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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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inartn i3. 200 h weavear ced f torhemor f the 1pastar3 yes. wourholeom ctymuni ofes dert esshores lovhemose thes rd bis. re erportis:denase w ruinstntme ial bninrnggihe t sw nsao tethco deresho sesr mmcoituny. s whe aaserng eddans sdeadedn enwhhe saw sta seomer we ki d.llesth ecey d tideduto p a rdrewaellafi to hend t fue eki aadad mthe pove oaid>> pl peo crdorwaen whqu ether honeynangiing on frft o, younohend td.y di adwe hoo a gfod inbtr ma -asin aformndnt a p areedleash wit th entut o.come re erport o:onehef tns teeo-- us accfed o knilliheg t birds pled guilty. ts ou tideouhe comrtrohe tgr oup naevad picolitalti acon for imansal rallied to tipetihon tude jfoge r a harsh ni puntshme. idinshee tn tee atdmitthed e ct a tohe tge jud. >>lf wilyullnl ullawfuily kled e thn swa orer wat fl,ou rr coect?>> it wano t agipoloze. po re:rterpoan a dlogytidn' gof itar wh. her sya pogcholicalva eioluatn ofth en tee was cetompleo t rmdete hineis lihikelood to of re.fend he
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atisolased ce. he ten te s iaidtte smmed froman ue issh wit air gl.>> re the iso n eexcus fort hat. en wh s itstarth wit a girl it n ca endit w thheir gl. h >>le rud t thewieen ell b onba pro ution hntile is 21an ayd p a finend ao d 500 shour c ofniommutyer sevic andh e ctannoe gtis hve drir's ce linsent uilft aerom cipletng ob prn.atio allen pesalti that many in the dteser cniommutywe skre aingor f>> t tha wfineraill ta whsomed roun00$2,0tod tthe ieenls asge lonal d loweeto bhi witen thllco itmmunre inportivg l be,toack you in e thtu sdio.\n ha>> tounk y. > >> h wen th anotoryab aoutticcepng 2-a 2-oyeartan ma aduse oje d indriva nk drun wheithe hves and llkied two teenagers last year dpleauied g tlty.oday 1thear6-ye a ye18-ldar-oe weredkilln i the as
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llsse. w heras dgivinr nealy 120mi alesnou htr ae the timnd a will sedtencxt neonthan d faces0 4 yearsn icuso pri>> lp0, 5:0 f thealedere cas nsagaimbt meof tw po milygaomst ctimuniofast velas isgas wi gro>> or acc tdingdeo fert cou medocuthnts oue grnps ite alhildtae, undh aor colci aty,narizo isolvee mor an th $12il m.lion he tth brof er ol pr lf secl-prod aimehebrot enwarrfs jef i whosnriso fo ap rgin gts a thece r nteheof tes ein filyg sashe fdaile2 re rtpohe t incidents ofeser und seage usx ab fbthe idi rau t thewo mm coieunitres arg stinzea do op peorle ftud fra. bi a icg vytor a forepply l legatfighca ver rafedel ug dre. cas l>> af ot olepeopde wonstil wl is thec affeit thplr apsee ca elas wh dea fe jayge seys th dono vet hapr to e ovidfbthe i th
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tesha t it isen th lt_ro blyokn dr oppe aleonre wngderith if wi ll ao ly tsathe n be adrno rdat oser i a isnetomple rn tuun aroomd frle app's rrcut enghfiwit tth fhe tbio ha icktonhe taf ptohone of o e thro ters.ristt\ plapz ch lealednghe t law back to 1789 to win the brooklyn case tonight. you're watching a confrontation between members of the ku klux klan anda pr esotrsteur tngniio vntlen ir anaheim, california. 13 people are under arrtes nitotgh and three people are recovering from stab wounds after this fight broke out yesterday. tnwisees ssla kmensusn hae o the poit of an american flag as weapon to fight protesters. siofx he teo peplrr ateesd w eer protesters. all daysha cesrgf oss aulat awithsyeadlpo wea>> nd> an thea i hveo t lenist o tita ltle guyke liub rioy saoh i hes a con. man she i an co. manit iso sns inultig. he hadnoho cice.i
