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that's all for this edition anchor: right now a local family speaks out after a teen is hit and dragged nearly 20 feet. how he's doing tonight and what you can do to help. riders on one park ride getting more than bargained for after a ride malfunctioned. and we're going to see how long the weather will last. news 3 starts now. anchor: the doctors said he was lucky to be alive. my familiar is praying for him. a lot of people are praying for him.
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a car. thank you for joining us tonight. the driver walked away with only a traffic ticket. it happened in the northwest town near durango when he was hit with a car. it's our top story tonight. anchor: anthony about to speak out but we have to warn you that some of the images are hard to see. >> i started to wake up and it's just a lot of pain. >> anthony orozco has a fractured spine.
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certain body parts. >> anchor: he's stuck in the hospital after he was hit by a car. >> he was headed to his car and that's when he was blind sighted and dragged 20 feet. >> the doctors said he was lucky to be alive. >> the tire went over first. that's what broke his spine here. the driver said it could have >> anchor: the doctors said she was probably texting at the time because she was distracteded . >> there's a lot of people praying for me. sometimes he feels a lot of pain and when he sees his friends, he's happy. >> anchor: he wants to one day
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>> every time i wake up, i think i'm behind in school and probably missing so much. >> reporter: anthony spend is spending a lot of time in the hospital and those hospital bills are racking up. anchor: thank you, anthony. well, the air quality concerns are rising because of multiple wildfires burning in southern california. at this time unhealthy levels of ozone are occurring but that could change. jerry brown is standing by with unupdate on our forecast. meteorologist: well, if i
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the quality concerns improved by this afternoon. you're starting to see some south easterly components to the west. it should be southeast 82 degrees currently in downtown las vegas with 82% relative humidity. you can see on the satellite our skies are clear. so we'reki day. sunshine this morning and 83 degrees. and i think we're going to do a lot of this today and tonight could be the coolest night in the valley since may. even the airport may get down to 69 degrees. for the rest of us in the suburbs, it could get down into the 50s.
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coming up. anchor: still no suspects in the crime after someone was hit by a pickup. the 25-year-old was in an interview room shortly after his arrest. he turned the handcuffs until they broke free. police say he's considered armed call crime stoppers if you can help police. new at 11:00, a jailer is not changing his protocol even though two people were hurt. two correctional officer were quickly injured. one of the charges vang is
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there's no word on why he opened fire against the officers. anchor: police say that the computer detecting a malfunction and the ride stopped. eight people were taken to a local hospital as a precaution including the ride operator who is believed to have a panic attack. the ride will be it's inspected. a television station ukraine was forced to operate outside of the station after a cop fired. they were met by 20 protestors after they were burning tires outside. firefighters worked to put out the fires and police officers
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the operation has pro-russian sentiments. there was a bee attack in a local park. it was about 20 miles south of las vegas. they were thousands of bees attacking people with long hair. three people were taken to the hospital. anchor: wrapping up their efforts to reach voters. the campaign opened up near flamigo valley. one attended including barbara fleet. anchor: and many were manning phone banks to reach voters. still to come at 11:00, a
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project could effect your drive after the holiday weekend.
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anchor: the olympic political campaign that's shaking the country. thousands demanded the removal of the mayor. he took office after serving as the other president followed her impeachment trial. the team were calling for new
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tamil could be impeached for trial violations two years ago. anchor: an issue from soccer to the nba. today it was announced that lauren halder will undergo a benign birth. and guytana benzo who died last week will have a funeral tuesday. after world war ii, he returned to new york and moved to las vegas in 1935. he worked as a barbara and later
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traffic in the central traffic zone. anchor: on tuesday workers will be closing the martin luther king ramp and there is part of project neon. they're making room for the flyover bridge connecting the friday to tuesday as workers continue to widen i-15. be sure to catch tom holly and i for team traffic starting at 4:30 a.m. daily. we'll see you then. anchor: people aboard crew ships are already feeling hermine's wrath.
