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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  August 29, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> kelly: we are looking at lots of sunshine. warmer temperatures today too. layer up. maybe a light sweater. maybe a jacket now. temperatures in the mid 70's. as we head throughout 88 by 9:00 a.m. 98 by noon. for the kids heading home this afternoon we're looking at triple digits. our high 103 at 4:00. we're going to get more in depth coming up. >> tom: we'll start here where we had a stalled vehicle but that's cleared out of the way. we'll take it into the bowl where as we get ready for your first day of school everything
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we'll give you a look at your travel times as well. everything is running in the green. so a great start to your monday morning. >> kim: we take everyone to your alma matter right now. that is rancho high school. tom made it so far from rancho to here, let's check in with craig. the proximity is perfect for live reporting because you can come back to the station and use the restroom if you you are here to get our community ready for back to school. good morning my friend. >> good morning to you. it is a monday morning. thest the first day back to school for almost all students. with it comes stepped up traffic
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prevent dangerous driving. the times of greatest concern is when students are arriving in the morning and leaving in the afternoon. >> you are not going to get a break folks. if you are going over the speed limit in a school zone you are going to get a ticket and it's going to be a hefty fine. that is rancho high school. tom's alma matter there. what is the law here? unless the signs say differently, the speed limit that reduced speed limit is in effect a half hour before school begins and a half hour after school ends. if the signs say differently, follow the signs but the general rule is 15 miles an hour. >> dana: violations in the
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we want you to share the first day of school with us. we're asking parents, teachers, students to grab the cameras. we want to see the back to school photos and videos. share them with us by uploading to >> milan will make available a generic of the epi pen. the company says that they will put out a generic version of the epi pen that will have a list price of $300 for a two pack. it anticipates having the generic versions available in
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>> kim: we take to you central italy for this one and a developing story that is heartbreaking. it has to do with that massive earthquake from last week and the rescue workers continuing to go into building and looking for anymore survivors. that death toll is upsetting and they think it's going to go up. it sits at 290. by tend of the week it could be a dramatically differe firefighters helped retrieve some possessions. firefighters magging to recover toys for kids and also a little bit of food. >> dana: people freaked out at l.a.x. last night. this is a strange scene as you see people that were at l.a.x. were filtering on to the tarmac last night which is normally a big no no. reports of shots
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days, they are bound to freak out a little bit and you can understand why. people were not only going on the tarmac but hiding in bathrooms as well. lapd came into the terminal last night. they had to shut down a none of the terminals and flights as well. they could not find an active shooter but they did find a man dressed as screaming my sword is not real. he was headed to las vegas. we don't believe he was in any way associated with this active shooter situation which turned out to be a false alarm. >> kim: don't travel in costume unless you want to be detained and questioned in face something goes arye.
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some people making it on to the tarmac. wasn't long ago we were talking about a similar incident that freaked everybody outlaw of new york city where people watching the olympics and during one of the track and field events a gun signaled it was time for action, time to start the race and people thought that was gunfire within the terminal. as it was a false alarm, just to reiterate this was another false alarm last far as some of the flights being delayed. >> dana: fur flying out today, call ahead, you are probably going to be ok but make sure. was that ryan lock at the at the vma's? no. looked like him. jimmy fallon dressed like him. what did he have to say? you'll hear it coming up. >> kim: boy did she sleigh it on stage.
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was it a hit or miss and all of the other big time celebrities
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>> you never know what brittney is going to do or wear. this was a subdued look for her which was good. the performance outfit was yellow and crazy. she looked really good >> kim: d.j., all he does is win and sound like he won last night in the fashion arena. >> he looked amazing. he was wearing this tux and he was with his girlfriend who is pregnant on the red carpet. he hosted the preshow and was
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p diddy was a miss. >> he's starting his tour. i would maybe like this outfit for myself but not sure about it on diddy. he's a legend now so i guess we got to give it to him. this was a little off for me. >> kim: and the mr. t look going on. >> and on a good note, i'm loving your dress you have on. you are a fashion hit. melinda will join us live again in our 6:00 hour.