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sogthinau bece isge g ttinmecrea td in3 peol pls.>> t' thapus reanblicrspr enesid ctialdaandionte d um tradin revpg u serporta hwith toursoo g u\ef b torehe gg bi c eleo ay s ith acis rac othaturf cosse ier sup datuesy.>> nd> a l it lt e idcoul y dasaq t for.rump w a nerubrc-ol polie ho s\\l gh tingtenies hp griheon t nanomin.tio ^a h >>ryillanint cling a is op ar ne aingk loc_'sartyno edow c bansrengs u theay din b --sring t usheay d in li po.tics ou>> yld coul cal its thi y. wa o inneor c ye havlddona p.trum t inthhe oeror c anerfll o the st re t ofhean ctedidas.esos um trpop's umll n abersore s c r fae abovrihis t thatheli hene tpo sups rter dhaverawnin ela he td sanbois as ut awideas g the crandnanyoengendi c paniugthroe h thorcndra oldpa esrty istablt.hmena > t>> cedzru is cmpagnaigint a
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'sthat o the super tuesday at stgue fiheres w canan std mu. winaen uz crs vowte takstexa rrtomondow an theh t>> aat thin pott ill wi be mecore andbutlan cyarleh tis wo tan-m. >> t ahe tst houone rod tohe ocowb ayseriv ddei bdweetne umtrpn adru cz.>> hemo is ref o aco tunstialtionistyp te. i heos ne whin am w ayhine ioor yker.>> ntil wifl unisy th trcouno sey. >> e h bisngei* clealad era !cist ro a>> mivesr.atte la>> cgiminld cou h not tthet. hree sefutod ndcomnehe ts k.kk ar mubco r tdded thatohe tunel mptruac att t e>> h iriaz_ne utalec nble efhe rectari czeticibluhe k kklux.lan ru>> t mptgo spoup frtmro neexwor yrke frank. vic >>ili wlpo suponrt daldtr ump.
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d>>raemocla hilonlintcoap edjumpoyanon in ub repnslica. w >> what cet't l har pe scaingoatndg atb inlaimang - - themi blang d anhe tin fr-geinpongtioi gng on n ohe tep rliubncaid se. >>er bien sdeanrsas w inve t,rmon at sate heo h tpesowi ndn a ted cruzs i finightg w toin inis h home s.tatewo ew, wllhe ton dalds icl gosin o innz cru in t.exas aangverae ofol plsw shorus cz ss le thani sxn poitshe aadf o ptrum t athisen momt.wh ten iom coes th tee lon starst iatenol psitic,th anyinggo eees d tp ineahe hfrt oi s.texa anjim ssd jea t >> i bwillmee sog thinto tc wamoh to nrrow.ight s it i teasycaepketo up-e-dat upon sueer t.sday theadno.ur osi webnyte atimene e.c 3lvom.we l wilzlt reareime ssult e.ther pele pe suesr tungvenier covu bon n, snewss tart:00p. m. > >>aolhe palitictl batere ovunno timina nng ausew j deo t cr.s upr. sucoeme heurt atsup in agaor toms idpresobent wiama akll te ame
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na seantor nod miesde lear rr haaseed l wele l asre icpuble enatrimajoty ad lech miton mcc anellnd ach anairmth of nae sete di juyciarom prthe enesidnit sedvor aisoris l nowngeadi e thetffor tono teminaus a j.tice > >>ta lo u ofers wisurpred l to tearnuphe sremeco ceustiuare cla tnceshomall^. s ha aed agl sine tiquesinon t tha comrtro ea10 y t noee a pp. t no aor wd. b herokehe t longil seenc at a inhearodg tay. e the casol invvesed a feralla wlaupve pregntinertueseo ppleco tenvic jis mandemeor me do vsticncioleome frin owng gu a n. d hedsepen on wtheenritt llegaef brios tar cleusnyp atq iouesthens . has>> nd> hu of construction rk wowaers olkedheff t a jobt e thl r^aes totla mlaor pnt.>> py the ees thola shiuld re ca lo t butchhey tooseo po imorrt w fkers aromonriza d ant nex t so cheyahm the s.lesote es saynoy the ara opegtinma upl comeianch wit
