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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  February 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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livetu picres out ofnun reur ober^ tina con'solapit. im>> key: thld couin be a for ghroum com autehes tnetura rofon lol hndeeke ecedens dn o^ ye scren. >>: danaeat lthast reey a inwarmp.g u d ghhidas toery th te in0'he 3 heif toty g slar ao.enot lit of on wiell bitlloel mgtinstaod t >> : kim'sletec chtk oue th. mogrninmu comheor tirst otimehn tis tayuesd. rethe is t >> m: tore we'rt stalo rrtee nots a aneccidme voinglvinra vez astitataly. oneic vehlele bhrw t aoughd re tligh s andktructh anoeric vehle nda theve drifr otoeche sond velehicd die t inenccidt. isthdesenteronctindlose. vemoer ovo tro tnapicar o nssu whelseereve trales tim aren doig nefive, eirythngn runuping to eespnd o t 2he15 a nd15 inhaterc.nge
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now. >> kelly: ewre ak looing fatintast weaay tod,t mosly sunnyes skis it whae we expct thhoroug tuthe dayda toy. 6t3 a0 9:0.m a2., 7 byoo nnd an a77t0. 4:0 datoy'sig hhn goiog t be -d15eegresbo a nveinormng ad ingoog t getar wmerom tw.orro k >>drim: icamatyallfe difrent than the d.c.or ft.ecas >> h> weave aak breing news ntevet thal wile hav you lta.king an ma is deadlo fol awing tishoonng i ourmu com.nity waulit neal hher wren oe ofhe t sttsullet wen and whond fou .it >> a danai: crivg lte a then scee fo this ede murspaha tatpe hap t abouteighrs houo. ag >>re we'd tolt thalas lo his 20 w'scsi outtde aoinathe to apenartmnts i t50he 40lo bckf o enkar aueven. he a'sinrgu wgithp peole in a
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the pnarkig area. satome p tointhat aenrgumt mbecoes u.gly he tsurn and ass he' rnunni yawats shoe wer.ired oonen le bulhombit hrendim artam hed. dieent isthoslape hap jned fter t.nigh mie thrse fifit of ocerse n thescennn unfoe d thimvict heas wn iavgrcoe itndanion adiede t thithospal. thnoey k ockedorn dod s anedtalk pwithe eoplliwho inved the apenartmomt c.plex wlearhehy t w mannc oue tsidt righ e atst lea b onet ulle wthatpue fiatred w himinent nto arel apenartmert whche a abild 12out ecl yeolars s d wadeinsi. er>> vngy das eroutishoongs. onhie vewacle t s hi oandfne oarr ethnd rours o a ful bt wenu a thhrougwindo ando int an arapttmenre whe ald chike picd ti up and putt ion thel tabe. veryge danrous ins thi d pupodlatepl comex.
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erhrye tingo t help out. ep>> rr:orteg ganec detstive are wongrkis thias ceec beaus from vearry elyn o adiccorng to metro it wleas cars thi might have nggas. tie tbuthey say onfte as wew kno 'sitfi diftcul to getpl peoe to ltaeck bausey the fear theg gan tiac.vity an>> dhaa: tounk y l we'l ahaveernothe livrtrepod omfrig craou in xtr ner. houo >> : kimenhapptoing buday ndy, thute so nhernaevadch ran ier,s upsedpos b tone iroourtupom n.rego hehe's ttrao te facrg chaaquh t werore bin aga hu a armedfr contiontaonn i2014ha tt aypledut oe her s inerouth ne.vada itd orcecioffitals ouo r undue hi^tt canle ia doou sn therdanevapor
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s hi tsonswehat arre p e ar uak treovena.aledern ilandegn orrou nta mod h antueven hallyde an otthe fherweolloerrs we rear astedaledersa hac trgesouor mg.ninth ponenerso was kdille ahand tt asw thater aialn poo f ytagearjos sounci a lelittle whi. ago ilwe w al be oll tver lodevegpinry sto wrrun b hescddulerppea oourt datoy. d >> rana:inunne rebnls iio actn nito oghthen tad roin takng o airc fore. lliveook atth em thoas anda mcky a ce, nterhothe asme bre fofruna thiley w il belon co toghnit. favorites over air force and ghtonir t fofithe oe timg tknowonhat r thedecory theta ay sn nl u gvsetro adun to hiring, he wants theob j. hheas a lto ofp suportau becse
