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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  February 16, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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that'sex n > >>ecprot shingerouthvan neda ketahus a ffge eort. to tdayhe hlaomeend stycuri ancnoune'ed wgell tor me myone fito ghtro ter.rism yharrd reid sai9 $2.iomill nis ncomiurg oy wa tote proct nsagaitsi pos tblererro taatcks. lagas ve os isne29 of re afas o uthe.s. toec reiveon mroey fm ethgr proamal cledrb uanre aa setycuri iianit.tive > >>ouin sarth cnaolih witr fou tdayso go untilhe t rliepubcan arprimyre the i,t'sni turng into a-t twodierete const. t >>rumpse verrus citz whhe t otheran ctedidaigs fghtino t aystli ave. stevean hlsden mashahe t latest omfras w >> lee ovoshutar ca.olin let'so g. ep>> rr:ortea donruld tinmp nsgreeevill t aodayt a rally in aua,gustr tdumpea c ulledp a orsuppter. >>lddonamp truu, yo t arehe
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ep>> rr:ortes he'di leangy b18 sinthouar cinolaol >> le st'o get g temh. r>>orepr:teo tur svevias pt sardtu'say primary, jeb bush eneruds tmpn seeas ae. jok w>> i bille a codemman-cr-in,hiefot nn a itagrato inh cf,ie. r>>orepr:ten ita steai w stho manyct aeiv dyut adn retedir mirylitaed, tz crumi pro ased erbigg fiightngc fore. >> h witat gre terac capity to take on ourer advesaris. tle me bele cwear, il wotl n go ckpi fingtsighro aundhe t globe. r >>teeporarr: mubco rioha cedrg cruz vedotin agastit milary paexn.nsio >> y verk wea onio natnal cuse.rity >> j we lusttoike e bre tated ifar. ep>> rr:ortela hilliry cnnto tecourfrd a-aicancmerieaan lsder in norew yk. my>> pa cam iigns about binreakg yever berarri. ep>> rr:orteni berane s adersre kblacr clegyso in uthol carina. >> n wheta we lkut abo
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yisangha tt thefr a-aicancamerin mmcoyunit s isriuffe engven .more ep>> rr:ortede sanrars tils toclinn by 21a in newl. pol but s thehoutol carina polls veryel widy. peexrtsn ware thev nadaol pling fohr teat syurdaem dtocraic caesucusre a even less releliab. cbaok t you. >> t'> lees gout y chtaug up on tothe pri sto-es - anti emoonal atday he tnt couyrt coue housas marurdepe sussct'ot mheree mts cefa f to waceithe th vm'ictis mifaly. jimmy robso sonn'sr cout peapcearan wasui qck. lipoayce s heho stnd ail kedl -y16r-ead olyvtineonay trlo llmis. outside of theou crort,om biro'snsonhe motrd saish ege t mpcodelleto xp eressro sorow t theic vstim'il famynd aal tk wi tthheir g'sl grandmother, a cosanver ttion qhatlyuick tdurne futearl. ch oprist lherisee er und starreus accfed ovi dringnk dru ndaa cgusin ash craha ttle kild maanro aund:0 10.m a. at
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tedeivct ses layee rain a red htlig h inisil cad alac hndit a tatoyoor claol. the 61-arye v-oldmicti wasen tak to the hospital wrehe he died. shie nam hasot n been rseleaed yet. > >>anrw oveinhelmmog aunt of odatahen tte sysm. 'sthatt wha mretool pice now say edcaushe t 911nd a1 31te sysms gtoowo darn erliehi tson mth. thepe denartm stitays will make chsange sero ther a meore lsayer of pctroteion astgain tinhis inthe theur futhee, ty are nngoda ad anit addalional cl ntceernd apg uradehe tar hedwar tforyshe stemo tll aowal clso t ge tt tohelt atiernavete cenr remo qlyuick. alheso try ade ad bpacku lines at then mai cniommuiocatns ntcener ie cas fthe sirstet of slinels fai. > >> fpopeiranciss t geting a y kehto tite csy ahe p wras you apwrps u hisiv faye-d visit in me.xico he rveceied ae ky toh teit cy as heti con tnueshep trito the
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sathoundshe gatatred they' cits thcaledra toet g ali g mpseof etho pf.ntif this city is aot h bored f the drug te.rad heps wra up hisit vis trromoow erwhee h willre addssra mignts ngtryi r toheace th u.s. > >>idpres oentabamal tkbo aut llfi ting vhataryap cncy oe th supoume crtol finlowheg t sudden d oeathrgf seio a.vila >> to hisllricahy, tasis h not beenwe viesd a ast queion. erth ne'sonw uenrittaw lha tt sahays ttt ian cn olye bon de on off y.ears that's nnot i the citonstonutial .text i'ms amuedn whe i hearp peole whoim cla to betr sict inreterp otershef t ticonsontuti. ddsuyenldi reantng iot ia whole se oriesf ptirova tons ahatre
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are -- psirovions aret no ethre. >> he> tod by of jceustigi sero ilavia wiell l in re eposat the su.s.emuproe curt o fnyrida dahea h ofisne fural on rdsatuay. y,toda s aimla polckp draase w acpledr ovehi so coourtrm afcher,he ten bndch ahe too dr legadinnt iohe tou comrtroh tat ittrad dion bates tackohe t 19 cthryentu. he died on sdaaturty a the age 9of 7. thegs fla on the courtla pza llwily f at half staff for 30 ysda. > >>trbu hosasd. die he sedervs a 6th galener in the 1s.990 uthe.s. bedlock hisne retowal ptheost in4, 199in makg him the lyon.n u. sreecrytaen-geral to eserv agl sineri ter.ble hewasep redlacy bikofnn aan.
