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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  September 1, 2016 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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>> reed: thanks for joining us everybody i'm reed cowan along with marie mortera. look there. dark clouds in some parts of the valley. in other parts, well, it's just downright cheerful. storms expected to hit the valley. >> marie: news 3 is your weather authority. we begin with a first look at weather. kevin janison joining us. i though the rain or drops at least have dropped in some parts of town. >> at a pretty good rate. they came down quick in southeastern parts of the valley. that area picked up close to half-inch of rain. drive and the 95 as this pushed through rapidly. almost as quickly as it happened up it moved out. there is one cell that could move toward or close to boulder city. it's not clearly as strong. we'll see how it behaves when it comes off the higher elevations. a couple more showers are possible. extreme northeast part of town. then as the cell pushes off to the east it could an impact for the lake. have a full update and the biggest concern that these showers could pose is they are
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could get pretty gusty winds. we'll show them to you too coming up. reed and marie? >> marie: if you see weather in our area, don't forget to send them our way. head over to to upload photos of the weather near you and you might just see those images on air. we just learned the sentencing phase for a man convicted of killing marcos arenas, a local teenager over >> reed: michael solid knows he is going to be behind bars it's only a matter of how long. he was found guilty of murder wednesday. as the defense team tries to get his sentence reduced, solid took the stand just minutes ago where he tearfully begged the jury four a second chance at life. and that he cries about the victim, marcos arenas, every night. listen to this. >> i want you to know that you are not in this alone.
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arenas. every night. i have a brother that is -- that is his age you know. and it hurts to even fathom something like that happening to my brother. >> reed: well solid's mom also took the stand describing her son's upbringing including his involvement in church and a stuttering problem he struggled with throughout his entire life. the 2013 murder case where arenas was killed. solid's co-defendant jacob dismont pleaded guilty on august 12th. frustrations running high for parents whose kids say they are left in a lurch following bus delays. >> marie: the school district vowing to fix the problems. we're talking about parents near durango and vegas drive. monday the bus picked their kids up late and also dropped them
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happened yesterday reportedly and kids were picked up late this morning. while parents are getting frustrated, the school district says there is a back to school adjustment period and that's what they're going through. >> think about are they going to be safe? are they going to be okay? at what point do i say hey i think i should drive them to school? >> this is the first week of school. we have a lot of new bus drivers, now routes, now stops, new schools. there's certainly an adjustment phase for the f c get adjusted. >> marie: there are 135 new bus drivers we've learned including the one on this route. as you heard there from a clark county school district spokesperson, this is a transition phase. they're still getting adjusted to the new year. >> reed: bullets outside the be lauj oe fountains. it happened earlier this year. we are learning the man who caused the case and panic will not go to prison.
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back in january his actions led to an officer-involved shooting on the las vegas strip. metro officer fired at black but missed. however, a four-year-old child was grazed as a result. today black was sentenced to probation after pleading guilty to one felony count of resisting arrest. black's attorney says he was suffering a psychotic breakdown at the time. black is expected in mental health court within the next two weeks. >> reed: the nevada department of education votes the reorganization plans for the clark county school district. to principals when it comes to hiring, budgets and the curriculum in the classroom. those in favor say it will cut brur kratic obstacles while critics wonder if it will treat richer and poorer schools equally. the vote was pushed back. public comment is underway. we're going have an update on what you have to say in public comment and how the department voted on later editions of news 3. >> marie: we're getting our first look at what went down during a traffic stop where a
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badge. he was not hurt seriously because of the bullet going through the badge. this video just released by nhp shows the shootout between trooper shawn peckham and the suspect matthew gibbon. the highway patrol says peckham pulled over the driver because the rear plate didn't have an expiration sticker on it. gibbon who was in the back seat nhp says gibbon shot at the trooper twice. gibbon was shot by trooper peckham and killed while the trooper's badge was hit by a bullet. once again, he was uninjured. >> we just know that the badge was struck by the round and actually shattered the outer-parts of the badge. what you are seeing there is minus this nevada seal and the ring that goes around it. pretty good hit.
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>> marie: one that saved the trooper's life. nhp says the trooper was also wearing a bullet-proof vest at the time. the shooting is being investigated by metro. the two people who remained in the car have not been charged with a crime. >> reed: a whirl wind trip to mexico by donald trump capped off. trump delivered his immigration speech after he met with the mexican president earlier in the day. trump reiterated previous stem along the mexico border. trump says his plan will not offer undocumented immigrants a path to legal status or citizenship. >> you can't just smuggle in, hunker down, and wait to be legalized. not going to work that way. and mexico will pay for the wall. [ cheering ] 100 percent. they don't know it yet but they're going pay for the wall.
