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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  December 2, 2016 12:00am-1:00am MST

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good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. first on fox tonight, new information and new video about the man accused of stealing jewelry off drake's tour bus and then breaking into an a.s.u. dorm and climbing into bed with a student. >> you might remember this incident when it first broke back in september. it was reported nationally, and our stefania okolie joins us now with the latest. this story was strange to with and it just got weirder. >> reporter: tonight, we are getting to hear the 911 call that landed the suspect, travion king, behind bars. we also got our hands on a lengthy police report that lays out exactly what happened that night, travion king leaving the drake concert and ending up in a female student's door, with a briefcase on him containing
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at the time, he was suspected of trespassing. the student's dorm room he walked into told police she had no idea where she was. she woke up to him trying to climb into her bed. she says he made sexually explicit comments when she told him to leave. the student says she then ran to her roommate's room. they tonight we hear thehe 911 calls. >> i'm in the closet, and there's a man that walked into our room. my roommate just came into my room, and i am not sure, but he's in our room and he came into her closet. >> okay. that's a man that came into your guys's dorm room? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: the students tell the 911 dispatcher they are not sure how he got in.
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do you know who he is? >> no, i don't know. >> you said your girlfriend was in that room? >> reporter: travion goes on to say yes, and that's the story he stuck with. >> i swear, i came to see my girlfriend. >> but there was nobody in the room with you. >> reporter: he admitted to being high on marijuana and pcp, drugs he took at the drake concert. next morning, the victims see the worth of jewelry stole from drake's tour bus. the victim remembered travion had a briefcase and asked her if she wanted to see his chains. a.s.u. police confiscated it when he was arrested but didn't know it was reportedly linked to the multimillion dollar theft. as far as the $3 million worth of jewelry, that was returned to
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>> all right. thank you so much. >> wow, a lot going on there. just in, surprise police identifying the man found alongside a road last night as christopher james -- a 32-year-old man from wickenburg. at this time, police are investigating the cause of death and are reaching out to the public for your help. if you have any information on him or what happened, you are asked to call the surprise police department or silent witness at 480-witness. we are getting n tonight about a suspect shot and killed by tuscon police this morning. two officers were wounded when the suspect fired on them. while the officers were attempting to execute a search warrant for 27-year-old jose, gomez, who was wanted for aggravated assault, one of the officers was shot in the chest, the other wounded in the leg. tuscon police say this highlights the dangers that officers across the country face every day. >> this highlights, certainly, the fact that we are dealing
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individuals who are willing to use firearms on police officers that they encounter. we are very, very fortunate, but we are also mindful of the fact that this is an extremely dangerous job. >> the officer shot in the chaste remains in the hospital with serious injuries. the officer shot in the leg is recovering at home tonight. a phoenix fire captain is laid to rest. chris thanksgiving in an atv accident. he was off duty at the time. today friends and family said good-bye to him at a funeral held in peoria. investigators say he was thrown from the atv and killed when the vehicle rolled on top of him. he was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash. >> it's an extremely difficult day for us. the captain was an absolutely beloved member of our organization and our department. it's under the most tragic circumstances imaginable, and we
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to support the family and manage through this as best we can. >> fitz maurice was a 20-year veteran of the fire department. he leaves behind a wife and four daughters. new information about the arizona of economic security director fired last week by governor doug ducey. the paper says that d.p.s. troopers seized dozens of handguns and about 80,000 rounds of ammunition in the agency's basement. the former director, tim jeffreys, also had a handgun in his home that he bought with public money. the paper said jeffrey told the public that he needed protection for his employees, citing the terror attack in san bernadino about a year ago. governor ducey was at the national governor's meeting in virginia today. his office did not respond to requests seeking comment, and the department of economic
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interim d.p.s. director, henry darwin, was not available as well. new at 9:00, it's take two for the arizona film office. the office closed six years ago but it will now be becoming coming, and it will now be called studio 48. our marcy jones is live with the details. marcy? >> that's right, kari and john. it is ready for our close-up here in arizona. now, those involved in the project say it won't just benefit movie buffs but really everybody. so you know what that means arizona? lights, for the phoenix film commissioner, having a new state film office is a dream come true. for six years now, arizona hasn't had one cohesive place for production companies to strike a deal but now that's changing. >> we have only really had films offices in phoenix, tuscon, wickenburg and flagstaff, but now we actually get to represent the entire world.