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stinartgiv fero fm tath0 199 onnatihaal cnsmpiohipea tm,ad h a lgonar creen i swass atais ioachrce ba ny maand hony t sught otacynddma ldshouve ha btleva rinteeaim hoad chen the unsiiverty gote.icie im>> kst: jut get singetart this tuesday morning. a guy breaks into a leeav sseominthbeg ndhih tat could make him very easy to tccah. hawidt de h ftorge? 'lweera ha sad ahe >> a: dann beed a balecoupal ysdafl in a.oridg hein ta areonand mae daaged re.scue aryou oie g tngeo sathex nt. >> : kimmslaming k.anye end. th iere nsoue qnstio here. thwiout usingis h name, torayl iswnft i her ataccepnce sh.peec yoeversne i tinalkgut abo it isth minorng. uyo areng goi h toraylo
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d >>: anagechan isngcomi tor ouea y wer athecaforeasst uno dou ye taka_
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y kell twillusell t whaiha k >> wim:meelcoac bk. liveic pstures in comt g ouof shwaoningt.c, d. erthise w the hhite wousela olothif wtute sel mn oarl thate nalionbith weaerer sevic insayhag ttote win rathegton adryvisotffec ugthroidh mday t.oday ithiss gseec effuchauc m hnortsas ng e alandha t naci isnowteorxp edecteol tn to sl aeetrend fgezinin ra. 'sitni rai i o natioh pica ttol.hisa is samete sysedlam orfre the nff traccic atsiden invirgndia ana tor idoesn orfl aidaisnd msisis wppi inbrsgs u ethst firandespo aers voelunt iudloriaua c on mecaraes rgcuin aan womro fm ridebecs b oause hf andereuer daedmag herom he. an>> dhea: tady h aum nber of thnem ior flida. shse ion uncussciois th video.
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theyay s atea l0st 1 homes rodestasyed na tor sdoes ugthroe h thl rura otowne ntceury. noio sernjus is uriertrepoed. k >>toim: th souol carwhina ere twlio poffce orsicel wilt no gechar td ineahe dshdly ngooti aof g druevivaus st.pec. oo shnguap hinpenasg l mbnovei rehedhes t fgeoota to goh wit t.i they w teregryin toes arrthe t guruor dedelatrg cha suthe t specbecan n see stresiaring breste eforinpullg gandun aot sho oingfne o ceoffihrs w rdurne fest ki hlled ethpe sus hct barrr aedest three other timesru d and gunrg chaes. >> an d ta:o our dumb criminal lefi. thisom hweorne cameom heo td fin annt idruerst w iasidnsis h e.hous pethe prsonleula d n gu he went into the backed bomroho anlla11 2 ethdentruokr toa he comes out and finds that the intruders cell phoneas w
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>> : kim.ut >> dana: oicffseray sh t peneho isul fl offi seles. osh huld telprackn dow\ly imcr winala rem ainslat rge. it wan k >>thim: iat well bonta foe otag gthey uiver face. t >> com: lan'tivewi tthouur olos ph.ones ve leaea m unper h anrchok. des myesic pols, a, b, c aslwaymie b chngargi. d >> cana:eshangad ahe inhe t weerath fasorect. >>y:kell bigh csange cg.omin ithisscobroi gtng o. de banyrettosild werathere we'cl toingeo bima alde reocd rtoisiteeneim
