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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 2, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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reappainnt wnern i itheowa caucuses. d an c tedruz deals aum hgblin atdefeo t dd onalp.trum "e tarly"oday starts now. io wa verots have spoken and afrte mthonsf otl batinged t uz crth is ene winrf o the re icpublan iowa causuc. an hdlail cryntlion ishe t paaprent wrinne for the de atmocrs inn ais hctorise clo tc ouome. cl n intobyhe t tstinie of ma s rginin a race solo cse that tateehrit s cesntlionon wy b a inco literally. af rtees rtsul were at a alstatemthe eyim sypl flipped a inco toec deidho wo t sut.ppor aandfter lngandi inew n mp haeshir w geotni bernde saers re onacti. >>ab capfle oni runndng a inwinndg an [diinau.ble] we oo lkwa forord t doingel wl re he inew nps ham ahirendft aer ut soroh ca wlina iherenk thi
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lo pt ofeeopl just as we did in . iowa nd>> ao d youic anteipat escont tting -he- >> honestly we jtus gotff ohe t pl anane de' w nreotn eve in th aking boutit. >>nk tha youer vmuy o >>kay. >> lo folwedlo csely byru cznd a bi ruo. d anf othe 30op gow iaeg delates te uzd cron w gheit,ru t ampnd ru bio vesen. rs caon e.thre ra nd ,paul jebshbu,ly car fi a,orinn johas kich and abhuckee each won one. trand acyts potoi jns us with th ela. test >> what wew kneho s artlyfter theau cscuse cdlose wast tha ted ov oner dtrald ump. wwhaten' didnot kwil untly ear is thni morecng bauset iwash suc alo cse race,il h claryonlint ha s nown bee dreeclahed t pa aprentin wor f forem dtsocra.
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br eathing aig b sigh of lireef, k thanyou waio. >>ar elys thior m aningfter co tiunngll a ghnit,il h lary toclinsn wa dreeclahed t ap ntpare wrinnen in a orhistlyicalse clo cera. >>waio,nk thayo u. >> lthess an half aer pagcente point, just a fewel desegat se teparant clionnd a be erni nd sa ers. ha>> wta iow hasun beg thtonig is ait polical retivoluon. t >>rued czti quo tnghele bib cl ngaimi b thestiggeto vicry ev er i inowacu caus hiy.stor >>nitoght, iowa, has ocpredlaim heto t w morldngornico is .ming inmorng is micong. >> al donumd trpde lannd ion secd e.plac ba arely oheadfco marbi ruo. >> wel wilo g on toas e bilyeat hi arlly or bernie or whoever the thell theyhrow up e.ther r >>ubio a close nrumbeee thr s wa ftheirst to dreeclaic vtory he re.
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ul woved ner haenpp. >> ll a the cdaanditesle pg dgin atto btlet iut o inew n mp haeshirnd a yobend. tu t rnouwas aig bce conrnnd a er three we soy maneo pplet a one po heint nre i m dess oinethat e on oef thcu causit sanes r out egof ratistrnioms foror fpl peoe tr tyingon sign up ospthe ot. ra da. t >>s hankucso mrh fo that. it is weti menonedt iswa a ddea he tatouhrought most oef th t nighbutla hilliry c gnton ave swhatedound like a victory chspeeat le last nighton lg be afore wnyrinneas w noand.unce >> soi as dstaner he thtonig br ineathbig a g sighf o re,lief th yoank u .iowa w iant you tono kw il wilee kp li fe. i kwilleep sintandpg uor f u.yo ili wlp keeig fghtin for u.yo
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theme aricat tha iel bieve in e wherthemi prose ofha ttam dre th eat wd hol out to ourld chiren d anur ond gradrchilener nev s.fade >> mhieanwerle bsanie snder st d unneheat tow ia cseaucusy b vi hailng h claryonlintl fee the rn be until they verlast mi.nute b >>ut nore pntside can dot wha ha bs toone de onale. andha tt is whyt whaa iowas h nbeguon tight is aol palitic vo reonluti. po a calitievl rioolutn thats say wh ilen ms lioneoof pcople me to ergeth idinclung those who ha ivve genp u on theol palitic pr s.oces atheyo re saydismednd a so us fredtrath witwhats goe on in wa gtshinon. wi outh yngeo pple who beeforad h
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li pol ticaocpress. wh enng youeo pplend aor wking op pe alend srsenioeg bin to dstanp und a souay landly d ea clenrly ioughens ghou. >> o sow hid dru cz pul olffhe t vi y?ctor the nbcnt eerancol pl shows cruz dr trew ssuong tpporro fmse tho wh llo cams thes elvevery co vanser ativeotnd g f 32%rom an evcagelils. of37% er vots who s tayarhey e inlookrg fo adi can wdateho ar shhees tir vsalueup sedport uz cr inis hic vtory shpeecru cz an thcoked eouragus crvonseesativ r fohe tir orsuppt. >> thtonig is ato vicorry f the gr ooassrts. to t nighis ato vicry for co eouragus conseatrvivesos acrs io ndwa a allos acrhis tsat gre ti naon.