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>> it's not only exciting for film and tourism but also can be lucrative. that's where studio 48 comes in. >> a lot of it is going to be promotion for the state of arizona, to let people know we are here and it is possible to film many other locations besides those with established film offices. we are expecting more work to come in, primarily in the commercial world where we see the biggest bang for the buck. >> they are trying to drum efforts for the state to house one film office. that effort has been put into action. >> luckily the new film commissioner, who is matthew earl jones, has the support of the phoenix film office, tuscon and the other film offices around the state, so we can ramp up and hopefully make that process happen a little bit quicker to get them up and running. >> reporter: even though he describes the project as a big uphill battle, he says the payoff will far outweigh the challenge of creating studio 48.
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those questions for the filmmakers and to unite the different government agencies, it's going to make it worth it it. >> reporter: there is no deadline for this new film office just yet, but we are told another focus of studio 48 is the up and coming digital media scene. phoenix was once the epicenter for the housing boom after the market fell flat, but tonight good news here in the valley, picking phoenix as the number one housing market in the country for 2017, so it looks like we are in for a good year, beating out los angeles for the top spot. the website predicts home sales will jump by more than 7% next year in phoenix and home prices will go up nearly 6%.
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experts, the prices most affected are in the range in excess of a quarter million dollars because of the supply and demand factor. >> we don't have many home builders building homes below $250,000. the price points are higher. because of limited construction, we have more supply than demand. >> nationwide, home sales will rise by nearly 2%. if you got up early in the moin >> i'm calling you tomorrow when i wake up, and i'll bet you a million bucks you're still sleeping. >> no way, never. it has been chilly. time to check in on our weather, chilly week across arizona. >> you're up covering your tender ornamentals early in the morning, right? >> every chance i can, yes. >> it seems like everyone around the country has been kind of cool. >> it has been a little cool. we are going to see just a little bit of a turn around. take a look at it right now,
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normally they see 45 for a high. in sedona, they had 45. normally they see 58 for a high. we had 62. normally we see 69 for a high. and they had 65. that's not too bad, because normally down in tuscon they have 66 for a high. so, here's today's highs. now we are going to take a look at the forecast highs for tomorrow. we go to 32 in flagstaff. that normally is 45. we go to 44 in sedona. that normally is 58. we are at 60 he which is normally 69, and we drop all the way down to 60 again as far as tuscon is concerned. so tomorrow is kind of a wash. it's not going to work real well. but take a look at what's going on here. we get the 60 tomorrow, then we are back to 68, just one degree below the seasonal norm for time of year, and then we hit sunday with 66, which is just about three degrees off the seasonal norm for this time of year. however, when you look at this,
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there's a cooling trend right after this. >> no, i would never to that, but jeff would, kari's husband. >> john is a skinny-dipper actually. >> we'll have more weather coming up. >> thank you, dave. >> >> oh, man, i might throw up. i hate workouts where you want to throw up. >> look at danielle. dnielle is an athlete. she really is -- >> doing this demanding fbi physical test, you don't just become an fbi agent. you have to haveha and the question is, does danielle have what it takes to pass the tests that special agents do? >> i believe she does. >> it looks like she does. we are going to find out after the break. plus, we are following up on yesterday's huge animal hoarding case in the east valley, deputies finding 100 animals, everything from reptiles to t
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you're watching fox 10 news at 9:00 with john hook and kari
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the fbi needs to hire some 750 special agents nationwide, and many people may not know, but to become a special agent you have got to pass a pretty rigorous physical test. >> i'm thinking it's more like james bond. you just have to be cool. >> no, it's way beyond that. >> it's beyond that? . >> okay. >> it's beyond that. well, today our own danielle miller took that physical test. did she pass? let's find out. >> we are here at grand canyon where i am just about to take the fbi physical fitness test. we see many police officers, firefighters, things like that, they have to take a physical fitness test, but so do fbi special agents in order to get into the fbi. here i am, about to start my test, do i have what it takes to be a special agent with the fbi. the fbi physical fitnessest starts with sit-ups.
