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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  August 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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breaking news this morning shots on the strep gunfire rings out for them miracle mile the chaos coming up right now on news 3 live today. debate over stadium continues diehard fans are waiting. how las vegas readying for raiders. a man arrested after his roommate was found shot to death. coming up where this all happened news 3 live today starts right now. live from las vegas this is news 3 live today. live look at the sunny las vegas today sunday now here's a
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>> we have a date with some sunshine today after all those clouds yesterday. we've got a sunrise at 10 past the hour you can see it's imminent here nice flash of light there in the eastern sky and no clouds to obscure it this morning. as has been the case in some previous mornings. 65 degrees shades of things to come almost feeling like fall on the west side of the valley. humidity is going to be coming down as well the dew point temperature. little warmer when you get to the central valley at 75 down on the strip with the barometer to 9.9 inches of mercury. you see generally 70s around but we have a 68 anthem out in summerlin and also over blue diamond almost in the 60s, 71
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check out your neck of the woods 75 down at lake mead marina 70 and prompt and 67 up at indian springs. there's the upper atmospheric low it went through gave us a little excitement over the end of the work week and beginning of the weekend but things have quieted down right now as you can see our skies are clear. if you're planning your day today, by midmorning 85 degrees with light winds 95 by midafternoon and 96 early evening afternoon high of 98 so noticeably warmer than yesterday but as a dew points fall through the afternoon hours it will also be noticeably drier. hotter for the first day of school i will have that forecast up ahead. breaking news this morning metro police altercation between two men led to a shooting happened around 1:27 am at the planet hollywood miracle mile entrance. police say one man pulled out a handgun and shot the victim.
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non-life-threatening injuries and within the hour police have said the suspect is in custody. good las vegas become greater nation? time is running out to make a serious play at becoming the new home of the team that deals hinges on guaranteeing a new stadium for the nfl franchise in a giant price tag to make that happen. but that's not stopping raider fans from embracing them as their local team already. >> las vegas and already call the raiders the home team. >> raider the first glimpse of this proposed 65,000 seat stadium but it comes with a hefty point tag at $1.9 billion. >> we know that were going to the best stadium in the world pickers the stadium still far from a done deal. the corporation says it will walk if it doesn't get the $750 million commitment and public investment coming in the form of a room tax. >> senior vice president says the stadium is an investment in
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>> the commissioner steve says critical of the deal on the table. specifically how much funding the public will be on the hook for. >> we keep dancing around it will not sing exactly how far the public part would be willing to go. >> there's always room on of the nfl wants to see a strong public commitment about. >> a moped rider is dead after he was hit by a car in henderson. happened before 9:00 p.m. on saturday. near warm springs and boulder highway. mail moped rider hit by a car he died at the scene according to henderson police. the driver pulled over is cooperating with investigators because of the crash.
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one roommate dead and another in custody suspected of murder. henderson police releasing this mug shot of a 20-year-old michael he is being held at the henderson detention center this morning. on an open murder charge. this after a neighbor called 9-1-1 saturday morning at the hearing gunshots near nevada state drive in the us route 93. police arrived at the home they found a man shot to death. police say it appears a suspect and the victim were roommates. one other persas home at the time of the shooting. she was not hurt in the incident. this is the six homicide in henderson this year. another deadly shooting to tell you about this one happening in north las vegas. happened early saturday morning police were called to a neighborhood near commerce and carry on castle street. they found a 19-year-old man shot in the road. he was pronounced dead at the scene.
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of violence. they're asking anyone to help the investigation to do so by calling crime stoppers. las vegas first public school got more than $12 million renovation. the historic westside school was dedicated saturday morning the school first opened in 1923. as a bridge of the las vegas grammar school. also the first in the city to integrate african-american students in 1940s. construction crew spent 18 months restore the school the classroomsl meeting an exhibit space and offices the property was close to the 1950s. on the state national register of historic places. one of the biggest entertainers in las vegas is selling some of his quote wacky knickknacks. penn and emily gillett started selling up items from the bazaar a-frame property known as the slammer. the 8000 square-foot home located near wigwam and rainbow in the southwest valley to lets moved out of the house in the last year after 23 years there.