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bahamas, the cruise ship brought the passengers back early yesterday morning. crew workers are working to keep the water out from slippery floors. the royal caribbean ship anthem of the seas is now braving the rough seas. time now for a check with our weather forec meteorologist: that made me a little seasick. i think you're going to like your labor day forecast. okay we had a little smoke in henderson. you can clearly see it but things get better by the afternoon as things start to clear out. and we will have some easterly
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humidity. northeast valley near dickens elementary. to the northwest, 77 degrees with a southeast wind at 3. generally in the 80s and upper 70s in the valley. we're heading towards a few 60s. even the airport with its notoriously warm airport was 60s. in fact there was a downtown area at 70s. also a blue diamond and triple digits usually in the 90s and it
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and in the mountains 44 degrees. officially for las vegas, 93 today. that's what we're looking at. tomorrow will definitely be our second. we're 82 for las vegas and looking at that high tomorrow for at 92 degrees. pretty good thunderstorm. up over in the around the minnesota and what is starting to dissipate as hurricane hermine is still packing a punch. this could still mar the holiday for beach goers. it's moving away from us and nothing in the immediate ocean. a little funnel system and could
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off the coast of mexico could become tropical storm newton. and it could be in the sea of cortez. and it could bring clouds into arizona whether or not it could be in nevada and bring us rain, it's a little dicy but right now, hey. what about the 40s. tomorrow, double digits all the way around unless you want to go in death valley, 88 degrees and 90 degrees in boulder city. pleasantly cool with diminishing winds. it should be dry and pleasant tomorrow. 70 just gorgeous at 7:00 a.m.
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mountains, 60 for the high. and down in the lake, still summer like with a water temperature of 81 degrees. the 7-day forecast, mid 90s and a little questionable. we'll throw some clouds and it looks like we're heading at 90 degrees which is not all that bad with dry air. >> anchor: enjoying that with cooler temperatures. let's go over to amber with sports. anchor: the nails of both notre dame will be damaged tonight. the fighting irish and the 3 and a half to 4 points over the longhorns.
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tyrone but rochel had 44 yards passing. and texas had two touchdowns. josh adams tip toes it in and notre dame takes the lead, 35-21. now texas, back on top by two and and sean bogies all the way down to 92 yards to game time and score 37. we go to second overdime. notre dame down by a little bit. and they swooped the senior who lost it to the freshman.
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dame. wow, speaking of upsets that's what happened in the u.s. open. 24-seat of lucas one the 4 hour 7-minute match, 6-1, 3-4, 7-6. ending for his 15th grand slam. in recalled for the dodgers, he did do this. >> and gone. >> anchor: for the turbine padres, la would win 7-4 and extend their win three wins over san francisco. and aaa baseball, they fell to salt lake.
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season. meanwhile, there are just a few games left to secure a spot in the post season. it's the iconic bojangles southern 500. race winding down. and martin would hold off and pull it in. now in the nascar truck race, he wanted to hold off but the two get so close, they go into the wall and then into the glass going hand and hand to at no time checkered flag. not hand in hand.
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eye. they were two quickly separated. they could not get enough of each other. >> speaking of being close, a lot of penants and we're going to touch on that after the newscast. anchor: and a could gets up close and dangerous stealing a garagen inside. >> they came up here and we believe they pushed this down and the garage door opener was right by the door clicker. >> it took only a few moments to steal his garage door opener stashed in his car. >> and then they were able to
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it. >> doug's family is violated. >> it put my family at risk and i'm glad they did not go any further than it did. luckily, there was nothing stolen. >> the bw and put a battery into it. if it would have started it, they would have stolen it. >> anchor: the thieves did not get lucky this time but they have the message for the crooks. >> don't come back. you got away the first time and there won't be a next.
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anchor: how can you protect yourself? >> never leave your car unlocked and police say never leave your clicker in plain sight.
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anchor: a mass was held in honor of legendary singer juan gabriel.
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their honors and tribute for the singer. fans lined the streets as his hurst carrying his ashes went down the street. her grandmother listened to him and we were going to go to the concert but obviously we were not able to hear him. >> he was there to see him leave to the united states for the very last time. it was a fairwell from el paso. fans danced to his songs in the
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>> i can feel him and i can see him from far away and say, bye. >> reporter: some fans are crying. others were singing. this family came all the way from dallas just to pay their respects. and then his ashes passed by us. fans say the driveby was quick but >> it was fast but it was emotional. it was pretty cool. >> juan gabriel's music won't die. she brought her grandson to see him and one day she'll say that
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>> we wanted him to see him and that way one day we can talk to him about my experiences. anchor: he had sold out concerts and his ashes will be sent to mexico for an official funeral on monday. and who got the top spot at
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anchor: finally tonight at 11:00, a winged king was crowned in spicy new york. held in buffalo. more than 30,000 fans came out. and the number-one ranked chicken eater in the world ate 188 wings in 12 minutes. he won by 11 wings making it the closest win in 11 years.
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>> tonight is sports night. ? >> welcome to sports night. i am randy. and we are a week away from nfl action on sunday next week. i can't wait for we have another top ten team in college football. and notre dame taking on texas. and we have the big rebel's win. >> and it is curtain call, bush had good starting positions tonight. just like the cars chase and it is fast approaching. and pennant chases and dodgers


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