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tv   Today  NBC  August 27, 2016 2:07am-3:01am PDT

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?? >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ?? >> yeah, it's the weekend. >> yes, it is. it's try day friday, august 26th. that's called "women up" by meghan trainor. >> by the way, she can't write a bad song. all of her songs she learned to sing after two passes. >> we're going to kick your weekend off to that talented stars of "the hollars." here with us will be john
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so funny together. and we have a little bit of their history to share with you. >> they don't know. then the luxe for less trend. that's the bomb. >> what? are those in? >> they never go out for me. >> i love them. >> look at her wearing it with a dress. can we all do that? >> she'll show us that even you can, hoda. >> doubtful. >> they're all under 50 bucks. with the back-to-school rush in full swing. i can't believe we're thinking about that. thinking about what to make for dinner night after night let alone going grocery shopping can be challenging. madeleine is going to check out those boxed meal delivery services to see how they stack up. >> they always seem inviting. i always worry about the price point. >> they've done all the work for you except the assemblage. >> we'll talk about the songs of the summer. we're here on the home stretch of summer. people always go, that's the
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going to be justin timberlake. here's the top five. let's go down five to one. number five, according to the twitter world is "work from home." ? work, work, work ? >> it's fun for me to find out about these songs at the end of summer. i like this. >> number four from the olympic games. katy perry and "rise." ? the fire's at my feet again ? >> number three, and she's back, britney spears with "make me." ?? >> does that mean what i think? >> you can't make me. >> oh, that kind. >> i'm going with that. what's your saying? >> just want to hear some words. so far it's a lot of music. >> here we go. >> those are the words. >> we're told from sources those are the words. >> the number two song is "into
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sing. >> oh, my god. she is unbelievable. imitating those other singers. it's amazing. >> here's number one. not what you think. not what you're guessing. this is by -- >> what? >> justin bieber. "cold water" by major laser featuring justin. ?? i'd like to go on record saying -- >> they all sound the same to me. >> let me tell you, meghan trainorul the top five. j. lo should be in the top five. those are songs of the summer. >> well, i'm sorry for you, hoda. >> ingrid michaelson, too, in the top five. why is twitter picking the other songs? >> you're asking me? that's funny. it's national dog day. special hello to our pups bambino and lola and blake. >> let's go. >> hi, blakey. >> he's at home. >> we never show lola.
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charlie, our new puppy here. >> i can't handle him. charlie has changed the room. >> we all liked wrangler and wished wrangler well. wrangler has gone off to a great career. but never had the same bond. we wanted to. we really did. because he was a different kind of service dog, we weren't allowed to -- >> he wasn't like a puppy. i know he was but he didn't seem like it. on him. remember they said if you were too tactile with him -- he was but didn't seem like it. >> we weren't allowed to pet him that much. >> we weren't allowed to show him too much love. >> did you see matt with charlie? now there's nothing cuter than matt -- nothing sexier than a man with a puppy or a man with his babies. >> no kidding. >> oh, hoda. >> i meant no kidding. i was reinforcing what you said. >> speaking of beautiful and adorable photos.
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izumikawa. she decided to take some photos of her 4-month-old daughter. >> while the baby is napping. >> different outfits. here are the top ones. shall we take a look. here she is as a mermaid. >> look at this. >> two shells. >> it looks like a cabbage patch baby. how about michael phelps with the gold medal. >> wayne and garth. >> i think that's garth. >> oh, that's garth. >> that's you, hoda. that's so cute. >> oh, my gosh. she told the huffington post, a couple of times she's woken up while i'm dressing her but then she'll look at me with a dazed look and then fall back asleep. she said she hopes it to remind people to have fun with their kids and not get caught up in the seriousness of parenting. >> that's good advice, right? >> it's such great advice. people don't articulate that. you want to remember that you
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the times you blacked out your teeth going around scaring them at halloween. >> that's funny. yeah. >> hoda and i make many, many mistakes around here. we're human. most of the time we admit it. dictionary released their list of 30 commonly mispronounced words. >> how do you pronounce -- here's the word -- a-l-m-o-n-d. >> i say aw-mond. >> i say almond. like aw. how do you pronounce it? >> almond. almond. >> we're right about that one. >> the next one is h-a-u-t-e. >> i say hote. >> i say oat. >> haute. because it's french. let's see. people say haute couture. it's french.
