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tv   FOX 10 News 6pm  FOX  December 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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family. >> she is in danger. there is foul play behind her disappearance. and her safety and her well being are a huge concern. >> kristen's three daughters, husband, family and friends coming together to plead for the public's help. the last person to have likely seen her is behind bars for aggravated assault on a different case. police say the man had been staying with kristen in her apartment. he is considered a person of interest in this case. she was at a point in her life where she was some individuals start a business. do some really good things and these individuals were not of the same intentions as her. >> scottsdale detectives say the circumstances surrounding kristen's disappearance are suspicious. there has been no trace of her for the past year. but her loved ones are holding out hope that she is still alive. >> you want her to see her to
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daughters and hole her husband's hand again. don't want to believe. >> anyone who knows anything is asked to call silent witness. there is a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to an arrest. nicole garcia, "fox 10 news." we have a developing story tonight in tucson where two police officers have been shot and wounded by a suspect who was killed by return gunfire. let's take a look at the area where this 3-d mapping software. you may be familiar with the tucson area. this is the university of arizona here and this down here about five miles away is the apartment complex where this incident all unfolded earlier today. i want to zoom in and show you more. you can see pretty big area as far as the housing in that spot is concerned and we are told the police went to that apartment complex earlier near benson and campbell area where the gunman was wanted on an arrest warrant
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tonight one of those officers is in critical but stable condition and the other officer is out of surgery. steve krafft has more for us. >> i think this highlights certainly the fact that we are dealing with dangerous individuals who are willing to use firearms on police officers that they encounter. i think we have officers who demonstrated a great deal of skill, bravery and courage under difficult circumstances. i mean, i'm both of them. but i am of course concerned about them as well because they are in the hospital here. >> the police chef commending the actions of his officers as they are treated. one of them took a bullet through his chest. the other suffered a wound to the leg. the hospital sent out this tweet saying, our thoughts are with the tucson police department officers and their families following a shooting this
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identified the suspect as jose gomez. he had been wanted for aggravated assault. steve krafft, "fox 10 news." and that gunman was killed in that incident. new information tonight about a shootout in tacoma, washington, that left a police officer dead. domestic violence suspect was killed. investigators say officers went to a home yesterday where a man used two young children as human shields. one officer was killed during an 11 hour standoff. a deputy killed the suspe rescue those children who were not hurt. the name of the officer who died has not been released. back in the valley funeral service for a phoenix firefighter killed in an atv accident in northern arizona. friends, family and fellow firefighters saying good-bye to captain chris fitzmaurice this morning in peoria. investigators say he was on an elk hunt near the grand canyon when he was thrown from his atv and rolled on top of him. >> it's an extremely difficult
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captain fitzmaurice was a beloved member of our organization and our department. it's under the most tragic circumstances imaginable. and we are really doing our best to support the family and manage through this as best we can. fitmaurice was a 20 year veteran of the department and leaves behind a wife and four daughters. ten people are now confirmed dead in those devastating wildfires in tennessee. been burned since the fire started this week. more than 700 properties are damaged and at least 300 of those are in the resort town of gatlinburg. mandatory evacuation orders are in effect for 14,000 tourists. now the dollywood foundation says it will donate $1,000 a month to those affected over the next six months. fox follow-up now on those dozens of dogs, snakes, poisonous spiders all kinds of
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an east valley home yesterday. they are being cared for tonight. maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio says the animals were living in filthy conditions with little food or water and being raised to be sold in pet stores. fox 10's andrew hasbun has an update tonight. the snakes are doing better so is the tarantula. and like most of the other reptiles the bearded dragon's conditions are improving too. >> they were severely dehydrated. we hlt bearded dragons that drank for ten to 15 minute. >> the maricopa county s office received a tip about the situation in the home near elliott and haas in mesa. and they went in to the house yesterday. in addition to all of the reptiles, they found about 35 dogs, too. >> most of them were in fairly good body condition. they were feeding. but they were very dirty, covered in feces, had significant skin problems. >> the doctor who is working with mcso to care for the reptiles says investigators also found an australian blue tongue
