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tv   Wake Up Early With the Wagners  NBC  January 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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we're going to see a few more clouds move in today especially during the afternoon and chance of showers this afternoon into the evening hours. 55 by noon and 56 at 4:00 but we're going to return to the 60's pretty quick. i'll have the details coming up. >> kim: it has been 36 years since the woman open known as jane doe was found dead here locally. her case is the reason clark county started their cold case project. we have learned more about the mark on her arm that could solve this murder and give her a name. >> reporter: loved ones cannot mourn the young woman buried here. her family may still be searching for her. who she was still remains a mystery. tools to spark a memory that could form a lead. a reconstruction of what she looked like when she was alive
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eyes. the case in the hands of lieutenant garret. >> many people that went missing during that time. we have one case in the valley. there were several other cases possibly tied to this case. >> it's a cold case detectives have tried to crack for decades. john williams was a henderson police officer who discovered the young woman's body along what was once a dirt road. >> she had been struck numerous times in the face and then in the back of the head with what appeared to be a framing hammer and stabbed with a two prong instrument in the back. >> various agencies have joined the effort by handing out fliers in hopes someone will recognize her. for now she's a white woman 14-25 years old with brown hair
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an s was carved into her right forearm. >> possibly a victim of a motor cycle game. >> all it takes is one look because it may be enough to turn a cold case hot. >> dana: a local teenager is missing and her mother is pleading for your helplp to find her. she's a 15-year-old, issa bella gonzalez last seen at her apartment. it's not the first time she's run away. this time she fears the worst. she fears she's fallen in with the wrong people and might not be allowed to leave. >> my main concern is she might be out there and could be in sex trafficking and hopefully that's not the case. i might never know dish can be
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not ever know what happened to her daughter. >> dana: if you know where she is call crime stoppers. >> kim: hopping today that local pastor accused of raping young girls within his within his own congregation is expected on the stand today. you see him here the last time he was in the courtroom and he took the stand in his own defense last week. at one point he offered to take a lie detectivor test but the judge said jury let's pretend like you never heard the because a polygraph test is not admissible in the state of nevada. he will be put behind bars for the rest of his life if he's convicted. in a little while we'll check in with craig for additional details. >> dana: a driver in the hospital after his s.u.v. was
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he tried to beat the arms and was blocked by other cars so the train hit him and pushed him 15 yards down the track. he had to be cut out of the vehicle. no word about his charges or his condition. he was taken to the hospital alive. >> kim: it was a simple act of random kind thanks might have gone unnoticed. there was a guy that did a good deed when he thought non-was looking but someone was. >> there is so much negative stuff in our world and so little positive. >> rarely do we see the simple acts of kindness.
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>> i saw an officer with a spare tire walking around a lady's car so i stopped. >> jay catches jonathan nelson's good deed. after leaving his shift sunday at the las vegas police department, officer nelson spots a driver with a flat tire. >> everyone wants to go home and don't want to be out in the dark. >> he opens his trunk and pulls out a carjack to help a woman he had never met. >> took about 20 minutes. cold out. you don't want someone stranded on the side of the road. >> a brief encounter inspiring jay to pull out his cell phone. >> i saw the officer in the middle of helping some gallon and that is what it's all about. >> he shows us a simple act of kindness no matter how small can go a long way.
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the right
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>> dana: how warm w >> kim: this affects a lot of people watching right now. there is a short term study that indicates catching up on sleep can reduce the risk of
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the university of chicago used 19 healthy young men eating a controlled diet thanked study found getting fewer than five hours of sleep on four consecutive nights hikes their diabetes risk by 16%. after sleeping more than nine hours two consecutive nights that risk returned to normal level. being well rested obviously is better for your health. i'm glad they have science to prove it. >> dana: chronically sleep deprived people have other issues like weight gain and high blood pressure. when you are always tired you don't feel like getting out and moving around. >> dana: we've >> kim: we've talked about after leaving the station after a long night you feel impaired sometimes. >> dana: a woman hired to help
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police find children in her trunk. her explanation for it ahead. >> kim: you've heard of people saying so and so gave me the stink eye. bernie sanders getting attention for dirty looks he was giving hillary clinton during the debate on sunday and who best to detail all of that than jane? we go nosing around coming up.
