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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  August 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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glad you're with us. i'm jim snyder. >> i'm marie mortera. >> one of the suspects has pleaded guilty. the other suspect will now face a jury. the teenager was mugged near a convenience store near charleston and torrey pines, not too far from bonanza high school, where he was a student. it's our top story. news 3's nathan o'neal is live at the regional justice center. >> reporter: well, today marked the beginning of what the arenas family has been justice. well, today the jury selection process for their son's murder trial is officially underway. a senseless murder. 15-year-old marcos arenas killed over an ipad. it's a nightmare his father, ivan, can never escape. >> every day reminds me of him, you know, think about it constantly. >> reporter: surveillance video
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prosecutors say these men randomly targeted the boy and attacked him from behind. marcos held onto the ipad and was dragged underneath the suspect's getaway car and killed. >> i'm still wishing this is a nightmare i will wake up and my son will be there. >> reporter: earlier, jacob dismont pleaded guilty. michael solid will go to trial as his attorneys try to convince jurors it was an accident. darker picture pointing to evidence of a coverup, putting on decals to the ford suv after the crime. clark county district attorney steve wolfson. >> we're looking at strong prison sentences for what? an ipad? >> reporter: as for marcos' father, he's bracing for a long and emotional trial. >> look at this man's life and
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is the one you follow because out of all three of them he was the one not doing anything wrong. >> reporter: and the jury selection process is expected to continue over the next couple of days. once that's done, the trial could last up to two weeks. reporting live, nathan o'neal, news 3. >> thank you. breaking news to pass along. the man attacked by a swarm of bees earlier this month has passed 49-year-old jose moreno was attacked and stung by some 200 bees at a home near russell and fort apache. it was only his first day on the job with this bee company. clark county officials say he died thursday. the beehive was completely removed a few days later. a developing story. a worker killed in a scaffolding collapse at a local construction site. it happened at tivoli village
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castelan live. and i know you've been talking with other workers there and they say this thing kind of happened in slow motion. >> reporter: jim, it's still not clear what led to the scaffolding collapse. members with osha are investigating. it could be weeks before we get a definite answer. witnesses with say the scaffolding felt like dom mow knows and the worker -- escape. >> it slowly took it over and it slowly collapsed. it took like ten minutes. >> firefighters say a construction worker 20 feet high on a scaffolding plunged to death. it happened after 2:00 at tivoli village. three workers were on it.
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safety. >> scary. >> reporter: osha is now investigating the workplace accident. investigators say it's too early to tell what led to the collapse. this man says he was on a similar scaffold and never experienced similar problems. >> no. i was always wearing a harness. >> reporter: tivoli village released a statement saying they are saddened about what happened and are working with oa is completed. jim and marie? >> okay. thank you for the update. it's more potential for some wet weather tonight. >> news 3 is your weather authority. kevin janison tracking the rain. it came late last night. people are wondering what could happen now. >> with gusting winds, over a 45 miles an hour. the storms we showed you at 5:00 over mount charleston have been pulsating but they are sort of growing all over the mountain
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county, nye county that have been drifting to the south. over the sheep mountains, a pretty good cell. that one is trying to wiggle its way to the 15. we'll see if it holds together once it falls in the valley and one trying to develop over anthem and that's not looking that impressive at this time. but conditions are ripe for a few more storms to go up. there is the chance in the valley. we'll h now, a grieving daughter demands justice after her father was murdered at a local apartment complex. >> metro says candelario dunn was shot morning. witnesses heard eight gunshots but it wasn't until several hours later his body was found. his daughter is 19. she does not want to show her face because she fears the
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>> whoever did this to him, he did not deserve it. he was a family man. [ inaudible ] i hope this person who did this to him has a conscience and i want justice for this. >> as for the investigation, anyone who can help police with leads is asked to call crimestoppers at 702-385-5555. this week, the through nevada. the clinton campaign sent its number two to fire up union members who will be very important foot soldiers in november. jeff gillan is live from the plumbers and pipe fitters training center near lamb boulevard. we saw a visit from tim kaine today. >> reporter: good evening. tim kaine at the building behind me. wanted to make sure the working
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firmly in the clinton camp. that's because donald trump says he is the friend of the working guy. he will send jobs overseas, right, herb? >> i don't believe trump at all. he flip-flops too much. >> as far as unions, i wasn't haven't him come our way. >> reporter: he's here at the union training center who had one message for this crowd and their friends. >> this thing is real simple. do you want a president? that's what this comes down to. >> reporter: tim kaine says hillary clinton will get thousands of jobs. this man remembers another clinton in the white house. >> her husband did it already once and i think her and her husband are on the same pathway. he did good for us then.