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>> dana: two united airlines pilots taken off of a flight just moments before they were supposed to take off for the united states accused of being drunk. the pilots who haven't been named yet were age 45 and 35. united says that flight to new jersey delayed for 10 hours while the airline got a replacement crew. the pilots were removed from service in scotland and if convicted of these charges face up to two years in prison. >> kim: tom, at 5:14, every time we hear something like , this it freaks me out before i board a flight is anyone giving our pilot a breathalyzer. >> tom: makes you want to poke your head into the cockpit and have a chat with the pilot. outside view shows the city
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we're looking great in the spaghetti bowl interchange. good news starting out your back to school work week. let's talk to kelly about the weather. >> kelly: as the kids are heading back today, it is going to be a sunny one and warm one this afternoon. here is a time lapse look from yesterday. lot of kids going back to school today. lot of sunshine out there yesterday during the m mountains in the afternoon. dry conditions and drier air still making its way into the area right now. temperatures as you are heading out the door, it's looking nice. centennial 77. north las vegas you are at 73. green valley 78. comfortable start this morning. temperatures will be rising so have layers and extra water for later in the afternoon for the walk home from school.
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stay for the next couple of days. our high today 103. have layers and extra water in the backpack for today. 81 is our low with clear skies. tomorrow warmer 105 but after that temperatures trending downward as we head into the weekend. mostly sunny skies in las vegas wednesday, thursday and friday but there is a chance f weather. >> dana: live to the floor of the nasdaq. not a good weekend for cesar's. >> no, it's not. the judge ruled that cesar's must face $11 billion worth of lawsuits. it was looking to be shielded from the lawsuits.
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allegation that the casino reneged on paying bonds. >> dana: so the burning manifest value goes on this week in northern nevada as it has been for the past 25 or so years. appartently people going there shouldn't expect to play pokemon go. >> thank goodness for that. thousands of people are flooding into the dest disconnected reality because the popular pokemon go game doesn't work there. although black rock city appears in the app, there is no pokemon to capture putting to rest any fears that technology is going to alter anybody's burning man experience. >> dana: pokemon is so july anyway. it's ancient history.
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>> dana: you did the right thing. thanks so much. we'll check in again tomorrow. >> kim: as george clooney would call you, you're just an adult, that's all. we take to you this bike ride in england. they are riding their bikes under water. this is odd. this is in wales. it's the world mountain championship. they have to ride a mountain bike trench filled with water. they have a snorkel on. the tires are filled with water to ensure drip on the bottom of the trench. divers there to make sure everyone stays safe. the bikes sink to the bottom. this is the most unusual sight i think i've ever seen as far as a
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having fun. you got to check out this surveillance video. this man lying down on the tracks apparently trying to take his own life when a transit officer comes to the rescue. the two struggle a bit. the guy doesn't want to get off the tracks but he won't give up. seconds before the train arrives at the station this. happened in new jersey recently. victor ortiz is the name of the transit officer with the new jersey transit system saying the organization could proud of that officer. >> kim: back to school also means football season and a lot of people who want the raiders to come to las vegas have reason to be excited this morning. this story continues to develop at a quick pace. we have new information headed your way concerning a proposed stadium. don't go anywhere. >> dana: when you were two, you
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didn't sing them like this little girl. wait until you hear her. >> kimberly: a live look out of los angeles, l.a.x. specifically. we talked about the melee hours ago that happened about 9:00 p.m. last night at l.a.x. where there were reports of shots fired. shots were never fired but as a result people were in complete panic mode. they were running all over the airport. the tarmac. there was a guy dressed as zoro who kept saying it was a fake
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ads for joe heck are attacking my time as attorney general. the thing they left out is the truth. the truth is crime actually went down during my time in office. that's why i've been endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. i'm proud of my record cracking down on meth, protecting seniors from scams, catherine cortez masto. i approve this message because i've spent my career solving problems.
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>> kelly: a nice start as the kids head out the door right now. 70's in many locations.