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>> okay. my name is oda. >> would you like some almonds, oda? >> all right. so this word is pronounced sherbet. >> that's what i'd say. >> sherbet. >> but everybody says sherbert. and there's no "r" there. or i like to say sorbet. ut it's sherbet. another one people mispronounce -- lozengers. it's lozenges. there's no "r." did you know that? i thought it was a lozenger. >> oh, this is a hard one. i say worcestershire. what is it?
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>> must be another way. >> is that it? >> how about this? n-i-c-h-e. it's" neesh." americanized it's nitch. >> any others you mispronounce? >> not the french ones because i studied french. usually i get those right. >> have you ever tried to enjoy a show or event only to have someone else's feet lurking close by? here's what happened. a couple, four people were supposed to go to a baseball game. only two could go but they had four tickets. >> isn't it helpful when hoda uses her fingers. >> do that again so i can follow it. >> there were four seats and only two showed up. the couple had four seats. here's what they did. they sat in the two middle ones and left the two on either side open. >> it gives them wiggle room.
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put his feet on it. moved around. was annoying. >> at least he had a shoe on. >> at one point almost kicked the person in the head next to him, you know, in other words, next to him. in other words, like -- so they didn't know what they should do. they were upset this guy was infringing on their space. >> where are they? baseball game? all right. >> so what would you do, kath? if someone was -- >> i would turn around and say, excuse me, would you mind removing your feet from here. >> you always have the best way. what are you going to the? >> i would probably give the stink eye for about five minutes. i'd probably be like, i do a lot of sighing and eye rolling. >> if you want a reaction you need to speak to the person. >> probably eye roll and sigh. >> what does our friend say? >> it makes sense to feel frustrated in this scenario.
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upset and turned around and said, do you mind or something like that which isn't nice. >> but he says what's i would have said. >> if you were in the opera, you can expect people -- >> people don't wear flip flops to the opera. gnarly toes -- don't you love the word gnarly? it so describes people's toes. >> whenever anyone has flip-flops on i always check their feet out. when in an elevator, i look down. >> you have the most beautiful feet in the world, toda. i said toda. >> oda. want some ummus. >> you know the ones i'm wearing today because it's casual friday. these are the sandals i got after both of my feet were operated on. it's all i could wear. my michael kors. i got these the same time you got your tory burch's. these i've had resoled five times. >> because you love them so much? >> it just dawned on me. i'm wearing my favorites. >> my tory burch shows have never needed to be resoled. how about that? >> that's a miracle.
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>> friday funny! [ laughter ] a little slow on the uptake today. >> it's still summer. okay. a little boy was visiting a very wealthy uncle's house, and he was playing around because kids do, and accidentally tipped over a large, old vase and it shattered on the ground. the uncle became extremely angered and yelled, look what you have done! do you even know how old that vase was? it was from the 17th century. oh, good. at least it wasn't new. >> that's good. that is good. you don't go halfway in. you go in the deep end. >> it's the curls. i'm highly wound. >> you'll be very busy this weekend. >> i'll be at the golden nugget hotel and casino in new jersey tonight for the international wine fest. it kicks off -- >> you'll be there with your stuff?
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straight? >> a lot like that. >> it is going -- you know what i'm going to do? i'm going to make it huge just for tonight. i can make this so big, it would take up the whole frame. >> you could? >> from 8:00 to 10:00. i'm going to stay up late tonight. it goes through saturday night. >> are you going to be there saturday night? >> no, i have to go to regis' birthday party. >> that's right because regis is? he's 85. mother and son in the new film "the hollars." this isn't the first time they've teamed up. a surprise blaro >> they'll not believe it. >> aren't they cute together? marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! s?? polo! marco...! polo! scusa? ma io sono marco polo, ma... marco...! playing "marco polo" with marco polo? surprising. ragazzini, io sono marco polo. s?, sono qui... what's not surprising? how much money amanda and keith saved
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he's known as the sarcastic but loveable jim from "the office." she is the two-time emmy winning actress from dramas like "justified" and "the americans." john krasinski and margo martindale play mother and son in a new movie that john not only stars in but directs. it's called "the hollars. fts it centers around a dysfunctional family dealing with grim medical news. >> i told you. >> what's are you talking about? >> well -- might have been some symptoms before today. >> why wouldn't you get those checked out? >> he sent me to jenny craig. >> i thought it was a weight thing.
2:24 am
>> that's called a dramedy. how are you? >> fantastic. >> good to see you. >> good to see you guys. >> john, was margo your first call when you were thinking about casting this movie? >> she was my only call. if i'm really honest, i don't know that i would have directed the movie had she said no. that's how important she is not only to me but to the movie. >> tell us why? >> for me, i don't think that -- you can't get any better than her. >> oh, john, really? >> she sent me a bag of money this morning so i get to say whatever i want. no, i think that she plays real in a way in every single character. she's never the same and yet she plays it so real you believe her. you just said justified and the americans. those are two totally different roles. each time i watched, i said that's it. >> nominated again. >> hello. >> yeah, yeah. >> where do you put those awards?
