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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  January 15, 2016 3:30pm-3:59pm PST

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the consumer electronics show coming and going what impact did it have on self-driving cars? the experts weigh in. we see a bunch of tastes smiling back at us. that really made our day. >> reed: the good stuff. this beautiful, young lady fighting for her life in a hospital reaches out to people working across the street in a surprising way. the thing that inspired her to just keep going. hey friends we made it to friday. "news 3 live at 3:30" starts right now >> announcer: live from las vegas, this is news 3. >> reed: thank you so much for staying with us. today we begin with 12 people unaccounted for after two military aircraft collide in hawaii. >> marie: troubling news their families. a marine corps spokesman says two ch-53 helicopters are missing off the oahu coast. the coast guard says the aircraft from the first marine aircraft wing were believed to have collided late thursday. a total of 12 people were on board the helicopters.
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they heard a loud boom over the water and saw a big flare in the sky. an empty life raft was also discovered. the u.s. coast guard is searching for survivors. it is one step forward, two steps back for financial markets. a day after recovering some losses, markets have given them all back and then some. the dow closing at negative 390. 390 points. the nasdaq down more than 100. it's the same old story for investors. oil prices dropping today are taking a toll along with some reports showing the economy is growing at a slower pace than expected. >> reed: he's out of the presidential race but senator lindsey graham is ready to throw his support behind a candidate. graham endorsed jeb bush for president today. he dropped out of the race last month. according to a source, national security has always been the most important issue for graham and he thinks the former florida governor should be the next republican nominee for that issue.
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i'm proud of the effort. now i am a citizen having to cast my vote as to who i want to be commander n chief for that one percent fighting force. >> reed: donald trump firing back after the endorsement tweeting... >> marie: new at 3:30 p.m. donald trump, love him or hate him he is lead the pack of gop candidates. once again he held his own in thursday's gop debate. >> reed: were pundits wrong? actually stoppable? national correspondent jeff barnd sits down with two political analysts to get some >> reporter: for months now he has spoken his mind. >> i will build a great, great >> reporter: always controversial. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> reporter: the iowa caucus just two weeks away, gop front-runner donald trump is
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in most political polls. with thursday's debate under his belt and no damage done in his performance, political analysts admit that trump bubble will not be bursting any time soon. >> pundits are doing their job, you know, based on history. one would think trump would not have endured as long as he has. i don't think we were wrong about donald trump. i think we were wrong about donald trump's voters. at the end of the day, he is speaking to voters that no one else is speaking to. >> reporter: experts lay out two main scenarios. one is as the republican field of candidates shrink the large number of undecided voters will gravitate to the other gop candidates then level the playing field. or. the scores of trump voters turning out in droves to his rallies will stay home on election day. droves. they might not. i think that's what we're all waiting to see. question. true's clearly -- trump's
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arena. cruz cruz questioned trump's hometown of new york city and its values for being too progress fif. trum was ready. citing 9/11. >> we rebuilt downtown manhattan and everyone in the world watched and everybody in the world loved new york and loved new yorkers. i have to tell you that was a very insulting statement that ted made. [ cheering ] >> reporter: experts say trump tooum has survived every gaff that would have brought down other candidates. >> you have called women you don't like fat pigs. >> only rosie o'donnell. [ cheering ] >> reporter: in washington, i'm jeff barnd reporting. >> reed: there are some new developments today in the war on terror. allison starling takes it from here in the terrorism alert desk. >> from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm allison starling. three people are in custody for a deadly terrorist attack in jakarta indonesia yesterday. and now we're learning details about the alleged mastermind. isis is claiming responsibility for the suicide bombs that were
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gunmen attacked a police station nearby. two people were killed. 24 others were hurt. investigators believe the 3er7b who ordered the attack is an indonesian man living in syria. also new video shows a u.s. air strike on a building in iraq that contained a large amount of money. isis was using to pay for its operations. that building was in mosul and u.s. officials hope that targeting the terrorist group's finances will of course affect how it functions overall. from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm allison >> marie: protesters take to the streets of chicago showing their frustration with chicago mayor rahm emanuel. >> shame on you! shame on you! . >> marie: their chants just outside the city's annual martin luther king breakfast today. the protests say the mayor had a role in covering up the police shooting of laquan mcdonald.
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since the november release of the shooting video of mcdonald, the teen who was shot 16 times. emanuel says the breakfast is not about him but about celebrating dr. king and his life's work. we want to invite you to watch a your voice your future discussion on guns in america. it will broadcast live on my lv tv on tuesday at 7:00 p.m. it will also stream live on it will be a roundtable discussion on the epidemic of gun violence in our country, the support for the second amendment and president obama's efforts to tighten gun control. >> reed: the actor known for bringing grizzly adams to the tv has died. dan haggerty lost his battle with cancer on friday. he was best known for his role in the life and times of grizzly adams. the show ran from 1977 to 1978. haggerty played a mountain man who rescues and cares for a griszly bear named ben.