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lots o sunshine in the aor mg.ninl otonsaff tr tgrea so rat thock toran meeopl yerhe ttadvan tofhatee fre fe. day get odeutsind aet gre fsh. air mpteureratise we as y gouet yread tod hea out ther, doo many tiloca ionshen tgr lmi to s isthni morn ng iale val suenrisemowownt4t 5 p cutlrreny. nwiigds lnht iy.alleitios weec expgtinht ligds win thhorougheut t.odayelen bustt guiny wloiec expted toomorreer aft,noonn elecialy tinin sprgou mnsntaihe were w dcoul seest gups uo t5 6esmil hperi durrnftes li anl d^ve ohtrniga. evherytiing ta s tyinguro o no.rth weav he myainl sunny skies aour.oday apee, h few tigh chinsloud all 'were etixpecng. datoy'sene no frmalodor t3.ay 6lahe os. 1edegroma nor noe t thrdrecoug thohah, tt is
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ovgherni0-t 5eedegrnd sedven-oray ftecasosrarmem rrtomoow. 8texpec f t mpteueratre. thece ror tom 81 is s co buldti getng urthy sdarmstote sysomm ces in. cloudy s,kiesha c oncewe sho brdi cons,tiondrgar.h higme 7 sode 10- dgreerop in mpteurerat besutl stil 7re-deges eabovma nornl o tdahursy. t >> wom: heavene o tleribte deacci inthen t fut sodaval v hat trmalnt icterse oionus rllse rodand a durecat weher ai vehcle blhrew t toughighe lht. wee hav a livew vie of the tusionati. isth is whereth sound bou on cadetur. tomotrisnt weou thrndgh a thec hivethcle asat wuc stratk ths lotica, one thivdr oerthf at veclhipae edsswa ay. sohe tnt irsetiec ions colemplytelo stindeaof us rllseoa ra ues
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thsoi gtng eo ber he thhoroughut teor mgnin rhusou hr an lderatll we'e hav aw viem fro veabom fro sky 3. tnoad b in theow bl. noel d oaysnpurehe fseway >> a: daner govtnmenit aud alreveimho tdusanl cf oiieamilaz_ li ivingwn loom inclasou h tnoencom at all. t>> i's hniappelng alos acrs the llva beyut the hngousiho autrity n'istin urg igtsp deeke poc nate tntsock pap u andve lea. wean w ttedono kwh wy. public hngousico sffte netd in carlifonia feweo ppleea lveev en
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do ozensficiaam fs ilie tearn nemod y ant don' omove mtheyheake infty s comeand stquill yalifsonis dtecound ntres. n >>nothiivg g uess bi ality yobajve onr e havu yo g >> faleder lawy onlui req ares mfaily toov preye th are low cointme a they thee mov lwe'lok lo t atelos theow lt renph loo aoleennd sd osthace p wkinghore aienak to vaade.ntagse oplo v las.egas dbran t new mhisinorneg wcar ununfort nate iewshen tsedworlf o c.musi knyou hiow ts song, maybeou y 'tdonw kno h seretag name is nivaty. sh be'seenfe sufgrinm frolt hea is ssuesn_g drudoover netn io .1994 ceprinco disdvereering who wdpo suppueo tarappeden.tasur p da rain. va pnityngassiy awa tel e agfi
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spngeaki of peeoplay pson tre ibutreto toumendrts aist, th were aasganaf o i hs e atsmm gras.ward evstronded pteribu n ladegenobe ro f esufrin wo .fire rewe't jusngettitoedtart. erthere wey manhe ots_bu tri pemarfors.nce ladyag gaay pginhari tbute to ddavi beowi anday ping tteribu tob bin kgnd aac jnkso bowrns a th peyay tribute to glenn frey. taorylwi sftad h a lto ginog o.n rfpemorginnd aatominored f
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loa tt ofeahat crlyoneremy rest oamede.nlinu riduheng tiselevveed e orscesbu alfm o ther yea and whenhe sta ss ketohe t mic a lot o pfpleo se saye hswadd assregin kaenyes w.t chkect iu ot. > > winta to say a toll the gyounomen out t thereheree ar ggoin b toeoe ppleng alo the way owhil wl try ton uutdercur yo susccesr oke tare cditor fou yr mpaccomelishntsr oou yram fe, butf i yout jusus foc onh te orwndk aou y't donle tho tse pe sopleideac trkou y,e som day ywhenouet g w yhereoure a going,ou y'lloo lkro aundnd a uyoil w klnowha ttt ias w you ndae thciadeo pnslaho we lov yoput eru thd e an wthatbeill c grthe steateli feen ng ithe world. th yankorou fte this montme >> : kimt a loeoof ps shing thasat wnio obvodus nth to enwhan k tyek oothe mic out of