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by 9:00 this morning 87. 1:00 99.
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>> kim: this is what everyone is talking about today. colin kaepernick is doing something, he is sitting down during the national anthem and he's going to talk about the reason behind it in the water cooler. >> dana: we have these people who lived together for a year. they were strangers at first. not anymore. emerging from a tent after a year. what were they doing for a year? >> kim: as we send to you break. we have a very active system in the waters. it is a tropical depression moving into the southeastern gulf of mexico. the national hurricane centre is reporting this morning that it could soon become a tropical
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>> dana: we'll check in with kelly in just a second. right now we want to find out if we have any traffic issues on this monday. >> tom: i put on my clothes
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and get the tie in order and go to bed like this and when i get up in the morning hop out of bed and come into work. we are out in henderson where everything is in pretty good shape. take you down to the 95 look here and move ate long to the curve. everywhere we look is looking good. nothing but good news now. take it these school zones. now they are in effect. >> kelly: sunglasses, they are going to be a must today. at least the humidity is not so bad. here a look at our day planner. lots of sunshine. temperatures right now in the 70's. you might want to layer up because you are going to need cooler clothing this afternoon.
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down for dinner. grab extra water bottles as you head out the door. just for the walk home from school. >> dana: we're getting new renderings of what a raiders stadium would look like if it was built here if the las vegas valley. michelle joins us live from the number one proposed site. it is on the west of interstate 15 across from the mandalay bay. >> idea of where we are, we're on the west side of the 15 freeway. and that big empty field is one of two lockes that has been narrows down to for this stadium. this is the number one locke. standing out here, it doesn't look like it would be big enough for the renderings we have seen but they say they can make it work. the folks of the sam's
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governor sandoval will get the ball rolling here. as we're waiting for that, we've gotten new pictures of what this flashy stadium would look like. the proescaped pod 65,000 feet stadium comes with a hefty price tag. $1.9 billion. that is nearly $2 billion. that is what they are saying it would take to build this stadium for the raiders if they were to co >> it's going to come entirely from tourist. >> michelle: now the commissioner has been critical of this deal on the trail, specifically how much funding this would cost the public, how
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saying this is not going to affect us. this is going to be a room tax that will mostly affect tourist that come to our city. the pictures, it looks really cool. i don't know how they are going to fit that on to this space here. they say they can make it work. >> i'm sure they are right about that. the infrastructure committee meeting again middle of next month expected to provide recommendations for the state legislature. special session to give the thumbs up on this. >> kim: pope francis leading prayers yesterday for all the victims in the central portion of italy. that is a traditional prayer he does on sunday but he said something new yesterday.
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as possible. he will bring a message of faith and christian hope that. devastating earthquake killing at least 290 people. they are still searching for survivors. there are -- the belief is the death toll is going to go up. we know within the people who lost their lives 11 are romainians and 14 nationals are still members and felons on parole arrested over the weekend for the shooting of the cousin of chicago bulls player daneweed. vigil held in chicago to honor the life of aldridge. she was pushing a baby anyway stroller when she was shot and killed caught in the crossfire as these two men according to authorities were aiming for another person that was walking
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aldridge's mother says she has forgiven them. >> i truly from the bottom of my heart i forgive them, i forgive them. i can't bring her back but i forgive them. they've taken a person's life senselessly and i just love them. >> the family established a trust fund to support her four daughters and say they are committed to ending gun violence in chicago's >> kimberly: friends of the two nuns who were murdered gathered to remember those women. the bodies were found in their home in mislast thursday after they failed to show up for work at a health clinic. rodney earl certain was arrested and charged with the death of the two women. the local sheriff said sanders confessed to the killing.