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doctor for back pain and was diagnosed with cancer in his spine in august. he was 74 years old. >> marie: new at 3:30 p.m., big news for car fans. we're seeing so much innovation from automakers between the consumer electronics show that was just here and now the north american international auto show. >> reed: what does the future hold for autonomous cars as they're called? brian moore has the scoop. >> reporter: the future of self-driving car tech is front and center at the detroit auto show. >> volvo and mercedes-benz has big announcements. both are bringing semi autonomous to the road. >> reporter: the pilot assist allows the vehicle po speed up, slow down, stop and steer on its own. a city safety system detects objects including large animals and helps brake to avoid a crash. the new mercedes-benz e class has a drive pilot sometimes that
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traffic up to 130 miles an hour. >> you could even change lanes by hitting the turn signal. >> reporter: it even uses smart phone technology to alert other vehicles to upcoming hazards. >> these cars are going get smarter and smarter. >> reporter: drivers of the tesla model s car don't even have to be in the car to park it. the more affordable chevy malibu can automatically brake and keep the car from wandering out of a lane. still, cars aren't doing all the driving. at least not yet. >> there's still five years away before that's reality across the country. >> reporter: and these high-tech cars are blazing the trail to that future. brian moore, nbc news. >> marie: let's talk price shall we? the newly revealed volvo s 90 and mercedes e class don't have a price tag but we have a round figure. you won't pay less than $50,000. >> reed: the tesla starts at $70,000. the chevy malibu is quite affordable.
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by comparison the malibu is a much better buy. >> marie: google announcing a new feature on their maps app that can help during your daily drive. the new feature is called driving mode google and can give you estimated arrival times, traffic updates, nearby gas prices and fastest routes to familiar places all without entering an address. the feature uses your home and work addresses if you enter them and recent search destination. google will remember that information then give you the fastest route automatically. >> reed: kfc is whipping up chicken with kick. nashville hot chicken. it pays homage to a popular specialty in nashville. the chain will offer the spicy 4,000 u.s. stores. it is the fourth chicken flavor kfc has added to the men knew the chain's 86 year history. why do we put stories and fried chicken in our newscast when i
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can't have it? >> marie: it is a reminder that maybe you should take it easy and eat something. >> reed: the coffee and the fried chicken. okay aisle do that. [ laughter ] >> marie: maybe a story about something inspiring. we know that makes us always feel better. coming up a young woman battling cystic fie breathe is -- cystic fibrosis is spraethd inspiration around the neighborhood where the hospital is. >> reed: coming up, what inspires her in the good stuff. >> marie: nasa releasing incredible images of the sun. what experts are saying is happening in this video. >> chloe: we're seeing dry conditions across southern nevada but that could change in
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>> reed: now for the good stuff our favorite segment of the newscast. a chance to shine a light on good things going on now world. today we're focusing on a young lady fighting to stay alive every day. she's given new life to the neighborhood just outside the glass panes in her hospital window. >> marie: inspiration that's catching on one window at a time. don kendrick shares this powerful story. >> reporter: 27-year-old vicki robinson diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was eight. >> i live a life. i'm in and out of the hospital. >> reporter: clogged up restrictive lungs, breathing through another day makes it a good day on a lung and liver transplant list for a year now. >> i can't give up. >> reporter: while she wasn't giving up she hung this up on one of those days she was just trying to stay alive. hello from the outside . >> reporter: adele lyrics that prompted katie and ben from case
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department across the street to shout the next verse. silently from their little window on the world. >> we see a bunch of faces smiling back at us. that made our day. >> reporter: today they met that face face-to-face. >> it's so nice to meet you finally. >> reporter: more started popping up, up and down the street. >> i just called to tell you i'm sorry. i love it. >> we sing it all the time here. we sneak up on each other. and it's like hello. hello. [laughter] >> brings joy to someone we didn't even know. >> reporter: now they go way back. back to that hospital window where an amazingly resilient young lady waiting on lungs and a liver found her heart and soul. >> like a big hug. >> marie: may we all just give each other a big hug. wow! . >> reed: you just never know who is on the other side of that wall.
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window. maybe we all just reach out. >> marie: and the power of a hello. that was don kendrick reporting. >> reed: here is what we're working on for our hero segment next week. take a listen. >> when your family betrays you or hurts you you feel so lef out in the cold. when you have somebody that knows first-hand exactly what you're going through, the empathy is there and it just makes it -- makes it more easier. >> reed: it's in the early stages but lori powers is working to provide temporary shelter. we're going to talk about why she is working to trabz form a dark period of people's lives into something positive. >> marie: we want to keep this conversation going. we love talking about the good stuff. if you have a story you want to share sw us send us a tweet. we're always connected to our social media accounts here on the desk and the station is listening too at news 3 lv. >> reed: make sure to join the conversation on facebook. just like the page.