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ethta sn i00 2.9 swftion w trehe arawds iluncngdi top vlocalb aumnd aor f her cmusius veoidad bteod blo senleiea tring upin durgat th ceacanpt sceecpeh. brngeakiwn doe thi hts andu ssmires fheom td renape cart. da>> tona: theor flo t ofheando \l na.sdaqna nejag kinoiis j unings. yifanou w rt toanent tmapar,ent b yourette h not aave t tpee herdulan vs >> de he tacnl oinepa antrtme etmarkeplacs say less than 10% lofegas vpaas antrtme asre idcons teredeo bt peen fri.dly mesoie citse havn been goig all ouort fs petinfferetg p inbathtag sstion n s.vegaosce an>> dura: tutns ot tha,2015 ofone s thestafers yea for aierrlinns iryount. >>me comlrcia aneirlirssh craed
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flsightas ltea yr. the air tporans srt aysr fou lfata cherassol invm\ turorbopndps ast,le kil0d 13 pe oppe an>> dida: d e youthver ofink ththe aie movsai rnmant tha goes uquanhes taf sestli airne. >> i i it might be. d >> pana:eeopla\rre aegavin p nmondey ay thegayinwn do rtheidi cret c,ardsht rig? ha>> t wt's that aheyreli telng pe ioplen sysurve butre cdit rdcaei rec spts oaywitherse. edcritar cdha csrgeem r nthe same. ethat da shows that rurestaants tarehen oesh tatre as nebenfitig. ewdereondehed wdic ais
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we'reat eing out m.ore >> a danan: thklo im>> ker: thse ideacle whoia ragene otionut there who has no aidef o j wudgeerhopp in is. eythw knoge jud judy. lstiltr sinugglg. iwantt uouil ye seh tero fntan m tforhean bhd tatki unaas w g deer pinform ine tathrerront eveipe hapning indi pars. theyra gnted a new interview and wee hav app snietded hea your way. d >> dana:ownhe ss. goe engw tenoo tp a sgurincam veli moidea.gurin t grs.ammy llwe'll teou yh watap hd.pene i>>aw sh tatleos lan kpas_es w loan kye from his new amlbu we
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klieye kanes lov d >> ana:sit' j ustthe pope ivdr aingndroua in fiat in comexi_lit cy. tainlk agoubthe t warga astin
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>> soo c tolo bebl a te soeehe t pepon ohe t move. >> if they zoom in where we tca gch aselimp, himilwe wl keta b youbram cogevera. im>> ko: dw knoos,o herevo woemke liosatomine? we have a lot onkigusthe tar?e. lin ne iws 3s tngeami up toel drive thsomeingpe scial tohi ts ecspn.erso anin nomate a pnersoy b ggoino tou rac fokeboe pagr o neonli. su eperasy a indhen t tend wirnnei wll getpe01 a 2o6 f e fu.sionc >> a: dan n tomoiow js ns ua po mog.rnin e we'vadalready he sombl pro a n onr ou loal r oarlyis thin dtuesay. t >>aom: ri ter ableeccidinnt ftheoar s v that does invovelat a ftyali t athe teintirsec oonf rllusse and tudecar. atthnt icterse iionsse clod. eltrav tsimeta sngrti tolo sw
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we'reun r iningnble he tene erove 'vwet e got lighfitraf tc onhe a95n nd o15the w as.ell slet'ck che w inw del k el>> kanly: rotheut bealifuy da un wderoot soua nev today. hesre i wk loo a ats rfa t asheem ttupera treshisrs rnmo dysanrneyall 43. egrenal v5ley 3nd ae nicig lht dswin o outf the s.outh ndwi ssldhouy staht lignd a ertempesatur t inros p us 70'ag su 6.m.2. by 172:00 andre we'oo lking at ourh hig to topt out a8. 7 >> a: danis a dinturbgr stoy. a lleitty bo hasis h tlsonsi reedmov i andt ledo t his d.eath^an noeyw thin tryer furig h t ouwhy. weha'll orve mne os thiry stoo mico k>>: im'we bveeneho sinw tghe po ope tnhe me.ov