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>> so you have got 33 total, which is zero points. >> reporter: ah, shucks. next is a timed 300-meter sprint. i'm a little out of breath here, but let's see how i did. all right. what am i? >> 53.72. i believe you passed. >> reporter: that time i earned six points. pushups, you have to do as many as you can until complete exhaustion. >> you hav is good for three points. >> reporter: the final fitness test was a one and a half mile timed run. as you can see, i wasn't thrilled with this portion of the test. >> oh, man. i might throw up. >> so your overall time was 11.43, which is good for five points. >> reporter: okay. so what's my grand total? >> overall, your total is a 14, which is a passing score, but in
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so you would have score one point in every event, so this is a situation where we would bring you back to do it again. >> reporter: nearly 758 special agent positions nationwide are currently open. >> who has a four-year degree, who has three years of professional work experience, and we look for people that come from diverse backgrounds, so you don't need to be prior law enforcement or prior military. >> reporter: special agents we spoke to say being physically fit is extremely >> on a violent crimes program, you have to be fit. you never know when a subject of your investigation may take off running or want to fight or assault you. >> so do you think you have what it takes? well, i thought i did. but since i'm not ready, i guess i'll be sticking to my day job as a reporter. danielle miller, fox news. >> i'm glad danielle is staying here, but she's incredible.
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agents have to take the same physical test. >> you can't let it go. >> no, you have to stay on top of it. . >> go to the fbi's website to see all of the open positions. we have a link to it on our website, >> and might i add, great form on those pushups. eagles, cards, can they win a football game? very interesting here, larry fitzgerald unplugged, very insightful comments on the state of the franchise at this point in the season, plus, coyotes kings on the way in sports. >> well, tempertures on the
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old.
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how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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fox 10 news. well, hi, folks. 53 degrees right now. the winds out of the southwest at five, the city looking kind of crisp this evening, which indeed it is, look at that, 54 in glendale. 53 in scottsdale, 46 in apache junction, 47 up at cave creek, and ahwatukee it is 46 degrees right now. and we do have an advisory for wind out there. that's going to be with us until tomorrow morning at about 11:00. high pressure is seated in far as the west is concern. it's just circulating a little bit of cold air right now. there's not a lot of moisture around. but you will see some moisture, coming up, however, in the futurecast. it's going to come out of the southeast. it's actually going to kind of come out of the east and down from the south. this is a big storm over in texas that is kind of feeding off into arizona. you can see here, we are into saturday, and we get a pretty good load of moisture down in that southeastern corner of the state. it's kind of in and out of here, and then it's gone.
