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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  August 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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a nuisance the biggest head line is don't wash your car now we'll see the unsettled weather over night and tomorrow. the thunderstorms are back. you seat activity the past few hours popping up every where including the valley cells moving in. here is a look as we look the last hour or so. some of movement of the storms mostly in the north and eas we will pull out and you will see development of a storm below boulder city now you see moving nathat east direction. as we get closer got a few freeze frames. this cell is moving over the 95 bringing abundant rainfall more heavy winds and stronger showers in the area and hail expect friday the thunderstorms that
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here south of boulder city. you see the momentum the storms moving slow. lasting 30-45 minutes. another one you see just to the east here again continuing to move east making its way to the search light area. looking over the last few hours we start off sunny you see as jim talked about the clouds building? and it has not been that crazy. not much rain. a trace for summerland unsettled conscience condition. i will let you know how long tell last. >> reporter: stay close. chloe thank you. a local man under arrest confidence rung a child prostitution ring oust his home. i'm jim snyder. >> i'm marie mortera >> mario: david coil was prostituting girls you should the age 18 in his home near spencer.
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appeared in court. >> reporter: i spoke to people who live in the neighborhood near spencer street. suspect david coil was quiet and kept to himself. >> grace said she could not believe it when she found her neighbor was running a massage parliamentor. >> i was shocked. respect report 53 year coil kept to himself. >> he was so stand offish and did not want to talk to anyone or anything to do with anyone like he did not want to infect anyone. he was infecting everyone. meto police hired teen girls through craig's list to perform body rub and oral sex in exchange for money. the house was known as the naked house victims were forced workic naed.
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angry. if i had known i would have knocked on his door and told him to get out of here. >> one victim said the girls who worked there was coil's daughter. >> going out of the young little girls. it is hurtful. i mean we all have children and grandchildren. report report coil was arrestd and pleaded inspect counts of child prostitution and sex trafficking during a court appearance this morning >> he should go to hell and hope he gets punished to the full extent of the law and castrated. >> reporter: now the neighborhood plans to organize a neighborhood watch group to watch for criminal activity. his bail was 200,000 and next court date is september 20th.
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>> mario: thank you. now guilty plea from the local junior high school teach are accused of having sex with a student. nicole who taught at the junior high pleaded guilto sex with a minor and will now register as a sex offender. she was a friend of the student's family and baby sat for them. the teenage boy was in 7th grade when the sexual abuse took place. her sentencing on a later date. with the tragedy at red rock canyon. justin was hiking with a group of coworkers when he slipd and fell 150 feet after 6:00 last night near icebox canyon. police are determining how it happened. >> mario: health alert from health officials the first time if a decade a local man infected
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mosquitos t. is a disease that causes inflammation of the brain. symptoms include a fever, headache and stiff neck and back. >> jim: policies of race heating up decision 2016 tonight. >> have supporters like daid duke connects with the kkk saying trump is their candidate because trump is pushing their values. kkk values david duke values donald trump values are not american values. >> jim: tim cane pouncing on trump on the issue of race. >> mario: pushing hard to win votes and donald holding strong with hispanic voters. >> jim: he is still in town his plane on the tarmac at the airport. this is a live look. news three reports on what trump has been up to in las vegas.
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in trump las vegas the nominee. around the table hispanic civic lead ands business owners. trumped his campaign is doing well with hispanics. we have been doing amazing far greater than anyone understands. and jobs coming in -- >> reporter: trump's visit as his campaign management and boost pole numbers. trump arrived shortly after in the morning. the culinary trump knows it is not going anywhere. >> when they -- yes, i want my union and the contract. that is the head of the union summing things up. last december trump workers joined the culinary the resort has not come to the table.