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w heeav leivma isge. heerth eop pe i osa to m p mecoxi mico ungde iitddnio trkiac hngis every move, we have swa t eememo wnth itcha d il ain eewhhalcir. you are going ttee iaemom c e an>> dda: a heleneas o t ofst* bsoicearche thxot n sla ntightin durg thera gs.mmy 'weoire gong tll te youha wt
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pe when g you get oneerig int netomfrry centundlink asm t priv thand boey're ivth del ered aon-f superbeast fitworr ne kdi ly trecturo yo home, ait'sng.mazi s it ig,amazin dobut hi you tis dnk herelivy liwas a flattle tt one?hat on -just- .yeah , um, i paulkthin's ittl a litt moe biikre le, t' "iazins amg!" oh , wow., oh thamom, talwas goo k than [ s sigh] el fe likea ywoohollsid inder... i'okay, ork ll wt.on i .. h .wittvprism pl ig ius gnenterdt spee
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k >>coim: ovntr.ersy this lis aloca s.tory araemoc o coimmuntyin sayg aar pcutiarl d d digestna.ed >> an d wa:hae aveiv l leokot a pacelahe wrero gwn ups co g daneavul i funhen t v llvaey. ndke wall billoue bgncinun arod erthe. im>> kv: loe tglriane. jimmy fnallong bri"ing the totnighw" sho t loosng a.eles
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we s'llehar ita ad ahe y d d >> gana:moood g.rniniv pothe s pe iheon te mov ximeitco con liicve ps tureofout c theolapit >> : kimavwe hvee a wery set memoront fhem te othayr dd an ayoung goi peeopl lope ponc frais. ihat os t cit wleittiva deir g ael wheircha. da>> stna: doppe the cdrow in ethrair tcks. aftrfic. t >>onom: cce antidely on but it's a bade. on inhoutt par d^ahe tle vales vea e hicl tblewghhrouig a l hiand ott anveher e.hiclbst ths is i vlive fideothrom e.scen ntpotey iallthfor mme coweute t mighimsee emprovbeent ecaus ttowksruc o arecen shne tat amehens tes invttiga pivem eovntnd aarhey unaov mlo. inheto tan cleup. th iereoss plesib a inedvolv iestoh tneis o ethnv itiestiga ion^deoon cintinu
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the ground whit aiv let shond ana webe'll r oveimanyty e sk telaisr thni mors ng a.welli gsthin b notn ad ofrthe yseewa .here lelitt o bitowf sloning e th 215 weustbondnd a t ourlravees tim rageneicuplly sp to deero ad uneth eyvallwe as ck che w in lkely. el>> kanly: rotheta fanstic day today. mostlyun skiny sescr aosshe t aare w andarmpe temrratues. 72 byn. noo t78 a 3:00 is our etexpecdh hig dans it'de 15-sgreev aboe alnorm. ingoog t gme war toworr gbing chain comg. i'avll he theet dailsco ming up. k >> sim:ome rieligousup gros in dnevaa rare aet upsr oveenin tim hiof tntke wee dnd'sraemoca y ca.ucusra d >> iana:hat's inppeng on saayturd t andishat ba saborth f jourhewisen fri elmichoile jsns urae liv72 a exn.plainte >rt oxhodo jewsd an70 day ntadve cistraeleb oten sdaatury.
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,rest a d tuestnd aroesda d pemrfore d mun taneanask had tt clin dudesinrivog sngetti d ethc caundus aetti paratcip ingin eth syurdalos s i thsome ting sheyldhoutistoi d ithis hssue 01in 2dehe wn thead neva pureanblicsed schdule aur satday uscauca, lseg vas osfferhe t sc fhoolhoor thse wote wanod t ca aucusrfteun s down. ypartrseade ahipesgre to ex ttendouhe hrs. soke worutd o fboverydy. ake spossper fon torhe modeatcricpa rtyld tous its ii t nostlogilyicalsi feafoble 2 emthho to sld aateparuce caa d an hthatelas rusigiode lea disaedointc i>>'t caner undd stanthwhy or n'ca tt dosahat me coacatmmodion. thegis s omente f thuncommity woliuld oke tti partecipa.
