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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  August 6, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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an alert about medical marijuana in nevada. why the state is warning some people are not following the law to get the medicine. a nervous start to the summer olympic games in rio. the bomb squad is called out near the finish line of a and cases of home-grown zee zika virus getting biggerrer. what experts say could spread the virus even more in america. a warning tonight from the state of nevada about medical marijuana. don't believe claims that you can get medical-mile-an-hour
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and an i.d. you do need a card or you are breaking the law. the medical marijuana alert is our top story tonight. we want to head right over to news 3's nathan o'neal who is live to show us how some people may be trying to bend nevada's medical marijuana law. nathan? >> reporter: yeah, some states like california, you can get medical marijuana if you have a written recommendation from a doctor. as for here in nevada, the attorney general says not so fast. >> platinum blue dream. >> reporter: it's been nearly a year since the first dispensary opened their doors in nevada. but now a recent opinion drafted by the attorney general found only people with state issued medical marijuana cards either from nevada or states where medical marijuana is legal can get the medicine.
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>> nevada is the only state that has passed medical laws that will recognize patients in other states and allow those patients access for their medicine here. >> reporter: but nevada issuing a warning against tour bus businesses that reportedly were connecting california visitors with medical pot with just a doctor's note. while that is an acceptable in california, the attorney general here says that won't >> thank you for your help. >> a move that would require california visitors like ashley clark to get a state-issued medical card if she wants to purchase pot at the dispensary. >> my california card is accepted here. i think they will be interchangeable before long. so that's helpful. >> reporter: and if the department adopts the attorney general's recommendation a lot
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dispensaries, they say there would be a lot of patients disconnected and left in the dark to access to medical marijuana. gerard? >> these laws are always evolving. thank you for the update. a former las vegas daycare worker will spend at least 40 years in prison for sexually assaulting three young girls. camny ron -- cameron thomas was coned 14. he could spend the rhett of his life in prison. he worked at the kids are kids daycare center for five years starting in 2005. three girls between the ages of 13 and 17 testified that thomas molested them in cars, homes and swimming pools. some guests at the palms casino resort have quite a story to tell tonight. they were evacuated from their rooms because of a fire threat
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just a false alarm. this evacuation took place around 4:00 this morning. clark county fire received reports of smoke in one floor of the resort there. alarms were triggered but it turns out those alarms were canceled in only 15 minutes' time. clark county fire said someone had maliciously discharged a fire extinguisher that caused all of the panic. protesters in chicago demanding justice in the deadly police shoot protesters took to the streets outside the police department in the death of paul o'neal. protesters blocked traffic last night where the teen was shot. and just yesterday, police released body cam video of that shooting. the video shows a succession of what appears to be procedural errors. in one instance, a police
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officers in harm's way. police say o'neal had stolen the car. o'neal's family, meantime, has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the chicago pd. he was not armed when shot by police last night. authorities say he died of a single gunshot wound to the back. a 19-year-old man accused of stabbing an american woman to death in london faces a judge. he's accused of 64-year-old darlene horton in london's russell square. she was visiting london with her husband, a florida state university professor, who had been teaching summer classes there. five other people were also stabbed. he faces one murder charge and five charges of attempted murder. now to the olympic games in rio and a security scare near the finish line of the men's cycling road race. security forces blew up an
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beach. no one was injured. the race did go on. brazil has deployed 85,000 police to the streets of rio. 1,000 u.s. intelligent forces are there just to monitor any possible problems. olympic organizers are apologizing to fans who have been enduring long lines to get into olympic park. there have been some issues with some of the security procedures that are in place there. checks on this the first official full day of the olympic games. venues and stores are now open for olympic fans. news 3's chloe beardsley is in the middle of it all. >> reporter: well, it's another exciting day here in rio de janeiro. you can hear the crowds filtering into the olympic park. you can tell by all of the noise people are having a good time. it was a morning that started out quiet around 7:00 a.m. then this happened.