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on the united states map what that storm is doing in texas. 62 for the high today, 59 at buckeye, 60 up at deer valley. we had 46 degrees in prescott, 45 in sedona, 41 at show low, and 62 today at gila bend. and this is your forecast lows for evening the norm would be right around 40 degrees, so we are looking at -- excuse me, 47 degrees. 40 we are looking at 43 right now, so we are still four degrees down for the seasonal low for it this time of year, and the valley is about like that as low, record high 83, record low at 31. this is what we are forecasting, 60 degrees in most of the valley, there's a few 57s and a few 61s in there. we are looking at some 30s and 40s across the mountains, 39 at payson, 44 up in sedona, 61 at
12:24 am
across the country here, yeah, you can see that that storm from yesterday has cleared up quite a bit. we are looking at that moisture just a little bit of it finding its way up into the area of the great lakes, but that storm system with the tornadic activity, it's gone. however, ten to 14 inches of snow up into maine. now, take a look at the stuff that's coming into texas that's going to flow right over into arizona, so, yeah, you can see south and just kind of working its way up here. overnight, 43 degrees, 60 degrees for tomorrow. we'll look at a few clouds. that will clear up and we'll hit 68 degrees on saturday. that, of course, the norm would be about 69, so we are getting close to it, but look how it backs off again and we actually see some 50s out there. watch your kids around water. >> just a reminder, as much as you love dave, he can't be with you every second, so you can get
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weather forecast 24/7 using our fox 10 weather app. it's free, and it's available in both apple and google play. >> but you don't get dave's christmas ties when you --. >> no, there are certain limitations, even to that fabulous app. >> well, you can get those here on fox 10. he'll have a different christmas tie on every night. police believe foul play is involved in this, tonight the woman's family and friends pleading for help to find her. plus, many say donald trump will be a very different kind of president compared to past presidents. one reason, his method of communication, 140 characters.
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? ? ? when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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fox follow up, sheriff joe arpaio calling it one of the most unusual animal crimes that he has ever investigated, more than a hundred animals, all
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yesterday. >> those animals were all removed from the home, and tonight our andrew hasbun is checking in on those animals to see how they are doing, and he also has the latest details on the investigation. >> investigators found dogs, snakes, even spiders living in what's being described as filthy conditions. today we rescued a veterinarian taking care of those reptiles and shape. >> the reptiles are doing better. >> we had some bearded dragons that drank for ten to 15 minutes, severely dehydrated. >> reporter: they went into the house yesterday. in addition to all of the reptiles, they found about 35 degrees too. >> most of them were in fairly good body condition. they were feeding, but they
12:30 am
significant skin problems. >> reporter: a doctor working with mcso to care for the reptiles says the investigators also found an australian blue tongued skink, which are fairly rare in the wild, and they also found a number of spiders. many of them are poisonous. >> the people that keep them as pets should understand what they are dealing with and how they can deal with them. they require a significant amount of care. it's not an animal you can put in a cage >> reporter: the animals will likely be put up for adoption. as for the people who were supposed to be taking care of the animals, mcso is looking at three who are possibly facing charges. tonight, we are hearing from the friend of a scottsdale mother who went missing more than a year ago. police suspect that foul play was involved in her appearance. 42-year-old kristin was last seen in september of last year.
12:31 am
aggravated assault on a different case. police say that man had been staying with kristin in her apartment. he is considered a person of interest. meanwhile, her friends and family are holding out hope that she is still alive. >> she was at a point in her life where she was helping out some individuals start a business, do some really good things, and these individuals were not of the same intentions as her. i want her to see babies and kiss her daughters and hold her husband's hand again. i don't want to believe. >> if you have any information on where she may be or what happened, call silent witness at 480-witness. a reward of up to $1,000 is beng offered for information leading to an arrest. across america, a terrifying couple of hours inside a bank in florida. nearly a dozen people taken
12:32 am
the heist happened at the community first credit union in jacksonville. it took police about two hours to get the hostages out of the bank. two people who had been hiding in the bank were able to slip out and distract the gunman, and that's when the swat team moved this, stormed the bank, and freed the remaining hostages. thankfully everybody is okay, several people certainly shaken up. >> i'm safe, relieved. i feel relieved. >> reporter: and how do you feel? >> very relieved. >> reporter: you said you were praying. >> yes, i was, the whole time. so he's safe, and i'm happy. so -- >> reporter: now you just want to see your son? >> yes, i just want to see him. . >> reporter: what were you thinking? >> like i say, i'm just relieved right now, not much going through my mind. >> reporter: when the standoff was over, police arrested the suspect, 23-year-old nicholaus humphrey. an arizona lawmaker sentenced to one year of probation for committing food stamp fraud.
