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tv   FOX 10 News 530pm  FOX  December 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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mckellips roughly in that area as they made their way farther south and that's when the car broke down. anita roman has more tonight. it started at the talking stick casino in the east parking garage. police say it was just after midnight when officers were called out by a security guard to check out a suspicious vehicle with a couple inside. >> the offices arrived on scene, as they were approaching to make contact with the suspect vehicle, the vehicle started to leave and one of our patrol cars. >> the detect ed says it didn't end there. >> it entered the parking structure and caused several patrons to get out of the way. we attempted to make another stop on the vehicle and the vehicle drove directly at one of our officers and opened fire in order to stop the vehicle. >> the suspect vehicle rammed yet another patrol car and sped away on to the 101.
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responding to try to locate and contact the vehicle and then exited at the mckellips off-ramp where it became disabled. >> the two suspects got out and ran but were quickly caught and cuffed. the on ramp was shut down for several hours. as the vehicle was towed away early this morning, anita roman, "fox 10 news." salt river police departments say they are relieved that no officers or bystanders were hurt incident. the fbi has now taken over the investigation. a suspect in a car theft barricades humself in a phoenix home for more than two hours. it happened this morning at 19th avenue and base line. nearby homes were evacuated while police tried to get the man out. they found him eventually in the attic and took him into custody. the people who live in that home they all got out okay. developing tonight, the woman accused of assaulting a flagstaff police officer and then getting punched in the face
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not going to face charges we've learned. the coconino county attorneys office had until monday night to file any charges against marissa morris with aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest. by tuesday the court hadn't received anything. morris says that she was punched by the officer in the incident and captured partially on video. we didn't get all of it leading up to that situation but we got she denied the officer's claim that s him in the groin before he took a swing at her. the incident occurred as morris and her boy friend were being evicted and the officer is on administrative leave. that's standard. former airman who was stationed at davis air force base in tucson is facing 100 years in prison after being convicted of child pornography. jesse ryan was convicted of ten counts of sexual exploitation with the minor. the air force discharged him
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alerted tucson police about videos and photos. they found thousands of videos and pictures of child porn on his computer. the way the president or even president-elect at this point communicates with the country is changing. of matters great and small, president-elect donald trump has a preferred method of reaching out. 140 characters via twitter. little headlines that bounce around the internet and spill out on your tv screen. are you information from our soon to be chief executive. steve krafft is looking into it and joins us live. well, donald trump we are about to have a president take off who believes when it comes to communication less is more. >> trump's tweets. the cast and producers of hamilton which i hear is highly overrated should immediately apologize to mike pence for their terrible behavior. in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, i won the popular
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people who voted illegally. and i watched part of "saturday night live" last night. it is a totally one sided bias show. nothing funny at all. equal time for us? we took a twitter poll about trump's tweets. do you think you will get enough information about his plans for the country this way? i ran it by political consultant stan barnes. i was wondering what's good and bad about it? and he was thinking, hmm, it's >> i think we are looking at the future. get ready, people. this is how it's going to be. >> the good part is there is real insight to the thinking of the man. >> and the bad part? >> i'm all about simple. i'm all about getting to the point. but, no. the people cannot get enough detail from 140 characters.
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agreed. rob at says, the only info we get is when donald goes on a tantrum but phillip is okay with trump's tweets because, yeah, the stuff that comes from the media is incorrect anyway. >> donald trump tweeted all through his campaign and now he is president-elect he is tweeting tweeting and will keep right on tweeting once in the oval office. arizona are preparing for opening night of the nutcracker this month but today they spent some time with patients at phoenix children's hospital. >> such a good show if you haven't seen it i highly recommend it. the dancers arrived in full costume. i love the rats. the mice that they use are perfect over there. they arrived in full costume to visit with the children even staying in character for some the visit.