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it can be leveled. everything was up for sale including furniture appliances and what they called some wacky knickknacks. it's a big big house. almost everyone i knew that got divorced spent six weeks living here. their stuff is being sold to. >> once the home is knocked down it will be filmed and used as part of a movie that penn is a part of the 10 acre lot will eventually be redeveloped. coming up next it's a pedestrian bridge collapses under busy highway.will take you to england to show the damages. an incredible story of survival. a two man is to cast away were
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14 americans are killed in a mass shooting inspired by isis. in the aftermath, congressman joe heck had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns. heck voted "no." 23 times. individuals on the fbi terror watch list have purchased firearms over 2,000 times. it's not just that joe heck does nothing to stop them. it's that he's voted to let them keep doing it.... 23 times. senate majority pac is responsible for the content
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they're e bringing drugs, they'e brigning crime, they're rapists... you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes... blood coming out of her...wherever [pledge continues in background] you gotta see this guy; "oh, i don't know what i said. ah, i don't remember." i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters... get him the hell out of here... get him out of here! get out!
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island. welcome back. italy national day of mourning on saturday for the newly 20 300 victims of wednesday's earthquake. the state funeral for 35 of the
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orders caught and held each other in a sweltering community gym as local bishop removed the lives lost including a nine-year-old girl. petition bridge collapsed a busy highway. in england landing on a truck and sending a motorcyclist into the pavement. the road shut down on a busy holiday weekend causing major delays but no one was seriously hurt. police say a piece of heavy equipment on the back of the tru fell onto a second truck. a story of survival ripped from a movie plot the us coast guard says a straight a pair of boaters were rescued friday after crews saw their sos and the sand on an uninhabited island in micronesia. u.s. navy aircraft responded the pair on the beach the location of to the coast guard in guam. the two had no emergency equipment with them within
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report of the couples 18 foot vessel going missing on august 19. the two departed the island on 17th there expected to arrive at their destination on time at him island the next day. on wednesday ship noticed flashing lights from the island the two were later found. the u.s. navy was alerted spotted the survivors on the beach. coming up next her story went viral now she has been reunited with something she
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ts. welcome back. time to look at your weekend weather forecast. >> we have fall. it's not like new england, new hampshire but it gets cool i can't wait for october september can be pretty nice too. although it can start out slightly toasty were starting to get some overnight lows and outlying areas in the 60s. that's a lot better than bottoming out the low 90s which we do at the height of summer. let's go over and look and east side i promised you a sunrise earlier it was at 6:10 you can see starting to there we go there she blows. to the eastern skies meanwhile
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and you can see clear skies. nothing moving in from the east or the west. 77 degrees on the east side. pecos and bonanza east wins barely noticeable humidity is elevated as is the dewpoint of 55 degrees. pressure coming up as well. these numbers the humidity and dew point will be heading down this afternoon. northwest valley stricken back elementary centennial area 72 degrees the dewpoint elevated down in anthem 68 degrees. some 60s down there that's still some little elevation there. light wins 55 percent relative humidity. we do have some 60s. 60 blue diamond very cool over there and 68 on summerland alley on day and at 69 degrees. looking around the region 55 that natural air conditioning up on mount charleston at the large pit 70 over and east in clark county. 49 up at po she that's a shade
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officially for the airport out at the top of the hour las vegas listed at 75 degrees. 54 and tone of a city through the city of angels and 56 up at reno. a low pressure upper atmosphere glow moves through gave us some excitement on friday and early sunday but it's through now in a rich building and you can see our skies are clear nothing on valley doppler and all were looking at a fairly committee yesterday will hit 90. we should be up about 98 today but that still below normal. dryer air will filter in east wind 5 to 10 closer to five i think. and then highs today around the region warmer than yesterday but not too many triple digits are we looking at. it will be about hundred on a lake mead with water
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93. tonight first school night of the year kids. mostly clear 76 degrees at least don't hit the books. i don't think you have homework yet. looking ahead school starts on monday and is usually hot for the first day of school. it will be this year 103 degrees. 104 on tuesday low 100s on thursday subsiding a bit on thursday with breezes by afternoon and then not quite as hot friday and saturday will be in the upper 90s. we have a story we brought you a couple of days ago. a local mother who lost all of her treasured family photo albums has been reunited with those memories. as her appeal went viral on social media it all started with a phone call that led to an emotional meeting. with a stranger. >> danica weinberg has rehearsed in her head what she's going to say.