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eraftng beiit admfted or a enbrokvi pels. if youik le toon dateud b yandaou hvera tdvelehe where t azikir vuss ipr sngeadiou, y shouldo hld o offn ggivin blood for. now thdae fom recsmendti waioung fr sweek toat donloe bodf i the rspeton iym smspto orra tdvele where the virus is rpaamt.n there have been no reports of kazi enteringhe t us..lo bod sulypput b silimarra tssnsmiions ehavn bee tinhe past. thooe gdin les a wpplyith aenyon wi sth alexua ptnarer who hsa avtr teledoho tse affected asare. co ming up, two actpt leehs earng beii prasedr fo trhei aclicompenshmnts o o andffhe t elfid. btheig wheay trey a beingon hor adtnd a how itou cldel hp them on the road to cgollee. > >>d anndro raseouy reveals how bad tinh ggsot toer h floolnwig atthho sinck,g kounockost ls last year.
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in 1r9230e -- srtpo.s hein ttl bat te ofurhe b,gersja adck m"de a tieclara on oflicide..ous" . t hea stook foand -lr hand eafeducelett an h-d fresed tslicoeomats. fhed ormepea t rfeciounn twbe10een b0% ceef,eshee, d anh.mout.. ..h .witttbubaery bunkerys lfor al and icamerita ate up. stotruery. we ki're maveryng ege burber tter, keliew the ne doubl.jack
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> >>pothe r pstathof 98e 10s owknsn a vitanyas hd. die sh
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the atrtisnc prie. aos hpital in californias i nfco sirmthiedhe das lt ghni t. her real name deniseth matews. ma stthewsbang aout aup gro ca lledit vany six and alsoad h raseve algctin jobs. th ndousafs oil famyin livg in-i lowmencose hou areot n w-lomeincos it'ep rd.orte >> youan c rhatc kyelseho t'smas orrepont tight at 1.1:00 i >>at's pe hapning asscro the eyvallt bu the hinousgho autyrit otis n ugrgin itsp deeke poct teatcendan toac pk up and avlee. wwedante k towno w.hy bpucli hngousi soet cov iedn utsohern ndaeva, f leweeav when eyth. can ethti waingt, lis00 1,0pl peoe kimahong tseai wimt teson lger, zedonsf oam fesiliho war enoo t
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thakey me heftyom inc aesnd lstilli quaorfy fco disedunt >> h not gingsive ushe tby al it y sayou areve or --bi aylito t sauy yo are over iencom andyou have to go. >> in p myegs rt,epor we'llk loo heat t push tose clo the oploholed annd sese thoac pking takingdv ageanta. >> ri> mas e ieher t to uells 'swhatin compg u at 7:00. q >>uitehe t vary case suhakep. twopl peoeov recgeriner aft a ivdr se-byinhooteg narhe t s lasvegatr sip. whoat tur itsre aay singbo aut eth -- tourists areay sgin autbo the vyars. len >> d> an t afhieve leasin behd a aitrfl ovi ecedenft aer a mehorowneks wal inn on ame ard bbro.ery llwe'l tel w youhathe t suspect forgot that's hnelpig veinatstig tors hrackowim dn. lal of that arend bgakins new as itpe hapns at0 7:0. ha>> tnk y.ou lwe'l bech wating. so thme aeslet areet gting
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aclicompntshmens o o andheff t field. everyea yr, saiinclr brasoadcting pdroviwoes t $2500 laschopsrshi too twst outngandi hlat.etes >> si rai cngsanese prentede th laschopsrshi toi julak pacn ad chmiaelpe s.ncer a25 $ g00ntra wsa aedwardo t cenintenial hchgh s aoolnes o of rasevelpu cam tseshat chose to hohest trs thudaygh nitig lhts mega t onehe wekf oir theom he rtuf. t'>> is are gaton hndor a a huge blngessi k tonowh teat w have heolp t soruppt iusn ggoin to egcolle andsu pure anca edution andrt spos. ve>> eryefathe tnd ef ohe t seonas- - tathe e ondf the arye t,wo alethestr ae lese.cted >> o onehef ty manay wse wik le