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yevereul shoae havtea vos e threfutuve is or impt.tan >>n whe ub repnslicaune ext rtheirsrs houonn i2201 n40rly rsvoteok topotadvan orfttarim te for rdsatuay's csaucu s ietn s.tone so dy s ma thave00 vis mpio out. an>> d ha: i fad andrie e llcomibs oderve ttthabbal dansot tha enr f lun san dowid fray ton dow on srdatuay. ceonhe tun se camow den hld cou noort wkn o fyridaig nht. k >>tim: ahesehire t angs lot eoof p dpleon't think t nocow ben me ae issuurin os*a wn ov^a on t the oopicef th tielecble millsnniaajgaseil wayl pl iva p rotalesec dngiditr is in w theehit h t>> ihatae th oocuso yur e,voicr youur fute townl. hall en we g'regoin s toamtrefo
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k >> wim:ave hnee ow nowh ois abtoout be inct aion. nherkeame lndal s andheas h a imprsse aenignmkingorni. an>> doua: bgncinu arolwnd aays logokin a for f w t g eshap i andacdenk thibre av h tgreaa ide fem thla t inmorng. e>> wac e havrd heaf o a trampoline park. thesela pescre a gwirongn i puporilana aoscrths yoaru tae ngkiy lveioo lt a ckro jinpumas l vaseg. th jistuspe odnehi tsas ptes frayid. han'ven enad h t ls depe ogninl rinbbout cint coneremy. sos new 3w vieersak wgin up whit us this mornwi inll ggtiet tngeh rsfi ltkoon i ttoshi ian cel tl yu ot isi aot l of n.fu th secepas iil fedl whitra tmp lisne wrehe ppleoe can ceom out dan heavom seun fe * thavey hae a bit pneto p,it baetskllbai r yms cou
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cif i eanouncgerahe t families bathirydaom cginge uorp ch sloot evt,enou yig m bht hearingi abtouhi t i'llel t yl.. why sthi j is,ohn he ter owner mtellas' you bveneeus focing one thoo schg.lin m >>ify we and ier weea terchs. wew knoow h hd arspa reis nemo fyoo schol sree'll a ouabt ginivg meyon bk actohe t hoscs.ol wee'r dngoi a0/ 5 s50liptid d w thech slsoo. aifch slooan wts c td hol fde l furanderiser h we,wie glleiv emth0- 5ntceons ve e drylolar th iatai rsed. >> yel avh semeoch suled aladrey? >> weo. d t>>nha yk sou much. th lisatocnio jtuspe odneh tis stpa. i'mu s areot lil w bede head
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mirissouy the k arengicki off roac tssnthe eireou c.ntry ithsis i23ts rdoc lnatio tinadonwie. eythd hat juse fiv lastea yr. >> : kim nthe text wimee check inou, yr ae doing that your tienre rse aryou foe a llohe caderle es i yknowanou c i getnet do. wi tantn ict aion. noi khew s. can thess preures iy. bab >> a danav: grity islaernoth* ncbouen ear pk. enwh ib\.ur o drghte the ntpareres ay ng doiheam se ictr akss theid ks. im>> ko: lohk wuso jtal wked in. esh isak breingwn doh te fonashi zdocu d and fon'tthrom yramm t arpe nlasthtig
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atthre a ae wre a s wndoit wlih me anda afterernic qu eotimut. d >>: ana pliverictufes o the pope. h oe isn the move tayod. hes in i theac brokgdun gtietgn yread to get on anpl airane in comexiy. cit tikhin's hepp wra uing tr tipo.exic he b'llehameliea hbaded ock t rome shortly but not beforithe h heotpar s rt tofryount im>> kat: th t\lliope boarding that plane. we'll continue to monitor his
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hech tou bdownury o s d >> tana:ophe pe is in his pepo apl tnehisor m.ning goot sed tires ydateryft aer a mass. th herese iet g otingloo dla po coseagnds o. wheo as sd tireashe wak speing topl peotee afer ths mas itanali r notzeali hing w in ximeco. meso sbody yaidanou cak spe in yo nureativgu tonfe oni spash, oppe ulestnderandha t e qhelyuicktc swi li ita toesp sh.anisp >> : kim'sletck che w trigh om>> tne: oesenteroncti to usoyalleemse rusosd roa t deurcatt. tha inecterstioncl osedow dlln a
5:41 am
deaccinnt i tsoejli earo r hou weec chiked it ltlehi wlego a an sdaw ttows ruckhon te s.cene we hope this will be cleared out tbyhe mofeat en lhe ta or mgnin rush r.hou onmi flango roadnd a w i15e are ind goo s.hape erevngythi is rngunni in the gr reenight now. l ca15 iselays co fry.eewa tjusat thnds.reri terel iur sin rstaceet ntcideen low n 'sletheck inth wi.elly >>y:kellpe temrratuise th is mogrnin t in.0's ntcealenni w 57 withindst ouof ethor nth atil 7 mes anou hr. wi sndsdhouly staig lht thhorougheut t tday. kid hea oo slchoo look heat tse traempes,ture 58 inheadheg tndre a on theay w 7homend8 a ditefinely ggoin to e bereathay tod and motow.rro
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5:43 am
an k >>weim: e havn beeck traing popenc fraisou thrgh hisip tr of mecxio. >> dana: 130,000 peolepav he been kleilasd r auesltf oru dsg anes yrdte waykne howwe theernd ae has wjeel derivngi msaso th tend ienigsou ppleoef o atthou c.ntry
5:44 am
ki assedld chin i a wchheelair t whatasin snggi. i wtas ay ver stweeen momt >> : kim wee tak t you strentauraumolsbuid oohi that reenop dedrsoobeay dft a aered vit olenetmachtae ateack lving doszennj iedur at the restaurant. ethea hngliro pesctus arstngtie aor fr.e pleopns iide thatel di. la nargerumbe p ofeeopl opstpingy b as o itdpeneelts iro d doors. la tstdahurs my aaan w ilked tthautaesanurdnta sedrtep gswin a mheac iteurnjginou fr peeopln ih tat pssroce. s wasanhot le kil officers ahe when ge lun a mechet in oned han a and eknif inhe tth oer. >> a: dan b aioy dn hoay de er afty nghavi t hislsonsiaedemovo heaer undge surry.
