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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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right now. nn>> aouncer: decision 16 20. e thhanew irmpshe arprimy. is th isc "nbtlnighy ws neth" wi lreste ho .lt re inportnig tofrght om nc maerhest. > >>goand veod e.ning e as w ocomeen thir a t inhete wesrne tim zo nones w,ak breing news. c nbwsnero psject iebernde sanasrs hon w e th h newhiampsre de atmocrriic p,mary atdefehiing y llar toclinn. d aner hthe's une cot. re hehe's tce pere.ntag ndsas erthwi7% 5f o th tee vos so far in. the erwinn. heon t gopdesi, nbc ws ne pctrojes dd onal p trumhason w the new ha irmpshpue reanblic im prary. no e w th iracesn ofor se pcond, lacee wherit tiis slloo t close to llca for sonecond amg si kabuch, sh, rubio, d ancruzng vyior f co seland pce. he wre'sithat looks ke liyo as w u sae ther heon tsc .reen r ou hteamllas a the ea br nkingews vecored. slet'eg binit wh katy
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quheadrsarte. wo i imuld e aginit's a typretpy hapne sce er the. r >>teeporerr: vy pp haeny sce. is tha is wibig nor f na doruld tmp. th oois rupm erinted hu ifge, you don't mi e nd mngsayi ,that hu hege ciners s thi om ro. 's hen beeinleadgor f p 75, ollsg goinall th y e wa uback ntil .june ashe wti crid cizea lo rt fo hisro g und hgame sere, taidhat d het idn'gett ie don so noon eugh,ha tthe ty dn dino't kn ck oghenou do tors, dheyt idn' eccoll etnough fo iniormatn. na doruld tidmp dn't sh enake hough.ands idhe ddon't ai retl po csliti n theew ha irmpshy.e wa , welle thesbig ra s llieand all of is thhu entm sias that avwe hene be eiseng, thnow e dd onalptrum mp ca caignayan st tha h itaias pd off. e wet xpectohim ak t e stthe agee her at0 9:0 st ea 6ern,pa:00 c.cifi 'rtheycie exabted out ei thmer mo.ntum cathe gnmpais sayit's fe g elinodgo, es alpecihaly tutt soh ro ca ilinaxts nere whe atheytire seall lding in ls poln dow e.ther k >> tatyur at the p trumhearadqu.ters heon toc demc rati , sidee as wrtrepoed at thetop,bc new ns ecproj btinge erni sa erndass he tin wrne t ofewhe nps hamhire
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le get's t tosnbc' e kasi,hunt i whos distany ng blive at ersandads hetequarrs in nc coord,ew n shhampire. ka sie. >> or rep lter:r,este iebernde san irss tu ac ballytaacks aget th hish ighosc gol ym in coorncd,he w hree is ho sinotgke basts wi isth hen sev dkgrananids od tw so ns. hi o s twhtdaugalers so er ththe wi him oualth nghnot o the ba basketoull crt. hi fes wine, ja, ok looning . s weimaw hk sin a few yu laefps bheore mi ithis asni signtfica ernumbpo of ointsn e thtipolibocal ard, y if ou,will for rn beanie s.ders ithis ms aajor win r fo.them th eyol absyutel won ethxp etiectagaons me th asat wo smp intorta mi co ingnto thisew n mp hae shirarprimy. e thtiques, on of urco, se gis toingo be wh itere goesm fro he re. th ese qutionng bei can iebernde san ersdxpan th ppe suthort e'at hs ha td inhese two al smlerar elyte stas in to theex nt ntcoest, ne , vadah sout licaroanna, osd th e r supedatuesaty stes.
