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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  December 16, 2015 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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>> live from las vegas, this is news three. >> breaking news here at 3:00. it appears that sheldon adelson could be the new owner of the las vegas review-journal. >> several publications are reporting that he bought the paper for $140 million. many publications pointing to him as the mystery bpolitico even reporting that senator harry reid said he that adelson was behind the deal. some say it is just a political mouthpiece for prime minishe shelled out $100 million to various presidential candidates we are watching the r.j. to see
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adelson is the new owner of the review journal, there has been no c from the addison cap. >> we are looking into it and will have more live at 5:00. the judge has declared a mistrial in the case of porter. trial in the death of freddie gray. >> the mistrial came after jurors said they were deadlocked and life pictures are showing us that people are on the march in going on. no doubt they are thinking back to the beginning of and what lies ahead. officers from across the state are strategically placed across the baltimore and case these
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we are watching this one, a short while ago. >> all of us, if we believe in justice must have respect for the outcome of the judicial process. this is our american system of justice. >> an attorney for freddie gray's family is callincalm. he says that the family is not angry with what happened today and they want people to keep control of their emotions. reed: one of two people accused in the murder of a 71-year-old woman and stuffing her body in a duffel bag appeared in court today.
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from louisiana to face charges in this case. >> the suspects -- it is possible they may face the death penalty. the case is under review by the death penalty assessment committee. >> the judge reads the many charges against jamar webb. he was indicted by a clark county jury earlier thth month death of 71-year-old yung suk sanchez. a water district employee found a duffel bag located just belo to an underground concrete meter vault. the detective testified that the duffel bag contained the body of young sanchez in a fetal position on her left side.
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webb and another befriended her at her apartment. she went missing in august and law enforcement tracked down the suspects in louisiana. webb was extradited to las vegas and the other is still in louisiana. reed: a lot of families affected by this one. the las vegas defense lawyer accused of forging legal documents to keep prostitutes from serving time appeared in court today with an attorney of her own. vicki greco pled not guilty to felony and misdemeanor charges. greco is currently out on battle at her trial is set to >> governor brian sandoval has called for a special legislative
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lawmakers are affected has to several tax breaks totaling $115 million. ferriday announced they intend to build up billion-dollar plant . reed: news affecting your wallet, the fed have raised just rates. today the federal reserve chair janet yellen expressed confidence that the u.s. economy hike. following the announcement bankamerica increase their prime lending rate to 3% from 2.5%. so on the heels of that nevada's it has been since 2008.
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national security or the lack thereof is all that is being talked aboparty leadership says they are ok with that. >> a highlight of tuesday night's debate was this between president -- candidates trump and bush. we need to have a leader -- you will never be president of the united states by insulting your way to the presidency. >> there will be boots on the ground, they will be over here and it will be their boots if we don't f there. >> we need a coalition that will stand for nothing less than the total destruction of isis. >> all of which was just fine with republican leadership. >> i do think people are afraid. i'm sure you are all concerned
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>> and his reaction wednesday, jeb bush was debating strategy. >> the idea that you can prey on people's fears is not who we are as a nation or a party. >> while the front runner donald trump stuff to a more heartland approach. >> many headed to iowa where the caucuses are 46 days away. >> chris clackum, nbc news. >> a man thrown out of a donald trump rally on monday spoke exclusively to news 3 about the experience this morning. a local youth pastor can be seen in the video. he was protesting gun violence when security for stem out of the event. kim wagner spoke to him on wake up with the wagners. >> people try to denigrate me and put me into a 22nd video clip.
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when people make me uncomfortable and say they want to let me on fire and things of that nature, definitely there is a person behind this. >> he says that although he was not violent at the rally, he was met with force. >> a horrific crash caught on camera. >> the fate of the people involved and who is to blame for th>> a medical helicopter crashes but one survivor was found.