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friends and admirers have struggled to understand why anyone would want to do them harm. both women worked at the clinic where they provided medical to children and adults who would otherwise not be able to afford it. >> dana: the phelps face at the olympics, what was he listening to as he had that face? he told a nationwide audience last night and you'll hear it and britney spears was there as well. it was the number she was lip syncing that has her taking a lot of heat this morning. we'll talk about it ahead. >> dana: traffic and roadways are congested after reports of shots fired. proved february a chaotic scene
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therapy own yous but it may have ads for joe heck are attacking my time as attorney general. the thing they left out is the truth. the truth is crime actually went down during my time in office. that's why i've been endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. rs from scams, and holding banks accountable for defrauding homeowners. i'm catherine cortez masto. i approve this message because i've spent my career solving problems.
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>> kim: she was first introduced by kim kardashian west and she started her performance behind that screen and people dancing around her. the pop princess giving it her all. the audience showing how interested people were with all of their cell phones out. she's taking because she was lip syncing and people want to hear her sing.
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great. in the bowl starting to get a little bit of con investigation. slows down to 42 as you make your way through. just a lot of cars going the same direction at the same >> dana: homecoming for some people who spent the last year as if they were living on farce. what this showed researchers coming up. >> kim: and also still to come, it's a make a wish monday here
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that's why we start off your week with a dose of inspiration. you are going to find out about this local little girl and she's going to make your heart melt. >> dana: a live look out of key west florida where a tropical depression formed in the florida straits. expected to drop a lot of
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>> kim: new schoolier and new air traffic controllers that started over the weekend. a cost of $99 million to build, jobs to go with it. and the old tower that they were trying to make sure that they were going to do away with there, they started this in the early morning hours yesterday as far as making the transition. the to youer is opening more than a year behind schedule. worked was stalled by two
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this is going to help handle air traffic and more visitors that pass through our fine city. >> dana: it's been a rough august for people living in japan. a typhoon hit there last week and now they are bracing for another storm to hit this strong category two if it were to hit this country. we call them hurricanes here but they call them typhoons. they are battening down the hatches. it could be a rough ride this week. >> kim: homecoming for people who spent the last year living like they would on mars.
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they philadelphia that bio dome. it simulated what life would be like on mars living ohen the slope of that volcano in hawaii. this it was longest ever nasa mission to understand how a yearlong space mission would effect arizona for a while. we have a smooth traffic commute. outside look shows nothing to worry about. just a hint of dawn as we start off the first day of school. looking good in the bowl. just getting slow on the south bound 15 right now. watch out for a little delay. travel times up to speed right now. we have weather times two with dana and kelly.
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>> kelly: extreme flooding there. check out some of the video we're about to see . the storms began sunday evening. rain, hail, high winds in the
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today mostly sunny skies and warmer. today lots of sunshine in las vegas.
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downward. >> dana: colin kaepernick will
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>> kim: a group of navy sailers serenaded a 98 world war ii veteran. check it a group decided to bring the
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away. that is something i think people will be talking about later today. making phelps last night. we saw him during the olympics as he was getting ready for one of the races. he had his hood pulled over his head and had the phelps face with the headphones on. up all over the internet. i was in the zone. >> britney spears performing last night. beyonce a big winner for her new album and drake giving an
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stage. colin kaepernick plays for the 49ers. this guy stirring it up big time refusing to stand for the national anthem. >> i'll continue to sit. i'm going to continue to stand with the people that are being oh pressed. this has to change. when this country represents people the way its supposed to
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>> dana: rerefuseed to stand for the national anthem. everyone in the stadium were on their feet, we have seen people burning his number 7 jersey. others coming out on twitter supporting his first amendment rights saying whether we agree or not he has to right to do this. >> kim: it's happened again. another camera lens shattered during the world series. and a couple of people that want to live in that house taking a break from the campaign trail today. that doesn't mean we're taking a
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chatter. tracy potts will join us with a breakdown of 2016.
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>> false alarm. a scary hours ago at a neighboring airport takes us down to los angeles and l.a.x. check out the scene. we heard there was an active shooter situation. it was a false alarm but not everyone got the message and we take you to the dire moments ahead. >> dana: sun is going to be up in about five minutes. parents are up early getting ready for the first day of school. >> kim: for students who have been sleeping in all summer long, may be a shock this morning but great weather.


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