2:25 am
>> when john called you, margo, was it a quick yeah, or -- >> it was, let me read it. >> next time, call my agent. do not call me at home. >> exactly. >> and it was immediate, absolutely. >> the chemistry is undeniable between you two. and it's been undeniable for years. you guys worked together a long, long, long time ago. didn't you? >> we did. >> what was it in? >> about 16 years ago, my first job ever. >> i was the star of t >> it was a commercial about? >> what was it for? >> marshall's. >> is this it? >> oh, my god! no way. what? i thought you were lying about that story. i didn't know it was real. >> look at you guys from back then? >> what am i doing with my face? >> we want to thank the people from marshall's who found that for us.
2:26 am
>> that's incredible. >> remember that experience working together? >> absolutely. i fell in love with him that day. >> obviously you adored working with her because you said i want margo. i got to see her again. >> 100%. i remember i went home that day and said, all that stuff we heard about hollywood people is not true. i found a nice one. that's what i said. >> that's that texas upbringing. don't you think? >> the whole cast in this is pretty a-list. it's amazing. >> i will say as soon as you get someone like margo in your movie, you'd be surprised how fast everybody jumps on. richard jenkins said i like the script and said if you get margo martin dale i'll do it. i wrote back ha, ha, ha. he said, i'm not kidding. >> the domino effect. >> you were attached to this for about six years. just to be in it. and then things fell out as they often do in these kind of -- money usually. >> i was attached as an actor a while ago. yeah. >> you bought it?
2:27 am
own and then call all the people that owe me. yes, it's awesome. >> you guys are awesome. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for that commercial. oh, my god. >> oh, my goodness. >> and the movie is called "the hollars" in theaters today. >> thank you, guys. how to turn your kid into a mini mogul. plus, we'll dig into sweet treats for try-day friday after this. someone's hacked all our technology. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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it is time for okay/not okay. we were asked whether it was cool to call out fans during a concert. here's what hoda and i had to say about that. >> hoda, there's a big
2:31 am
rude to other fans in the case of the latter, yes, it's fine. >> i say this. i say they played a pretty penny to see you perform and unless the fan is totally out of control, let it slide. >> what if it ruins your whole experience. you paid for tickets too. >> let it slide, let it slide. >> don't let it slide. don't let it slide. >> what are those things? >> that's going to be a hit. it's try-day friday. we're going to give this a try. this is m >> tomorrow, saturday, is national banana pudding day. so they have a new limited edition. it's peanut butter banana pudding with nutter butter. >> available through sunday. >> oh, my gosh! i want to put my face in it. >> i'm so happy. guess who is coming up next? susan welch after this. ?? ?? approaching medicare eligibility?
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?? back now on this try-day friday. to be an adult to start your own business we have news for you. >> it's never too early to become an entrepreneur like gabby who invented her own hair barrettes at just 9 years old. >> how cute she is. >> or 11-year-old micah who brings his neighbor's trash cans to and from the curb for a few bucks each week. or the future veterinarian ava who launched her own dog walking service while on vacation. here to help you raise your own mini mogul is career expert
2:36 am
>> hi, there. that's right. i've got a few pointers on how you can foster the entrepreneurial spirit. we sat down with 16-year-old sandra cunningham who is in the seventh year of her small business venture and loving every second of it. >> when i was nine years old i loved my doll. >> every day when my dad went off to work, i'd ask him about it. >> sandra never expects to become an entrepreneur but it was a simple no from her dad balm. you should make your own. >> i thought about it. i said, how do you make lip balm. what goes into it? that's when me and my mom decided to research. >> we found a cool website where we were able to order kits. we can do this. i'm thinking mother/daughter bonding time. something really easy. let's order a kit. >> after the initial legwork it was time for tamar and sandra to take it to the next level. >> i came across the kid biz program through the small
2:37 am
after that moment we went from zandra the 10-year-old with a hobby to becoming a brand. >> i felt so accomplished. >> once i realized she was transitioning her hobby into a business i had to transition myself from father into an investor. she's not asking for $2 lip balm anymore. she's asking for some serious financing. now we have to look at risk analysis on this. i see that she worked hard. all kinds of things to legitimize her business. quite frankly as an investor, zandra sold me. >> running a small business means wearing many hats. >> it's important she understand every aspect of this business so as it grows, when she starts to create more jobs and more opportunities for girls that's are going to come behind her, she can sympathize with them because they'll be working jobs that she worked as she rose. >> and along with that understanding comes sharing her wisdom. >> when i was 14 years old, i
2:38 am
>> it's exciting to watch zandra up on a stage whether it's a ted talk or traveling the world. she's doing her own thing and we're very proud of that. >> ever the entrepreneur, zandra is constantly looking ahead. >> so what's next for zandra is possibly getting mass partnerships. i want to be in stores all across the world. >> before she jet sets around the globe there are still a few things she needs to learn. >> i taught her how to balance a budget, market her business and the next challenge is teaching her how to drive. >> what a great -- >> i know. i want to buy stock in zandra. >> she can take it public? >> eventually. i'm sure he she has an amazing future as a businesswoman and entrepreneur in front of her. she's spectacular. >> she's parents did it right? they followed her passion and taught her how to do it. >> they let her see failure was okay. going out there and hearing nos were okay. they were just opportunities to learn and grow.