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and kevin has been giving ba fck torhe ltase fway ds. >> e' h lseik mvpf oiv gingac bk veorhe tas lte sven .days yourut fureev sen dooay lks pretty good. youba probly w on't abe big band of the w windee'rec expg.tin ttha willrt staor tomrow teafonrno but itul shodie dow dn klquicy. oucseld uno snw on ohe t moiuntan. 'sitru febary. red, rocker anotheo gorgayus d butp u like yrdayesteit wh esprtsiden' day notr nealys a chmuct ayivithe tn orthar pft o eth vy,alle sacpectularl bueky s dotiminaheng t v lasegas va.lley t1 on eheast side. ourth weaerti staonre the at mbla andas vegle valy,ne o of e th120ig thts. have tolechnogyr. ove orestf theht signs i the s.60
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tsouofide v they,allehe t unmotains it a7 3. atthol's cutd bo nteb fyruar ldco and 6 in browde city. magkinr youn plaos fr your big day troomoritw, l wil gete brezy ibutllt wi bem. war llwe'rt sta in the0s 5 asou y adhe t outheo dor. iin thke' wllea pkro a 8und0 fbeoreul pglina bckt a 5:00 once thune srt sta tso get adrounh te mountains. he are tre chesloudin acedvan heof tys s.tem sofrt o a a owone-t shot. th beoulk tfhe smyste isng goi hto teth nor buts it' gotg lon lstai a ands itli s odesn rothugh,e wco uldce conlyivab aget fewf oes thige hhlo cuds buthe tea he dlinlwile b the s.wind wthatillck kno thepe temreratu .down if its getlo bew0 7,t thae strak of 70sil wlit behe tus dt. we h'll taveoee s. 63 i inn r renotigh now.
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h tighraempestureor tom,row low a70s tlonghech beanes i hesoutrnif cala.orni niphoeoix gng to. 91 tsale lakktalou abta w frmor brfey.uar wthey billpe uro aund0. 6 hesoutrnev nada,nd iianpr sings 39. 'sitr stating to warm shaomewt revelatily sinpeakg in llninco tycoun after all oft tha snow tandhenh higpe temurrates toowmorr. ethe lakde 82 esgre. pap hrumn75 apd ur theen i uimesq 7te,eg7 d.rees tforashe las vegle valy, erovt,nighd 50 esegreer und a eaclkr sy sky. eswedn nday botad. th heighmp teurerate sdhoul hit the big 8-0. thery stol wil bese thoin wds. negellray0 1,0. 2 th sat'siustaned bomut s te ofhe usgots culdee exc md 30 pileser .hour huon ty,rsdae som tofhe gusts ulcodxc e40eed es mil per hour ando ltok a thepe temreratu ggoinn dowo t 70. atthon's gena blo cse. we'lld neet thamp teureratef o ab70out o t-- w,ell at l 7east0 so wane c keep that sk.trea woncee get to fyrida,ds win go down. teatmper hures bead uackp. whout abo theee wd?ken
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keweenlnd u yessakou mte i. one ghhis inhe tid ms-70it whow ls around 5gr0 de.ees last wndeekeas w an oiafficl e-threday wndeeke. wbutitht thaec forast, ink thi e therwill beff unoalici rethye-dake weends. c >>ehoos m to iaket aoo gd e.on ifrday,on mday. ymabe aou fayr-d wndeeke. ay>> mtbe iou cnty.
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wwhenmee coht rigk. bac > >>1 15-1inrunnbeg rerels a in codolorain spracgs f tinghe air forceco falns. latastck che, theel rebsd lea 0.4- ythely ear t inirhe fstal hf. lvunse cloasd he t 7.5 to 8-tpoin fitavore. theaey btir a f borcey a piwhop6ng 3in poutts bat th was oat h amendy the had ben car and mmzin.erma lihighsghtt a1: 100. > >> abacktom hhee tre'sox bing going on at sam's town. the main et,venxi alesve bear owhve mod herem fro v las iegass tfigh eingricz rui ofar oxnd, carnlifoia. 'sita mayea w pthertiromoon ghfit. ethor fmerou pnd forou pnd king. he was a wrelteei w bghtut has a he wavyteigh pnresence o slocia media. it's ualsuly him we're used to arhegin himro fm thatas h
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right now it's boxer heea bt to is in hot wr.ate ymann bgoxiny onl8is divion dworlmp chaion. atthim's hlo apoingizng oia socl metodia bepo azilogiorng f sagyineo p pleine- samiosectn ex-sel rnsatio,hips hed saiat th iman aalsreet b tterhanpl peoe inam s-seexat relhiionsps cabe tuseheyec rzeognih te erdiff.ence ymann r isngunni for se enatin eth ppphilis.ine hin tidis veo he said he's rysoar for those who--ry sor tforhose whour hte bel bsieve attham sxe-sear mgerias iro wng beecaust' thahas w ttheib ble said. >> na> fi rlly, rondaeyous alreveoed ten ell sheug thoht ouabtli kilngse herlflo folgwin her kcknotouos lso tol hly lmho.