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>> dana: welcome back in. a hearing to determine whether the case against afluenza teenager will remain in juvenile court. >> he made national headlines and then became an international fugitive when he first used the afluenza teenager defense in a drunken driving accident.
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mexico as prosecutors out of texas were investigating whether he violated his probation when a video went viral and people were playing beer pong around him. the two were arrested and his mom was extradited to the united states. she's out on bond in texas. the judge is expected to make a decision once all the arguments on ethan's behalf are made. >> dana: the republican national committee will partner with cnn for super tuesday debate. this comes two and a half months after the rnc suspended its partnership with nbc news. republicans criticized how that debate was handled and they say that moderators from nbc had a mean spirited tone and presented a series of got yay questions. the republican debate will air
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a dramatic fire rescue caught on camera. this happened in fresno. they discovered a mom and infant trapped in a second story apartment filled with smoke. one of the firefighters climbs a ladder, goes through the window, takes the infant and brings it to safety. the mom and six other adults in the complex were also rescued. nobody was hurt. >> kim: out of this world. it's been part of their mission for two years and now astronaut as board the international space station say things are coming into bloom and they are taking to social media to show it off. scott kelly sent out that tweet. it's a picture of the first ever flower grown in space. plants have been grown in space before. we know that.
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crews started a vegies plant system. they started growing lettuce. this new break through allows for better understanding of how to grow plants in micro gravity now we have a deep freeze going on in minneapolis. as we take a live look of the twin city, it is one of those things they are still heated over that kicker for the vikings missing that 27-yard field goal otherwise they would have played this past weekend. >> dana: knocked out of the playoffs by a 27-yard field goal. they have a deep freeze in minneapolis in january s. that news? >> kelly: is that normal?
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normal yesterday. we're looking at normal today and that is good news for us. here is a look at the se career and techial academy. we had a lot of clouds to get things started but breaking up, perfect afternoon. a lot of people got outside and enjoyed national park fee free day and the parade, weather was perfect for that as well. today couple of degrees cooler heading out the door. downtown 42. sunrise at 43. taking a look at our radar picture, another storm system moving in from the pacific with rain and snow starting to move into reno as well. we could see a little bit of precipitation from this storm system later this afternoon. we'll show you exactly what time we are looking at that moving in.
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today. the chance of showers afternoon and evening. 58 our expected high today. that is normal for this time of year. tonight maybe a couple of showers possible in the evening. otherwise clearing skies and 44 for the low and our seven-day forecast mostly sunny skies getting into wednesday and thursday. 60 wednesday, 62 on thursday. we're going to get up to 65 heading into the weekend. it will be a little breezy on saturday but sunday and monday are looking nice. >> kim: break out the speedo on saturday. now to tennessee, an elementary school employee is in big trouble because police found three kids in the trunk of her car. she's a tuesday or the at the school in nashville. she picked up the kids from a basketball game and they spent the night with her. the next day she had to take them to a gas station before getting snacks before taking
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that's when police and surveillance video went are kids getting out of the trunk, check it out. >> it's very saddening and heartbreaking to think that an adult would put other people's children or children in general in harm's way like that. >> kim: still no explanation why she'd do something like that. was she worried about not having them restrained, were there too many kids so there was a spill over effect? wish i had the answers. police called the parents to pick them up and the parents were furious this happened. she's now charged with three counts of reckless endangersment. >> dana: a pursuit that ended in the pursuit of dogs ohen a freeway in los angeles. this person would not stop for the california highway patrol. they did a maneuver spinning the car. when the car came to a stop the
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dogs that were in the backseat of that vehicle. officers gave chase and in the end they were able to get the three dogs. that is good news. three dogs remaining inside the vehicle that they were also able to corral as well. >> in a couple of days "the todaytodaywill be here in las vegas. but coming up on today -- >> what happens if hillary clinton and donald trump lose there. and tracking a major snowstorm targeting about 50 million people in this country late they are week reality sinking in? we'll catch in with john and lease saturday deferentially robinson days after they revealed their winning ticket here.
