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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  January 14, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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because ellis joined his life caesar pallets at the look back at the impact the couple have you say celine dion you automatically think of renie the couple has been side-by-side with the very beginning not only personally but is a chapter that some really we closed today. the response has been international for torso traveled southern nevada to see her perform to fellow las vegas entertainment heavyweights. >> caesar's palace giving heartfelt goodbye to the man behind the iconic contribution to the las vegas strip. he passed away thursday corner confirming the producing husband to celine dion died in las vegas home after long data with throat cancer. with his wife in his corner throughout it all. >> tourist travel from boston
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perform the magical night despite what would all appeared she says her mark. wayne newton icon in his own right had known the couple for the past decade talked of renie and celine's unparalleled bond. >> he was so much a part of what celine is. that would be difficult to mention her and her career without at the same time mentioning him picnics emmy award winning staple in southern nevada given it all up before for the man who believed in her magnetic potential at just 12 years old. taking a year off from her residency at the coliseum following her diagnosis was a welcome return this past august. she worked it out with the hotel's and the rest wish you could still have time for her family and still do the things that she loved equally as much. that's perform. a testament to turn celine's character and a love story
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she is so pretty much epitomized the perfect family. renie leaves behind three children with celine dion as well as the additional children of previous marriages. celine dion has announced performances this weekend has been canceled but she is scheduled to perform next or this coming february the performance of february 24. >> she is such a part of our community. only people villages a neighbor because she is our neighbor. one of the nicest celebrities i've ever met. >> she would las vegas but she also lived in las vegas her family a big part of the community. she is one of ours.>> so is renie. >> turned up a chair at least we people became instant millionaires overnight with
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billion powerball jackpot. but for everyone back at home it was back to work and all with our lives. >> back at once again to talk about powerball hangover.the powerball hangover that so many are feeling. >> right we see the sign says las vegas lincoln you might miss it. the one and only convenience store between primm and baker california. always known for steady business powerball beaver had employees jumping. manager susie says in second place ticket for nearly 700 $80,000 was sold here before saturday's drawing. >> just 30 minutes north on i
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second-place tickets in the past week. and even now smaller prizes are being collected. even while regular players say they wanted no part of the one point five million dollar frenzy. >> too much money. i get headaches. get problems. and this is what the line was like. three-hour weights pretty common today the parking lot belongs to the birds powerball now rolling back to $40 million. >> only 40 million. it's over with until the next big one pick the stores try to make it easier for lotto players pay with cash and you don't even have to stand in line. these do-it-yourself machines
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>> thank you bell set $75,000 today no contact order was issued against the metro officer facing charges of assaulting a woman. james burke made his first court appearance this morning. according to an arrest report of the into a fight with his girlfriend following an argument it says he yanked her out of her car while she was trying to leave injuring her chest.police say that were on the couch and covered her mouth with his hands so forcefully she thought she had broken her jaw on her neck. joe suspended bert no paper him police say he has a history of domestic violence. >> new development in the case of a woman accused of killing 10-year-old jade morris. brenda stokes wilson is pleading to murder attempted murder and kidnapping she was dating this little girl's father and reportedly killed the girl because she was angry at the dead. she was missing for nearly a
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construction area north las vegas the same day of jay's murder stokes /the face of a coworker at the bellagio. >> armed robbery did not go exactly as planned for a thief in indiana this after one store clerk is caught on surveillance video shaming this man into leaving the store so the crew left empty-handed. jenny ravitch has the story. >>reporter: the armed robber you see there with his base have covered is about to get a surprise schooling. a lesson in morals from the unarmed clerk he is holding at gunpoint that's what he told the investor getting officer i was telling him this is wrong with you doing. just watch as a clerk confronted with that gun reprimands the robber. he's telling him to get out. now he's lecturing him. he's pointing his finger like a parent would. at one point in the video you can see the cook around the county to get the cash it doesn't work.