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resdente mak h upofalf wo rrkfoce.>> its ier intngesti s toee rewhe ites go. t i w isdos ienlanto ew th enperccaf lohels tvey ha irto he. t >>s hat'gonc iveenti tobr thing erem he. a >>end hoks loouing rt fo fitrafouc trble.>> stt spon ed adeaccivent o on uf blofa to u>>ornfnatulytet ivoineslv a mo rctoleycs allwes acaa r. th lso is ouuthbufnd b. falo s it i bjuste eforgeyou t tove drgas ive.lo u yosecan e e thrcmoto oyclen it sis ade qndteui b a oitf de isbrdn e thadroy.wa isthas whe tar cnv iveolthd n ha frs t ondenam iitbls kioc ongll an oe so hbutndouuf blofat ev yoer sneeequs zewndo .el th wiso. ni ilytialle cald inas er a s iiousynjurdidcct.en e thveinigstioatisn ntcouiinu borefthe gey teto th cle n isthil w mhe be orre fil awhe. ut sondhboufa bufpplo ahiroacng ga veivs dr>> nk thar s folods hea up.>>
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also-cinvaw s cduste heessmake waits ay tort nd>> awi grourng o another massive medicalme ldicangued m -icalss- maiveme ldicaetij mar fuanainarm rk wos. i >>s t wasta hi dicalay at wewiher se.we d ecorhighte atmper iuresen thcidastse t ofalhe vinley themi .d80s wthatlaill orst fil awh ute, b
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uitilntou yee spe ntt momee bes arfuauti l, ssunle h youalave ielergs. then your eyes mayee s iterdiffy.entl on naly floapse is ed tprovreo e liev iboth, tchyte wayery es an congd onesti. thno oaser nllal a sergy cpraysaan at.y th whe en we breatherin all ourgensdi boctes rea by roover png sducieyix kfl inryammatostan subthces at uscasye our . mptoms allmost pergynlills oroy contone l tasubsnce. onasflnte coixrols s. an x d siatis gren er thaone. co lemp alltegyerel rf ie ormpincotele. yourlet s eye.decide
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>> br> ngeakiws net tha wee werju east h aringt.bou asa ntyor motecycl wreck and tnowhere isno arthera csh. om>> t? po re:arterpl couile mhes u whatndi as thiol invves twove eshicl in whatea apptors be ao t-bneid ieres a o carhn t retighsi fde o s thencree aarppes toha aakenlon it opa gessenorr doe sids ro fthm e no osethf vee clhiine he t middle of then ittnier se ioctn. th -isin- rstetiec.on nejo ssthouubo gndseta qteui a bi oft ra ticff tffl 9o so it as hff traacic bupked s uitea ine ra te insarf oecn tudecar. is thy untal whke atoile c clear up. reporting from sky. 3 t>>, omanth yk fou tort.ha> i>> wlmth a na0, 1000so
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prticripoon f medical marijuana the need is to grow more. >> andow n ala pn toul ctetiva dandopevel medical pot ast itre atservioncoweorthfst o das ga tre e ibthen plans to sell heis t wtd aa no c ilony todownaswn lga ves. >>ahhend tbe trir yoi jl esforcar ph witotrva n azo ariasna-br camediril maa juanucprodtionco ympanucma to t ke ienhapp. >>ep the tribe plans tos laui bld o twendispr o resen thblriba nd la wthis bille bigus bsines forib io natn. t >>shat'h rigt. at th t'slahe pth iere pnirt andn inineon mths thety emp ot lll wie bns traedformnt io a nn casibupe dis rnsee.>> re thes ied meicinth in is lote. her >> as theybr eak gdroun forth one cctstru oionf a newme ldicaan csnibupe dis rnseth