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just 24 hours ago danica made a plea for help her handmade family photo albums went missing after a mixup at her moms storage facility. >> today a thank you to the role a couple who bought danica storage unit and saw her plea for help on the evening >> and then the moment danica has been waiting for. >> i'm feeling very emotional right now. this is stuff that would've been lost forever. everybody helped me.
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nearly lost forever. i'm glad that i have them now. >> that reaffirm my faith in humanity. >> a picture-perfect day danica sure to remember forever. >> pretty special story there. >> is ready with a look at sports. vs someone from texas what the state motto is they will tell you don't mess with texas if yes the same person what this sport is in the state that tell you football. last night bishop gorman they put the 39 game winning streak on the line and messed with texas is top team cedar hill. early on it was a messing up this call the call the fumble on the punt game cedar hill
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davis otd toss and the gills were in a whole but they come back about a state player of the year running back all walsh 54 yard touchdown two first-half touchdowns. 17-7. deals of the half third quarter marquise foreman on a fake punt and foreman is going to put on a good one here. look at all the cutbacks taking all the way to the house. 72 yards cut the gorman lead to just three. it's fitting that his name is foreman because all he comes right back walsh. gales worked on martel tate martel the quarterback about two more rushing touchdowns. this one from 30. gorman will be the number one team in the land next week at the top two high school teams lose in the poll 44-14 gorman winds now pretty straight. preseason game for the raiders. all the hype of the new stadium rendering has local fans fired
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they were hosting tennessee and another former gorman gail demarco murray in the touchdown for the titans 7-0. derek comes back finds deandre washington for touchdown in the car find a mario cooper touched a quick one point lead but the titans get the best of the raiders in the second half winning 27-14 point former rebel override more top five of the barclays when the day began. fedex cup playoffs. how about plus one for the rebel golfer he fell in the standings but another former scott 45 foot putt for birdie. six under these three shots off the lead rickie fowler he gets the pretty default he took over the lead patrick reed knocked down that birdie putt and he is in second's rickie fowler patrick reed and adam scott going to the final round today at the barclays. how about the xfinity series road race yesterday afternoon america 180 brendan gone in the south point car running strong.
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crash on the third lap spends everybody around there but don was in second place trying to catch leader michael mcdowell but did not have enough horsepower in that 62 s. point car he takes seconds mcdowell gets the win the cup race will go today. at michigan. finally lassoed the final home game of the year for the 51s brendan received his valuable player award for the game gets salt lake year not be making the playoffs. johnny mundell in a single gap in the first inning big first inning for the 51. travis tyrone rbi single as well. six runs in the first. 51s get the win. 9-0. >> that's gonna do it for sports. mcdonald southern nevada have announced the annual make activities count grant program for all southern nevada
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to $500 in grant funds here mcdonald's owner operator thank you so much for joining us. >> explain your role here and why you got involved? >> a passion the last two years to support the school in every way we can. we love to do things and we came up with this grant program where we recognize and give funds for teachers that very creative. to do things in the so we give up to $500 for the teacher that gets selected for the school for the class project. we doing that for a few years and this year we committed to another $50,000 for that. so there's hundred educator that going to be receiving this. >> why is it important to give to the teachers. we talk about raising funds.
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the teachers need some help. why get involved with that?>> mcdonald's looking into involving with the school for many years. we do ronald mcdonald house scholarships. we do fundraiser to contribute to that.we do a lot of different activities teacher night. those kind of things for us to support our local schools. all across c that we do things in the committee because we are part of the community. and that's our passion. >> right down the street from there. that's where your shop is located. what about that school about having a committee feel in las vegas? >> for us we have students from rancho high the works in a
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them. they come to eat there. it's important that we do things within the community especially the needs for the school. whatever we can help support them in the school we love to do it. >> you mentioned creativity. is that something you look for a teacher?>> absolutely. when the teacher submits the what they want to do we go for selective process and we pick out the one that does love to we commit certain fun so we can only give certain amount. but we look at creativity. some of them it's outstanding teacher have some activities that very imaginative the students are very committed to learning through different ways. it's good for us to do it.