2:39 am
the father could have said, get a babysitting job to get your lip balm. >> is that the secret for parents who have kids that might have great ideas. >> if your kid has an idea you want to nurture it and build it. maybe your kid doesn't. you want to inspire them -- >> what do you want to the? >> a lot of kids have superheroes they look up and nationally known entrepreneurs. >> other kid entrepreneurs. say, show your value. i am really inspired by that person. that's a real superhero. they've created jobs. they're growing their lives. opening up opportunities. tell them you think entrepreneurs are heroes. >> complaints are not a bad thing. >> one way to inspire the spirit in your kid is every time they complain about something turn into the a company.
2:40 am
could you come up with another company. a little truck? get them thinking about every time they think something is wrong with the world, what is the solution? is that an opportunity that might be a business. change their mindset about business. >> i love it! >> sell, sell, sell. >> you're on fire. >> i love these topics. business is selling. it is. everybody in business sells -- >> i'd buy anything from him. >> he's very cute. already making a fortune. when you are an entrepreneur, you have to sell yoursel part of it is putting into your kids the self confidence to know they can make a mistake and hear a no and that's just a learning opportunity. like zandra, if they want to start a business like the kids we saw in the beginning, help them out. help them sell. >> you are awesome. so inspiring. >> i think young entrepreneurs are the future. >> that's awesome. >> absolutely. thank you, sweetie. dinner at your doorstep. madeleine has the info you need to chew over before you order
2:41 am
going to blow you away, all under 50 bucks. >> stop it. i don't believe it. she said the price tag is on it. read it. i love that my shop isf the morning ritual around here. people rely on that first cup and i wouldn't want to mess with that. but when (my) back pain got bad, i couldn't sleep. i had trouble getting there on time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. f that can last into the morning. ? look up at a new day...? hey guys! now i'm back.
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if you enjoy cooking and trying new foods but don't always have the time to plan, shop and prep all the dinners, then this might be exactly what you're looking for. >> madeleine, we love the woman. she checked out some of the meal delivery services and has the lowdown to help you figure it out if it's right for you. you always wonder about these. >> is it convenient? is it costly? i tried all of these out -- >> it's convenient. >> it's convenient for some people.
2:45 am
you get just what you need for the meals. no obligation. >> we waste an awful lot. >> if you like to cook or cook with your partner, especially with your children, you get all the things you want and a lot of different ingredients you -- >> it would be a fun thing to try. >> what's this one? >> this is hello fresh. >> when you order -- we ordered some meals for two people. these are servings for two. the real advantage, this is all fresh and great. gets delivered in a great way. >> it's something they'll tell you during the day but the protein comes packed in dry ice and the advantage especially of hello fresh is you have a single box. so you know for the recipes, here's the stuff you need. some of them just say -- >> sort it out and -- >> and it does look fresh. and it also gives you, all of them give you the calories, fat, salt, fiber. if you are watching those things. >> so you'd give that an "a." >> they get an "a."
2:46 am
you can sort all of this out. >> this is tara's kitchen. this is what is called a vessel. it's this giant thing that is pretty heavy and all these little shelves. so same concept. a little pricier, about $12.50 a meal. and it gives you beautiful stuff. >> can you see over here? look how beautiful that is. >> $12.50 a meal. if you think about what it costs to go out to do that. >> and you're doing a lot of the legwork. something about this, people complain about, you get an onion and have to chop it. >> prechopped. this stuff comes premade. if you have 40 minutes, you come home from work and -- >> even i don't complain about that. >> isn't it better if you just dump it in, it's already chopped. >> it's really convenient. >> do you send it back? >> you send it back and they use it up to 100 times. >> so there's no waste. >> no waste. >> i likey.
