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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 22, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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have support of one other republican senator. there is something wrong there. >> but trump now faces a growing liz of conservatives lining up against him. and a case of excessive force is as a motorcycle a awarded a 180 grand after a traffic incident. then a wandering toddler on the loose on a busy road. a half court thriller and much more on a frantic friday. "early today" starts now. and good morning everyone. more than 86 million across 16 states are bracing for a monster winter blizzard. storm preps are under way at this moment as some areas are expecting more than 030 inches of snow. five states already under state
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closing early hd of the storm, could break records all sall the way back to 1922. some drivers on 495 decided they would test the ice although this women didn't have much better luck. baltimore schools are closed today and thousands have flights already canceled or delayed. this drone footage shows snow instead of fans piling into the university of tn's football stadium. and five fatalities and multiple states have been blamed on icy road conditions. meteorologist bill karins has been tracking the storm since the beginning. >> we're in the beginning of the storm. freezing rain through carolinas now. and that is going to be a huge
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and you can imagine all the school cancellations. when you have a map from arkansas all the way to the mid atlantic to southern new england. and warnings and advisories. blizzard warnings from new york city, all the way through baltimore, philadelphia washington d.c., a high impact event, the worst will be later tonight and then through the first half of saturday. that is when we will get the blizzard like conditions. still strong normsthunderstorm rolling across this morning. here is the snowfall predictions again it is tennessee you don't get a lot of snow so two to four and four to six inches is a big deal. nashville, 4-8. lexington about 8-14. the higher totals are going to be in that corridor of the washington d.c. through the mountains of virginia. that is where someone will
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as far as washington d.c., 18-26 inches. blizzard conditions. winds gusting 50-60 miles per hours. a lot of people have never seen anything like this in d.c. >> and the weekend has come. it is here. hope everybody has their bread, milk and eggs. >> and a lot of people going to lose power. >> that is the big concern. with ten days to go establishment republicans are taking sides. ted cruz or donald trump. for some as the tough choice. >> if you now make trump and cruz i think you get the same outcome. whether it's death by being shot or poisoning, does it really matter? >> a new poll shows trump surging to an 11 point lead in the nation's first voting state. but whatever remained of the truth between cruz and trump now appears to be dead. trump will air a new attacked a against cruz today squlsmt if as a voter you think what we need
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washington to cut a deal with heir reed and nance pelosi and and --. >> trump 38. cruz is second at 16 and cruz is going down. he's going down. no he's having a hard time. he looks like a nervous wreck. he's going down. he had his moment. he had his moment and he blew it. >> and late last night, prominent conservative magazine national review took a stand against the republican front runner unveiling today's cover "against trump." it calls him a menace to conservatism and contributions thinkers. as a result the rnc has disinvited the national review from the february 25th debate. trump responded late last night. >> the national review is a
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it's got -- circulation is way down. not have many people read it anymore. people don't even think about the national review. so i think guess they want to get a little publicity. but no that's a dying paper. >> nbc's edward lawrence is live in washington for us on this friday morning. edward, a lot going on in the republican side. let's turn to the democrats. who's leading now with more than a week until iowa. >> >> depends on who you ask. senator sarnds told a crowd in new hampshire he would winn winn iowa and new hampshire. countered hillary clinton's claim that he's unelectable. sanders pointing to poll that show he would beat any of the republican candidates by a wider margin than clinton. >> secretary clinton defeats mr. trump by nine points. we beat him by 23 points. all of which -- all of which
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people in the state of hn hb. >> and bill clinton spoke in las vegas last night. told the crowd his wife would be a more inclusive president to all races and religions. hillary clinton told a group of voters in iowa that she needed them to go out and caucus. february 1st could be very cold and maybe a little snowy. she said she wanted to make sure folks got out and made sure their friends got out in order to caucus. as the days get closer, the attacks may get greater. >> a jury awarded $180,000 to an oregon man hit by an officer in a traffic stop in 2012. you can see in this video that the officer knocks the moik motorcyclist off his bike at a light. wilgen san gets up and the officer kicks him.
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fracturing the rib. a new record involving air travel. and it shows a lot of americans were packing heat in 2015. the tsa says it sees more guns last year than ever before. over 2600 of them. most were loaded. that is an average of seven guns per day found in carry ones. the most guns were found at airports in phoenix, dallas, houston and atlanta. after four years as a prisoner in iran, this morning a marine is back home. hekmati arrived back in flint, michigan yesterday as part of a prisoner exchange and three others. he was accused of spying and sentenced to death in january 2012. but the iranian supreme court overturned his sentence. he was awaiting a second trial
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just after landing he said he was happy to be back. >> i appreciate everyone's support. it's great to be back in flint, my hometown. i love this city. i love its people. they have been so good to me and my family. and we're very grateful. happy to finally be home. it's been a very long road. a very long journey. >> hekmati says his marine training helped him survive all of that. and as he gets settled in flint, michigan there are big developments in the water crisis there. the epa administrator for the region has resigned and the agency has issued an order requiring the state to take immediate actions to protect the public's health. the state's embattled governor has been envieted to testify before congress. before that governor snyder will appear on msnbc later on this morning on morning joe.