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kbaces lhe tooir rhets wn itco tomes a pa cnian >>dis arsestocd usearast teme nedici. ey th a arepi helthng oer op pede th wis thicimedie ne wwillpr eovid n foraevadun bnsa u trinlessorg fh botrene avadaornd f the tbrie. >> he tri tbe cnturrewnly ossu sfccesul smokebeps sho ago t.esorta $theil5 mlion pecrojt alsoin declus aco searnd lger sp di rensedean aro gwth lifacity . >>no ecollmicaty i willut pt rediict.on nn ve resonue .urceal >>cwihey ryll tni canonbus ce t inrhei imifete. > > trey ar* ibon m m theri tsbe'tn parner i jeproct.>> re thel wil a bedun inystrla trgerpaeam g t>>ophey teeraroen sever othto a.izonin
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rothe ptsoduchaceik lobe t oaccon fu co alinst i itts as leaularmfmenany ss po ciblee.hoicst>> afnd i g all aoessnn plaed is thpe disnseis re etxpectoed --to thispe disynsar is ctexpeoed ty >> om> c uing aan womlo uckedop filr k hling ckattand the cctonviionca dme town gohirapc imtestony.>> s thi a is case ofus jeticde .nied re erport i:it ss aytor shesa aid, tndhen sheai s sdome .more sit i aa t tle aoldndde biscriada b al rutauas veg ckattan tdoesaphe tl tel ytever?hing
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>re the iso nde evince w >>e pntrese what wee hav tot urhe jy and geiv nbay jurn a poopunrtyito tec ok lo t atvihe eedencpr and aea lrn wh ju 1 y5rseaat ltuea a dth ese d hert t ined antode atspere pleaor fed freom.>> t thawa sie mar lngooki intoth toat sry.>> a> tblk aout arm wa wayo tst > d an iitis knd of funny the i m*le is ap day, the 2 9th uafebrry.>> is it coci_su u pallyyrett resecu. o wegenly e t oncechanry eve yfourreo th tatenhisre acordo t onees isce n rtaihais tist thor recd ll wind sta a forast let ot an fherl dea dme war2p lea dearel e w9ha have nd ide wett shaered thator recd byf hal aoz den gr b has reenyeallm war andb teen what aayllke weendlo ng.i ast wk sicn teebo ave rm no-al -6 1 aboverm now
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fe auaryndk mar 22 days of eabov nlormaem ttupera iresn eb fyruard an w itill gon dow s ae th thirdar wmests_dad eb fyruar sasce ldateas vegth weaer co reord er wpte kes cayou e n setrthe oendasf lt ea yndr aea yrs darte d theiay wth a nice sunrise. bsomehtrigelims hue\corra ongesan edd rth wingsd arme yte qui hca lyniceth ewe vie n thou n ca ttellunhe sle ang isch ngangiw as re aeae ro ip flercimal crenda ta ch marth aye drs ati get lngronge pandeeople ar o t atakhe la he tgh neiooborhsd ill sti at81 deeegrs.s till not a lotf od. winth gat'soingo tha cngepocerat ler is thrad^asee wd k anrethe velati dihumisty i de c lowg omintin a uit nexrtops ion t wheest id snde ay the a tdo oandhen t ne 2 as eetsid i itaos e an 8venre deg y ifreou ameel dea h oding^a cn oon s thiun nd mo eayngveni h weavete atmperenywhrore fhem tolable d7 mi nor.west t
