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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  August 29, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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right now. let's start with politics. a new national poll shows that donald trump is starting to close the gap on hillary clinton. he's now down seven points from 13. >> marie: but she still leads the battleground states. so trump is offering his message and even his tactics. trump make two major changes. after slamming some undocumented immigrants and vowing to deport them all, trump could announce wednesday he will not send mos of his most ardent supporters. >> a big part of the trump appeal in the primary was his gut feeling that he is going to to be strong and he's going to tell what you he really thinks. >> marie: trump change number two is a tv ad. it is a $10 million buy in key states including hours which attacks clinton and her record on a number of issues. >> reed: let's talk about nevada and the election. right now there's a federal court hearing to determine
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appear on nevada's ballot. the nevada secretary of state's office has ruled the party did not gather enough signatures from registered voters for their candidate jill stein to make it on to the ballot. a decision is being appeald. stein is on the ballot in 37-states. news 3's jeff gillan is at the hearing and is going to have the update later on news 3. >> marie: where there is politics there is money. a new debate on how to best spend it. >> reed: with donald trump some republicans are working to shift resources to the house and senate races. our national correspondent kristine frazao talking about the shift in cash. >> reporter: from trump bump to trump slump. falling polls and campaign shake-ups have bolstered the case for anti-trump republicans. calling for a change in strategy when it comes to doling out dollars from the gop's war
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drain to pretend that donald trump has a chance of winning. >> reporter: former house staffer jim boyle is more than 100 republicans who signed a letter urging the national committee to, quote, immediately suspend all discretionary rnc support for trump and focus the entirety of the available resources on preserving the gop's congressional majorities. >> those are the new republicans that are running. trump is not a republican. and he is charadeing as the republican presidential candidate. >> reporter: many republicans to their seats including these six senate candidates who have seen their poll numbers drop since the republican convention. those in favor of shifting resources say the money can help. if for nothing else than to amplify the candidate's messages through mail, radio and television ads in a media landscape they worry is being drowned out by the top of the ticket. >> the conversation is overwhelmingly driven by what crazy thing donald trump did
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>> reporter: former rnc spokesmen tim miller says there's a big concern moderate republicans won't show up to vote. >> it's critical we maintain the senate and the house so that there's a check on hillary. >> reporter: maintaining control at the capitol for some republicans their last best hope for 2016. in washington, i'm kristine frazao reporting. >> reed: that said, this brings us to our question of the day. would you prefer to vote for your cur an outsider? let us know what you think. head over to and click on the question of the day. head to and you can weigh in. >> marie: top hillary clinton aide uma ab adean announced she is separateing from her husband, former new york congressan anthony wiener. the announcement comes hours after the "new york post" published a story. it says shows him exchanging photos in text messages with an unidentified woman. some of the photos published by
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focused below his waist and he tried to steer the conversation towards sexual top ikdz. wiener resigned from congress in 2011 after it was revealed he sent sexually explicit messages and photos to women through social media. the fbi is investigating and warning other states after authorities say data baisz for election systems in illinois and arizona were breached recently. in illinois hackers accessed the illinois board of elections information including the last four digits of social security numbers. up to 200,000 records were compromised and in arizona the voting registration was taken off line. after a credible cyber threat to the voting registration system. the state says there is no evidence any data within the system was compromised. >> reed: isis launch as new attack and turkey's embattled