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clinton campaign saying trump choeked and dried after the mexican president tweeted... i made it clear, mexico will not pay for the wall. joe biden will be on the trail campaigning for hillary clinton this time in ohio. donald trump in the buckeye state as a national poll shows he is closing in on clinton's lead. coming up in our 3:30 half-hour, trump going to sit down for his first one-on-one since giving his speech in >> marie: you are looking at a space x rocket which exploded today on its launch pad at cape canaveral florida. nasa says space x was conducting a test firing of an unmanned rocket when an explosion happened shortly after nine this morning. the cell phone video shows the aftermath of the blast with the flames and black smoke billowing into the air. a second explosion occurred
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launch saturday with a satellite that's owned by facebook. no one was injured. we'll take a closer look at what may have gone wrong coming up on "news 3 live at five." >> reed: a lot of people shaken up after an earthquake. >> marie: and a lot of mess left behind as well. where all this happened coming up. >> reed: they've been through enough and now the victims of the 2012 theater shooting are ordered to pay up. why a judge says they have to pay the theater chain straight for seniors like barbara, social security makes a difference every month. but for the wall street types
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social security could mean billions of dollars in fees. that's what privatizing social security means and why joe heck and wall street support it. under heck's privatization plan, retirement security gets risked on the stock market. and the wall street types supporting joe heck make billions. whose side are you on? senate majority pac is responsible
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>> reed: a big mess after a 7.2 earthquake shook new zealand. as pictures it caused a little bit of damage to clean up at a grocery store. a tsunami potential threat advisory was issued but we're glad to tell you it's been lifted. four survivors of 2012's colorado movie theater massacre have been ordered to pay the movie theater. >> they have to pay $700,000 to the theater chain for legal bills in connection with the state case. here's why. they refused to take part in the small settlement after a jury ruled cinemark was not liable
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did take the settlement. they all sued claiming the theater did not have enough security measures in place to prevent the shooting. james holmes opened fire on july 20th, 2012, killing 12 people and wounding 70 others. a storm is packing quite a punch. >> reed: a hurricane barreling towards florida. we are your weather authority and we're tracking the storm.
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada.
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voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients, joe heck makes no sense. >> marie: frightening moments for parents, students and people in traffic. you are looking at a live shot of rainbow and washington where a car has rear >> reed: that's right. you are looking at a tight shot. we'll pull out in a second. of a guy sitting on a rock looking like he is in handcuffs. the bus to the right is that bus that was involved in that crash. here's what we know about that bus. we know there were kids on board. that nobody was injured. the parents are being notified about this. and it does look like the bus was rear ended in that area. news 3 has a crew on the scene and we'll continue to follow this and bring you updates throughout the afternoon.
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olympic gold medalist connor fields in rio. it was my favorite moment of the games. we had a chance to meet this bmx racing champion and his dad while covering the games. fields just got the xee to henderson this week. he brought home the very first u.s. gold medal in bmx. now he's got a real great place in history. a lot of fans but his biggest fan is my new buddy. michael fields. he joins us live this morning on news 3 today and talked about tryio won. >> that was a really cool moment. you know being at the olympics there's so much security and so much, you know, separation between athletes and the public that the only way i could get to him was through a fence. so i had our team manager. he called him and said meet connor at the fence. we couldn't hug. we couldn't embrace but we could, like, hold hands through the fence. [ laughter ] it was really cool moment. some really cool pictures from
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i couldn't talk i was still in shock kind of. >> reed: you see right there henderson mayor also declared tuesday connor fields day. also olympic gold medalist cody miller was on news 3 yesterday morning. he also got the key this time to the strip and the city of las vegas. congrats to all of them. moms and dads included. >> marie: hermine officially a hurricane. it's barreling in on the florida gulf coast as the governor warns of potentially life dangers. nbc's sarah rosario has more on the storm so far and measures taken to keep people safe. >> reporter: with rough surf, gray skies and empty beaches residents living along florida's gulf coast are bracing for hurricane hermine. >> get rid of debris, strap things down. >> reporter: rex and cindy whiteman are ignoreing the mandatory evacuation for
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the storm's cone. >> it's going to be 70-mile-an-hour winds. we've done everything to prepare. >> reporter: while they plan to ride it out floridains in 51 counties in a state of emergency are making the same preparations, gathering sandbags to keep the water out. but in some parts of the tampa bay area it wasn't enough. pictures from the air show just some of the flooding. >> this storm, hurricane is life threatening. >> reporter: today florida governor scott closed all state his message echos that of forecasters warning of potential dangers -- high winds, downed trees and power lines to name a few. >> the danger of life threatening storm surge -- this is a serious situation. >> reporter: while some are dealing with a mess to clean up others are bearing down, prepared for what's to come. for people who choose to ignore the mandatory evac orders local officials say they don't get help if they call 911. we're told they don't want to endanger emergency respond ez so that won't be anyone to save