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search for ksnv news 3 las vegas.. >> marie: metro investigating at 5:00, why one witness says he is afraid for his life. >> reed: plus, why the standoff in an oregon federal wildlife refuge led by ammon bundy could be coming to an end. a lot of locals hoping it does. those stories plus the forecast live at five." conducted a space walk today to restore full power to the international space station. tim peak and timothy copra were to replace an electric box. peak made history by being the first british astronaut to complete a space walk. while the breakdown didn't cause much damage nasa wanted the power fixed quickly. the men must work in complete darkness to prevent being shocked. making this mission so much more amazing. nasa's solar dynamics
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it's what they're called a solar eruption. it happened in december when a dark solar filament, one of the dark lines or curves you see above the sun's surface, became unstable. the eruption caused a cascade of magnetic solar arches. you can see the movement in the upper right of the video. the images were taken in extreme ultra-violet wavelengths. the light is usually invisible to our eyes but here it's colored in bronze. >> reed: a teenage boy died and two others hospitalize and err they had to be pulled from an icy colorado pond. a person saw the boys and called for help. the first officer was able to pull one of the boys out using a broken branch. fire crews were able to pull the second teen out thif ice within five or ten minutes but it took them 35 minutes to locate and pull out the third teen. so far it's not clear how the boys ended up in the water. so sad for their families. >> marie: let's bring you back home here to southern nevada where a lot of people are
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we've been told we're going get it. >> reed: we're banking on it. chloe beardsley is here to tell us more. >> chloe: it's pretty toasty out right right now. lots of sunshine across the las vegas area. temperatures flit flirting with the 60s in las vegas. a little cooler tomorrow. but then warm again. we'll get to the full forecast in just a second. temperatures in the upper 30s. uncomfortable in tonopah temperature wise. we're lucky to be seeing the area. we've seen off and on variable clouds throughout the valley. look at the time-lapse clearing up this afternoon. continue. slightly. we're going take you to a few plates across town. the east of us 60 degrees. outside right now with a light breeze out of the north. henderson liberty high school in the mid-50s.
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right now. overall across the area. take a look at this. nice temperatures across the really a great day to be outside it's friday. upper fifties for north mostly mid-fifties for summerlin, blue diamond and centennial. of us in our neighborhoods. light winds continue throughout outside the valley where temperatures are currently cold and in the 20s from mount charleston, upper fifties for overton as well as lake mead and mid-fifties for boulder city and pahrump outside right now. taking a look across the country. you can see variable temperatures here. 18 degrees bismarck. 47 in seattle. 62 for l.a. as we take a look at the satellite. unsettled weather continues in the southeast part of the u.s. moving northeast right now. a little closer to home we'll look at conditions over the past few hours. maybe some high level moisture mostly to the east of us. dry conditions across southern nevada do continue. as you can see not too much action happening across the las vegas area. zooming out a little bit we are going to see a few weak short
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over the next few days bringing us the change in the cloud cover and a dip in temperatures by tomorrow and even a chance of showers headed our way in the week ahead. here's how it's going play out. mostly seeing precipitation across northern california, the sierra and northern nevada again by sunday. another chance of us actually seeing those showers by the next workweek. overnight conditions for tonight. very similar compared to last night. upper 30s are project ford the las vegas area. winds becoming much lighter this evening. regionally upper 30s for mesquite, overton, boulder city, low thirties for pahrump overnight tonight. highs tomorrow a little cooler compared to our temperatures for today. but it won't last long. 55 for mesquite. looking at 40s for mount charleston. 57 for pahrump with mid-fifties in boulder city expected. las vegas waking up to partly cloudy skies becoming mostly cloudy by the end of the day. don't worry it's not going to
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warmer weather headed our way by sunday, lingering through monday. as we look at the next seven days a chance of seeing the unsettled wealth fer one in five chance we're going see showers on tuesday. and the warm weather certainly going to stick around for the next several days. we're going have to start getting use to toasty temperatures which many people have been tweeting and fooshging that they miss and now they're coming right back. >> marie: no complaints from me. >> reed: thank you chloe. >> marie: london visitors are able to see their favorite landmark transformed by light at the first ever festival. >> reed: from dazzling light instations to a vibrant circus display an array of light installations was on display starting yesterday. 28 other locations across the capital include westminster abbey and the building in piccadilly. the displays created by u.k. and international artists.
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be allowed to play and all the great iconic places in central the information office is transforming extraordinary giant gallery. a huge outdoor gallery which allows as many people as possible to come and enjoy this >> reed: it's organized by a lot of people who care about it. it is said to rival a lot of light festivals. lume anear runs in london until january 17th. that's what they're saying in australia with koala triplets. it's not all as it seems. jill is the proud mother of one of the cubs. she suddenly found her workload tripled after adopteding two koala family. look at them go. the two bigger cubs joined jill's smaller koala family after their mother stopped producing milk. all three are said to be doing very well. koala triplets are rare in the
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typically only ever have to look after one cub. as you can see there she has enough heart and enough of a back to care for all of them. so cute. can i have one? >> reed: my kids would want one. have a great afternoon! hello i'm mark hyman. throughout my life i've inadvertently called a ma'am a sir and a sir a ma'am. i've called my children by their wrong names. a few times i've called one or more of them sophie. sophie's the family dog. mistakes happen. that's life. but make that mistake in new york city and you could be slapped with a $125,000 fine. but only if the subject of the error is a transgender or as city officials refer to them gender non-conforming individuals. the new york city commission on human rights has released guidance on gender identity. it warns employers, landlords, business owners and even the general public they could face
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