5:45 am
edon n andheow trey ain trygo t fi ogureutf iat th kdille him. k >> wim:re aeea hgrinm froh te ntfro man ofh tad ban wthatas rfpengormiin durheg ttratar p ckattas. i>> h'tavenad h any nmaight.res si've fleptbine heut wn i'm aawske in whe i see tgshinha tt areht nigs.mare and iug thohtki talngtbou d woul imaker.asie tihhougtel exp ilingtm fro siin odef meld woue mak mes les keli thist bu's it. not y>>ourea heartbr fksorm. hi ihe tshead leg siner ofat th .band tand hheyentr ada s c con ghtoni gong t beno ather the oh mpli t y.oec raphe tor hror of whatap hnepe 8d,9 peeopler we
5:46 am
wthatneas oesa sef or el s oies atstackscrosde pn a ha t lt 013pl peoe dead. >> a: dany ther ae prmerfoing with u2 inar pis. thais wsys da a tfterhat aacttk. u2 broughthe tm on stage to arstet thli heangoc pr >> : kim ithathoug t one abelko taut aboin comraj ofo paer othn tha ort hea thwia t andr i ent bd. uyo t cancus he' g ting ggstrufole r some time. t >> aom:eat l hste'scil et lsa s hiinfeele gs bnknowlicht. iar d d >> lana: tet's aalk tbout heweatpow. no. soinmethicg n os thi tysda inmornutg bdana h weeshangli d.ahea >> ly kel h: weave warmer ertempesatur t onhey. wa haa c fnceoralrtesai re.ho s ygustle.inds datostanta thsis i aim teap lsek loom fro eryestwhday wereert staed out thwish sunine. mpteureratties serll vyle ptasan
5:47 am
windsic kkedp u ait ltlepso it b. datohey tds winde de are texpecav lbeeight mtetupera aresous yraut ov\she t odoin spryalle. 49 eegrnle val. 53 wecabo lgokintl mosynn suy skies. aor stysm stem is on themo. ways ggoin b cnges wsedne t teafonrnoo intrs thuday. h ierehas wormee wnt eect h fors dato paumhr dboulit cyst* 7. 7lo toovertxpec to h0it 8 y.toda t80heec exp htedighovroomorw tbueryostl. yloudes,kies igslhaht c forle valyai ral unmontaino sndw atoyreezot itcond ionshon tayursd a and l >> : tomcepoli s are otillhen tlluv sc oeneat that fyalitcc atiden tbutowru tckse ar onhe t snece sael wlhi whc mneas i it'sn the ricleangge stas. we'll have a live un ep r f
5:48 am
dtherive u ipnto thel bow you ese atl lite bit of yloelw on ethds roa. sjutt get iingnto theni morng ruoush ha poo slidav^hi tiwi sloowng d tta liitle brm, nooral fs thi otimeof mg.rninlan noer oth p bigemrobl ts at ntmome. im>> k w: wemeelco hin melpaser hri roul de es rt ideniofashanist kibreaowng dithe hds an a. mi fssesnt lasgunig nht. yoreu aa alw a hit. iho t tughthis was at litleo r r >> st laht nig a range of dgoo b ota le estof o era uad bna y rnd aollo.n osadahe t evarilo b ethom catment eorsbvery wodyas inblowneg o dreiffe oncesf ioopinn. witnas aer intngesti n.ight >> : kim' lettas sitrt whe on of nterit h atthou wdle beyas. >> cve loomhi tsoo lk.