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cheer on their team. these people are here on a trip before school starts. >> we would love to stay here for the closing, but -- we only have the first few days. >> reporter: they have a long list of things to see, like -- >> tennis today. tomorrow, swimming and men's basketball. >> reporter: they are not the only ones stacking up the list. >> i'm here watching events for the next two weeks. i also have some friends participating in the athletic events. >> everything. i just love it. i'm a sports geek. >> reporter: another big hit was the megastore that opened up in the park. >> we're excited. they are excited about this great grand opening. >> reporter: this hot commodity
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per day at the store. >> reporter: it looks like our teaching friends are about to find something good. beyond material things, virginia hopes after the game, the gift of the park will be used for something special for the people who live here. >> i really do hope in the end, they provide something for the -- for the local people here to be useful. but i do like the venues. >> reporter: and the park opens every day at 7:00 a.m. and stays open one hour after the last event is finished. i'm chloe beardsley. >> all right. a lot of fun there. and there is a lot more to come from our news team with chloe and reed cowan. they are in rio right now and you can count on them to bring you exclusive behind the scenes coverage with adrian crooks. you can catch all of the stories and the action any time at well, a big change coming soon to your facebook page. next on news 3, the latest problem that could affect your
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also -- the zika virus threat in america is growing. next on news 3, how a government rule is impacting the fight to
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growing concern over the zika virus. the first home grown cases have been reported in south florida. some shops and restaurants in miami are keeping their doors shut. florida health officials concerned that rules about pesticides could do more harm than good. 16 caseof lowell mosquito -- to local mosquitoes have been reported in until. business owners are upset that congress took their break without passing a spending bill to fight the virus. athletes keeping an eye on the zika virus. but the virus is not keeping them away from their favorite games. tennis is one of the biggest
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williams. here's a look at at tennis olympic events. >> reporter: novak djokovic has a and his opponent, there's history. on the women's side, serena williams could meet her sister for the gold medal together, the williams sisters are going for a fourth doubles olympic gold medal in brazil. and how about this for a way to prepare for the games -- serena williams shows her rhythm as she teaches us how to twerk. i think i will give it a shot later, in private, of course. well, it only takes a little rain to cause big problems in
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of a stranded flood. the close call to a group of drivers had just because they didn't heed the warning to turn around when they saw water. and how about this -- 105 today. it will get drier still and warmer than this, too. so i will put the numbers on the
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a scene most of us have witnessed before here in the desert. drivers stranded in the middle of a rain storm. it only takes a little rain to cause some big problems. this was the scene yesterday afternoon in scottsdale, arizona. rescue crews having to pull several team from roads that quickly turned into makeshift rivers. at one point during the storm,
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we want to head over to the weather authority. jerry brown is with us. no flooding here as of now. >> no. >> we can get flooding at any point this time of year. >> yeah. a possibility. just a possibility. long shot, really, for moisture this week. it would be tropical in origin. we'll talk about that. first of all, we didn't have a lot of sunshine last week. plenty of it today. some clouds will build. but they are will be moving out quickly and getting a nice view of the impending sunset there. meanwhile, central valley, sahara and the 15, 101 degrees with a southwest wind at 5. humidity at 15%. that's more like it. the dew point, 47 degrees. dew points were in the 60, 65-degree range. we're definitely drying out. windmill, 101 with a
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charleston and the 215, east wind at 5. 18% the relative humidity. highs today, well, the airport at 104. was just about the warmest reading. we matched them at our downtown studios here, 103 in the paradise corridor. 102 in the northeast valley by nellis. you can see current readings in the upper 90s. even mid-90s. palo verde high, 96 to 99 in aliente and north las vegas, 1 -- well, 100 on the button green valley and 101 in downtown henderson. across the region, 71 at the mount charleston lodge. boulder city, 98. 105 down in laughlin. 103 top of the hour at the airport. it's 70 in l.a. that sounds pretty good. 87 in reno. same reading in salt lake. tomorrow we're looking at 106. up a couple degrees from today. should be a warm one and actually monday might even be a