2:47 am
>> this is generous. >> blue apron. i've heard about them. >> they were among the first and are very popular. their price point is great. it's $10 a serving, a meal -- $10 a meal. and this is great. this is a serving. >> is that chicken? it is chicken. >> looks delicious. >> and one thing, it all comes together. sort out the products differently but it's really a great -- >> this is biodegradable. you throw this out. >> this is all recyclable. >> the fish and the salad looks delicious. what i made looked close to their pictures. we have professional stylists. this is aspirational. even mine didn't look like that. >> now here's one thing. people will say i don't want to cook. i just want the stuff delivered. muncherie local to new york and some other cities across the country. but every city has this. you order and it comes fresh to your door, already prepared. all you have to do is heat it up. this is something that -- >> i would want this one.
2:48 am
$8 up to $17 or so. >> wow. >> you want to try the fish? >> the fish is great. chicken is great. really a nice option. >> i hope you are going to like this. unfortunate if you don't. >> a big bite. nice bite of that. >> i love to watch hoda eat. >> is it good? >> mm. >> see? >> delicious. >> it's a good one. >> and for people that like smoothies, you get a big box full of produce. for $50 they send five recipes with enough ingredients to make ten smoothies. >> madeleine, love you. for more on these meal delivery service goes to what do they all have in common? >> they're all young. >> they've all been seen rocking bomber jackets and liliana has
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liliana. time to bring up the bomber jackets. >> we like it. >> you're starting a new trend with the bomber. jacket layered on a jacket. >> i think this could work. >> i think the trend is born. right here. >> there you go. this is a super versatile trend for the fall. updates your jean jacket, a blazer. the way one of my favorite style stis she's known for wearing it really casual with some jeans. she's showing us this cute jacket. >> sort of oversized. >> that's how you should wear them, a little bigger. easy top. distressed jeans. easy sneakers. she's a mom on the go. wants something easy, but still fashionable. i think this is the perfect look for her. >> very cute. >> as always, under $50 because it's luxe for less. >> what's laurie wearing? >> a more dressed up version. diane kruger was wearing one similar to this.
2:54 am
you can wear it to work with a turtle neck, beautiful skirt, great pleats. and i've got to show you the back of the jacket. this is from a company called a bad day. how gorgeous is all of that embroidery. still under $50. rocking it like a style star. >> what's mable wearing? >> mable is showing us how kendall jenner likes to wear it. which is more of a sporty on my way to the gym or on my way from the gym. quilted bomber jacket from h&m. crop top for workout leggings. you wa t starts to get cooler. this is very ladylike and sleek. hadid was showing it over a slip dress. slip dresses are huge for fall and adding the bomber takes it to the next level. this is available at vicci collection. tone on tone. >> this is like a peachy. >> very pretty. >> mix the textures to create separation between the pieces. >> thank you, ladies. we'll be back in just a moment.
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back-to-school style created with our sponsor, kohl's. >> we want you to share your back-to-school photos. >> many of you have already been sending us adorable snapshots. look at this. >> oh, look at that. >> fourth and first graders. >> kelly with her two cute kids. check out vicki gonzalez. next one. >> aw. >> first day of fifth grade.
2:59 am
no, that's not maya. i don't think so. she sent in this photo of her son jordan. >> how cool is that? >> i can't handle it. >> tonya sent in this pick of her daughter isabella who wants to grow up to be a puppy doctor. >> michelle sent in -- >> who is that? her son getting ready for third grade. >> that was awesome. as part of their partnership with adopt a classroom, kohl's is donating $5 for every first day picture shared with thei hashtag until august 28th. >> that's going to add up. >> i like that. >> kohl's will donate a minimum of $250,000 up to a million to adopt a this is huge, everybody. please just go to to learn more. >> coming up next week, cyndi lauper will stop by. she's got some news to share. also performances by ingrid michaelson. we love her. especially hoda adores her and chase rice. >> love chase. plus, everything for back-to-school. >> i don't want to go back to school.
3:00 am
everybody. >> we're going to see you on monday. >> fun day monday. my mission is simple, make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. friends, i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain but educate and teach, so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. every night i come out here and tell you what happened during the day, why it happened and what can you do with the information. i do it in order to help you be a better do it yourself investor or better client. i do it with a spectacular team


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