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o upe n th tairhis we itek wwh ne tvds a ouin fr of thoseer sup es tustday aatesnd talsouehe qn stiocan he edxpanpp suort, icpartlyularh wit caafriern-am ican rsvote a whooire gng to so be ti cricalor f arhilliny clton? if he can get some of r theisut,ppor his te eeam f tlsheyig mht be e abluito bld a al con itio wthat ould w allotohim e mak a ri seruous orn fs thi crdemo aticminoonnati. at thl wilrt sta mo torrow in y nework .city ofand rs cou'se he ou ab tt tothake e ag ste. 'l he hl beere at 9:00 ea nsterim t:0e, 60 ci patific orme fs thi 'swhatne turd into a ve ry eedxcitan sders mp ca raign night,ow st leer. >> si kae,nt clionas h adalreyce conthded e ce raa in te stament gh ri tt atolhe pl inclosmeg ti. e' shows n sgayin sh fe'll aocusnd ex s pecto to d awells e shov mesn oo t s outh licarondna aad neva. vi oby ouslhashe s e quitrgan oatanizion th ere. wh oeat dsde sanrse hav t inhosest ?ates ep>> rr:ortel, wel erlestey, thbe've en icpartlyularus foced
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'sit c acuausts ate where they feel like they have a good anch ocef bngeibl ae toorniga.ze liberal activists, some of those people o whghmit nuratlyal be bernie sanders su orpprste. th aeyo lselfeik le they have a better chance of earning more pp sufrort omin lato vo , tersd woul mareore rtimpoinant ne.vada ut soroh ca, linaof co , urseisur fther tdownemhe dtiocrac im prscary lehedu. c itomes f firstor blrepus,ican but co seornd foc dem rats r aftedaneva. i sonk thihe tirus foc isll sti goingo t stay t out wes ttillgehey t ro ththugh at escontt. so cauth naroli is go toing be more of a ch ngallee. er thrye very, ve po imt rtan in a crdemo aticarprimy, hiand y llartoclinn, of course, having mpcagnai tedrehen i 2008 has a significant frintrastuuc re adalrey, erlest. >> ie kas nthuha, tnk u. yo s let'g brin inc'nbs ch k ucddto. d dievyou er think swe'dee a new shhampprire y imarwith do tnald arumpnd be srniersande erwinns? i >>t's beunablievle, d, an k you now,oklo, 'v weene beng goi ro thughye 12 ofars
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am anericel raectote. so ha perhips t ts ishe ul tetima tcouome. tw lio poltica ts ous idernadomiting th .ings upa cof le ogsthin in th ite exls pol that mp juuted o at me. am reong icpublan pr y imartevors, cabasithlly e pu reanblicer vote s ar t spliheon tue iss, do yo ntu wa an tsou,ider a idpresfrent om ou e tsidthe es istablt hmenneor o th wiit pol ical pe excerien. vi dirided ght w,no %, 48. 47% na doruld tommp dedinat on amosg thoe whte wand o andeutsihe t blestaenishmt es prt iden with57%. on amosg thoe whan wted bosomeitdy wh li pol ticariexpe,ence um trlyp on gotof 6% th voose ,ters bush, chkasi andub rio ne 7arly5%. th s is iifwhy t here am onong nde cae idat nanot trmed onump the tsoue,idru t cmpldou hfindlfimsea in h toug.race t onemhe dtiocrac si i de, thavello te u yo.this o twr majoredla fgs fo llr hiclary n intoin .here am thong those satay i oneyt th'reoo lking r fonda cae idatswho' ho anestnd
