought paint and painted over the swastika themselves. >> we want to make sure that
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speech is not normalized. >> adot says it is working with the property owner for a solution but the agency is having trouble tracking down the owner of the billboard. only on fox 10, dress to impress, dress for success, words for advice for those entering the working world but maybe not so much anymore. >> the largest, oldest law firm has done away with its code where they abide by strict dress codes for more than 100 year, this is earth shattering. depending on where you work, you may be able to get away with a lot depending on how you dress. >> all rise. >> reporter: also you work in the strictest dress codes out there, a law firm.
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everybody wore a tie, a coat and women used to wear these floppy ties. >> we wore the navy blue suit or the black suit with hosiery. hosiery, what's that? >> reporter: at the biggest and oldest law firm in arizona, they followed those rules for decades. >> firms started in we're well over 100 years of a law firm. >> reporter: two years ago, they did not just tweak their dress code, they tore it up and started over. >> we started with a blank sheet of paper. >> reporter: making every day friday casual. every day jeans day freeing up the once restrictive attorneys,
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a couple still chooses to wear suits. >> i dress like this because i have done it for 40 years. >> reporter: the announcement was met with cheers. >> it is part of a generational change in management. >> our management began to change. >> reporter: they wanted employees to be comfortable at work. >> people do their best work when they feel good about themselves but also comfortable about how they are working. they have gotten rid of suits and ties. they are needed for court appearances. much of the code is common sense. >> many clients want you to dress casually. >> i think it is better to overdress than under dress. >> reporter: one group envious about this, lawyers at other firms. >> love grabbing beer with my buddies after work and they have
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it is a good deal. >> reporter: when clients see this sign, they most likely wish they had put on jeans, too. >> one of the big reasons they did this was to retain the attorneys who work there. they want to keep their staff and it makes it happier for a place to work. >> we're so used to dressing up. i can't imagine if they said go ahead and wear jeans. i don't think you would do it. >> it would be odd. yeah, jarring. >> first class outfit. still ahead, it is known as a dangerous party drug. scientists may be finding a different use for ecstasy. how they believe it could help
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plus, dave is back after the break with a look at your wake-up weather. z26zqz zvpz
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you can call it a crime of opportunity. a man you can call it a crime call it a crime of opportunity. a man walks off with a $1 million worth of gold and nobody notices it until it was too late. it was a bucket full of gold back of an armored truck in manhattan. surveillance video shows the thief walking up to the truck, swipes the bucket and walks off with it. 86 pounds the container weighed. it was a 10 minute walk to the east side but carrying that turned into an hour long
12:40 am
busy crowd in the daylight. >> the fact that they have not come up with him is shocking. >> where do gold flakes come from? >> people sell them. >> there it is. >> melt it down and make things. >> looks like they were panning it in california. >> it surprises me that the guy left it in the back of the tr were going? one was in front of the armored car, while one was in the store making a pickup. >> i heard one was going to the front to get a cellphone. >> police believe he may be in orlando, florida, trying to pawn off the gold. you're going to crack the case.
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86 pounds of gold flakes do not buy it. a number of veterans and other americans suffering from ptsd are finding relief that could come in an odd place, in the form of mdma, also known as ecstasy. the "new york times" has approved a clinical trial of the party drug. the drug helps to alleviate the symptom of post dramatic stress disorder. >> i know people who mdma-based therapy for ptsd after trying everything else and they say mdma is the only thing that worked. >> the trial testing would be the third and final stage of the trial. if it is successful, it could turn ecstasy into a regulated prescription drug. >> reporter: your sleepless nights should be a wake-up call for your boss.
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sleep among workers is costing the economy $400 billion a year chok it up to loss productivity and all of that stuff. a new report says private sector added 216,000 jobs in november that is more than expected. the fastest pace of growth we have seen since june. now all eyes will be on the government's job report that culls out friday morning. the dow, nasdaq, s&p 500 finishing up really big for the month. here is something that might cause couples to argue during the holidays. according to a new survey, 68% of women say they are primarily responsible for their household 's holiday shopping. here's the problem, 30% of men agree that women are in charge of that spending. it looks like someone might be sleeping on the couch for christmas, if you doubted the
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cavuto. >> reporter: a cold morning, a chilly day. take a look at it right now. these temperatures are down there. 20 in flagstaff. 15 at the grand canyon. 24 at st. johns. 23 at show low. 46 at gila bend. look at safford at 36 degrees. we have 22 degrees for the forecast tonight in payson. 10 degrees in flagstaff. 18 going to be the overnight low at the grand canyon. 39 at gila bend. 29 at globe. 32 in casa grande. this i far as our forecast lows are concerned. 40 at sky harbor that would be one degree cooler than this morning. 35 at fountain hills. a lot of people getting that cold temperature in. the kids, when they head off to school is going to be chilly. we'll see a few clouds and 42 degrees. later in the day, we'll be shooting for a 61 or a 62.