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group. we get more from the terrorism alert desk. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm michelle marsh. at least 60 people are dead and more than 70 hurt in yemen. this after a suicide bomber drove a car into a building. isis is claiming responsibility for that attack. turkey's president says he will press ahead with its military operation in syria until isis and kurdish syrian fighters no longer pose a security threat. steps necessary both inside turkey and abroad to protect turkish citizens. the pentagon meanwhile says it's concerned those battles are shifting away from fighting isis. a man armed with a bomb and ax intended to wreak havoc during a packed sunday mass celebration in indonesia. however his bomb did not explode and burst into flames. the attacker managed to swing
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injuring his hand. congregates were able to subdue the attacker until police arrived. from the terrorism alert desk, i'm michelle marsh. >> reed: federal aviation officials estimate there will be about 600,000 commercial drone aircraft operating in the u.s. within the next year. they are the results of new safety rules that opened the skies to them today. under the new rules drones may not fly higher than 400 feet or at night. the drones must be under 55-pounds and must remain in the visual sight of a human longer need to get a pilot's license which is an extensive and time intensive test. in stead pilots must pass an aeronautical exam. >> marie: more problems for chipolte. nearly 10,000 workers are suing the company claiming the restaurant cheated them out of pay. current and former employees claim the company made them work off the clock without paying them in a practice known as wage
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routinely requires hourly paid workers to punch out then continue working until they're given permission to leave. the law firm representing the employees say they come from about every state chi poelte operates in. chipolte says the case has no merit. amazon is known as a pretty innovative company and it's come up with something new. the "washington post" reports amazon will experiment with a 30 hour workweek. this is a pilot program and will have small teams shorter work. instead of a nine to five a few dozen people will work monday through thursday from ten in the -- ten in the morning until two in the afternoon. additional flex hours will make up the rest of the hours worked. many other companies offer a four-day workweek but still require those 40 hours. something is trending in the credit card industry and it might be the time for you to make a move to another card. but only if you want to cash in
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>> reporter: after being forced to drop or drastically change the fees they charge, you probably never thought credit card companies would ever voluntarily drop fees. but they are. >> the fee that we saw dropped most often are foreign transaction fees. >> reporter: matt shooults at refers to a survey of credit card companies and some of the more expensive fees. >> they can add two to three percent on top o transaction that you make. >> reporter: that are also the most profitable for the credit card companies. but they're being dropped and other charges like interest rates and late fees are being reduced. because of competition in the credit card industry. >> in a lot of times when one of the big boys of the credit card industry makes a move to reduce a fee, if that works well for them, it's only a matter of time before one of the other
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>> reporter: that's why he says now is the time to shop around for credit card deals that are good right now but might even get better. chris clackham, nbc nows. >> reed: trouble continues for airbag maker takata. a truck carrying airbag de plateors caused an explosion. one person died. takata uses something called ammonium nitrate to make them fill uit the national highway transportation safety board has defrmd airbags that use that chemical without a drying agent can malfunction and send shrapnel flying. at least 11 have died world wide and more than 100 injured in incidents linked to faulty inflaters. >> marie: most americans with depression are not being treated for it. a new study shows 46,000 adults showed less than one-third of people with symptoms of depression were receiving
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depression less than half saw a mental health specialist. overtreatment may be a problem. researchers found more than two-thirds of people taking anti-depression medication had no symptoms or serious distress. >> reed: let's talk about another loss today that lit up twitter this morning. gene wilder who so many loved was a special and versatile actor. >> marie: the actor had roles in several memorable films. next at the comedy legend after his passing today. >> reed: plus they both know how to connect with people although they do it in very different ways. pope francis sits down with the founder of facebook. >> chloe: we've crawled into the triple-digits today. i'll tell you how long this toasty trend will last. that's next. >> marie: as we go to break, more photos from local kids on their first day of school. look at all those smiles! they really are excites.
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your photos and videos if you haven't already. remember you might see these images right here on air.