12:33 am
velasquez took a plea deal in the case. she will also have to complete probation and do a hundred hours of community service. she dropped her bid for the arizona house. a president of the united states who relies heavily on social media to communicate with the american people. >> president elect donald trump isn't one for news conferences or media interviews. as many of you know, he likes to get his message out on twitter whenever it's right for him, 140 characters or less. >> and tonight, steve krafft is looking at the major change that's coming to the white house. >> reporter: we are about to have a president take office who believes less is more. trump's tweets, the cast and producers of hamilton, which i hear is highly overrated, should immediately apologize to mike pence for their terrible behavior. in addition to winning the electoral college in a
12:34 am
vote, if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. i watched part of saturday night live last night. it is a totally unbiased show. do you think you'll get enough information about his plans for the country this way? i ran it by political consultant, stan barnes. i was wondering, what's good and is bad about it, and he was thinking, it's complicated. >> i think we are looking at the get ready, people. this is how it's going to be. the good part is there is real insight to the thinking of the man. >> reporter: and the bad part? >> i'm all about simple. i'm all about getting to the point. but, no, the people cannot get enough detail from 140 characters.
12:35 am
of you agreed. rob says the only info we get is when donald goes on a tantrum. but phillip at five lug nuts is okay with trump's tweet, because, yeah, the stuff that comes from the media is incorrect anyway. donald trump tweeted throughout his presidential campaign. now that he is president elect, no doubt he'll keep right on tweeting once he's in the oval office. steve krafft, fox 10 news. >> on the first day of christmas, my true love gave to well, we all know the song the 12 days of christmas. you know it by rote. have you ever wondered how much it would actually cost you if you bought all of those absurd gifts? we have got the answer after the break. >> i really haven't wondered to be honest. >> okay. humor me. >> i want to know john, i really want to know.
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break with some useful information. >> oh, mine z26zsz zvpz
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new tonight, for many people the holiday season is a time to be thankful for the gift of life. we are talking about people who receive organ transplants. >> a man from kingman was the first person to receive a liver transplant at a valley hospital, and tonight he shares his story. >> i have 18 inches of stitches, you know, a scar across my belly, and i'm proud of it. >> 49-year-old levi pit's scars remind him how lucky he is to be alive. last year, he found out that he was suffering from end-stage liver disease. >> at that time, i was told that i had three to six months to live, i need to go home and get my affairs in order. >> reporter: but a team at st. joseph's hospital and medical center didn't give up on levi. they got him on a transplant list, and last july he received
12:40 am
for our program, because he was our very first liver transplant recipient. he came in, was hospitalized here for nearly a month, incredibly ill, and we felt that >> reporter: the surgery went smoothly and soon levi was able to go home, just in time for the birth of his grandson. >> the granddaughter, and then five days later, i got to see by the time i got home, i got to see my grandson at the hospital. >> reporter: levi met with other transplant patients at th hospital's annual holiday tea this afternoon, the holidays and every day have new morning for him. >> we celebrate every day, i do, and i know my family does. without my family and this transplant team and this hospital, i wouldn't be here today. >> reporter: and now levi has a new passion, encouraging everyone he knows to become an organ donor. >> you have got to be a donor. everybody should be a donor. you don't know what kind of --
12:41 am
by just being a donor. >> dr. reynolds says that there are six to 7,000 liver transplants performed every year ? on the first day of christmas, my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree ? it sounds so happy, so upbeat. it's a classic song during the holidays, of course, the 12 days of christmas. but if you ever add it up, it's a mess. okay. what would it cost you to buy a loved one some of the items in the song. pnc bank puts together the list every year. this year, the items, they may be out of your price range. let's start with the partridge and a pear tree. $209 for the partridge and the pear tree, the bird and the tree slightly cheaper than last year, 2.3%. then the pair of turtle doves, $279, up more than 29% from last
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i don't know who is demanding this, but there is a supply and demand issue. all right. this is the most expensive part of the whole song. seven swans a swimming, price tag more than $13,000, and what about the 12 drummers? i mean, there are union issues. drummers drink a lot, i mean there are all kinds of issues. the very loud gift that would run you more than $2,900, an increase of over 3% from last year. and finally, if youav money to buy all 12 items on the list, get ready to write a big check. it would set you back more than $34,000. so with that, we say -- >> i'll just take the five golden rings. >> five golden rings and kari is out the door. >> i'll make it that simple. >> with that we say happy holidays. are you looking for a new car? well, you might want to look for some more cash. the average price for a new set of wheels now running just under $35,000.