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lesett od ontheran ctedidas in is th race. twhenheed mia inen ooi vce said ase conivrvatean cnot win, na witionvede or 0,80000 nt cotiribuons pd oureino t ted .ocruzrg asra cousgeou ns cotiervavesd saies y we can. >> aupreccusol plswe shorud tmp hein tle .ad sot whaenhapped? tr caump gnmpains ierids bhot ted uz cr andar mubco radio het bter ou gramnd gndes a it edshow. wh ile agddin thaton secacd ple an meums tr ap iser los in .iowa il whtee afdsrwarmp truav ge si ealyis hho st rtesaicampgn sp eechnd aea appredum h.bled >> so onun je6 1th wwehen ar stted thisou jrneyre thee wer 17 ndcaesidat. si wa toldy b eboveryody dot n t goo iowa. yo ulu coved nenir fivesh enn i the top ten.
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i know a lotf opl peoe in .iowa ihi tnkhe teay rllyik le .me le git's vet ia .shot ey thd saitdon' do .it i had ie hav to do .it and weis fin hedse.cond iand wanto t tell you so inmethg. m i' just nohored. m i'lyreal hod.nore i want toon culgratteate dnd a i twantono culgrat aatellf o the edincr cibledaandites. >> n eveghthouho witutak ting th pe tot spo trumpai remnss a co ennfid t aserev. >> wel wil go ono t gethe t pu reanblicin nomn.atio wandile wl go on toil easeay bt arhilly or beerni orho wever the helly the throwp u erthe. t noyoever ines as tiposive. ch eckut oda toy'ser covth of e ne rkw yoly dai en evug thoh hee camn i third marco birus o'mpcagnai is on a po vesitije trayctor hngeadio int the new hairmpshe. e th nbcs newra entnce pollws sho 2% of --%29 whoe madp uir the
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su teppordub sp ngeakit lasht nig rubio edxude nf coceiden. s >>os thiheis t mtomeny the said woulder nev ha.ppen if i am our nenomie,nd a iil wl beur oom n tineeshank to what u yo dhaveone here inhi tsat gre at ste. wh en a irm ouom nineear we e go toing unifys thiar pndty ae w areoi gng tofy uni the co vanser tivememovent. when'm i n oureeomin wee ar in go wg toin i aowande w are g goininto w telhis onecti for cothe y.untr >>nw mea thile wherecaere gnmpai alcasutiest las t.nigh democratic candidates martin mao'eyll and rubepcalin ndcaeidatik meuc hekabe both ensuspthded eir aicampgns. and ppserha itll app wraed up st ju in .time ll bit ind sousik le t iheres se wvereereathdi heantng i tohe . iowa >> ahell tdi cans dateand a,medi s asasoon wa it dsreecladhe ty
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ca beusere the a isli bdzzar ad he tingeo th eaar. fo r theth norerwestnor c onerf wa io. d an lastig nnht ild bouern i nv deerhe tyke picdp ustalmo a ofootowf sn. e th snextistep in durheg t day to day. th nde wis eaincrsend a weir ggoin starto t seezz bliard co ionditns theds ban ofsn .ow in taters0te 8m fro m dess oineto om aha. s clapof thr,unde and'sit ow sning oneo t twonc ihes per ho ndur aha tt isut aboo t i ar irives n deesmoin tlshory. sn llowfaal tot,he t hstighe will be th norde of ins monoes, ofrth i- nd80 a rotechesrer. even nnmilieapos. d anthto oer adhe,line ptiotenal r foer seve st,orms idinclung a fe w tdoornas y,todach wat out racentl tn, vinashlle,
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ptheeak ofs thi wbeill be gr deanees d pyartl oucldy. so or ts nadoa and zablizllrd a t ineahe hndrtla datoy. >>ra czy wer.athe coming up the teacher ar edrest inne conn ctiowith ee fr. us pl l thetates onhe t zika vi rus. th eo.w.h.ow nec drilang it an te iniornatemnal ncergey. are you hiwatceang "torly " .mesee . do arn't st me.e at mesee . semee . se o e me tknow th soat pasris is istju sothmeg inat ithav he. noi'm agt cont.ious tsee me o knowat ith't won stop. ti unfil i t nd whaworks. scdi coverenos tyx,a erdifft en okindmef nedici fo
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enprovlp to he therimajopety of ople fi cndarle oral cmostarle skin. ou 8 0 t of 1le speop5%aw 7in skan cleart 3 ce ahsmont. whil e e thtymajoriw saclea90% e.ranc notdo i usearf you ale ic tlergseo contyx. be staforeg,rtinho you suld estebe tr d foultubercosis. rean incisased rk nfof ionectis d loand werey abilitigto fthht ayem mur. occ ytellctour doifor hav youe ianonnfectisymp or ..toms. .s fuch ,everea swchilts, ls, sc muchesle aco or ugh. i orhaf you eive rec vedcca va pine or.lan to youife havs crohn'e,diseas tell your doctor as symptomsan cse worn. ouserials iclerg tireacs onocmay se .e me e e sen myme o. way clefindkiar s n andrea cleath fr pardorwa. r a foffdienter nd okimef ,dicine k yoaserur dgimatolooust absentt coyx.