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experiences about dancing in the ballet. >> i think that we can share our love for art and inspire them and to inspire children that's everything. >> the nut cracker opens at symphony hall on december 9. coming up, we all know a lack of sleep can affect your work, but now we are learning that sleepless nights are costing the u.s. economy billions. we will explain in the business watch. plus android users beware of what apps you some might implant a virus on your phone. we will tell you which ones next. >> new details about a heart breaking plane crash in colombia that killed 71 people. what investigators are now learning about why this plane
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adding almost a thousand new police officers. british aviation experts investigating the black box and the flight data recorder from the plane carrying the brazilian soccer team. in the coming days investigators could target what they believe caused the plane to go down. the chartered plane crashed killing 71 people on board and investigators are trying to figure out why the jet apparently ran out of fuel before slamming into the mountainside near median. with heavy mourners gathered in colombia where the team was supposed to play despite the devastating circumstances, many were festive at the service as they honored the victims. united nations says the world is getting more and more crowded and happening quickly. here is a closer look at the annual world population report. the united nations is out with its aning why world population report, the numbers are staggering. there are now 7.4 billion people
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growing 1.1% from 2015. with large growth among young people. this sets up potential challenges to social and political systems around the world. >> prospects are limited while the future is determined by others or harsh environments including factors threatening safety and socioeconomic promise. >> the report focuses on ten-year-old girls as indicators of development. 8. % of that limits future social and economic prospects. setting the world up for destabilizing events like the arab spring in 2011. >> failing to invest in girls is nothing less than planned poverty. unless we invest in girls, we are planning to have a poorer future. >> the u.n. urging governments to focus more on equality. calling especially for access to
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all citizens as a means to slow population growth. >> let us remember we are all responsible. let us remember that our every word and deed positive or negative can affect the road she travels from this cross roads in her life. >> the report lists china as the most populace country with about 1.4 billion people but india is not far behind. growing faster with more than 1.3 billion people. in tonight's business watch, android users listen 1million smartphones have been attacked by a malware called goolgon. the virus is delivered through apps that are downloaded from third party sites. watch out for what you download if your smartphone was one of the affected it could get into your e-mail account and google documents and even your photos. beware of that. your sleepless nights should be a big wake up call for your boss. a study finds that the lack of
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$411 billion in lost productivity and there are some major health consequences as well. those getting fewer than six hours of sleep per night they have a 13% higher mortality risk. and more americans filed for unemployment benefits last week but claims are still at low levels which points to greater job security. the labor department says that applications for jobless aid grows -- rose by 17,000 this past month ?which bringsthe number of people clengting unemployment just over 2 million. the unemployment rate sits at 4-point -- 4.9% and that is tonight's business watch. well, some stunning news for people who love starbucks. the ceo howard schultz largely credited with the turnaround when things dipped in the mid-2000s, he is stepping down again after more than 30 years at the coffee giant. executive in chief- schultz will remain with the company.
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he stepped down briefly back in the 2000s and starbucks struggled a little bit during that period. >> the dow gaining another 68 points to close at a new record, 19,000. the nasdaq gave up 72 points to close at 5,000 and the s&p 500 lost eight points at just over 2,000. the nominees are out for the critic's choice award for best film and best actors. >> we will give you more from the long lis of nominee. >> and then two classic novels have been temporarily suspended from virginia school classrooms after a parent complained about the content. we will show you which books next. where oh, where are those big plays on defense. you know the ones that define last season's 14 win year. fitz on what must happen come sunday against washington in
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i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. a virginia school district temporarily pulled a virginia school virginia school district temporarily pulling two classic novels from their classroom after a parent filed a formal complaint. huckleberry fin and to kill a mocking bird. two of the all time great pieces of american literature are the two books that are now in question. a parent filed a complaint against the novels because of the use of racial slurs. the district has temporarily
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issue. a committee that includes the principal, the librarian and other school officials will review the books and make a recommendation on what should happen with the superintendent. 14 wins and a run to the nfc title game that was last year. everybody saying that's last year. fans this year are wondering whatever happened to those big plays on defense. the the tackle for losses. you remember plays like this. especially that niner game. justin bethel pick 6 interception returned for a touchdown. we saw so much of this last season. you know you talk about creating or making your own breaks. here is tyrann mathieu. he was spot on against the niners. it was an onslaught. those big plays on defense that had a chance to turn games in favor of the arizona cardinals. one after another after
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season. don't see as many this year. don't see as many forced turnovers and don't see as many of those big plays coming from the secondary or those trip sacks from the defensive line. larry fitzgerald asked about those plays on defense that somewhat somehow had been absent this season. >> you create your breaks, you getting a sack and fumble and the ball bounces into a guy's and we have to do a better job of creating them. simple as that. they will be there on sunday and they always are there every single week. you never know what five plays will be the difference in helping usen win or lose. >> this first competitive round for tiger woods in 16 months. the hero world challenge the nasa, bahamas. and how about this? he was on fire. four birdies on the front nine. look at this approach. the chip on the par 5.