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crdemosaats haid tt be srniersandet bea arhilliny cl92ton o% t . 6% amand onger vots who sa heid tnty wa a nd cae idatcawho res tabou peeoplik le me, rn beanie s wderson th foose lks %81o t 18 %. at th-- is t tha is t hearsoand ul ar chr actef,stuf st leer. hi y llartoclins n hato x fi athatixnd ft tha a in y,hurrh bot on t trusonand t tha fe yoels aiur pn co ecnnvetisu tisr e, o s she'g goineto b in bi oug trdoble hewn t .road hu>> cweck, al're l he ecre b iause tt'she fi prrst y imarhein t ti naon. th akat mt es ig a bi .deal thbut tais snte iy man ys was doeot n mrirro ch muf othees rtest trcounery, clytain in p sonut isp perveecti sassucceer he andow h mthatay oray m not sltranasate e the idcand matesa ake th une cotry. do t esn' pick idpres, entsthbut ey ev elcaate atndides. wh ewat nps ham hhireas ne doig tons ht i,said y, heal donumd trdp an iebernde sanrers a two ca atndidhaes t t we twanteshe r tt ofhe un cototry si con aders te polntia mino.nees 'rtheyine gog toet g msometuoment m ouof be srniersande is go toing se raion a t m of ooneyfut o .this m it teanshatan s ders
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t goooe t toeh wit toclinn. s, yere we'ng goigo to tdownoahe rutd, bt i ve giims h an op unporttoity d fin caout ne hne conct th wiic afrmean-anrica rsvoteth as e di e?vers e we'rg goininto fd is th i out n ay.hurr th y e wacathe arlend rk wo cs, ielan t ylou is th. th i byink ch mar 2nd, 'l we al beble to tell yo etu whher srsande a has tilegi smate hot hiat ts minoonnati, wh r etheanhe cne garr 40 % to%50th of e or . not eif han csh't, e's go toing th be e nenomie. h ifn,e ca, boye we'r lo aung hl. as d ford onalp,trum le set's ate whpe hapns .here ini thutk soh ro ca, linareyou'ng goi into f sallyee some olconsioidatn -c sod alle blestaenishmt o whhais tt? s we >> s you mete f upor e th nexty,stor k.chuc nbc news of course pr tiojeconng dald wi hnnerinere new shhampire. bu yt asou noted,os mt cc suulessfry sto l ine heof tht nig b maye th epis rcaublittn bale imall-anportmet montum th omat cites w.h it c' nblls ha jieonacks s isintandgy biv le at crted uz's quheadrsarte in
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ta tke iaw ay. >> or rep hter:ey, erlest. f soarve we'ee snt wha we ththougwo we uld e, se andha tt is a fo r ur ofiayve-w ba nttleorow fon secd e.plac johnka ,sich jeb,bush d tecruz,co mar rubio. ri noght cw nolear nn wibuer, t it is ea clnir tocoght bulde a ef dinin mgenom ftor eonf o them. n inamew hrepshi, ch eered byup srtposer and chased by robots, it m'scoarub r wiohit th moe tsto lose, looking less cerinta to ul pawl faymrohe t taesisblenhmpat ck w>>ree'oi g tngdoo wa lyleel wl. we're going to leave here with more delegates than we came .in r>>orepr:teis h aicampadgn hn bee pi hoewng nps ham hire d woulowwinn the d,fiel s butgetronr anthxp eteecshd gsowin tfromovhe gnoer rs ulcoked tepm he tinhe ra lcegeonthr an ctexpeed. jo khnicash tliel mnge 'sheea r tdy todera sn ow btsoo for -fflip ilops sn outh licarona and beyond. y doavou he e thmoney? oudo ye hav the niorgaonzatire the? w >> ge're toingo be ju inst fe. 'l wevel ha m the oney thand gae ortinizaon ju ikst l ae wes lway
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so memetis we put it thtogeiter wh baling wi are dndtucap te but we always seem to get if on de. >> reporter: and if je shb bupr sur ises awith t top hree shfinien, thco he uld be the comeback kid rr ca myingtuomendm an re cesourtos iner lat at stes. >> t' thaats whs thiis about. it's not being di pesresl ctfuto so e meonoito putnt o at th h youaave te betr record. >> reporter: bush ho upingidndeced vo wtersshill pow u hifor kem lif jef wh r eeledid. >> a alt uelimat iy we wnth itmy fstir in iaitgul t acretion, but that's the way it happened. r >>teeporndr: ais chr stchriulie p ilingn ng siigle dits y,toda shpuginac bkin agast th eae idew nps hamhire is e makreor borak f hi m. >> we'll know it when we ee st wwet an dto rolleay we , llt bui don't inthank hiytng is do or die tonight. >>ep rteor ar:nder und lethe amast oountf es pr,sure ted cruz, mo odre meerat new shhampnoire ent se as a ranatul fiort f the so ccialrvonsee.ativ >> ink thi aee wgok a a lot of peeopl were pr icedngtiha ttrt ump an bid rugho mi t be t righheat ty ver top. 'l wee l sewhatpe hapns y.toda
