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tv   Wake Up Early With the Wagners  NBC  January 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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new york. radio contact has been made with the miners. officials say none of the miners are injured. crews have been able to get heat packs and blankets to the trapped workers while they await rescue. time for weather. >>here's what you need to know... the race to the
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center stage last night. senator harry reid democratic candidates for a dinner at the mgm... the nevada "battle born, battleground first in the west caucus" dinner news 3's vicki gonzalez has more. horns, etc wednesday turning the decibel way up for the democratic party... nats cheering, horns, etc vo all enthusiasm at the mgm grand... where senator harry reid acted as host for the "battle born battleground first in the west caucus dinner" sot / sen. harry reid 8:02:20 no state reflects the growing diversity of our country than nevada 8:03:00 this is our strength and it's the strength of america. 8:07:12 people of nevada are looking to us." vo this is the first time the three democratic candidates have been together outside the debate setting... nats-- 8:09:45 hillary, bernie, martin come out vo the goal, to drum up democratic support for the critical nevada caucus.
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hello nevada! vo former secretary of state hillary clinton believes although america is standing... the country is not running the way it should be. sot hillary clinton / fmr. secretary of state 8:33:50 bill passed today for affordable care act, planned parenthood... good thing we have obama :05 nats o'malley-- 8:53:55 are we democrats fired up?! vo as governor of maryland and mayor of baltimore... martin o'malley says he's shown he has the guts, foresight and courage... sot martin o'malley / fmr. maryland governor 8:55:30 first state in the union to raise the minimum wage... actions not words :43 nats-- bernie 9:22:30 let me begin... let me begin... lots of cheers vo vermont senator bernie sanders supporters brought the noise... sot-- sen. bernie sanders / 9:25:20 we have made progress and have accomplished. but still have a ways to go before we have the country we deserve. vo overall... a dinner
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... but just who will be the candidate to ride the party to the general election... the man accused of shooting a metro officer in december... is now worried about his own safety in jail teag fox appeared in court on wednesday, to plead his case to the judge. shooting officer greg sedminik in the arm... at the emerald suites motel... touching off a 5 hour standoff that boulevard. during the hearing... fox asked the judge to move him to another part of the jail... because the guards near his cell the only other option would be solitary confinement... and told him he would
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devices that can help deter home burglaries and stop hackers from breaking into your home system are just a few of the innovative prodicts featured at ces. the ring video doorbell starts recording when it detects motion.. and.. has two way audio.. so you can see, hear and talk back. you can speak to the person at your door even if you're across the country. the kub by the french company h- d-s-n learns what various sirens sound like.. and alerts you on your phone when they go off... it also measures your energy consumption, air quality, and senses motion. then, there's the concern about hacking these devices. cujo coo-joe is a firewall for your "smart" home. it monitors all your connected devices.. detects threats and stops them before it's too late. the consumer
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than security devices. around 20-thousand new gadgets and gizmos are o o the show floor this year. some of the big hits so far - virtual reality headsets... and, of course... the latest drones. t-v's continue to get bigger and brighter... with 8k resolution sets turning heads. another fun exhibit that was spotted - a full scale race car simulator. new this morning... mobile phone carrier t-mobile has a new arena to play in... literally. a live look at the las vegas arena where just a few hours ago... t-mobile and mgm reached a multi-year agreement to name the venue "t-mobile arena". the arena is set to open on april 6th with the killers headlining with special guest mr. las vegas himself wayne newton. for t-mobile customers... they
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upgrades... fast track entry and pre-ticket sales for select events. unexpected guest. the ladies of the view were caught off guard while speech at the people choice award's we'll tell you what one of the ladies go off. jennifer lopez new
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right here on n-b-c. we'll give you a
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you're watching host jane lynch perform the opening number of the 2016 people's choice awards... where viewers like you were able to vote for your favorites to win the coveted prize. but last night's award show also had a little bit of drama when the
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award for best daytime tv hosting team. as some might say... they got kanye'd.. check it out. 00:00:00- 00:21:04 the man shouted a plug for an upcoming album by rapper kevin gates. speculation has already begun online that it was some sort of stunt. sneak peak. coming up... we take a look at j-lo's new
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of blue. new at 5. we have the highlights of last nights rebels game against colorado state. we'll tell you who
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it's been one year since the deadly attacks at the french satirical magazine, charlie hebdo. eight staff members were killed in the bloody attack ... which kicked-off three days of terror in the french capital. brothers said and cherif kouachi carried out the attack. shootings at a kosher grocery store and in the suburb of montrouge would bring the total death toll to 17. the magazine published an anniversary cover showing a bearded, bloodstained god- figure carrying a rifle with the headline "one year
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in texas, a grand jury has made the decision to indict the state trooper who arrested sandra bland. 28-year-old bland died in her cell last year while in custody of the waller sheriff's office... three days after she was arrested by trooper brian encinia during a traffic stop. encinia was indicted on misdemeanor
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decided last month not to indict jail workers on criminal charges. prosecutors in los angeles have declined to charge bill cosby with sexually abusing two teenagers in 19-65 and 2008. the district attorney determined that the statute of limitations applied to the older case... and that there was a lack of evidence for the 2008 accusation. in that incident an 18-year old claimed she awoke naked after cosby gave her a drink at the playboy mansion. in the 19-65 matter a girl who was then 17-year old alleged that cosby gave her alcohol at a jazz club then took her to a home and forced her to have sex. cosby has been accused of sexual assaults by dozens
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he has acknowledged marital infidelities but cosby has repeatedly denied misconduct. after many failed attempts, congress is sending legislation to president obama's desk repealing his signature health care law. house passed legislation that would dismantle obamacare and cut funding to planned parenthood. the final vote was 240 to 181. this is the first time that such a measure will actually make it to the president's desk... but president obama has promised he would veto it. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration will release an annual report on extreme weather events. climate experts from noaa will discuss weather and climate highlights from 20-15. the agency will announce a
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of weather events in the u-s that caused losses exceeding one-billion dollars. detailed financial data on each of those events will be released later this year. time for a look at weather...