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relation's board turned down trump's appeal thaf vote. in the the resort she works as a housekeeper. >> tell to mr. trump we are ready for negotiating our contract. trump told his audience the country needs him. [inaudible] >> jim: trump came to town quietly. he had a really earlier this week and that was cancelled and today we see this meeting >> tension is building tonight between u.s. and i rannian military vessels in the persian gulf. started with i rannian revolutionary guard boats harassing a destroyer the destroy are fired a warning shot. u.s. navy patrol boat fired
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came within 200 yards of the ship. warning shots showed that was a bad idea. they are trying to figure out the intentions against the aggressive moves. rhythm rhythm in italy where the death toll is growing. 280 were killed boot the quake. most killed were in the town where most of the place has been reduceed rubble. been rescued. powerful after shocks continue to jolt the area. more than 2,000 people are living in camps. >> jim: apple has a message for you update or device right away. the new software protects frumalware that allows hack torse see everything on your phone. all your message and e mails and pictures. the hackers send a text to you
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if you click your phone is infected with the bug. if your i phone is 4 s or later or i pad 2 or later you get on to the apple support website on news three settings general and off on the right hand you see if there are updates and do it that way. >> true. make it easy for you. >> exactly. >> mario: traffic now it takes work to keep freeways in shape. >> jim: they take need tlc, tom. >> tom: the department of transportation is doing repairs on i-15 at u.s. 95. this weekend they were not specific about the exact lokz but looking i think, yea that is the spot that could use repairs. the bridge over the top of u.s. 95. and they do expect restriksz 9:00 p.m.-7:00 a.m. >> jim: tom, thank you.
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virus. next the troubling signs of possible birth defect in a baby. >> mario: why a good chance your best furry friend system watching news 3 with you right now. >> jim: we welcome all of you. weather authority tracking pop up storms. we will have the latest from the radar up next on news 3 live at 5:00. ahead for us nbc news exclusive we talked to the doctor to trump's health tells us how that all right came to be what the government wants to do to protect the blood supply frr
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see what spam can! do... at i pledge allegiance, to the flag [continues in background]
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blood coming out of her...wherever [pledge continues in background] you gotta see this guy; "oh, i don't know what i said. ah, i don't remember." i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters... get him the hell out of here... get him out of here! get out! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> jim: first time within the u.s. a baby born infected by zika >> mario: the girl in miami is doing fine for now. tonight's heart officials sounding the alarm about the home grown zika cases. >> reporter: you never know by
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affected by zika she does not have microselfally the small brain and skull seen in other zika case in latin america. >> >> there are signs that problems may develop. doctors in miami found calsifications in her brain and scar nothing her eye. speak nothing spanish her mother harm her further. she became infected pregnant in venezuela and traveled to the u.s. where she gave birth. >> shed the baby was born here and has been a bless to her. florida is home to the first home grown zing cases in the state 42 and 3 countess. governor scott will travel to washington the first day congress gets back from recess
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the irs video. >> this is an issue our country will deal w. places are preparing. in baltimore medicine is opening a zika center. patients get zika related treatment and support they need. and the fda said today our donations across the country should be tested for zika >> mario: health fishes in texas handing out repellant to women and girlos medicaid. >> tom: we work hard to track storm systems. >> mario: they have been moving fast. >> kelly: the pomp up storms last 35-45 minutes they have been dissipating the activity is behind me. we are in for a wild ride. more of a nuisance when it come
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and the west sufficiented town. bringing in the clouds you see the thick clouds outside as i speak. it is an active day all over the southwest am behind me with the slow moving storms over southern nevada you see the past company hours as we get them close ther is the activity the past hour. you see clearer over the heart of las vegas. we are getting storms near the higher elvagsz. mountains seeing the southwest south of boulder city this cell here getting close are across the 95 starting to come apart. losing mobile homeum. we will seat pattern popping up tonight and tomorrow there is that cell there. also taking a look you see it is dissipating at moment. further south more east toward moving toward search light. east prim you see a cell here
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we will seat pop up thunderstorms throughout the evening and into tomorrow. close are look what we saw today. you see the clouds in motion thickening. here is the time lapse you see light showers on the west side. right there in the distance overnight mountains you see the light showers. here is a look at the rain totals you see it a trace of showers for summerland some saw under 10th of an look at that. light rain there, prim seeing barely a bit of rain there. but we are keeping you updated. summerland is light shower and we will monitor it. temperatures are warm outside. the upper 80s for summerland and warmer on the east side. 95 for sunrise. as far as wind we will see breezes out of the south up to 15 miles per hour. here is your wind.