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adalres y han a wi r undebehis n lt i , iowafobut er tht res of se thedi cansdate nc buuphed bdehin na doruld tmp,ng bei ru unnerpig tonht wo beuld o itswnin kd of orvicty. land,r,estees unls er thmoe's fre o a pa seonration t ight eebetwesn the ta eshmblisent ca atndidthes, e ey'r njustucot mh ce ine ntivetto g out rebefoth souol carina, ma tking nhatext pr y imarmorewd croed th nyan aone ctexpeed. >> healli jan.ckso ngcomio int tot,nigh ll hiclary n intowas fa acinghin upll ba ittlew n ne shhampire. i twant to goo's nbc is krweten .lker sshe' sintandg by at toclinadn hetequarrs. tekrisown, nt thathe aicampasgn hit admted de ifeathen tta ste in clwoton ghn eit ar yeo,s agt' whaxts ne hefor r aicampgn? >> or rep wter: tell,he mp ca haigneeas bn br g acinthfor osis l s forte quiom se meti, t soheam cnpaig gemanarea relsingha tt mo me awlcknongedgi fe deleat, ,ster but so alpi maputng o the testraovgy ming fo d,rwares str sing tthatirhe foust fr st aatesntccouor f 4% of eg del.ates stand inressg the po imcertanth of ose ma strch , atesethos
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th reat a rglaer, that e aror me rsdivee. 'sthatre sec tary toclinstn's threng. ey th t arengalkiut abo imthe anportcef o caafriern-am aicannd la vtinos oterandhe ty an cenounnid tothght at ri afamcan-aneric th mowhers veo haos lt ei thnsr so to gun enviolr ce oin in cttera wionsith po wlicebeill mp cainaignthg wi. her ithiss ata stet tha li ded vere cbothonlint me cockba s,leerst, but no nit toght. erlest. k >>enristan, thyok u. aw aym frohe t teboisrousal rlies and hi ees spches binrimmg th wifi cone,denc i sc diedoveruc a mreh mo fl reveectial dond um trenp whsa we wnt do anfor er int view to day. on oe whno ackgewleds th ume tr'vp weene be ei senng ohe tpa camign tr isail e notlyxact e thone'l youeel s if he ak mes it to the wh hoite use. bu bet i bygan in askg m hieif hie belved the po wlls, hhichimad h ad leheing yre bou dble gi dits. >> i no,'t donie belve an ngythi. me i ran iyeallan wt s to tee,'sherey onl on lle pot thaou cnts d an pthatisoll ng bei ke tadan toy. 'l wee l se what enhapps. th i weink do're ing we ll. i wmeane havere gat po ripulaty. i rogo a aund,nd ev oderyb ly isg ikin wwhat.e do
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gh nitht wi00 5,0 op pen le ianit, d it wa ris du ng azablizrd. so ll we' seet wha pp haens. i imeangot's toing p bey rettonso. ou>> ynd soulm aost ne s rvout abou-- i >>'m nttee.ativ juyou onst dno't kw. i havese thede wonrful s poll athatreho swing nd wol erfuernumbuts, b ouas y ,know stle er, oeit dsn't meant tha much auglthoht is i rt cey ainlan in doayg ok. i >>uf yo ander bnie sa s ndereldo wl rehe, wh oeat ds thatay s ou abe t thicameran e th omoode f th trcouny? w >> iell,vet's ry sioppoltte ah houg e we'r mverythuch e me satr on ade. th ffe diceerenhe is n' ca at doinnythg ou ab.t it whbut t'at iows shing on h bots sidehais tt pe aoplere fed uph wit thepl peoeha ttre a rngoveg,orinh wit re icpubl wans,ith de atmocrhes, tpl peoe athatre rngoveing. th e ey'v adone te lerrib. job th ooey l hk at aimsn a ts ou, ideresi gu s, heanotrdr wo. d an ltheyatook e m as anouertsidnd, ay the lo aokmet aseb somody th hat'sread gat cc suaness atd th can tturnouhe c ntry ou arnd. >> h yousaave id aot l hoof sg ckingsthin o n rothe erad hnde, a i'm t nog gointoo g ugthroemh th. all