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which are fair skink who are fairly rare in the wild. >> they need to understand what they are dealing with. they require a significant amount of care. it's not an animal you can just put in a cage and forget about it. >> when the animal are back to a healthy state most will be put up for adoption. as for the people who are taking care of the animals, mcso was questioning three who may be looking at possible charges. i'm andrew news." disturbing new details uncovered by the "arizona republic" about the department of economic security director who was fired last week by governor doug ducey. >> the paper says dps troopers seized dozens of hand guns and 80,000 rounds of ammunition being stored in the agency's basement. the republic says former des director also had a hand gun in his home that he bought with public money. the paper says jeffrey's told the republic he needed protection for his employees
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social services center in san bernardino. governor ducey was in have a scra and his office did not respond to requests seeking comment and the department of economic security told fox 10 interim des director henny darwin was not available today. president-elect donald trump back on the road tonight. he is stopping in ohio and indiana as part of what's being called a thank you tour. mr. trump spoke a short time ago in cincinnati. >> and i'm to keep their jobs in america and we will work to make america a better environment for workers and businesses and we will crack down on all foreign trade abuses that undermine your ability and your company's ability to compete. those days are over when those companies are going to leave. >> this comes in the same week that donald trump announced he managed to work out a deal with
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aimed at keeping jobs here in the u.s. fox's lauren blanchard has more tonight from washington. president-elect donald trump hits the road. he and vice-president-elect mike pence kicking things off at carrier's indianapolis factory announcing a deal to keep 1,000 jobs there in the state of indiana after they were slated to move to mexico. >> united technologies has stepped up and i have to say this. they did it in such a such a professional way. companies are not going to leave the united states any more without consequences. not going to happen. >> in exchange for keeping those jobs on u.s. soil, indiana is giving carrier's parent company $7 million in tax incentives over the next ten years. carrier employees responding to the news. >> just thank you for taking the time. i mean, you return even the actual president of the united
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president-elect. >> carrier does however still plan to move 600 jobs from that facility as well as 700 jobs from another indiana facility to mexico. the deal getting mixed reaction from both sides of the aisle. >> well, certainly always good when we are able to keep american jobs. i understand there is still 1,000 that will be leaving. >> i don't know the details but it's pretty darn good that people are keeping their jobs in indiana instead of mexico. >> mr. trump's search secretary of state continues adding ambassador john bolt tonight running and bringing the list up to five contenders. in washington, lauren lauren, "fox 10 news." governor doug ducey will be in hawaii next week. december 7 marks 75 years since that attack. in 1941 japanese bombers flew over oahu killing 2300 service members and civilians. more than 1100 of those killed were on the uss arizona. the attack launched the united
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new at 6:00, the mesa fire and medical department makes history choosing the first female chief. city officials announcing mary kamaly as the new chief this morning. she served as interim chief after former chief hairy beck retired. >> i feel so blessed to work with such great people and that's why mesa fire department is what it is today because of you. it's because of all of you and i feel so fortunate to have this honor to lead this organization with such great and before being named chief, she was in charge of mesa's fire emergency medical services division. still ahead, adot taking action to keep people from jumping to their deaths from a bridge in sedona after a string of suicides. we will have details. plus more information about a free performance by a 1990s rapper tomorrow night in downtown phoenix. well, morning lows have been chilly and the afternoon highs
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seasonal. we will get back to that if just for a day coming up.
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adding protective fencing to a sedona-area bridge... where audit adding more defensive fencing where people have jumped to their deaths this much comes after four people committed suicide last year at the bridge along state route 89a that is twice as any other suicides that ten foot chain link fence is added to the railing over the next few weeks and overnight traffic restrictions sun through friday from december 23rd while they work on that project. some 500 aerospace and defense jobs are available in arizona over the next five years as a company that designs and builds rockets is planting to expand its operations in virginia governor doug ducey announced orbital atk based in virginia will work on rockets for commercial, government and civil use. it's been in chandler since the 1980s.
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normally. good roll pitch reported -- >> and unmanned russian cargo spaceship crashes. progress ms04 crashed 118 miles over a remote russian region. most of the ship's debris burned as a entered the atmosphere and supposed to deliver fuel, water and fuel along with other supplies. the russian space agency saying it was caused by an unspecified malfunction new at 6:00 tonight a 1990s rapper and the songs of a late music icon are coming to downtown phoenix during upcoming shows at crescent ballroom. the venue announcing today on its facebook page call you will be performing his hits during a free live performance. this is tomorrow night. the doors open at 11:30 p.m. valley resident tara lopez will also be spinning beats at crescent ballroom as well. good show out there tomorrow night.