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administration will provide $80 million in federal funding to the state for the situation. >> our children should not have to be worried about the water they are drinking in american cities. >> the nearly 100,000 of flint have been warned not tro drink unfiltered tap water. and the national guard has been distributing bottled water for everyone there. >> let's get another check of the weather for the weekend. >> the northeaster is really going to peek later on this afternoon in areas like d.c. and into tomorrow morning. if you are watching tv and the national coverage you will see the most dramatic pictures late tonight and saturday morning. as far as the west into the weekend, heavy rain this morning, washington state towards seattle. see this spin off the coast is the next storm later on today.
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to go we'll be watching some of that rinne continuing. eventually heavier rains late with the second storm into san francisco and some will ling entire the this morning and snow levels are pretty high in the elevations. coasts. just the one on the southwestwest is a little less impactful. >> thanks bill. authorities need your help solving a million dollar crime. and a toddler gets away from his road. all the details next. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious.
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an oregon sheriff deputy came month. the boy seen running down the center line sneaked out after community center. the deputy quickly got the boy out of harm's way, back to his parents who were frantically searching as you might imagine. former oklahoma city cop was sentenced to 263 years in prison. in december he was convicted on 18 counts of rape and other offenses. his lawyers say he will appeal. police in texas have just released this video as they are still searching for two thieves who stole nearly 1 million dollars worth of drugs and other items from a pharmacy new year's eve. the pair spent nearly two hours stealing precipitation drugs and cutting into the store's safe. let's get down to business now with landon dowdy. good morning. >> good morning as well. check the model of your child's
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britax is recalling 71 thousand car seats because the carrying handles can break. the b safe 35, elite and travel system models. they have received nearly 75 complaints and reports of one minor injury. and amazon is offering a the full refund for customers who bought hover board. the consumer product safety commission has investigated 40 such incidents and the agency is calling on other retailers to also take action. and the government says out makers recalled 51 million vehicles last year. second largest ever. out auto makers have come under fire in the wake of gm's faulty ignition switches. >> and just ahead here the nba all-star votes are in.
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it was not steph curry or lebron james. and how about this for a visual reminder.
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this morn on today new concerns over the zika virus,
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should do if you think you have it. in sports kobe bryant will be a starter in his 18th and final nba all-star game. he received 1.1 million votes followed by steph curry with 1.6 million. and the nuggets mascot leading the charge with a blizzard of curly string. and for the play of the night, back to denver. that is colorado rockies outfielder, charlie blackmon. nice job. quite a night in denver. so much going on. just ahead bill karins is back with details on the monster
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as far as the west coast, i mentioned the heavy rain early today. we have another storm off the coast and with it we'll get additional rain. and even through sunday is probably the best day of the two over the weekend for the west. >> that is when we'll anticipate the sunshine. in entertainment will smith is joining his wife on the sofa on oscar night. >> at this current time we're uncomfortable to stand there and say that this is okay. >> smith is supporting his wife who's boycotting the oscars due to lack of racial diversity among nominees. in theaters this weekend, a bad mouthed robert deniro tricks
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road trip in dirty grandpa. what a role for dinero. and the fifth wave anticipates a fifth wave of disaster further destroying earth. celine dion held a memorial service for her husband yesterday. a national funeral will be held today. and tom cruz is starise is starring in a
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leading the news in u.s.a. today. february ran website sharing thousands of child porn images called playpen. the operation was an attempt to identify users accessing the sites who would otherwise remain hidden behind an anonymous computer network. and former alaska airlines pilot charged with
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after landing in california in 2014 a random blood test registered blood alcohol over over .134%. he was arrested wednesday and charged with flying a plane while under the influence of alcohol. authorities announced yesterday that the body of missing two-year-old noah chamberlain was found in tn. he disappeared while hiking with his brother and sister last week. hundreds of volunteers braved cold conditions for days. play. and mardi gras celebrations will soon be under way many mobile, alabama. changes to laws now allow gun owners with conceal carry permits to bring their guns into large gathers like parades. how far these persons or people may not consume alcohol or be intoxicated.
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florida keys. this eight foot crocodile in his backyard pool. sheriff deputies and wildlife officers came to capture the croc. but when he saw the fuzz he ran, actually it was more of saunter back into the ocean. >> do you think the croc knew the pool was there? and get a fresh bath? it's pretty close to the water. >> trying to cool off. wanted a change of scenery. now a look ahead, weather permitting today is the annual march for life and rally on the national mall. gop presidential candidate carly fiorina is scheduled to speak. and ahead of the event a new marist poll finds 77% of americans believe abortion laws
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her unborn child. while 61% support laws that would ban abortion after 20 weeks after pregnancy except to is save the life of the mother. and happy birthday. th >> jeff: donald trump here in las vegas hours ago. coming up what they had say and the reality star that is now endorsing him. >> kim: there it is and it sold out. we told you this week that was the case when it comes to sarah palin's out fit. >> dana: surprising news. manny pacquiao made announcement
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we'll tell you what he had to say. good morning. welcome into friday. it is coming down in buckets right now in portions of arkansas. >> kim: right now you are seeing the weather as it's happening. ta is arkansas. but we have multiple live pictures of the blizzard like conditions throughout this forecast. they have shut down the metro system within our nation's capitol. schools are closed down and nothing but nice weather around here. >> dana: maybe impacts for you if you are flying out. we'll have reports from the airport a little later. three feet is possible on the east coast.
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