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get back out from behind discounting oblong here. later the robber tries getting in the register self again he stopped and scolded. his punching the buttons and the clerk is holding the door shut so will come open and watching the clerk convinces the gunman to put away his weapon. the suspect complies and even those arms out like look okay up with a gun way. give me some money now. surveillance goes on for six minutes the two argued that long before the gunman runs off. >> there watching the guy right away. police said the clerk is lucky to be alive. they warn against this kind of reaction. it's certainly not worth losing your life over a few hundred dollars. but this criminal only got a few bucks along with a lesson in being a better man.big scolding their back i was fearless. clerk says he wasn't trying to be a hero and he knows you
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with an armed robber he claims he was angry saying he works very hard to provide for his family and that robert should do to as long as their legal. new details rotations on messages between mexican lord drug lord joaquin chappell gun actress kate del castillo official said his obsession with her let him to lower his guard just enough to get him caught he was arrested last week six months after he broke out of jail while mexican authorities said they intercepted a serious of instant message conversations in which she brokered a secret meeting between herself guzman and actor sean penn in october helping them trace the kingpin. government officials said one recent guzman left his hideout was because he was desperate to set up another meeting with the actors. >> she pledged to give her side of the story in due course. >> officer comes to an end right in to the tv station. tell you how the news didn't
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a moment of silence held for the young victims of the deadly avalanche. while one schoolteacher in this case ended up being taken to the custody. singles clouds rolling in
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police chase and dramatic that's when a new station in montana it's a call can see the cop on screen the vintage official said the chase all started when the woman driving recklessly she took on the 20 over the tv station security footage cut the carbon to come to stop on the sidewalk next to the tv station she built out of the car right here attempts to get inside the building. the nbc affiliate went on lockdown while they had somebody up on the roof it looks like take video of her being taken away in handcuffs police eventually took her into custody. >> more trauma on another roadway a bus driver cleveland is left to fend for himself after he attacked by a man
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all the start with a heated conversation between the driver of the passenger of a bus ticket that could not be accepted because it was expired video you can see both been trading punches and then course of history oliver passenger as a driver that other passengers to call police as he held the suspect down no one did anything to help. >> that bus driver would eventually call police himself who came and arrested the man police 22-year-old suspect is a history of burglary and domestic violence. >> snake was stolen from portland pet shop is finally been returned to you might remember the python is back at the pet store where he belongs this is video showing the deep reaching and grabbing the snake
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he then walks with store the owner of the pet shop says showed up today with the stolen snake he believes getting the video out on social media made all the difference. i'm sure they realized they were going to get in trouble for it. facebook is powerful. the snake is doing fine. poor thing the still out there but the store owner thinks it's a trend of the got dropped off the snake. >> no warning to all of you use a lip on pacifica eos ran around container the focus of some reporting to class action lawsuit has been filed against a lip balm's maker alleged as skin reactions after using the product worn out from sandra gonzales. >>reporter: is popular lip balm packaged in a unique round shaped container and touted by celebrities has captured the lips of many customers around
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lindsay lindemann try to she not too impressed. priscilla esmeralda's daughter who was visiting las vegas recently also bought one. she said she likes the shape of it. [indiscernable]. >> both of these women surprised to learn about the class-action lawsuit filed by a california woman in los angeles. she claims adverse skin reactions were caused by the lip including blistering and rashes. eels use social media to respond. our products are safe to use i made with the highest quality ingredients and they meet all our seed all safety quality standards set out by our industry. independent laboratory puts each of our product a battery of rigorous testing to ensure this is the case. for these reasons we firmly believe this lawsuit is without merit. local physicians says it sounds
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allergic reaction. meanwhile the california lawsuit is asking that proper warnings be placed on all eels products and six monetary damages. >> a moment of silence held in the french office today for three people were killed. when an avalanche in a group of children on the school trip.a 14-year-old in a 60-year-old student died the incident they were among the group of 10 experienced young skiers on high school outing with the teacher. ukrainian gear was not linked to the group was also found dead. teacher was taken into custody as prosecutors investigation for involuntary manslaughter. witnesses said the students were skiing on the slope that had been closed because of a lack of snow. official said the ski slope was blocked by a 164 foot long net. vance mourning the death of british actor alan workman