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ld an so itibeaufulnt dowownhe sondern. ts ouide theou minntas d areownto the. 40sla inughlin comng i est4 8* en e gr de.eesl ho v y asieti cono tigez snemr ee. snsze ing gois. nut p whereo.e g m ryulbush, a and pine and the cnextleoupks wee is asor wst as itst ge forsiolhe plense ason.we d finas ur o t wayeo thar d7 mit0s ad\ch lun.time tbacke o thto80s owmorr andag toain owmorr m pae ertt hn basneetu sck. remember we heh trad col dwe rathe d inbeecemndr a arjanundy a a wea vofabra wlemarea werthote pats th wigh hiss preow allingt arhe wirm a4 ioveron fm e thth sou.west weou cldet g ap coule ofh hig llat ang chaites whth e mstort sysems adrounhe t nd be. iherehes tay w itks loo for ghtonit. 'sthat ourlas ow la in pra soou cofple
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eode 81 s.gree lothe s 8n imithe . d50s k checyoout evur sayen-d caforendst a c payloseat itentfon iu yo a areca nasde n. faque ee hav80low ts todahursy d anclda frio.y to withe pl wil upickerp ov wethe d.eken thand heen tsa is cechan forra s is iicpartsmply intorta thfor plose ngannigo to or to hiwatcheng t.ace.we e havdeain layou tt attoac rnce sibout20 00.ri noght eshe bmit tiasng h stain ngartiit if s doe llat aer aft c theetomplofion ae. rac c diceerenth in rle wod. th pe istiotenoral fd goo s wind aolerndir aa is gechanth in tte pawiern th ach oances ai rn. w >>owe kn a youtare s oyingn p totof iwe betowen n andth en.>> ew> n l0, 6:0aal loc wan ho s bus get a hit eestrndts as doe n200vi surveth o sec.rash oonlywsn ne tyough r mi fa family -- only on our news 3ac h ferilamtay slk about it. >> and a photographerro fm "t
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gr ag ntea adot ldna tmpru's lylc wh patmproedthe tnc it.identh >> >ll stihaasad ahet, ica is lledth mpi hap pest olace*sth earth ree damf oin takg theid ks 20is dylnedan -- theid ks to eydisn landisoi gong t beor me t ou r ofheac s forome lifamies.>
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djugeu jst diecdde in ur centk prylintvism hasl al favyoure oritlschanne, to f lins opove s rts,d an --more inall al cryst h-clear d. tc wa ah whenrend whe wan you tth wice advanaturd fe es olikeelur wirt-ess sebox,top howhole ,me dvr d anonprism go. the d an fchoosea varom yriet atof grekage pac s to ou fit y.r home ll ca ......a etnd ged start with th ise prntm esse bial tve.undl yo etu'll g tv up plus0 to 4 megsen of clinkturyer int net l allyfor on a m $75.onth eathis ddsl sounat, gre ci espef ally iloveyou rt spos. ge m t prisiaessent l tvan o d up ts 40 megnterof inet r fo75only $th a mon . sc
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.[ hesoutccrn a]ent he cy,mentlee,in o gogen and t isprsem esiantl tv u with0 p to 4 of megsrninteet on for 75 aly $th mon. ah hy! c[ whips ]rack [ alnormce voial ] cl... ge art sttedwi rith psssm ealenti tv us plto up me 40 gsof er intspnet eed. ju 75st $on a morth fea a y rwi utth a.opay sp maeed t y novabe aleilab y inarour ea. fonlycerom ylnturink. ca ndll atc swidah to y. > >> a nowt:0 5 a0,lt guieay pl hein tmi cri cnalovase erch teesehatne turdut o to be t noh muc m torehanoo wd ll fiers.>> h theofead thepa comnyth adat met thawoodhe c ieses w noac fuping to aea yr in onpris m andaybe a10 $000,0 n fieft aerit admg tinshetulo if