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and kind of what to look for when you read the applications. >> the teacher applies through clark county school district partnership program. we have all the instructions for them how to apply for it but the day is now open until october 3 is a deadline day. we are open the process on the 19th of august.we already got 30 applications in already. please apply through october 3. >> what kind of stuff to look for. what is the number one thing you want out of a teacher that you're going to give money to. >> were looking for the teacher that get the student involved in a lot of hands-on things and also we look for things that out-of-the-box. those things are going to help the teacher and the student to move forward.
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6:30 am right now is scary situation passengers a terrifying mom aboard a southwest plane. coming up with the plane engine failed midflight. trumpet treats donald trump taking to social media commenting on dwayne wade cousins death.
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creepy crawlers tarantulas in the valley not uncommon. will tell you why the massive spiders are out in force and why you should not be afraid. news 3 live today starts now. good morning thank you for joining us taking a live look at the las vegas valley. today is sunday it's a beautiful day outside. a look down there toward the weather. not a bad one. >> i'm going to try and see the future. it's going to be warmer today we be looking at the sunrise coming up no clouds to secure it this morning. six:10 was the official sunrise. we get 60s around the valley
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relative humidity but those numbers will be coming down pit wins not a big deal today. 73. our downtown las vegas studios. on the far east side of it 75/11 oh in cortez elementary. upper atmospheric low-cost a little excitement meter logically on friday and early saturday but that's now well past us and no impact on us. our skies will be clear a few clouds rolled through overnight but we today. and lots of it. mid-80s by midmorning. mid-90s by mid afternoon early evening about 96 degrees down from afternoon high of 98. triple digits there with their way. first day of school on monday and it will be hotter all of that forecast for you up ahead john back to you. terrifying moments for passage on board a southwest plane flight from new orleans to orlando. what an engine failed midflight. take a look at this. passengers say they heard loud
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mechanical issues. officers oxygen mask drop from the ceiling the 99 passengers and five crew members aboard the pilot and crew try to keep everyone calm made an emergency landing in pensacola. the plane landed safely. look at the images. no one was hurt. the aircraft punctured by debris officials say it could've been much worse. passengers say now though take safety instructions seriously. they praised the crew an airline company for handling the terrifying. southwest the aircraft now out of service. both southwest and the national transportation safety board are investigating what exactly happened. dispute involving uber driver led to the shooting of
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they say two men had an argument with the driver that escalated into a shooting on friday.nikia aldridge was then caught in the crossfire while pushing her three week old child in a stroller. she died 45 minutes after the incident on chicago's south side. her infant was not injured. police are there interrogating to persons of interest while the uber driver also in custody. none of the three as a suspect. donald trump tweeted that the fatal shooting of dwayne wade cousin will make african-americans vote for him. trump has been courting african-american voters telling them their lives quote cannot get any worse if he's elected president. the gop presidential candidate misspelled weights first name. in the to you. >> ex-wife of donald trump new campaign ceo steve bannon said bannon made anti-somatic remarks about their daughter's school.
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court papers filed 20 years ago that bannon didn't want his twin daughters going to school with the jews. picard made the declaration as part of a dispute over child support. spokeswoman for urbana disputed the claim saying " probably sent the girls to archer for the middle and high school education. the right race for the white house heating up with hillary clinton and donald trump both throwing mud on each other but it's very tuchman reports they are the first candidates to get dirty on the campaign trail. >> reporter: hypocrite godless atheist who said it? trump or clinton? well neither. it was an associate of jefferson and adams trading barbs. that's thomas jefferson and john adams. >> a man you can bait with a tweet. >> lying crooked hillary. >> the fact is all this name-calling and dirty campaigning is nothing new. the election of 1828 john quincy adams versus andrew jackson and another political
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asserting that jackson didn't know how to spell. too uneducated to become president while newspapers portrayed his wife rachel is a short fat dumpling. jackson shot back. leaving the adams had sold his wife's made as a concubine to the czar of russia. election of 1860 to the political slugfest. this time abraham lincoln versus stephen douglas. douglas accusing lincoln of temperance. timing that lincoln himself had once operated a grocery store that sold hard liquor. causing quite a stir. we could reply, that that was the case, then surely douglas was his best customer. >> and election of 1912 theodore roosevelt called his opponent taft if that had with the brains of a guinea pig. taft in turn called roosevelts followers number of neurotics. martin campaign seen a fair share of nastiness too.