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and shot 33, three under on the front nine. looked like the tiger of old. back nine not so hot. the chip rolled back and look at the first competitive round and not bad at all. one over 70. and for that front nine, three under par. so a pretty impressive first round back after a 16 month layoff for tiger woods. when we return in sports, the cardinals and what they have to do come sunday against washington. we will see you all right, thank you. we want to take you back out to cincinnati, ohio. as you can see president-elect trump speaking. this is the victory tour. >> usa thank you tour 2016. >> and this comes after his big day at carrier which is the air conditioning heating plant that he made a deal with to stay in the country and keep 1,000 jobs here. he is feeling embolden and good. >> let's listen to him and hear
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fun fighting hillary, didn't we? right? and by the way -- >> they are still -- >> the people are continuing to pour in. so l >> chanting lock her up which is not going to happen. >> these are obviously really big trump fans. an area that he won big. big league as he would say. >> big league. >> so you will be hearing more now. and if you watch continuing coverage we have this streaming right now and watch it on "fox 10 news" now and our facebook page. >> head over to and we've got a link right there. >> coming up tonight on this
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partridge and a -- in a pear tree and all of the other stuff -- >> i will take the five gold ring. >> how much would it cost you if you added it all up. we will tell you next. be like the maids of milking and the lords of leaping. >> a lot of money. >> could garth brooks be singing at president-elect trump's inauguration? what the country singer had to
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z26zuz zvpz
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? ? ? you said you're not like me, ? ? never drop to your knees, ? ? look into the sky for a momentary high, ? ? everybody fights for a little bit of light, i believe. ? geico motorcycle,
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i was hoping they would play friends in low places. that's just such a fun one to sing along to. could garth brooks be performing at president-elect trump's inauguration. the country song was at radio silent about the whole thing and who he supported during the election but today "tmz" asked him if he would sing at the inauguration brook said if he was asked he would be honored to, quote, serve his country in that way. the iconic christmas song the 12 days of christmas costs $34,363. >> you know what? i don't want that stuff. >> a lot of it is overkill. >> this will to be pay all of the participants in the song and
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mentioned. according to pnc bank, rising wages giving the drummers drumming and the pipers piping bigger salaries. that's part of the increase. the maids of milking, you need cows and you need maids. i don't know. >> outfits. >> yeah. >> the film nominees for the critics choice awards were announced today. there are 10 films nominated including silly, arrival, arrival,lalaland and moonl nominated films. denzel washington, tom hanks and ryan goesling are up for best actor, amy adams and annette poshtman and emma stone are up for best actress. >> emma stone, how about that. i'm marc martinez coming up new at 6:00, the city of mesa breaks ground naming its first woman fire chief. we will hear from her about her new role as she makes history in the east valley. details about steps that are
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jumps from a bridge in sedona. a 90s rapper performing a free show tomorrow night in downtown phoenix. the news continues in two minutes. ok! impaciente! manolo!
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first tonight at six thank you for joining us tonight at 6:00. foul play is suspected in the disappearance of a scottsdale mother. she has not been seen or from in more than a year and police believe somebody out there knows what happened to her. as nicole garcia reports, detectives are asking for the public's help in trying to solve this case. >> four-year-old mila is approaching her second christmas without her mom. she doesn't know why she is gone. all she knows is that her mother is missing. 42-year-old kristen crable was last seen at her scottsdale apartment september 10 of last year. now a renewed plea from
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family. >> she is in danger. there is foul play behind her disappearance. and her safety and her well being are a huge concern. >> kristen's three daughters, husband, family and friends coming together to plead for the public's help. the last person to have likely seen her is behind bars for aggravated assault on a different case. police say the man had been staying with kristen in her apartment. he is considered a person of interest in this case. she was at a point in her life where she was some individuals start a business. do some really good things and these individuals were not of the same intentions as her. >> scottsdale detectives say the circumstances surrounding kristen's disappearance are suspicious. there has been no trace of her for the past year. but her loved ones are holding out hope that she is still alive. >> you want her to see her to


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