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to know... the governor of michigan declared a state of emergency
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to toxic water in flint... meeting with that city's mayor behind closed doors. the problem began to a less-expensive water system in 2014. residents started complaining about the taste and smell and now it's been discovered the water in flint is lead. back to its previous october. georgia authorities
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then turned the gun on himself following a nearly 20-hour stand-off with police. police say the incident began when the suspect, got into an argument with his live-in girlfriend... the mother of the child. the woman told 9-1-1, who told dispatchers that a man was threatening to kill everyone inside. authorities say the able to escape the mother and 2-year old remained inside. swat team members had been inside the house for several hours, but hadn't entered the master bedroom when they heard shots fired. at 4:40 is when our officers made entry into the room. they were quarantined inside the master bedroom of the home and when the shots were fired, that's when they found that the infant... the two year old was suffering from a single gunshot wound. as they were making entry, that's when the suspect shot himself." the two were taken to local hospitals...
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the incident is under investigation by police. a boy and his parents survived jumping from their burning fourth floor apartment on wednesday in quebec city, canada. the dramatic footage shows the 10-year-old boy being dropped to safety. his mother and father followed. a neighbor who got out when the building caught fire caught it all on video. all three landed in snow and went to the hospital. you're looking live at planet hollywood where j-lo will soon be taking center stage during her 'all i have" show. but tonight she'll be joining nbc's thursday night line up because her new cop drama, "shades of blue" debuts. as mark barger reports, 'blue' features lopez as part of a team that between right and wrong. nats "i always wanted to be a good cop." but jennifer lopez plays one whose loyalties are
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blue". nats "you gotta trust me." "we all make messed up choices sometimes, thinking in the long run, it's going to turn out okay." lopez plays harlee santos, part of a tight knit group of brooklyn detectives whose good intentions veer them into corruption. nats "one slip at the wrong time, and we all go tumbling down." ray liotta plays santos' fierce boss, matt wozniak. "there are some things that they've done that i help them not get caught at doing. and i'm very protective of them." nats "fbi, darling. nice try." but when a sting nails santos.....she's forced to go undercover to bring her colleagues down. nats "there's a rat! an fbi informant on my team!" "she could be falling apart at any moment. nats "i need to kill it." "you just don't know when it's going to happen. because she's under such tremendous pressure." there's a lot on lopez as well. she's also "blue"'s executive producer. "i'm thinking about costumes, i'm thinking
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but it's a workload lopez embraces. "it's a lot of pressure, but at the same time, it's exciting to see what we can and what we will do." showing the shades nats "he shot twice? yes! bam!" of right and wrong. mark barger, nbc news. really old beer a bottle of old beer found at the bottom of the ocean... just how old it is.. and what researchers did to test the beer. plus... canadian researchers have determined that a >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, i have an important message about security. write down the number on your screen, so you can call when i finish. the lock i want to talk to you about
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both are free, with no obligation, so don't miss out. call for information, then decide. read about the 30 day, 100 percent money back guarantee. don't wait, call this number now. beer bottle found at the bottom of the atlantic ocean off nova scotia is at least 126 years old. the bottle was found on canada's east coast in november. a scuba diver recovered it from the bottom, and it
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for study. a researcher and a local brewer tested - and tasted - the liquid. and they confirmed it tasted o-k - with notes of everything from cherry to sulfur. markings on the bottle suggest it was manufactured between 1872 and 1890. time for weather. new at 5...
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pics of prince george. we'll show them to you new at 5. new at 6... hasbro is in hot water because of a specific star wars character they're leaving out. who it is... and how hasbro is responding. newscast report
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>> kim: no winner but we're going to explain why this is good news for you. there is a quick drive in your future if you want to be a part of this. we'll explain it all. >> dana: a big time company has purchased the right to have it's name on this building. why would you pay millions of dollars to do that? find out coming up. >> kim: i'm not safe. that is what this local man told of shooting a local police officer.
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