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i'll have that for you after 10:00. all right, dave, we will wait until after 10:00 for that. we will. in tonight's talkback segment, if you drive drunk prepare to face the music and we mean that little rally. we're talking nickelback. phoenix ends up high on the the staggering number of people
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as wisconsin gets ready to recount it's votes from the as wisconsin gets ready i'm marc martinez. as wisconsin gets ready to recount its votes. why republicans are saying jill stein broke the law raising money for the pricey recount. one of the country's largest millions from smokers but now plans to stop selling cigarettes. the new product that will replace the lucrative cigarette products. some cities have more& christmas spirit than others and unfortunately, phoenix is ranked among the biggest grinches in the nation. >> i don't't get that. >> more than a third of people
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music, christmas decorations, and receiving gifts. people in the west in general have less holiday spirit than those in the east. the place where they have the most christmas cheer is in the south. i wonder if the weather plays into it. it never really feels like christmas here. >> maybe, yeah that is a good point. when it is 80 degrees outside, how do you get there the spirit? places and they have christmas attar homes. >> and they are missing families. >> you go all out. >> lights were on thanksgiving day, actually the day before. >> we beat you on that. i gave birth to an elf 12 years ago. >> she should live with us, ruby.
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not only will we charge you, we will subject you to nickelback in the back of the patrol car. the police department suddenly pulled the idea from their facebook page maybe because they considered it cruel and unusual punishment. along with one year's driving suspension, police will nickelback on the way to jail. >> the cops don't want to play it. >> i thought nickelback's attorneys called them. >> to be unverseally loathed, you can't get to the knob fast enough. >> i don't know why nickelback has become the focus of so much scorn. there are a lot of bands that -- >> you don't know why?
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but why just them? there are many bands that fall into that category. >> we're done talking and if you think john is off base, you can tell him about it on his facebook page. your turn to talk back. go to john hook fox 10. >> if you want to gripe at kari, kari lake fox 10 and she loves that. >> reporter: john and kari, speaking of griping, a lot of cards' fans are saying what happened to the season. can they just win a football richard saenz at cards' practice and you're going to hear from carson palmer and bruce arians. plus, the suns go down to the wire against the atlanta hawks. a little nba action and the cats
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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the arizona cardinals season the arizona cardinals season comes down to this, just win a game. bruce arians addressed everything and now it is a question of accountability. richard saenz catching up with the cards and that includes carson palmer earlier today. >> we are all big boys. if you don't do your job you get called out that is how it is in most teams, in most locker
12:54 am
if you don't like it, tough. >> reporter: carson palmer and the cards have heard the criticism, they know the score. the cardinals need to get a win. according to bruce arians, the players need to hold themselves accountable something he has not seen just yet. >> we had off side penalties today. things like that have to disappear. as the week progresses, whatever mistakes are made and corrected, make sure they are not made tomorrow and friday. normally, that has happened. show up on sunday and i will know sunday. >> reporter: also on sunday, we'll know if the cardinals' playoff hopes are still alive. i'm richard saenz, fox 10 sports. >> reporter: fox 10 kickoff at 9:00 and the rams and patriots followed by the cardinals. max starks after the game.
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working out after the concussion. it should be within the next week or so. p.j. tucker, nice outing tonight. a nice shooting percentage from the field. hits the three ball here. got help off of the bench. brandon knighted -- knight came in. kept a 50-48 lead at the half. knight with the three ball and the hawks made a bit of a run. eric bleoe a nice tip in here, it is 197. tyson working through a little chest injury. bledsoe hits it off glass. the suns win, 109-107 the final. this young man is especially for arizona. he is just a freshman. he can drive the baseline. you're talk about a seven footer. the kid can take it to the hole
12:56 am
he has a nice touch, five three's tonight. catch and shoot. look at the range on the seven footer. he can really play. this cats team hitting a nice stride tonight. i love this backdoor alley-oop play. in transition, allen returns the favor to kobe simmons. it is all wild cats. they go to 16-1, the the country. zack greinke, we told you during the world series, we thought the diamondbacks might move jean segura? they did that to seattle. they are willing to discuss to see what kind of deal can be had for a guy they paid $2.6 million over six years. let's see what they might get in return.
12:57 am
there. this came down this evening, major league baseball with a new labor agreement. $10 billion a year. nothing major as far as a new deal. more unrestricted free agency, new labor agreement set for the next five years. back with more sports in 20
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denny's new fluffier, tastier,
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martinez with fox 10 news at 10:00. we start with a bizarre case of animal abuse. deputies removed nearly 100 animals animals from an east valley house, three dozen dogs, birds, including hedgehogs. stefania, we have heard of these things happening before but not so many types of animals. >> reporter: it is exactly why the sheriff's department is saying the most unusual case of animal cruelty. we watched them all afternoon into the late evening.


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