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asi wi lhke watm a if i'm io nt this and ias w laliterly sinittg therein thking about killing semylf. i'mot ng.hin lidooke upn ad iaw s tisravn ad ike loopd u i and was l iike need to have hisie babs. ie noed ty stali ave. s >>anhe wts to stay alive and br ningiew l ifen this w.orld ellen cndomme hinger tnalkig tabou aic topt' thaots n disescusd -- i >> it'stampor tnteto gt ou erthet tha thesek darho tsught nca hitep n. nd>> a s youortf ohi tnkni itial lynn whenhe s lost,h, o w,ell eshin ws so many t,imes but that weaas rllyry evegthint tha she ghthouhet s was. >> s andtill tshinghe s is. d>> iton'w knoha te't wllve er eeshe t sroame nda ryouse again in the cage. y >>eah. s >>ilhe wel b wlirestitng wh
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>> mi> copng u atnn chael 3, teafr:0 7u0 yoil wlin f-d - > >>ouif y have sneomeo salpeci ouin yifr le y whohiou tnk rvdesees and bra-new, car nanomihte tem for ourar csor f roheesmo pro.tion ctheyould win 2 a016or fd fun.sio >> re we'mi tea ungp with llninco toe giv away aar c to a deinservomg s.eone hetoad the cstonteti secfon o fouroacebaok pge or or our bswe aiteelnd tsl uu abotou yr hero. > >>asteslho, t asereho tar cs dan y nowourid ksa many wt one. y >> vour yeryoung crehildn. ketaac a ltk a this. oradi felywir blle cinomgut o itwhhi tspo srtyum nberin ay m. hetne ote-searers aad meor f chenildr benetwe 3nd a 8 years old and put bearbi cars to e.sham >> ou i wld say. htheyaveki worngdl heatsigh and rdacco tingote sla,pa ssciou inorteri,ot g aru tnnk ie th
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hitus s iffn te.her not quite as fasts ahe t real letessrs. thope tpe s6 ed, smile anr. hou tcue,e ys. nsexpeive,. yes tabou0 $50 pere modl. a>> iyslwaan wt padar bbiear c ibutfes tlaou wldav head his th numberut o, ihi tnk i w houldave chnose that. m >>om and dad,as plee. hi>> tss i wayle cooorr f me. >> t thaps wra it upr fo ust a 6:30.
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m >>ittreadnd a th are seonch cestinu a for magunpen o fning nireear the pstri and iinjurwong t ppleoe. wel'lel twl thaou yoc lsal are >> im> crcee slune ces. haopeas inv tionhiefv leaes hibeand i trafl ode evincehe wn heri teso tmake aet gwa ay. al sso,intayng iai jl. aed flera ejudg os rdereclivn ndbuy to rinemaeh rind bars. whroy ptosecurers ali calng him age danor the tom ctmuniy. we t canello yuat thun gfire erdupte t at lheegas vtas srip legavin two pe eopl tinhe ol>> p aicerees invtitigang. thyoank r u foinjoinsg u m i'emarite morra. 'm>> id reean cow. th apis hdpenely ears thi rnmo wingoest hef ti strpn alog optra.ican 'sthatt jusebetwene th bur. ndsaonra gzzale m hasore and thisot shoing a hast lo of
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itpl peoen i twoar csthye wert a ca trs whey aerett. i andha wertevir the beefa ws it rntunted iuno g hfireere on tropicana. toisur ntsreaew nor yk,e nyow rk andal excribui tak ingnes sit an ldrneaginb aout d ariveri dve by sinhootg. r >>teeporeor: p apleotre n infeelog sfe sa. e'>> weeve baln wkingu arond and could think youca n getho st doing nothing when this is such aou tstrir aea. >> or rep pter:eolic sayop pele in twos car goto int anum argent ndarouhp 2 cen why theur tned stwen oro tanpicaro fasm las veg boarulevd. th wat's pheneeopl inne oa cr opened firen o ahenotar cr tthiginwo teo pepl ie.nsid theyv droehe telmss ve ttohe ithospoal t getck cheedu ot. eyth are. calorels ase uptut abos thi calorol oundfio ve.lenc t>> ior ctsrupur ole whoit cy.


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