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if i move over, you can see the moisture moving away in mojave county in arizona. there's not a lot going on in the pacific. our next chance for rain isn't the pacific in origin. it came from the atlantic and that's the remains of what was tropical storm earl. that's gonna get caught up in a pattern that could send some of that in the desert southwest. whether it reaches southern nevada, it's still dicey but er overnight lows tonight, we'll be looking at some upper 70s around the outlying areas of the valley. lower 70s in nye county. 60s lincon county. highs tomorrow, a couple of degrees warmer. you will feel the heat and it will be drier. 105 in mesquite. 102 in pahrump. for us here in the valley, 81 overnight. breezy at times. i'm not gonna emphasize that too
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breezes. other wise, dry and hot. 106. 85 at 7:00 a.m. 104 at 5:00 p.m. down from the afternoon high. up on the mountain, 79. pushing 80 at the lodge. 99 at red rock and down on the lake 108 degrees. seven-day forecast, as you can see, it will put us with a chance for some showers come wednesday into thursday. but otherwise, on the warm side for the next 48 i'm enjoying this forecast much more than some of the previous ones. >> last week was -- well, actually i kind of like those cloudy days. >> the cloudy days are fine. it's the extreme heat i can do without. thank you. well, if you are looking to expand your family to include a furry companion, dog adoption fees are being discounted during the bark to school special
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older is just $25. not bad. fees for pit bulls, six months and older are waived and there are 100 dogs waiting for homes at the shelter. pay them a visit. here are pictures of dogs looking for a home. charlie, lucky, spot and zia. the animal foundation over on mojave road, every day from 11:00 to 7:00 p.m. is open and waiting for your visits. coming up -- the pro football hall of fame taking place in canton, ohio. randy has a recap.
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first gold medal went to the united states. 19-year-old ginny thrasher won the 10-meter air rifle. she's a member of the west virginia mountaineers shooting team and the usa men's they still have the games to play. they took on china. they beat them by 49, 50 points. their first game kevin durant knocking down 3 of his 25. usa beats china by 27. how about women's soccer team, back on the field looking to go 2-0. taking on france. france was a threat early.
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she had a great game. 63rd minute. shoots off the post here. gonna pounce right to carli lloyd. she cleans it up for the goal. that's your final, 1-0. they play colombia on tuesday. a quick look at the medal count. usa and south korea had the most. one gold, one silver each. tied for third, belgium, venezuela and russia all reach with one gold medal. brett marvin harrison, a few of the names enting the hall of fame in canton, ohio. most of them packer fans wanting them to watch number 4. favre played 20 years in the league. won three consecutive mvps. passed for over 75,000 yards. orlando is in so is marvin harrison and tony dungy all
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now here i am 27 years later, standing here accepting this incredible honor. [ cheers and applause ] >> coach dungy. [ cheers and applause ] >> my final head coach, taught us how to be teammates and men. but the most important thing, you taught us about fatherhood. that's more important t coach could teach their players. >> all right. brett favre has not spoken. eddie debartelo junior all going in. the good thing, the first nfl game is tomorrow night at 5:00. >> there you go.
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thank you for
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facebook is cracking down on headlines that are news items that intentionally leave out people forcing them to click to find out the answer. facebook gets thousands of complaints a day about the misleading items. facebook says it's going to update the news feed ranking in the coming weeks. that way people will see fewer click bait stories. we'll keep up posted on the progress of that one. 23 days and counting until school begins for clark county students. coming up tonight right after the olympic coverage, a local
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with immunizations they need to protect themselves from disease. tonight, why it's he so important to make sure your children are vaccinated. and find lip here at 6:30 an idea whose time has come, check it out, the pizza atm. it's a vending machine that gives you hot pizza in three minutes. the pizza is now in use at xavier university in ohio. a french company came up with the idea. it has everything a student needs because it's open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. i think that's a fantastic idea vending machine food is so limited. >> i will believe it when i taste is. i think will it work. we have olympic coverage tonight
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our broadcast begins with the olympic zone at 7:30 tonight followed by olympic coverage. we are announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: come on, franklin. how are y'all? how's everybody? thank you very much. i appreciate you. i do. thank y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. listen, we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day with a total of a 20,720 bucks, from omaha, nebraska, it's the champs, it's the franklin family. franklins: grab that gold! steve: and from san jose, california, it's the lemus family!


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