5:49 am
bu it lveo i im>> ki: nn stuyingl aubel.tifu >>ut beaifulfe perct,olors thiblemen befuautip purleun st.ning k >>anim: aid hrnd aak m tibeau wfulhat. >> diplo y p ao o ? hitcon > >diplas wo ea wringi hs red ctarpe okloa hd a fouabul jsetack on. he ldookehe t part and a big erwinnt las\lig nsht ael wl. k>> him:eks roc ourng loues rehe in t aown unhe t ge. tim this was aou tgh one busecae 'sshe nllormayme anesi h >> e sh o all tverecorf^ arbod. rehecia hir wasff o. very oddt. cu theit suas w at litle too big foerr h s andhes hah suca ma sll
5:50 am
flrattesoing s this ihe t atmiscy.egor a>>re andou, y n areot digggin it. t >> ihiss anxp eolosin ofo s y nymang thiins go e thicfabry vero hi s sthe ahoesvell oher tce pla. t'>> iseittltramaic of a londok ake li to seeet somhing moredu subedro fm. her >>'r weet juset gtingrt staed. th yankoou frei bnge her. 'weoire dnghi tsga ain inou r xne remo t ofcogust mhe sustoen mom frlaom eht niglld saiin bor f >>tmm gra wys eer vor me. im>> ke agrch but we willpaet gmmysor me icjusemo eos m ler. d >> ana:rewe a d notoneh wit ethysrammot, noc a by
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5:52 am
rfpencormae andea hrr fomom
5:53 am
so smeheay sa ws ato. it l. off >> a: dant nor het. bes psomeeeopl sey sh w ga afe twehe cmins o thel fel t onheo t ngstriics whah mtde ind sou out foe. tun cabe ousetf i i'mat treingo t semyolf t ann id ant ou br.urge oals mfa stermerfo lliveniast inght us a midic veo ronrbollesladedd an ehe slo ges .down ckkno dingown other derancss a .well wthat aas body deoubl enhappured ding aiv le pemarfornce.
5:54 am
this isun fny. i>> kimm: j amyll this week oabrtidcasrong fsm lo aesngel. uyon cant cou one tht muse se ntmomeers hee th fwolloing inmornki af a ter kquiceo timew innt isep8ode m
5:55 am
tedae yu bu tinathe boftle b thersurge, mjacka ade ra"decla oftionde s"liciou... oo he tank a str had foeand-llefed ttuce d anslfresh-omiced ts.atoe he formed a perfect union betw10een b0% ceef,eshee, d anh.mout.. .wit..buh ery ttkebasry bunfor all amand a ateric ue ittrp. ryue sto. e mawe'r ekingurvery bger er,bett li nke theoublew dcke ja.
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5:57 am
>> p: ski l a mocalan shotnd a edkillrs hou ago. iswhy et mro sgayin it could have beense wor? uwaitlnti you hearhe tlsetai e edheadr youinway l p l atepor cwith.raig >> a: danea a ds crah. wit aas qmpoa hur oa loc waroadys. wade has athno aatalenccid t shor atimego. wego're toing k talouabatt th enoms.t im>> kaw: flsles fashionn ol ful ladisp ay tthemm grays last nightn islong aesel. rou residente enas fishionivta le in st tudiotani mor theo tkbrea wdoithe h and mesiss. an>> dooa: gd mngorni. ksthan for jnoinigvives. u e a
5:58 am
ethe' popves e move throughoutn ximeco. wenecou ttingpa eseme moront fysrammt lasue night. whween lk taut abo,ope retheeslais pndne as a couintinisng h thrp thoougp xime a,y vere sweomt mentes yayterd with aou ysild chigumke bro\x out inon sgnd ait wh eonverye si,lent himiv ginge hr ais ksn o hechr hweavese thot mus see mtsomen tai hase poptoti con hnuessi urjoanney cd ofeours o allhef tlenc fonashits hiiesissm fro mygram i.a. d >> iana:ast w ag londa ory f thee. pop teafriv gings mashe ta sdrte spineakog teo pplein iantali. bosomewhdy rispeed toi hndm a sayoid reu a inic mexo and he cswit ohed tvero sispanh which atis n tivee.ongu im>> kod: gob pro tlemavo he, uyo speak soan my lagangues, hit'sard to keepck tra which eon you f aretluen in.
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