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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  January 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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thanks for joining us tonight. we are learning more about the man from the happenings on new year's eve. the family is imagine a vigil tonight. nathan? >> reporter: a man was shot and killed by police after they mistook his zone for what they hand. he was shot several times by officers and tonight his family
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this was allowed to happen. the 23-year-old was shot and killed by officers on new year's. his family says he was in town visiting and that's when he was trying to be extradited back to arizona after he was convicted of several times in arizona. police opened fire after mistaking his cell phone as a gun, this after telling him to put it down. he was convicted of several armed cries covering kidnapping, burglary, armed robbery, assault , but nothing about murder. >> officers know what the charges are. they know what's going on with him. it's false. they lied.
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is believed to be wanted for a murder and this is a residential area and because they believed he was in possession of a firearm, our department fired on him several times. >> reporter: this is the spot where he was gunned down on new year's eve. that happened around 7:00 in the evening. as for metro police they have not indicated if there was any body camera are a video that would clear up a lot of the questions we have. >> thank you very much. metro police also searching for a suspect who killed one man and wounded another this weekend. this hand early this morning. officers were called after called -- they were called to
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the two heat index had to be called -- the fight escalated with the victim getting shot several times. police are looking for the shooter in this case now. it marks the first homicide of the year. investigating an allegation of battery crest are and about singer chris brown. it occurred at the palms casino. they did not release anymore information saying the investigation is ongoing. his attorney and publicist were not commenting.
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trial of a former pastor accused of -- he was once an international fugitive on the tv show ""america's most wanted"." victims say he abused them in a vehicle or at his home. he has completing in to sexual assault of a child, loadness, and evidence tampering, among others. he c face life in prison if convicted. those floodwaters that intimidated parts of the midwest this week are starting to recede now.
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for what is to come. >> reporter: this town was intimidated. at least 11 levees have given way. 62 the governors of illinois and missouri have been out surveying the damage. >> just as we stood together to assist at the response phase, now we stand ready to work to make sure that the areas can get back on their feet. >> reporter: the national guard and coast guard are searching for people to help. >> we will get through this and
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side than when we started. >> reporter: people in mississippi are getting ready for when it heads their way later this month. >> that's are some of the worst floods in the midwest since 1993. nevada and the west are among the most sighs i cannily -- sighs mickly active places on the earth. this includes the magnitude 4.8 quake that shook las vegas back in may. work to check the structure integrity of that bridge did cause a shutdown that lasted a couple hours. there's one more day left in a holiday weekend and a lot of people getting ready to start on their travels home.
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and will likely be even slower tomorrow. we've got reports of speeds of more than 10 miles per hour at the border there. 332,000 people came to southern nevada. the tourists we're told left behind $227 million for our local economy. still ahead, a deadly attack in israel. was it the work of isis. that is still under investigation. but there is new information about the suspects who are still on the loose tonight. plus, the san bernadino shooting. the community are about to take another step forward in an ongoing effort to deal with the
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we'll tell you wha >> i don't care if he's normal or not. he just came. >> people in tel aviv meantime being told to stay cautious, but go about their every day lives. people took to the streets today. they were convicted of terrorism charges.
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deepen district consent among shiah's heightened terror and across the region. security will be tight as the inland regional center's 600 employees return to work there. the center has been closed since december 2 when the killers, e syed farook and his wife -- tashfeen malik and his wife, syed farook, killed many people. on the new years here and in just a few weeks volts for the presidential camp will be cast. bernie sanders, the amount of money to pour into the campaigns. we still made it into the
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our second normal day this year.
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however some rain is on new information on campaign finance. bernie sanders raised more than $30 million. san zester how has -- sanders now has $73 million on hand for the upcoming primary election.
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and one of the things on the agenda is legislation repealing predent obama's healthcare law. he will veto that, which will also cut money for planned parenthood. it will highlight the clear choice voters face in the upcoming election, the republicans say. hundreds did show up to answer the call here. look at that, a lake-effect snowstorm and the team needed plans to clear out the fans to clear out the stands for the game with the jets tomorrow. the fans were paid $10 an hour. fans will want to bundled up if they're going to the game because of the possibility of more snow.