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nomination. that is until the conservative manchester union leader newspaper ran two pieces. one article cited by the nixon white house. accusing him of using racial slurs against french americans. the second apply musk his wife enjoyed smoking drinking and cursing and unladylike way. it was also reported that the time cried. sending a message that he couldn't handle the heat. and sitting his campaign into a tailspin. in 1988 george hw bush let loose on mike dukakis. asserting he did support the military. stating that dukakis thought a naval exercise is something you find in jane fonda is exercise books. bush went on to win.
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campaign. those primary opponent john mccain had fathered a legitimate black child. his daughter bridget was actually adopted from bangladesh. but the false rumor had it in tainted effect stalling mccains momentum. bush of course went on to win. another example of how even though it's ugly, it can work. send new study out that students ma the teacher is attractive. coming up will tell you if that
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after this. today's healthwatch. two students learn more from good-looking teachers and professors. students lectures that were delivered by professors they found attractive. lead author of the study says all boys down to mother nature. teenagers more likely to vaping for the flavoring and easter grits rather than the nicotine university michigan researchers surveyed more than 13,000 students about their use of e-cigarettes about 3800 said they had baked at least once around two thirds of those only
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nicotine. less than 20 percent bait with nicotine and if you said they baked marijuana. on the widespread hpv vaccination could prevent over 90 percent of related cancers many adolescents are not protected. the center for disease control reports only 60 percent of teen girls and 50 percent of boys have started with hpv vaccination subseries. comparison more than 80 percent of teens have received the t depth and meningitis vaccines. coming up aft not for the squeamish tarantulas are everywhere nowadays. why the arachnids are set to scare us all coming up next. coming up its back.
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december last year. 14 americans are killed in a mass shooting inspired by isis. in the aftermath, congressman joe heck had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns. heck voted "no." 23 times. individuals on the fbi terror watch list have purchased firearms over 2,000 times. it's not just that joe heck does nothing to stop them. it's that he's voted to let them keep doing it.... 23 times. senate majority pac
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about the welcome back. jerry is back with your weather. >> your first part i deliver. yesterday we tied a record for the coolest maximum temperature of the day. we only had nine degrees we were in the 80s all day. to be closer to 100 of eight or nine degrees. let's go over and take a look at our skies and this is a view from the lovely las vegas springs preserve. not a bad place to go today
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up to sell the sun glistening there off of some of our strip towers. we are going to plenty of sunshine today. 75 degrees on the far east side lake mead. northeast valley 75 degrees sandy miller elementary north northeast wind at four. humidity is elevated as is the dew point temperature but those will be coming down. those figures but on the west side cimmaron memorial over the sp 3 to 5 miles an hour we do have some 60s around outlying areas boulder city airport in at 60 degrees at the top of the hour. it 75 at our downtown studios. 74 downtown henderson. summerlin pala birdie high 71. mountains edge and at 73 degrees. 58 up on the mountain. 269 over prompt valley high boulder city 73 and 76 down the colorado river valley and love laughlin.
6:47 am
about on friday and early saturday. but today were going to be talking sunshine. you can see clear skies over southern nevada as we go into a valley doppler there ain't nothing there as they used to say in brockville. 98 degrees today noticeably warmer than yesterday's 90. uv index of the very high range dryer air will filter in around the region. 97 over in mesquite and 99 in pahrump 96 in boulder city all afternoon highs if you're headinwn last weekend of summer for the schoolkids anyway. 100 degrees with a one attempts of 81 lots of sunshine and mountain temperatures 75 up the lodge to 93 at red rock white wins and make a mountain race. for school night of the year but no homework assigned you go out and enjoy. 76 degrees about where our normal is of 77. and seven day forecast first
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today. up five degrees to 103. even warmer on tuesday, 104. and then back down to 103 on wednesday. and then some breezes blow back down toward the 90s we should be there by next weekend. overnight lows in the range in the mid-70s to around 80 degrees. we still have some triple digit heat etc. come back and that will start on monday. john. brought some greenery to the studio. >> these are a form of succulent from south africa various areas of that part of the world. they are two succulents. the called callan co. we are calling go depending on how you want to pronounce it. my best friend cause him calling goes i call him callan co. is he always corrects me.