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>> marie: hollywood and so many fans mourning the death of gene wilder. his attorney says the famed comic actor passed away today. >> reed: he had been battling alzheimer's disease. and michelle turner looks back on his amazing life and legacy. >> reporter: you could say it was mel brooks who first saw something funny in actor gene
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through role as the neurotic account. in "the producers" earned wilder an oscar nomination for best supporting actor. gene wilder was born in milwaukee, wisconsin and caught the acting bug by doing theater. his professional relationship with brooks was akin to lightning in a bottle. he earned his second oscar nod, this time for best adapted screen play, for their parody his role as the hard drinking gunslinger in "blazing saddles" also helped cement wilder's meteoric rise to star woman. >> but i shoot with this hand. >> reporter: perhaps the film that indeered the witty actor to many across generations is "willy wonka and the chocolate factory." his private life became 3ub with
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radner. after two years of marriage radner was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died three years later. wilder dealt with his grief by establishing gilda's club. a home away from home for patients and families. the actor teamed up with richard pryor for a string of successful comedy including silver streak, stir crazy, and see no evil hear no evil. by the 1990s wilder remarried and kept his career going with various projects. was diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma. with the help of chemotherapy and stem cell transplant he made a complete recovery. acting took a back seat and except for a few small tv roles he focused his energy on writing. in 2005 he released his memoir "kiss me like a stranger: my search for love in art." gene wilder will be remembered for his whit and warmth and his
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simply unforgettable. >> marie: simply unforgettable. i definitely remember him in willy wonka. he was so magical. >> reed: totally. and i loved how the loved gilda radner. loved the story of his own wife gilda. i had a chance to go in one of those gilda club houses. some of my first work with the breast cancer community was inside a gilda's house in salt lake city utah. and he pushed so hard around the country to make sure that people dealing with cancer had a place that felt safe to go. library and yoga and him through that. a legacy of --. >> marie: humanity. that was michelle turner reporting by the way. gene wilder, 83 years old. >> reed: he lived a good life. the world's biggest soft drink company has reach add new mild stone in its efforts to become more environmentally friendly. coca-cola says it has exceeded its goals to replenish all the water it used to make drinks.
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nature. 115 percent of the amount of water it uses to make products. the company announced a goal of replenishing all the water use bid 2020. critics say while coca-cola might replenish water it doesn't do so near the communities where they take it from. >> marie: they're not friends on facebook. pope francis isn't even on facebook but the founder of the networking site met with the pontiff. markuc technology could help fight poverty. zuckerberg gave the pope a model of a solar powered aircraft that facebook hopes will expand internet access in developing countries. pope francis does use twitter but he doesn't have a personal facebook page. cardinals are too worried about the levels of abuse he would receive on the world's largest social network. >> reed: the summer olympics just ended but in ten days the para olympics start and rio is
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success. organizers are drumming up their support with promotional commercials and a marketing campaign that looks like maybe even at the beach or i don't know that's one of the beautiful beaches. empty stadiums were a common site during the olympic games and para olympic organizers are hoping to fill as many seats as possible. despite the excitement rio is still considered a difficult place for people in wheel chairs or are limited mobility. we don't have wheelchairs and found it hard to get around. laf trapdz portion and bad roads make it a serious challenge. >> marie: they are incredible athletes. so much as you saw with our own athletes as well. let's cheer them on and certainly wish for the best. we want to know what is getting you going on this monday. is it the kiddos going back to class? exciting stories for the first day? or perhaps memories of gene wilder or juan gabriel these icons taken so soon.
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tweet us @marienews3lv or @reednews3lv or the station @news3lv. >> reed: make sure to join that conversation on facebook. click that thumbs up and like our page. search for ksnv news 3 las vegas. time for a look at what's ahead today live at five. >> marie: the mexican music legend, juan gabriel. at 5:00 the impact his life has had on so many las vegans. >> reed: a local family tonight mourning the death of a father and loved one killed at a fas at five, a senseless reason the family says led to his death. those stories plus a check of your traffic on "news 3 live at five." >> marie: we want to talk about a powerful hurricane churning in the atlantic. this is hurricane gaston. it is far away from shore. but look at this view from space. nasa sharing this image. right now that storm is about 500 miles east of bermuda. at last check the national weather service said the hurricane gaston has maximum
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hour. it is expected to remain a powerful hurricane for several days as it heads out into the open atlantic away from land. >> reed: the city of new orleans paused to remember the devastation caused by hurricane katrina 11 years after the storm hit that area. katrina made landfall on august 29, 2005. the cat three storm killed more than 1800 and displaced more than a million people. as much as 80 percent of new orleans was flooded. the city's mayor and other officials toar service and laid wreaths at the memorial site in honor of the victims. >> i do think it's very important that we come back here every year. not just to call and to pledge allegiance to these individuals who were left behind. but just to say that we're all part of the human family. and whether it be on the battlefield or peace field we never leave anybody behind.