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ju ikst leye thgo for t uccondrator ndy, wh eso se a all nd etforgths noing. at st leas he' notco blnstab.e bo mwitht e, whasee you hais wu t yoget. i and texpecte he sam myfromsc maara. w, rnon evloucintrodewes a ncoll onectisc of maaras at m th gakes tettingh he las lookwayou asnt ey. so whether you choose ultra volume, pesuthr leng, mevolu len andmagth d,gnifie dramatic dinitefion, torimhe ultall-ate nein-o... thchoie iceyours s. lchooseove re a onvolutimasc in ara. reon. vlvelos on i. > >>theea tcherho weg alledly edhelpee thr insmatesc eapem fro oua snther coralifjania il two ek weos agas h been asreleroed fm
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e thdea cobncdludehe tasre wn't su iefficvint eedencch to arge he thr wi a e.crim aland soev rd ealethe maintes took a cabve drir hostening and foughtve or werheth to kill him. t inhe end buoak dngro dve back wi heth tve dridr an tdurne hi elmsinf . >> and a vaccine is being de peveloord f theik za s.viru ul co rd be feadyrior tbyals the endth of e .year >> andne connctioit weh th sh ngootiea dthf owo tpl peone i ho a me into cannas lt ekwe. the shooting was over drugsnd a nemoy. an adorccngdio tne o dutch co y,mpan dsrone maye havet m rthei match. a guard from abovera tsin eagles to take down drones jt usashe ty wo dul tirheat nalur eypr. dann i florida one dveri trkoo th poe celio t taskhe wn she heflas hderdl heas ightand ll puveed or a speeding control ca r. >> y woueerhi pusng 9 m0 pileser
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>>re,ally .okay an jd iust wdanteo tknow 'swhat the emncergey? >> the miamie dad pe olic rtdepamentd saiilit wl in stveigate the ciin. dent et>> l's gowet dnus bsines now with cnbc's lnando y.dowd >> wl alrestetou cld see some red asrrow athe tl bel datoy. sh opsed endea n frlylat on mo .nday ntpoteinial stteree rat hike ithisars ye. al let sting a bigro d ipn oil espric. ok lo for engarnioms fr exxon bi mondle aze pfir y.toda d an yahoo rtseporar es ningthis rnafteanoon dxp ed ecteto ou e tlina streurructing plan. e thll "waee strurt jonal"s say cthat ioulddenclula sgshin 15 fa ctorf o his tor ceor wcekfor or 1500 .jobs goand ogleti beangl walrestet's rn ea fingsasorecant thkso t
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su rged5% in latedi traonng mday ifand thatds holay tod abelphat wi llve or take apple as the rl wo md'svaost leluabom c.pany us>> jeat ahd in orspts. th e peranthsnd a bosronc are zeblitd by theed mia in onipeng ni ght. mo eare l uding tp toighe b game. (cell phone rings) wh e ere aryou? llwe s theirqu arels bre ackin a theictt. mo m? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you bk,ac mom? he says it's personal this time... if y 'roua moe m, ca you t thll arse wo.t time it w'st yohadou . if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, yo chu switic to geo. hait's wu dot yo. ere whe aru? yoity 's ver theloudre. u are yong atakizu asmba cls? unceanno:mentis th p stormses romie to b theesbigg tt ofeche dade. wi otth tumal accnulatioof u tp toeehree ft. adrowis e ll butshdo iwninndefelity. d anhoolscars close .ed be campoull's so grps g eatth wid a cola niand edce r.