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the last hurricane to make landfall in florida was hurricane will ma in 2005. reporting in theater key, sarah row scare yo. >> reed: she is wearing that rain jacket for a reason. >> marie: so many preparations happening as we speak. >> it has tallahassee in its sights which is where florida state university is. they told kids just hang out in the dorm. they said no pokemon go. [ laughter ] >> marie: for set of warnings when hurricanes approach on college campuses. we've got weather right here on our backyard. let's get it to and show you where that cell is. at the beginning of the newscast we showed you that storm near boulder city. we'll head over to the doppler radar and give you an idea. actually it's just not coming off the mountains. boulder city, southeastern henderson, you are going to be okay. it's weakened somewhat. wasn't going to be a huge
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out to the lake. if you know people at the lake that could be an issue. it does possess gusty winds. near apex another cell that's going to be an impact player for traffic. those storms in the extreme part generally just outside the valley heading out toward the lake. they've been riding the crest of the mountains and not staggering off towards boulder city or even hitting the neighborhoods. got time-lapses to show you. we'll begin with the wetlands park. this is near sam boyd stadium there too. the site of unlv's kick off tonight against jackson state. watch a couple of showers that moved through quickly. these were fast movers. but they still created ponding of water on area streets. from the springs preserve near valley view and the 95 you can see a couple of those cells looking off to the southeast. it's been much more active up in mesquite. you can see occasional showers and thunderstorms sliding on through. but where it has rained it's
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puddling. quarter inch of rains near stephanie and warm springs. dew point has shot up as a result. so has the humidity. anthem about a tenth of an inch am rain. their peak gust 29. green valley parkway and the 215 had a gust of wind to 59 miles per hour. the beginning of the newscast talking about high based thunderstorms. they can create quick shots of wind coming down through those clouds. current temperatures with the clouds have dropped off considerably. we've got degrees but the wind got their attention. another gust in green valley to 61 miles per hour. downtown henderson a gust of 45. at the wetlands park a gust of 40. mesquite is 101 now. they could get a couple more showers and cool them back down. that heat could contribute to thunderstorms. at mccarran the top temperature so far 101. may sneak out 102. but that would probably be it for the first day of september.
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we're going dry with the winds shifting southwest. we'll still be in the mid-90s at lunchtime and probably sneak above the century mark. those breezes, they ramp up in the afternoon. ten to 20 with a few stronger gusts. here is where we stand with hermine. this thing really intensified. 75-mile-an-hour sustained winds moving toward the tallahassee area. a good portion of the florida coast could wind up with four to eight inches of rain. around the outer bands, that's form as well not to mention the storm surge. we haven't forgotten about hawaii. madeleine has weakened as it's pushed off to the west. lester is still 110-mile-an-hour winds but we're expecting it to slide north of the islands. as far as we're concerned we'll continue to watch the storms this afternoon and evening. most of the action has expected off in arizona. there is a couple more opportunities for us to get one around the edges of the valley but a good push of air from the
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head toward labor day weekend. pahrump in the 60s for lows. high temperatures tomorrow if you are doing the four-day weekend thing. 102 at the lakes. 73 on the mountain. our valley tonight down to 80. a slight chance for a thunderstorm. otherwise we'll clear off late. breeze out of the southwest. tomorrow that wind will be ten to 20. a couple of stronger gusts. 101 we expect for the high temperature. and your 7-day forecast now heading into what traditionally everywhere else but las vegas is gone. 98, 93, and 93. we haven't had overnight low in the 60s since back in 19 -- where was that? [ laughter ] we might be looking at that as we get toward next week. >> marie: wow. finally. >> reed: they're back. something many people love is now available even though it's not fall yet. >> marie: officially, fall yet. and chris brown release as new
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out of jail. what it's called has a lot of
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>> dana: good afternoon. i'm dana wagner. we take to you america'st act called deadly games finding out if they'll move on in the competition. >> america has voted. the next act into the finals is john! . >> dana: the husband and wife act will not be moving on despite a great performance on national television on tuesday
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america's got talent here on channel 3 next tuesday and wednesday. police in houston looking for vandals. they vandalized this don't walk sign there. when it comes up we've got to blur it out for you because it turned into an ob teen gesture. some people in that neighborhood getting a chuckle out of those signs. but others say they don't appreciate the vandalism. neither do houston officials. they say they take this seriously and anyone caught defacing a crosswalk sign wl drivers in portland, oregon doing a bit of a double take. we have found sasquatch. actually it's just a man dressed as big foot spending the morning teaching children and others the importance of being safe while walking to school. helping a few students get to cesar chavez school on time. if this looks familiar, you might remember that metro officers do this from time to time. talking about crosswalk safety in our community dressed as chickens among other things.
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>> reed: chris brown is already making new music just days after his most recent arrest on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. the song is called "what would you do" brown released the single yesterday. the 27-year-old also announced he will be revealing a new music project soon. tuesday brown was arrested following a 14-hour standoff with police outside his l.a. mansion after a woman reported that he pointed a gun at her. brown was released early yesterday morning after posting bail. >> marie: it's back! starbuck's pumpkin spice lattes available once again. it's been a fall favorite as they introduced back in 2003 with more than 200 million sold since its debut. i'm sure that reed's bought at least a quarter of that. >> reed: you mean in the past few years? yes i have. >> marie: starbucks also introducing a new fall beverage
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it's the chili mocha. the new coffee drink is supposed to be spicy and sweet. >> reed: we'll stick to our psl's here on news 3. going one-on-one with donald trump. what the presidential candidate is saying following a fiery speech involving his immigration plan. his message to millions of
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