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that the 69-year-old actor passed away after anna what cancer. status will academy of dramatic arts he was often cast as the bad guy the film roles included diehard robin hood prince these on the harry potter film. it was another clear pupil day across our las vegas valley as a weekend inches closer. also coming our way normal temperatures. >> news three is your weather authority. >> going to feel a lot better outside when i say that is going to be a little bit warmer a lot of people been asking on social media when is the warm-up coming well in a few days and were all racing warmer temperatures across the valley for today getting closer to normal temperatures and before you know it will finally be in the 60s. also you win right now temperatures outside in the upper 40s for las vegas 30 degrees for 11 austin right now very chilly conditions continue across most of nevada closer look at our low temperatures
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very cold in many neighborhoods upper 20s sunrise downtown in the low 30 southeast 22 degrees the more bearable in henderson at 83 degrees this morning 34 degrees starting green valley. outside right now most temperatures in the mid- to upper 40s this evening a light winds to continue across the area temperatures just outside the valley are 43 degrees as well as overton 45 degrees at lake mead upper 40s for boulder city are cold conditions to see what the freezing mark at mount charleston right now as we take a close look of the satellite here is what's happening. series of storms that continue to pass to the west coast is in the most recent one of the past few hours bringing heavy shower activity across northern
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right now you can see continue to move across the area as far as southern nevada goes really just sitting off and on cloud cover were expecting more clouds overnight tonight this is the look at the last few hours in the afternoon just seeing those clouds rolling into the area that were not done yet. check this out. massive low pressure system in the pacific moving into the west coast bringing us more unsettled weather mostly to the north of us here is how that worst system is going to pan out over the next few hours and then here's the secondary one you can see why the weekend ringing additional snow showers to the sierra some unsettled weather will signal the nevada city going to see just the additional cloud cover across the nevada on saturday.but we do have a chance of showers in the forecast show you when and just a second. temperatures overnight tonight
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to be as cold as last night show you we dropped our temperatures in the low 30s and many neighborhoods below the freezing mark could be a little more bearable tonight with those clouds again rolling across the valley keeping us a little bit warmer compared to last night. overnight lows reading upper 30s for mesquite over 10 30 two degrees 40 i smile a little bit warmer compared to today's going to be a slow gradual warming trend over the next few days but i'm sure it thing we can handle here. 57 degrees overton tomorrow five mesquite 88 degrees from the afternoon were looking at a pretty nice start to the day instead of starting off in the 30s check out the low 40s by eight reaching the 30s by noon in his how warm is expected to get for las vegas waking up to partly cloudy skies becoming mostly sunny by the end of the day when turning off lights increasing just out of the north later on in the afternoon
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seven days still going to be pretty, around here a little more cloud cover by saturday real cool us down a little bit that's from the first time i pointed out to you after that the ridge returns bringing us temperatures above normal and in the 60s through monday chisholm showers headed our way as another pacific storm passes through with a very slight chance of seeing those rain showers. >> at least the weekend will be nice. >> all take 60s any day. >> showing off its latest edition. a rare white lion cubs. newborns were in good health or are a good helping care for mama right now however one little too shy for the moment hiding in his enclosure all this time. three cups all little males all boys were born december 16 in a
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the parents are to and sears holding a number of stores across the country the oh 950 2k monsters 735 systems. spokesperson would not say, stores would be closing but did say only be a very small percentage of the overall number of sears stores. most of the closures will be kmart facilities companies been trying to reduce the number of stores that it owns as consumers do more of the shopping online. changing world. >> of you want to focus on
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maybe not the latest weight loss that may want to check this out. lean cuisine's new diet filter for google called will block the words diet from blogs online articles and social posts as a downloadable browser extension that searches the builders of the word whenever it appears in a browser window. if you're interested in this you can download the lean /diet filter. throughout certain political candidates are well. you look at what had to use three live 11 orders is behind bars tonight months after surveillance cameras caught them running away from the scene. tonight at 11 what led his arrest. plus nfl kicker special thank you after group of greatest him up. have a story making news and habits. tonight a news 3 live at 11. one of the biggest days of the hollywood oscar nominations were announced today. the rabbinate that will be led the way with 12 nominations overall including best picture
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dicaprio competition with matt damon for the martian michael fassbender for steve jobs brian christopher trumbo and eddie redmayne for the dentist go. best picture competition martian spies big short kate blanchet is up for best actress for carol along with relapse of a room and jennifer lawrence for joy. by the way chris rock will return as the host of issues academy awards on february 28th. >> i love award season.
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