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's aheretl litthe healcey advi . ctake ware ofkehat mau,s yo u. yo ri downght yo to n.ur ski ee avaino dstly moiinguriz wlotionviith 5 nutrtal sient healfor r thieg lookin skin ust in jdaone y. aveeno.
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came outrn o top ithn e iowa ca .ucus pfullicolitoval ce eragplus a on ne one ont iewervih witop g nn wieder tcr uz. le get's ut yo ctaughp u on sp wortsithnn shaon mue.lair goodinmorng. >> theol carinaan psthernd a nv deroer bncos met wh iteth di mesta la t.nigh the nfcha cmpionan psther ce reived aoc rkta sr tr intioduct on ar supebowl en oping t.nigh bu tel liky lead mvp n camn ewto isoi p tsedo udphol the 'steam ramantep, ke pinoundg by gibrinng aup sower bl . to >> pperorre pntvenio pveresnt or po orperfesmanc. s >>ayha tt fivees tim .fast heas tnc broos tookir theur tn
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ghhiry stolinean hgsve orhe t te am. hewhet nr orothi ts isey pton ma g'nninass l tname. nn maingas w overheardel tling he oaad celch bckichit tha tshi bmaye hisas ltro deo. ne>> ong thi'v iee donel wls thi season, the team hason dlle we al isl thso seasn ita sy ien th mo .ment s focuonhe tk tas at ndha. itakeet on w aeekt the .time i' inm gogo tsfocu on t ahatnd dthen wealith allhe t other st afuff ter isth. t >>dahursigy nhttb fooall is mi coo ng tnbc. th fle n ancnnoubced n andbs c swillharehu tyrsdaht nig fi ianancl catelest. ea chir aingiv feam ghies wle nfl tw newiork llai retn esixcluve tsrighot to gaher mesth in e season. the deal is worth $450 miiolln. >> > te o thdamd dndiamo. now eeyanks f birstprase ctospere gg bi ilrd wl miss all oef th6 201 as seiton wh an torab l irumn his
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st laea snso btielng 11om hnse ru d anvi drin ng i31 .runs he et's s to uno dergersurgy r latey.toda tbacko you dara. >> just ahead, can youue gss wh h icsurmpeelod is reriti ng tfromhe ruaynw? d an getxc eedit, kanye is coming back tl.o sn rtenteenainm ut isxtp .ye eth of gee tir tv : anncrftgood aon ernoyoeverne. tv nn a'scr: iter the p dayfectr fo oa gamebaf footll. nntv aiscr: this team ing havfaa c ntasti.season inmornalg ritusps are l.ia ywhenhaou s wreyohat lou . ve.. it...wwhh u o yovelo. ke ogllfrg's teosakd theye gr'rearrt! w. n a n wiosmicrsuoft 3.rface en y..whuyou b any iaspecmally-edrklo kel'sggod prt.uc fe a celd olmingcon? o neziw m coca rldedyem sanaswabl s sh n coortewilds nath a sp, an ced reduptom symer sev ity .by 45% te shorur cn yoold
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th z wi.icam n cahpa toot doasteer ev wything ell? clethisasan wpo like w! a ithidded thers otle cvel ofo lean tit. it t ki juslinda ipke...weved hingerytan cle. an6x cleing tmyeeth are glowing. they a so ree.whit w 6xtehining i alactullly realiy he 2ke tps ste. , step 1nsclea 2stepen, whits. er evme iy ti t usehis ertogeth fel, itket li... .lea.. tvingnthe defiist ofce. t hdcres. c6xleaning, 6x whitening ul i wochd switcres to hdt wh over asat i wng b usie.efor [m usic]no , , nono, no, le apeopotre b ah soft nd ng..stro. y! ye iswhich our why ucprod atsoore t. l ange.soft phi'm icil monkelso , prergolf . pmyatsorirtic aishritca jused pointain. st jumy like at moder e toreseveat rheumthoid ars.riti an s d i wadworrieabou int joget dama. ocmy didtor sain join ft pararom ca
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ouat cy ld onlrsget woe. resche pd ribe enbrelelto hlievp reine pa heand p lp stoher furtgedama. menbreloweray lr youil ab fity to infightonectis. seri sous,esometim, fatal ents evlu incding ioinfecttubens, osrculis, malymphoher , otercancvos, nersyus andstemod blode disorrs aland ic rlergioeacthans urve occred. youtellctr do or ifveyou'n so beeacmeple e wher fungalfectin aionsmore comn, if orreyou' t pronefeo inns, ctio chave suts orores, adhave hatit hep, is beehave btrn d foeatearr heurt faile, f yoor iveu hast persiveent februir, , singngbleedial, or ps.enes don'stt t enarelbrf yo ihau ve ianectinf lone thikfle u. pajoint nd din ae.amag.. n caidgo s se enk how canbrelp helli reineve joint pa heand p lp stot dajoin.mage brelene , th onumberne rheumatologist-prescribed biolicog. e tim now f eorerntintantme