6:49 am
colorations. the most familiar ones are the ones in flour we see those a lot in our casinos. kind of like a mom and that they stay in flour a long time. and add color to your home inside and out. they will freeze so they make great containerized plants. or that protected area of your home that little. they come in different leaf sizes a lot of them have what we call pubescence which is kind of a get six or eight feet tall the one in front of the desk that one is called jurassic kale. it will get treelike. for kids that like dinosaurs this would be a good one. >> when we talked desert landscape these kind of ideal for what you're talking about?
6:50 am
>> full disclosure.i had succulents at my wedding not long ago we give them out as presents. i've had a bunch of people call me say how do i not kill this. >> is supposed to be easy to take care of are they? >> yes they are. of the first things i do i go to the nursery by something like this i let it continue to flour bluff going to plant it outside repotted i take it out on the they do put them in a heavy soil mix. as you can see this guy right here i put it in a nice ceramic container pickers you see this a lot kind of a ceramic container. >> you want well drained. get some cactus soil. repotted and get this really heavy soil out of it. that's important. >> when it comes to sunlight in exposure, of these kind of just leave in the sun?
6:51 am
afternoon shade with them. them on that patio or entranceway where they get the morning sun but not the heat. >> can you bring them back they start to welter a look a little --. it depends. if they brought it cut it off and rerouted. >> he has little babies here so you can those will fall off as part of these did. and they will >> where'd you get them? so if you want to get succulents. >> to shop around at various nurseries. the big box stores get them in and sometimes i get really rare unusual things there thrown on the truck. >> you have to shop around. most of these i did bite a big box store except for this one i dug up in a friend's yard. >> did he know about it? >> yes. [laughter] are not always. ones like this i broke these
6:52 am
>> how quickly do they grow? >> this was about a year old and he was a few inches when i stuck them in my pocket. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> coming up next big i pledge allegiance, to the flag [continues in background] blood coming out of her...wherever [pledge continues in background] you gotta see this guy; "oh, i don't know what i said. ah, i don't remember." i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters... get him the hell out of here... get him out of here! get out!
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coming up. welcome back. brace yourself for torrential mating season the big spiders will be looking for love. >> little offputting to see something epic. almost everyone has one fear they just can't seem to overcome. for reni it's these eight legged wonders. >> ted pest-control a self-described bug nerd says despite their creepy reputation these critters aren't going to chase you down. they only want one thing right now. typically male tarantulas live in a crack or crevice for seven or eight years at you point though mold go out looking for a mate not long after that will pass on pigments called the
6:56 am
prowl nocturnal creatures on a mission to mate. >> the owner of exotic pets. maybe not cute but these creepy crawlers only bite if you startle hurt them. >> these pests have a purpose. they eat other insects sometimes so if you see one outside, leave it alone. if you find one in your house you may want to call someone like ted. >> there's probably another issue somewhere where is a hole or a gap of pest getting in pickens torrential mating season runs through the end of october so make sure you watch your step. >> good story but i'm still trying to absorb the fact that bigfoot might be a hoax?
6:57 am
you. >> i don't know if those two things of the same.>> trust my forecast though. >> 98 degrees today sunny and warmer yesterday was 90. and tonight the first school night of the year. hey kids get to bed early no homework mostly clear 76 degrees. and as you drive off to school tomorrow you can put athletic shorts going to be 103 degrees. >> it's going to be kind of toasty monday tuesday and
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hillary clinton is a bigot. >> like a bomb fell down. >> just price gouging is morally bankrupt. >> i over exaggerated that story. good morning, and welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist. long time no see. we're happy to be back with you after a two-week olympic break. i'm no simone biles, i can't do a cartwheel. we'll catch up on the presidential campaign and we're hanging out with fred and his old stomping grounds as he presides over "portlandia."


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