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hosting a david bowie tribute. local artists are performing cover songs. the proceeds will go to central arizona shelter services to help the homeless. tickets are $5. like more information about those events, go to and click seen on tv. still ahead, dave munsey is here with a look at your weekend forecast. he has it all for you when we
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day that people are talking about on facebook how chilly it was this morning when they woke up comparing temperatures here in the valley to other cities where you expect it to be cooler and we were actually below themes in that was yesterday morning and this morning with our temperature dropping down to 40 degrees. other people with temperatures in the 60s and that's the way it goes at this time of year. we have 56 degrees right now. and those winds have died down substantially out of the southwest now at about six miles per hour. it's 57 in scottsdale. 56 degrees right now in mesa. 57 in chandler. 57 up in glendale at this hour as well. and we get you to look at the advisory out for the evening and that's that wind advisory in the northwestern corner of the state. those winds are blowing pretty
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a little cloud cover and a little bit of moisture in the air. not anything really reaching the ground. we put the future cast into motion and you see a little bit of active weather right up by flagstaff by friday and late in the day and however keep your eye on this area right here. big storm in texas pushing moisture in this direction. there is some right there. we will see that stuff arrive from time to time and it's going to have some cold air as well. see some freezing rain and snow mixed in. we are into saturday morning at th working through the day on saturday. we see a little bit late in the day here and then once again we get into sunday and there is even more of it most of that, all of that is concentrated down in the southeastern portion of the date. there is your high on the day at 62 degrees and goodyear at 61. we had 61 in chandler as well. other numbers, 44 degrees in prescott. 41 degrees up in the flagstaff area.
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area. now these are the forecast lows for tonight. they are up a few degrees over the last couple of nights so we will take that and let us run with it. 43 for the morning low. 62 for the afternoon high. 69 and 47 would be your normal high and low. there is your record high at 83. your record low at 31. this is what we are forecasting. right at 60 degrees. we do see some 50s in there, a few 61s and 62s. it's mostly 30s, 40s and a mountains on the desert floor it's going to be 60s with a few 50s. now they will be upper 50s as we look across the country not bad. although ten to 14 inches of snow up across portions of maine. overnight 43 for tomorrow. it will be 60 degrees. however, by saturday we will be looking at 68 degrees the norm is 69 and it will back off of that very rapidly.
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it's one of the oldest lines in football but it is so true. attention to detail can win you football games. fitz calling out his teammates looking ahead to sunday. can they win a football game? cards on deck next.
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mental errors, untimely penalties and inability to make the big play this week you get the strong impression that the intensity is a little different. when you see a snap like this and say, man, you are right there. inside the ten yard line and knocking on the door for a touchdown and then you have a setback like this. and when i look at a play in the dropping that pass on 4th and 7, and it could have been a big first dow after another and no question about that. larry fitzgerald addressed that after practice today. >> you know, we've had mental errors in the past. but there is just showing up in inopportune times and it's cost us a great deal. i know we have five games remaining and everybody's attention to detail should be at its highest now.
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arizona diamondbacks. he had a issue with bone spurs in his ankle that affected his season last year in seattle. as for the trade to arizona, he is excited about it but, yes, he was very surprised when the deal came down a few weeks back. >> so i heard -- it was a shock. definitely coming up wi mariners and the goal is to -- i'm super excited to be with the diamondbacks. they have a young corps of players and i'm excited to be a part of it. >> and haven't said this in a long time. i like the card's chances on sunday against washington. we will see and talk more about it tonight at 9:00. >> good news. at least we hope. president-elect donald trump just announced somebody's name and he will nominate retired general james mattis as defense secretary.
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live from cincinnati on our facebook page and if you want to watch that and on our website, but again a new name there announced retired general james mattis for defense secretary. thank you for joining us tonight. "tmz" is next. see you back here at 9:00 and
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- >> there was a race war on tv last night of sports. tomi lahren was on trevor noah's show. >> for somebody who is not racist, do you have to spend a lot of time saying i'm not race snift >> she canceled an appearance on "the breakfast club." charlamagne said he can get to the bottom by one question -- >> so whether or not you're not racist? >> it's a good way though. >> whether or not she likes dark meat. >> it's a good way though! >> the victoria's secret show is wednesday night. kendall jenner, gigi hadid, bella hadid is, and after they all went out and pigged out. >> what do you mean? >> harvey, they never eat but there's going to be explosive diarrhea if they do this.


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