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handler will stop by studio. we get started on a tuesday morning here on today. >> kim: chelsea handler, the great american who coined the term hot mess. >> dana: she's back. >> kim: she has a special on netflix. a lot of people refer to it as the stink eye or evil eye. it was caught on stage with bernie sanders. looked like he was giving the crook eye to hillary clinton. >> you can't deny it bernie. your reactions to hillary were written all over your face n your head shaking and smile. bernie was making faces. he made the one that went viral while clinton was accused sanders of dicing president obama. >> senator sanders called him weak, disappointing.
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eye, side eye, the stink eye. >> the guy at the pizza place is giving many at the stink eye. >> sanders is like your grandpa makes funny faces at the dinner table. at one point he exhaled like a horse. >> he voted for what we call the charl state of nevada loophole. >> the al gore psy. >> there is differences. >> but his faces remind people of -- sand 76ers channeling his donald trump with those faces. >> the donald more dismissive and more explosive. >> he's a chaos candidate. >> the die hard capitollist share the wealth when it comes to facial expressions. >> when cnn fact checked what hillary was saying while bernie
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out what hillary was saying was mostly true. >> he voted to let guns go on amtrak, into national parks. >> that didn't stop hillary detractors from enjoying the stink eye. we feel the same way when hillary speaks. >> dana: i would probably do the same thing. a time capsule leads to a timeless meaning in the pacific northwest. >> kim: a contractor was remodeling a home in colorado when he finds a jar containing a letter written by billy gilbert in 1949. after doing research online he finds one of billy's relatives who he contacts. turns out he was taking a trip to washington state where
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to the meeting over the weekend where gilbert got his time capsule back. it contained stamps, a coin, a photo and a letter and now is back with the rightful family. >> dana: it's been really cold in minneapolis. that is saying a lot because it's normally cold. this guy is hanging laundry on a clothes line. more on this as "wake up with the wagners" continues on this tuesday. >> are we headed for a recession and do have you the flu if >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, i have an important message about security. write down the number on your screen, so you can call when i finish. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. this is a lock for your life insurance, a rate lock, that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. but be careful.
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don't wait, call this number now. >> kim: we showed you live pictures in minneapolis this. is some of the fun being had. temperatures around zero degree sos this guy having some fun. >> dana: his pants can stand up on their own. i had pants like this in college
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washing them. and it's still frigid in new york city as well. we have live pictures of the statute of liberty on this tuesday. we announce that glenn frey died yesterday at the age of 67. anybody who was alive in the 1960's remembers the music of the eagles. >> kim: we'll remember his life and legacy throughout the morning. as we send it to kelly, a bonus weather shot. >> kelly: they have a little bit of wind there. here the winds are light but calm in many locations. boulder city you are at 48, pahrump 36. we are starting to see clouds making their way in. more clouds building in as we get into the afternoon and then a possibility for some showers moving in in the late afternoon
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those will push out before midnight tonight. skies clearing out and temperatures warming up. we're going to take a look at the expected temperatures coming up. >> kim: thank you. i started watching this over the weekend. now we have new information to go with it at 5:00 this morning. they are calling it oscar so right. jada calling for a boycott of the academy awards and now one of her famous friends is speaking out against her. we'll share it at 5:00. >> dana: new at 6:00, they are calling it a game changer, at least certain people are to start a company that says their football helmets are exactly what the nfl needs to lower the con dugs risk and make the game safer. what they say makes this helmet so good at 6:00. >> kim: and the lady liberty shot getting bounced around a
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the northeast finally had their winter rival. as they deal with the bitter cold, as you check out kelly's 7 day we have 65 headed your way on saturday.
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more answer timeout. >> kim: back in the courtroom, a local pastor accused of raping children in his own congregation. this isn't the first time. the out burst from the last time he was in that seat headed your way as we have a live preview in a moment. >> dana: henderson police hope will lead to clues in a cold years. how several agencies are getting involved in the case of jane doe coming up. >> kim: congratulations in order. unlv athletic program more than
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