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human history. the damage stimentd at $18 billion. >> marie: all right. back here for us, loots of sunshine. i feel it's even warmer today than it has been last few days. >> reed: loosen the collar a little bit on the first day of school. >> chloe: it has been warming up. we went to the low 90s on saturdays. the mid-90s on sunday. triple-digits this afternoon. dry weather outside though. feels okay. good. i don't know. do you like the hot weather? i hope you do because most of you live here. you can see over the course of the last few hours, mostly clear skies. a few clouds developing over the mountains. looks cool on this time-lapse. i'll post this on facebook. as soon as i'm done with this weather segment. you can see a wrap up of the weather this afternoon. most in the century club. 105 degrees for the downtown area. 104 green valley.
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summerlin. you watched it happen. now it's 99. you can see up to the second conditions outside in your neighborhoods. winds most part are fairly light and will continue to be light through most of the evening since it is the first day back to school we just have to see what the numbers are like at our different high schools. virgin valley high in mesquite 106. we're going check in with cadence. 104 right now. and palo verde high looks like 99 degrees at the moment. regionally looking at pretty toasty temperatures as 103 pahrump. 100 degrees for indian springs and 101 boulder city. also winds most part outside the valley are fairly light. taking in a live view outside. lots of clearness from southeast from our wetlands park camera and this evening it's going to be pretty warm. warmer than the last couple days. remaining in the triple digits past 5:00. dropping into the upper 90s by seven hitting the mid-90s by 9:00 for the las vegas area.
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we're going to see the dry conditions continue. here is a look over the past few hours. mostly clouds developing to the west and north of us. other than that looking pretty calm. we're going stay like that for awhile. 81 for the overnight low. not quite as cool as last night. low 80s here we go. winds fairly night overnight into early tomorrow morning dipping down to 83 degrees at lake mead. story pahrump. mid-seventies for sandy valley overnight. highs tomw this afternoon. if you like the weather today you will like the numbers again tomorrow. and speaking of that, las vegas will be slightly above normal for this time of year. winds up to ten miles an hour. most part light and variable throughout the afternoon. as we take you out the next seven days. still gonna hang on to those triple digits at least through thursday. after that a little relief in the forecast. we'll pick up slightly as a system passes not bringing us any precipitation.
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other than that just look at a slight decrease in temperatures by end of the week into the weekend. 99 degrees by monday. we might not be completely done with those triple digits. apologize. >> marie: we'll be through them eventually right. >> reed: we'll get there. thanks chloe. while most kids around the nation are going back to school class is delayed for a day in one part of binghamton new york. a big homecoming and parade for the little league team. over the weekend first u.s. team in five years to win the little league world series. they beat a team from south korea 2-one for the title. the new york team went a perfect 24-0 on their way to getting that championship. >> marie: nicely done young men. obviously they have a great excuse. look teach i'd love to be back in class but i got a little thing called a parade. [ laughter ] >> reed: i just got a text from home saying that my kids made it through the first day of school and they're okay.
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homework and raid the refrigerator. >> marie: anything special for a first day treat today when they come home from class. >> reed: the drive-thru mcdonald's. >> marie: that's what you remember gushers. >> reid: what's a gusher. i'm from a town called gusher. >> chloe: it is like a fruit snack and you take a bite and it gushes. >> marie: kiddos if you are having those take pictures, send
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