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andan k wyeest isur ret tning o snl. he just dedropp his newum alb "w "avesl wiler pformru febary 3 --and 3t 1h. an d a dealo t wrene law and r,orde usv andin crady cdwfor an cenoune'd shs rengtiri. sh e'llll sti haveer hho pto ta n ket buno lronge as the de mol. e shns tur 50 tshi month. >>ou ye havee bgon tne loog on al ice. e therare mteatrs wchhi cannot be glned.ecte hu y.rr th>> s tazishat he t stunmiake evoicth of eat leen all marickn. hi fis nal e thlmfiit hs terheats thiis ma y. an ped ponc frasis i mgakin his
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raigelusioil fmas bne o the sp goels. 'l hele b the firste popo t pe apnar i thetu feare lmfi. >>e minld wou, beit is t?pe ne miou weld big b boy fh ourt etstre. t >>wohat beuld geeorg oo clsney'tr sr gi makec mi 3 htasn'n bee an unnod cetbuha tist n't st ngoppium tatro fmri bgngin cl yoone on arbod. i' mar da brn.ow th iiss "y early.toda"th wirt healu faidare, ingerals owayse n th.rise to sympsems worcausn beyoe heurt arn't ismppug wein.ll (w ilater fooling rm) ou ab pert 50 centplof peo e die whi(doginmperg) thwiin 5 years of getting erbut thsomee's gthinca you n do. lk taur to yotor doct abou hearte failurtmentreatit e thcausree mono you k w, the likmoreyoely ..u are.og (dmper whiing) k to peep itng.umpi
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mayou k y thin rit's at ofesulus broohing t hard. nit'sot. ait'sof sign earlydisegum ine(steranr) cre help ..verse. early gum disease in just two weeks. li ine(sterr). po r weouto ymor uth! > >>di leaheng ts newth in e ch oicag sun times,tr seet cops y sa aclu eecfft dveri skepin i
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au orths itiesays coparefr aaid d tooir the job bseecau ofhe t cr ineasedcr syutin fwiolloheng t oo sh otingfha micelwn bro in rg fe,uson oumissri. nc siste lath mon officers he av be eqen rd uiretoil flut o two pa geor fmsoc dtiumenveng e ry ostopf a ticizen. an dn ieth "w nerkyoim t"esow h ee frct eletyrici dug a heol in topuero. ric dforesecad theyvi proddere fe we por toun malicips itiefoand r of prit busssinees. anor effts inower und way to t limi fthereect eletyrici. dan ifou y are just wgakin up le get's ut yoau cght up on all in thgs .iowa hi y llartoclinsn ha been named th ppe atarenin wrnef oeth iaow ca usuc aeserft bngei in ad dea he itat whni bernde samoers fst o nithe ght. an nd o theep rcaublin desi, ted cr onuz w% 28th of e votes le inavg dd onalptrum bdehin by 4 in potsut b don'tdi ntscouco mar bi ruoo wh isil traingon dald
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e thtnigho als bhtrougut abo mp caaignus siopensrons fmac eh rt pay. ve go mrnornarti'm oyalle and fo grmernooverre mikka hucbee th bo acgrlyeful bowed outf othe race. and that leaves two democrat ndcaatid aes tnd renubepcali ns in he t running. an duc pksncattuniony taw pe lvnnsy.ania andhe t furrygn procaosti tor wh reisped owshad. hwhicns mea anar ely rispng. >> o s anly ear ngspri. d an hey. >> that's not bad. i decan al with atth. n >>iceor ftsecasom c oingur wa y. >>nd a i canus jt not s uhowp no w. >> andft aer thisin w mtery an plrets a so coednfus. w >>et inhe tin sprd g ansnow bit's aeen rrolle ascoter. >> now iist im teor f a lkoo d.ahea
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nnpelvsyiaanou he and his attorneys are trying to get ami crinalua sexsal asult ca sega ainst himhr town. out 's hen beerg chaed foreg alledly gidrugndng a sl exuaulassa ating ma won in hisen pvansylhonia me in 2004. mo re thanty fifom waven he cu ac hsedim of midusconctoi gng ck bath to e 6019s. an d craelebtingir bysthda today. he hrips't don lie. sh aakir turns .39
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