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saturday. sunday dry are air throughout the region bring us calmer conscience the end of the weekend over night tonight in for a ride. 78 over night low. temperatures will feel normal as we look outside it is not going to feel normal. may be you are tired keep away from the windose the thunderstorms pop up. temperatures a few deg couple of nights. heise below normal. as we do seat changes in our pattern. 92 is on tap for las vegas on saturday. below normal for this time. wind light and increasing bite afternoonment as we look ahead, showers and thunderstorms possible by saturday. after that dry air bringing nice are conscience. calmer weather and a boost in
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and another storm pagsz through. just in time other end of the work wake thursday and friday. hello 99 and 98. >> mario: goodbye to hundreds forever. >> kelly: i hope so. [laughter]. no pressure. [laughter]. you know monday it is back to school for thousands of clark county ud >> jim: parents, teachers and students, grab your cameras we want to see your photos and videos. you can share them with us byup loading them through the first app. share your photos with us and those images might end up on air. >> jim: at knife:00 are you ready for football. high school set to play tonight.
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operation football highlights. up load your photos from the stands with burst. looking for everything. game night selves to the nachos we have. >> jim: snack bar. love it. we will put the best pictures on air during live at 11:00. >> mario: the question now will the weather have an impact on the games tonight. we will have a check on the weather next. >> jim: a big
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients,
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december last year. 14 americans are killedd in a mass shooting inspired by isis. in the aftermath, congressman joe heck had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns. heck voted "no." 23 times. individuals on the fbi terror watch list have purchased firearms over 2,000 times. it's not just that joe heck does nothing to stop them. it's that he's voted to let them keep doing it.... 23 times. is responsible for the content
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>> jim: time for high school football we want to know what will make the ball sliply.
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having. you need to have an umbrella for your snack. it has been nuisance rain for those happening about washing your car don't pop up showers are across the area. this is the past hour most storms clearing up we are expecting pop up showers over night. this shower to the south. moving east. another line to the east tracking that movement there over to the 95. you see active all over as we move to arizona a bit of shower activity there as well. as far as how we are doing total wise it has not been much. a trace of showers and seat shower activity thunderstorms for tonight and another chance tomorrow and sunday it should clear out. back to you guys. >> jim: thank you.
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close call for a trooper when bullets fly during a traffic stop. we will tell you the story about how something he was wearing may have saved his life and we are not talking about a bullet proof vest. >> hiker's family speaks out after his death. the rug ed hike he attempted attack. those stoies tonight on news 3 live at 6:00. pilots for raise. delta pilots asking for raises of then %. they are picketing in front of delta headquarter in@landa now. mediation talks are under way with management and the pilot's union. last year delta made record profits 10 years ago delta took a 50% pay cut to go through bankruptcy. delta says they make less than
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>> jim: tonight nasa celebrating a victory in a mission to get a man on mars you will see a splash down here. a successful test for the o rion craft. proved the heat shield can with stand the impact as it crashes into the water. test dummies were inside. nasa hopes to launch it by 2023. around the corner. >> mario: if you love fried chicken the recipe is still safe. a recipe for the blechd 11 herbs and spices was published in the chicago tribune. their chicken company says that recipe is not the real deem original hand written bite colonel sanders in 1940 is locked up in a digital safe cover in the two feast concrete and monitored 24/7.
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>> jim: no, good stuff. take time to hug your dog. testimony is national dog day. time to honor the furry members of our family. >> mario: a human came up with the idea. more importantly it is a day to make us away dogs in shellers who need homes. every day is dog day for them? >> most definitely.
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tonight, nbc news exclusive. for the first time, donald trump's doctor speaks out about his letter declaring trump to be the healthiest person ever elected president. why he tells us it was written in just five minutes, what we know moving in, major flood warnings in florida and new concerns along the gulf coast. zika blood fears, a new recommendation from the fda saying that all blood should be screened for the virus. who would kill two women who dedicated their lives to helping others. snoring solutions? there's things to help


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