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now. >> reporter: kaine is here because nevada is a tossup. it's tight here. >> nevada is really, really important. >> reporter: this man brought his son to watch democracy in action. justin's 10. >> i think hillary's gonna win and make a better life for children and i am learning politics right now and i think it's a great thing. >> that's something both parties can agree on. this race has been qit education. and back now live, kaine began his day early at the mirage speaking to an iron workers convention. the clinton campaign is hoping union members knock on doors and get out votes. live in las vegas, i'm jeff gillan, news 3. back to you. >> thank you. if you are not a fan of spiders, you will cringe when you hear about this. >> talking about tarantulas tonight. you may be seeing more of them around your home or in the desert on your next hike.
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reason they are being so social right now. >> it destroyed more than 100 homes and changed lives forever. we'll have an update on the blue cut fire. and the backlash continues against ryan lochte and now the tall tale about being robbed comes with a price tag.
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a deadly police shooting last new year's eve left one community with a lot of questions. today, the suspect's family got their chance to ask metro officers why they opened fire. christy wilcox is following story and found out this family still questions officers' actions to this day. >> reporter: yeah.
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fact-finding reviews. these reviews happen when an officer is involved in a shooting. the district attorney determines there will be no criminal charges brought against those officers. there are still questions lingering about why non-lethal actions were not the first option. after keith childress was shot, a public gatheri discuss lethal force. this is body camera of the officer who shot at childress after he was wanted in arizona for a violent home invasion. the u.s. marshals asked metro for help. metro herd childress was wanted for attempted murder. that was not correct. >> was he ever wanted for attempted murder? >> no. >> reporter: but for the
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linger. >> at one point, officers were directing childress to drop an on ject in his pocket. he refuse. he died after metro officer shot him five times. the two u.s. marshals on the scene did not shoot. >> the officers gave childress every opportunity to stop and go to the ground, put his hands up and he chose to continue walking towards them. >> reporter: the object turned childress's mother said said the meeting didn't satisfy her questions about why he died. >> just to start shooting for absolutely no reason, don't understand that. i will never understand that. >> reporter: there were cards in the meeting where the public could fill out the question and
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ask those questions. back to you. >> thank you. big foot may be a hoax. but here in the las vegas valley may be seeing some big and hairy. >> yeah. brace yourself for tarantula mating season. they will be out looking for love. who can blame them? [laughter] >> kelsey thomas is live with a look at what we can all expect. take it away, kelsey. >> reporter: well, jim, here in the las vegas valley, we built our homes on their homes and so pretty soon we'll see them on the hunt in our neighborhood. >> it's a little offputting to see something that big. >> reporter: almost everyone has one fear they can't seem to overcome. for renee erno, it's these
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>> reporter: ted thorp with pit bull pest control says despite their creepy reputation, these critters aren't going to chase you down. they only want one thing right now. ? i've been really trying baby ? >> typically male tarantulas will seven in a cracker crevice for eight years and they will go out looking for a they will pass on. >> reporter: call it their last hurrah. male spiders on the corral. on a mission to mate. >> now the bachelors are heading out. >> reporter: ken foose. >> they are harmness, fuzzy,
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they eat other insects. if you see one outside -- >> leave it alone. >> reporter: if you find one in your house, you may want to call someone like ted. >> there is probably another issue where there is a hole hour a gap where tarantulas are getting in. >> reporter: mating season runs through the end of october. so watch your step. >> i think i will be putting shoes on and shaking out my shoe shoes before i put them on. >> reporter: the males are usually eaten by they just die from exhaustion trying to find them. marie and jim, i'm gonna leave you with that. [laughter] >> reporter: reporting live, kelsey thomas, news 3. >> the newsiccal interlewd there. >> entertaining. yes. >> i think we got the picture. news 3 is your weather authority and we're interesting
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how do you like that transition? >> whole new visual of tarantulas. let's talk about our visual of the doppler radar. it's active. most of the action has remained over the higher elevations. we do have a pretty good thunderstorm near indian springs. we're watching this closely. i don't think this will be a big deal water-wise. if you get a storm, it would produce gusty winds,b congregating over the higher elevations. watch how they moved in late. if you keep an eye on the lower left corner, you will see the pavement getting puddles. not to mention the droplets on the camera as well. and in the valley, when we look off towards charleston, we can see the clouds building. not a real gully washer but those breezes have been gusting up around 40 miles an hour.