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o us tanbuy lecastc fadds ml f the q edgratusearmat cehem sldo under a variety of labels inth .se ut hahe c argestgainlleo c w isa mandeme l- wa hmarteas b sppla wedhit aaw luist orve gearvat elupa earmashen c wese tithohe wod n ila a s wasunold lahe tle whofo raod bndnd a d.bran m iteay b t10ap hstpie eplacth earout same f re aappyut abo a new inpriclag pn. >> sintartodg tay youi wll dspene morge to nt itoh te deode t re theci pridserio,aluere rgulad anea pk. ala vue oayne-d pass mdaonyth hrougrs thudayos cts95 $. e thic prees go upy b$10 mostwe ek ends andum smerks wee.if laa coou yt waneno wh thepa arrks sye bue, th lis admsiongo p es u12by $ eydisnn couosts mede becemprr, s bing areak as
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u se.s. rnatorl chaes meschusr i sngendi tedhe fleraav oniatiin admraisttion ame e.ssag psto skihrinli airneea st essiz. btheilll woueqd reuir the cyagen tost eisablhat seed-siz gu inideles. cthenturree satsce for pleeop to siton ne plas like insardi awe kllw noatthec bseauhe tre is ot nno eh ugg leomrond a eythre aot nid wene ghoui th ave ageris dnctabee eetwn ro f oatseiss ra 1 3els,nche rhe incsss len tha iwhatt ed use. d anmelet l tel, youm i' inmissn f theinour .chesno bt douut abo it.a lseavy hoal w r h tlifeveo saam an anericdr aghosts e warhonoae aworkhet tte whius ho ir > >>re edceiv i --. h >>eeldo eec rdeiven he hr,ono thefi irstnur fo desecad. hecu resed an acamerin vi ci fliana $9he tib tal anafghnistar fours yeao. agan
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atamme h lisifeie ?.naal finly -->> in> ferme anrica tr astonautt scoanoel ksly i. de tt gereing meo coe hom inturnerg ovnanteraltion esspacontati. h >> te isinfroff heom tesst n atior aftestalmoiacea yr insp ace. he pe s tntt moslacumutiveti n me ie spac athanny er am dn iorhisty. 'l hevel haelre to stadju togr y avitagver ain.>>
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use >> > tot,nigh the klan co ventro ersydixplong ou aronnd dtrald ump afrteef rinus tgo co nndem theskkk' rm fo erle.ader hwhat se'sgayin n ow wand whatoue f hndim yi sangea yrs lu psen tonsi bsloi erovt a trp'ums ray.ll tonight, some repuicbl landeears al d,armeam scrbling to st opm.hi ch slooho sinotg er emy.genc ouall-t chaos as police say a 14 r--yea soldnluddey opened feir t inhe ca rifetea. > >>in takg the stand. an ti emoonaln eri andrews tells the jury ou abert hot hel gh nietmar a asta slker secretly taped hernd a stpo ted vheeoidor f th ore wold t see. craving sleep. a -uwake cpall tonight for millions ru stngggli l to ose htweig t andg ryinto ge ort mree st. >> nd> aol hodlywo rocked as controversy stakete centar stge a th e oarscs.
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ri t a>>ounnernc f:mrobc n wnewsorld he aradqu itersewn n rk yohi, ts isc "nb tlnighwsy neit" wh erlestt. hol g evood geninm fro r ouct ele ion quheadrsarte t onhe ev fe oer suptu y,esda ooneef thge bigst da etys y in the pr enesid tialescontt. in e aniolectean sson edfillh wit -sheadnghakime monts, ni to sght,pray ,tans th e kkk andar eie pce ma ctlfun aionsmore ang e thic topsvi dring the co sanver ation tbouthe republican race. outsidef o s,texa do tnald srumpeems po tisedcoo sree som bveryigin wsn i to owmorrri's pmary co t.ntes itdespome s e liconfgctin and ricusouns arswe to a tiqueshaon t lt's eft him eedxpos over very ns seivit reiaac l ougr.nd c'nb ksyatur tta ssrt rouov cagere tonight. >> reporter: tsienson ihighn orradfd, rg vi.inia etsecrvi serce bo -sdymmlagin a "meti" ph raotog wpherriho ted l to teavehe aicamp-mgndaanted press ptrum e on dge too, mthisngornimi blang


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