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us. bu stt laht nigu , yo ausedtt preuly vgar te rm, rtiepeang so inmethmeg soinone e thd crowsahad id. an m d i'erwond tingo lfmyseul, wod you say athatess prt idenof th ite uned st?ates n >>o. w >>thith eaat s l on the dipoum? >> h mucerdiffent. mu ifch dntfere. s >>e o argoyou toing dbe areiffeuynt g as pr enesidant th o thene s weutee oe? her w>> i tent tohet bes sc .hool d i haou-- yw, kno i wa gos a tuod s.dent vei ha annc u wleho onwas te ofhe top, p toesprof asorst m. i.t. i tmean'shere aoo gd ge oone p rlight e.ther ha i o ve tdoha wt i ve ha to do. la igst n hht iad ou ths sandof pe.ople o >> s nit'snot a act? as>> lght nihat i d ou ths sandeoof pple. we a hadat greme ti. itas wmyn't d. wor asit wor a wd a woman pt keou sh.ting lyi onea rep ttedhe wo rd, and thela pce s wa.wild distanng ovn.atio >> tdohat t esn' mean asit wgo in taod ste. o,>> n i butel tl you wh at. wh ouen ypr're enesidt y oreou'r aboutbe to es prt,iden w you ould diact enffertly. i testarofd wif 1th7 op pele. no 'rw wewne doa to lesmalmbr nuer.
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lo a pt ofe,eopl and wayou o nt t- do -i an mes it'a not tiquesf on ongacti. wa i o nt tbe di enffert. u' yoeire bitng hm fro 15 fe dif srent.ides nti wabe to erdiffent. wh ouen ypr're enesidt, u yoinact if a dntfere y, ware theo's n es qu ation tbouthat. an wod i dould tt.ha s>>heo t mane w s ee ndbehi p themodiu gh riw t noon the mp ca waignreho ptty smuchwhays eratev me co ms to--ind n >> do ion't say wh erateves com to mi nd. in s thi icases t wa it n' was t my.word ut>> bng alo the way, yo su'vea aid oflot gsthint tha have >> et som iimesth do at r focteffebe to at thin's fe. n inamew hrepshi de ngcidiht rig, nowi ke li, himi,but boy, -he's- ngsayilo, i imve h be e caus nhe'sot li pollticarry coect. it n' wast a heby t. way sobut reme ain sayg, i ve lo himec bause he's t noit pollyical co t.rrec erlestop, pe alereo s d tireeoof p tplehat co t.rrec he>> t pre'sicolital co tnrrec bess,ut pl olain ded ru. i >>'t donnk thi so. doi t n'reagite as w ru de. at ovion. it n' wast my .word w itheas two man. idi sa the sintandg
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go i st aintandg ov n.atio plthe e acs waviha ang go imod te. 'r wevie ha gng aood ti me. we e havavto he a li bttlef it ooda go me ti in .life >>al donumd trp, our erconvonsatili earer y.toda again, hthe e oj prd ecteerwinn of th pue reanblice racn i hanew irmpshe. > >>r otheorstsie ahd.ea customer service ca s,llo deythri d ve you nuts? a cvele prair of br heotrsl wilig fht ur yols bil for you. >> >ls aohe tr sta icamerthan a wleteho isayse f shhado t zoverwoika keuld ep
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ym > >>e we'rbackh wit ch mue morheof t im prbaary ttlee her in w neshhampinire a mo , mentfibut sorst me he otorr stweies t wan elto tu l yot.abou ait'sle cidver ea ha d tchewoby t br rsothe h whoave cr d eateauc sfucess l nebusioiss dng so inmethgt mosf o us te haag, hgglinr ove r ouls bilro fm cable p tohoneo t rainsunce. th saeir s ving bcane pr imveessit , buas iaolivar stens pl ex, ainsrthei te quchnirees a me sog thinthaton anye th wiit a lpatle cetien trcan y. n >>ancy andik me mo mentgoavry heae drms t ofliraveheng t rl wod. wh heat tn'y dovet ha is thext era casho t lu sprge. >> ur oil bshl ldouot n tbet hachmu. r>>orepr:tehe ty ar stwited heth tir ce holl pilne bl. at thne alo $ was0 18a month. >>e' wreay pg inremo th wanthe ghouwet ou she ld bpaying. >> reporter: thethn ey sc diedover b theill