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some chili reed: video of a tractor accident in china. thankfully the driver made it out alive. marie: two people were killed when a medical helicopter
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tuesday night. it went missing around 6:00 p.m. tuesday. rescuers rescued the only survivor who flag down rescuers with a flashlight. >> there is a growing trend that there is a cause for concern. next what teams are choosing --
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marie: we are learning about new trends among teenagers. the national study on drug abuse has released this and most are on a lounge -- long-term downward trend. but the troubling news, for the first time high school seniors are sm more marijuana than regular cigarettes.
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reed: they think it may have been a tornado and it ripped right through sydney today. amateur video captures what appears to show the tornado hitty suburb. experts will need to survey the damage. wind gusts of 132 miles per hour can be heard right here. it's the fastest ever recorded by the bureau of meteorology and weather station. the southern nevada authority calling on residents to protect their property from freezint temperatures. it is recommended that you drain and disconnect garden hoses. should adjust strickler heads to avoid overflow -- sprinkler heads to avoid overflow on the sidewalk and keep your pool eqmarie: we have been talking about freezing temperatures foa while.
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sitting in my birdbath today and i didn't see any ice skates on their bird feet. chloe. chloe: a cold night tonight but we have a warm-up headed our way after that. very enjoyable and as we get closer to the holidays -- right now it looks picture-perfect with beautiful conditions in the afternoon and here is a look day. not much action on our time lapse but maybe a few scattered clouds. temperatures outside currently sitting at 55 degrees. 44 degrees in searchlight. most outside now are in the 40's and 50's. wind wise, it was pretty light. wind gusts still reaching in the
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in our nlight breezes is something we did see outside the valley decreasing over the next few hours. we are at 48 degrees for pahrump and 50's for overton. as you look at the satellite will see the cool weather with the system moving into the pacific northwwe will stay mostly dry with clear sties meeting cold temperatures in the 40's and five dropping gun to the upper s by 9:00 and it will be another chilly night with temperatures dropping around the mark. we will actually to the wind pick up a little bit more.
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very frigid for your overnight temperature in pahru20's for searchlight and primm and sandy valley overnight tonight. slightly warmer and we are seeing a little bit more. mid 50's for lake mead and another sunny day across the las vegas area. as we take a look at the next seven days, here is what it s like with temperatures creeping into the above normal by saturday. we do have a slight chance of showers headed our way into the next work week. not a good chance that we will see that precipitationit continues for the next work week.
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spell overnight tonight. it is going to be a lot warmer. marie: mild. i like that. reed: google releasing the most searched items of this year.marie: coming up, what did you google for? >> i am dana wagner and it is
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seen and it is underhanded. >> here is what is buzzing today, las vegas.
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>> the winner of the voice is jordan smith. >> jordan smith and team adam crowned the champion. emily ann robertson is second. the harry potter mover he -- movie series is over and here is a trailer for the prequel. >> yesterday a wizard entered new york. with the case full of magical creatures. and unfortunately, some have escaped. >> that is the first trailer of the harry potter spinoff.
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it's the basketball shot of the year from a mom in bloomington, minnesota. you can see that, she bounced it in underhanded from half-court. bounces and in. her daughter gets free tuition for a semester at her private school. now i man is doing his job at a recycling center. he saw something different. tony verandas spotted the kitten , saving its life. his supervisor came over and immediately became attached and adopted her. that is what is buzzing today. marie: google is out with the
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reed: google reports that the former basketball star lamar odom wast searched topic in 2015 and that wasn't too many months ago. the former l.a. lakers start's downfall and more people searching google than any other subjechis four-day binge in october left him unconscious in a brothel e interest. marie: by far the biggest news story of the year was the november 13 paris terror massacre. others included the oscars, the cricket world cup and the nepal earthquake. google's most searched for question is what is zero divided by zero. if you ask siri, she has a mean response. too mean for the air. >> i was about to do it, so i am glad you told the not marie: it is very snarky.
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she says don't bother me. facebook unveiling a new feature that could have a big impact on business. marie: a look at the future that could give yelp a run for its money. reed: this biggest star wars collection is closer than a
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marie: where do we try the line? is political correctness -- where do we draw the line? is political correctness keeping the united states safe? reed: a hung jury. the trial of freddie gray with no verdict. we are seeing protests in baltimore.
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