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this time last year. you know what else is up? a 30-year fixed rate mortgage ticking higher for the fifth straight week. we are just under 4.1%, the highest level of the year. that is not stopping builders from taking out the hammer and nails, though. construction spending getting a big boost in october, more money being spent on new home projects and government buildings, talk about optimism, and the big apple is the big winner, at least when it comes to sports, because according to a new best sports city in america. that's taking into account the success of its professional teams and ticket prices and the number of sports bars in the city. and chicken wings. that's business, i'm neil cavuto. well, it is cool in the mornings. it has been for the last few, anyway. take a look at it right now. and we'll see how much it has to cool down. in flagstaff it's 26 degrees. at the grand canyon it is
12:44 am
27 at window rock and st. john's, right at the freeze mark in winslow at 32, 47 in gila bend, 48 in tuscon, and 38 at globe, and we are going to see that temperature drop to 32 at globe, 34 in sedona, 15 in flagstaff. that's actually a little warmer than it has been over the last couple of days. they were down to single digits the other night. 41 at gila bend, and as we take a look at the valley, those temperatures, they drop down even more. we go to 41 in scottsdale, 39 at fo 40 at buckeye, and 38 at maricopa. and when the kids head off to catch the bus, there will be a few clouds, but temperatures not as cool as it has been. it was down to 41 the other night. it will be at 45 tomorrow morning, and then later in the day, we are going to shoot for 60 degrees for a high. but things are going to warm up beyond that over the next couple of days. we'll have that for you after 10:00. >> okay, dave.
12:45 am
break. you have probably seen all kinds of crazy mugshots, we have over the year. >> too many to count. >> we have one that might take the cake tonight. >> really? better than nick nolte? >> you can came him a jailbird, and -- can call him a jailbird, and we'll explain why. plus, niagara falls already the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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i'm marc martinez. coming up in just a few minutes on fox 10 news at 10:00, a russian cargo ship bound for the international space station crashes shortly after takeoff. we'll have the latest. plus, we'll tell you about two tuscon officers shot while responding to call early this morning. what we are learning tonight, those stories and more coming up in just a few minutes on fox 10 news at 10:00. john and kari? >> we'll see you then, marc. thank you. all right. time for tonight's talkers. >> yes, and where do we begin? do you want to >> are you sure? >> we have seen some doozies for mugshots over the year. >> nick nolte, we have had so many. >> glen -- >> glen campbell that was a good one. >> this one might take the cake, actually. this is the guy, but his bird, he brought his pet bird with him. >> i can't believe they let him do that. >> here's what happened. he thought he was going just for a court appearance, and he
12:49 am
they said, you know what, we are going to place you under arrest, the parrot hopped up right when he was taking the mugshot and hopped up on his shoulder. it almost looks like the detention officers were being very cooperative with that. well, he runs a cannabis farm. i don't know what that has to do with it. >> actually, that explained it all. >> okay. every yearom people are drawn to niagara falls. a new era, they are adding color lights, a dazzling rainbow of colors from the canadian side that lights it up from a half mile away, thanks to a $4 million renovation. the lights, floodlights dated back to world war ii technology, and now they have more colors,
12:50 am
lighting consumption will reduce energy use by 66%. the question, do you need to improve on mother nature? >> i don't know. >> you worked there. >> not all of upstate new york is the niagara falls area, but i would prefer to go see this national beauty without having it embellished on by a tacky light display. >> we are old school. >> there's no >> sad. >> we are done talking. your turn. >> head to our facebook pages, john hook fox 10. >> and kari lake, fox 10. it's like going to the grand canyon and they have got a rave going on. >> i'll tell you, we have got a rave going right now from cardinals football fans, saying will they finally win.