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up at the lodge, the rain has cooled things off. 36%. they've had .3 of rain. east side of town coming in at 96 and 20%. so a little higher than our humidity, even inning to. and russell and the southwest, 92, 22%. so those clouds, especially around the edges have cooled those things down to the 90s. still mid-90s downtown on the east side. 94 in at mccarran, it -- it took a while for the clouds to get here. in case you were wondering, which you don't be shocked, this will probably go down as the hottest summer on record. now, that constitutes june through august. we still have nine days to go. but we're way in the lead. no real surprise as hot as it was in june or july. 77 to get started.
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upper 90s to 100 in the afternoon. wind won't be a factor unless you are near a thunderstorm and those will go up over the higher elevations. on the doppler radar, the storms over mount charleston have been staying up on mount charleston and have shown signs of weakening. over the sheep mountains and lincoln county we've had good cells, they are increasing in intensity but over the mountains. one storm that was on the back side of the sheep mountains pushing towards i-15, that could produce a fewd we'll keep an eye on that. we are looking for drier air gradually would torque its way in. might not be there until tomorrow. 66 in pahrump. 76 in mesquite. boulder city 95. 104 in laughlin. death valley, 114.
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edges. looking for high temperature of an even 100 tomorrow. there is that chance for a mountain thunderstorm to develop. and your seven-day forecast looking ahead while the drier air will start to worm its way in tomorrow, it will get here with authority come wednesday and we'll have a lot of dry air and now we're talking about the end of august. high temperatures around 100. lows in the upper 70s to 80s. >> that's do-able. >> we have to put up the t-shirts, we survived the summer of 2016. >> it's almost over. >> yes. high school prank is getting a lot of attention. >> take a closer look here at the young men who dropped three crocodiles into a school. that's not all. we'll tell you what they did not next that will have your head shaking even more.
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progress for firefighters
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welcome back. with us this big wildfire that shut down i-15 is contained. they are hoping to have it completely surrounded by wednesday if all goes well. the flames destroyed 105 homes, 213 other structures and scorched more than 37,000 acres. the last evacuation orders were lifted over the weekend. 82,000 people were forced out the their homes. the first day of school for the clark county school district
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grab those cameras. we want to see the back-to-school photos and videos. you can share them on burst. share those images with us. your photos and videos may end up right here on air. a day after announcing a las vegas rally, donald trump canceled it. >> that's ahead. plus, will his campaign be switching its stance on immigration? thank you for saving and i can't imagine. i just can't imagine. >> a mother's heartfelt gratitude for those who stepped
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welcome back. the olympics are over but the problems continue for u.s. swimmer ryan lochte. today, speedo and ralph lauren dropped him as a spokesperson because of the way he behaved at the games. >> it turns out lochte lied about drinking in rio. here's more. >> reporter: monday, the first blows to lochte came. ralph lauren is not renewing his endorsement contract, so did a hair removal contract and speedo as well. speedo chastised lochte saying we cannot condone behavior that's counted to the value this brand has stood for. >> it was me.


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