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some changes. you mentioned a moment ago, jerry, that we might have some rain in the forecast. >> we certainly do, but the good news is our temperature should stay in the '50s for the m part, so snow levels in the mountains will be -- there will be no snow here in the volley. looking out towards the strip you can see sunshine this morning. not a lot of clouds. fill tedder clouds. some breaks now, but we're expecting moulds overnight. southeast wind blowing at 6 miles per hour, and the pressure still pretty high. a weft specific to breeze at
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around the valley, 51 in our downtown studios. up on the mountain, 28 degrees. 51, overton, and 48 in boulder city. officially at the airport 51 degrees, down from the high of 53. 57 in the city of angels. i know a lot of people traveling this week. you can't see flooding in the midwest, but you can see a lot of rain right long the gulf coast. otherwise we're looking at weather coming our way. onshore moisture coming to california. they'll take anything they can get. we aren't talking about any of that reaching us tomorrow. but an active front. anywhere from monday through friday we can be under the gun for shower activity and possibly pretty substantial rain, so you just have to monitor the weather this week if you have outdoor
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nothing hitting the ground for the moisture alawsuit tonight. not too bad, 24 up in the mountain, 35 in overton, 37 at boulder city, you can handle that. tomorrow's high on balance, 7 degrees warmer than today. 57 in boulder city, 56 even way up north in paidy. the clouds just a bit chilly. we're close. 58 tomorrow. it should get us just above normal. increasing clouds throughout the day. upper 30s to around 40. if you're heading up to the mountain, 38 degrees. it should be nice for activities down on the lake. 60 degrees down around whoever
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the winds will be blowing from the north at five to 10 miles per hour. here is where it gets kind of interesting, our seven-day forecast: >> it will be an active week. >> we need the rain. >> appreciate that. coming up, usc.
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on the line. >> a championship bout on the line. they weighed in yesterday. a suffered a torn acl in the middle of those.
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and he intending to do it tonight. >> robbie is super talented. >> you've been in this situation before. work release going to be different about this one? >> nothing. i worked out over the years, this training camp is amazing. i'm going to be really technical and it's going to show. the co-main event, two heavyweight contenders. the former usc championship in 2005 has found the fountain of
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when it comes to the heavyweight division you can though out the rankings because that's are awesome. -- [ indiscernible ] -- >> what keeps you going in the morning, keeps your drive alive? -- [ indiscernible ] -- more bowl games. 40-41, georgia taking on pen the state. -- penetrate state. georgia pull dogs upfield.
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zone. the bulldogs win. kansas state hits the end zone for an early kansas state win, but then it was all arkansas after that. collins up the middle, virtually untouched. then later it's going to be collins again for another 13 yards score as arkansas goes to to win 45-23. two more bowl games tonight and by the end of the night we'll be down to one game left a national championship game monday night. back to you.
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dogs take over a city, a hundreds of dogs and their owners took place at a spanish shelter. this year the race aimed to pressure local authorities to allow pets to ride on the madrid metro. the race has no winners, no medals and no stop watches. instead,, the objective was just to raise awareness, encourage people to don't shelter dogs and to have none. it takes a brave soul doing swimming outside to do. dozens took the plunge in idaho. they probably went feeling so lucky as the temperature was just 7 degrees. the water temperature was 34 degrees.
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make make idaho for person with life-threatening medical conditions. wishes wishes. that does take a lot of effort. >> i'd three famous for potatoes, but obviously we have a few nuts. [ laughter ] >> on that note, they'll do it for us. on this saturday night, manhunt. the intense search in israel for the gunman who brought death and terror to a busy cafe. tonight, the suspect's home raided as the victims are remembered. recruitment tool. donald trump making headlines yet again. this time as part of a recruiting video from an al qaeda affiliate using his comments about barring muslims. criminal investigation? just as it is trying to make a comeback, reports the justice department is looking
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