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you're watching fox 10 sports with jude lacava. you know, when someone says to you it's just one of those seasons when they talk about the cardinals, what do they really mean? how about this, the breaks that you got last year as a football
12:54 am
way, but as they say in football, you try to create your own breaks, and when you think about it, look, they started at a rookie corner, let's go to game one in new england, we saw what happened. some of the decisions, there were vulnerabilities there, no question about it, but when you have a chance to win on a field goal and you miss it, you miss a chance to beat one of the better teams in the league in new england, and we have seen this story line continue. and then you have a chance to grab a fumble recovery, and it just doesn't bounce your way. those years, and the untimely turnovers at the worst possible time, and you see a 4-6-1 record for the arizona cardinals. look at carson palmer, you tell me that was not a forward pass. richard saenz at cardinals practice today, checking in with the cardinals that hope to change their fate come sunday when they host washington. >> reporter: jude it's been a whacky year for the arizona cardinals. think about it, your head coach
12:55 am
passes, a thousand yard receiver ends up with sickle cell. i feel like the cardinals just need the ball to bounce their way one time. the effort is there, just not the results. >> you create your breaks, a sack fumble, a ball lands in a guy's hand and he runs it in for a touchdown, we have to do a better job of creating them, simple as that. they are there every single week. you don't know which five plays are going to help win or lose a ball game. you have to make sure you are going as best as you can, as detailed as possible, to make sure you're not the guy who isn't doing their assignment when it happens. >> reporter: larry just smiled and said, i know where i'm at. he also knows where his team is at in the standings, and that's what's most important to him.
12:56 am
fox 10 sports. >> reporter: don't forget to join us for sunday, nfl kickoff at 9:00 a.m., rams at the patriots, and then max starks joins us after the game. very serious eye surgery -- dak prescott the fourth round pick, the rookie has been on fire. look at this throw to dez bryant right on the money, that sets up the run game and the best offensive line in ezekiel elliott, touchdown, it's 7-3 cowboys. minnesta hung around in this game, a fun game to watch, a quick out to who else, dez bryant. 17-15 the finals, the cowboys win again. pregame at 6:00, kickoff at 7:00. don't forget news right after the game.
12:57 am
larsen back after the injury. the coyotes strike first, first a couple of goals early on. han zel again, a little bit of a knuckleball on that puck. watch it go five hole right here just off the stick of budi, and the coyotes arizona coyotes trying to shore up a victory here at home. but watch this, you have got to love the pass to toby reeder right here. they tie the game late in the third period, but here's the difference in the game right here. keep an eye on trevor louis off the rebound. louis comes in, charges the net, and mike smith gives it up, and the kings win 4-3 the final,
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
ago. we'll come back with more sports in 20 minutes. right now, it's marc martinez and fox 10 news at 10:00. fox 10 news at 10:00 starts now. thanks for joining us for fox 10 news at 10:00. we are learning more tonight about the man accused of stealing jewelry off rapper drake's tour bus and then allegedly breaking into an a.s.u. bed with a student. you'll remember the incident we told you about it first back in september. stefania okolie joins us live with the greatest. this is frightening if this guy was able to get into someone's dorm room after all of this. >> reporter: how they were able to link the two events also is pretty crazy. tonight we are getting to hear those 911 calls that ultimately led the suspect to be behind bars, travion king. we also got our hands on the


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