5:47 pm
ninhvasleilho wor wk th phe esoneg niaotngti bi tlls,inrackeg th la dtestealsn ihe tir mebasearnt w room. >> ha we inve kd of engottdo it twno a science where we can get it done in probably lessn thaan ho ur. >> or rep bter:nden a julian kurland sedtart r theinebusin ss i egcolle. i >>d useegto nteotia myfor le colge marooms.te r >>teeporlir: c ents tgive bheerroths rm peonissicl to toaim hebe tm,di hanngr ove ci soecal syurit nu s,mber rtbis,hday en ev n pinrsumbe. i >> wastl mosy reinte isteden th pr chice .ange >> or rep tter:hey ch 1argeof00% t wha sthey cavemeustors fo e r tht firs.year eythay she tsay ve ie clannts ra avefge o $3 00. >> ve we'pe heloud abt 30 1,op0 peo le sfar. >> or rep tter: heir mbnu oer pneceief o ad -vice- j >>beust cenind, a 'ltheykel tae carof yo u. r >>teeporthr: oer tr .icks icallen th rnmoing. as rk fous crtome rv se nice,ot stand byart ay sing yo ntu wa toan ccel yo seur e.rvic e thro bsther re thedaten m the onlt mr go pyes' chonenyompa withwi sngtchi to the pl an.
5:48 pm
nd fi m howthuch e hebrotutrs cir the ll cene phol bilfrom 80 $1on a moth t $60. n >>o y.wa >> reporter: paying money to save money can beel wl wthor it. >> nk tha. you ep>> rr:ortevi olia st s,earn nbcwsne, vinashlle. >> > ari psscele re onacti. 'r wecke baa in ntmome awithe dirni warng fr opom t ilintelegenc
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in he t.s u.ananpl peon'e cat rdaffowa to orit fas idet tha d soun ogoodpen pautr, bl wilve neker main it e threal world.
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for medicine and paying rent n'caitt wa. a lesing w momesho dteperaly s needisa ran'e caitt wa. a enstudtht wiou a mn ntaideof anbt cai't wt. we m canreake roal pesgrris tgh w nor fooppe aleamnd fsilie o wh ineedt. m i'llhiy arincln tod an iapovprthe > >> utop.s. te inenlligffce olsicia wa ornednit capilol hl da toaty ths isiis rmdete tinedtto aack in tsidehe. u.s this ar ye. am thong ose te yistifng, dtoirecr of io natnal in igtell jenceames cl r.appe olhe td cesongrsha tt grhomeown extremists nt co tinueseo po the gg bithest treato.s u. lahomeecnd sy.urit >> > a newur t tnhtonig hein t iasncreing nc co oernsziver ka wi heth tmp olyinics o rimosix nths .away e onmeof a'srica esbiggtta srs has se reiorvatbons aut g,goinle at asast of ri noght w. al goerkeepe hopol s o
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so tccer teamells po "silrts ralust" ted, qu iote,haf i d to ke ma c thee hoicy,toda uli wo gdn'to. e shwent on toay so n at ethlcoe inmpetg in o rildshou beac fed th wis thi mmdilea. u.the lys. o mpic itcommhatee ids sa it wi ell b upo th eac at e hlettoec dide et whthher eeey fl mfcotaore blingog. >> a > a se oofngrae flooded denveray tod as ro bncoss fan ce atlebrheed tigir b wi nn ier supl bow50. hu dsndre t ofanhousds ca utme o w toatch the ch mampsthake waeir y ugthroheh t ststree of e th miigle-h htyci. t bu tify herewe lo inokfog a r nthi about the future for ar quacterbytk peon inmanng,y' theavll he to p kee inwaitg. mo f re or0 oure bgakin ew
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