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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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little chill in the air. >> kim: it was so fantastic. as we check in with kelly curran for the first time, i know some people have to labor like we do on this labor day, but for people who get to be outside today, wow has mother nature cooperated with this holiday. >> kelly: and the winds are gone. lighter winds, sunshine and cooler temperatures are in store for our by noon today 88. 92 at 4:00. lighter winds as well. there is a tropical system down to our south we're watching. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> dana: this guy in a lot of pain but lucky to be alive after he was hit and dragged and run over by a car just steps from his own home.
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suffered broken bones, a cracked spine, several internal injuries. the driver who hit him was only issued a ticket and may have been texting at the time according to authorities. this young man's father says doctors keep telling him he's lucky to be alive while anthony spends his days in a lot of pain. >> i don't feel too good. sometimes i wake up and it's a lot of pain. >> doctors tell mes be alive. where the tire went over first, that's what broke his spine and if it was a little more it could have ran over his head. >> dana: he's going to be in the hospital and the bills are piling up. if you'd like to help the family, you can find the information to do so on >> kim: local police have found the getaway vehicle but we still have a murder suspect on the loose this morning.
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for. that is alonzo who managed to escape from police dust different he's cued of taking the life of the man you saw a picture of. according to local police alonzo took that man's life because robinson would not hold the door open for a woman at mcdonald's. the 25-year-old was in an interview room shortly after his arrest on friday, you see a not long after that picture was taken apparently he broke free if his hands cuffs and was able to get out of the room. now we're hearing from the victim's sister who wants perez to face the music for killing her brother. she is down right angry he
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security than that. you are interviewing a mushed suspect. you need to face what you did. you were wrong for what you did. you need to pay for what you did. >> kim: if you see him, he is considered armed and dangerous. you can call 911 in this case. you can call that crime stoppers hot line number on >> dana: it was a soggy labor day weekend for a lot of people with a live look at the jersey shore. she a post tropical cyclone as it's sitting off the coast as we speak. a lot of rain and strong winds and looks like the storm is going to be around another
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>> the pace of the storm is slower than they predicted. some of these effects will last now through wednesday rather than ending on tuesday. >> chris christie declared a state of emergency. beach goers have been warned to stay away. one person died in north carolina saturday and a falling tree killed a man last week. officials have not determi i death. >> kim: breaking overnight, we take you to the middle east where israeli officials say a dozen people are trapped following a crain collapse. we've taken you to the scene on your screen. emergency units are on the way as we speak to help out the units that are already there. the building came down right
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cause of the collapse. but that local news station fearing many people are currently trapped. we will stay on top of that breaking news event. >> dana: delays for people heading through l.a.x. over the weekend. they had to close a terminal and it was evacuated yesterday. happened as police pulled over a driver in a stolen vehicle outside the northeast asked people to go inside while they investigated and 15 people went past a security check. 2,000 travelers had to be rescreened. presidential campaign isn't stopping this labor day. donald trump off the trail.
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is hitting the road. >> the clinton team battleground states this labor day including bernie sanders going solo on her behalf. >> there is no question in my mind that hillary clinton is far the superior canned dot. >> when she r which is supposed to be flagged in many nance instances was improperly labeled. >> clinton's poll numbers are dropping but trump is not gaining. >> we can't be associated with this kind of message and tone. >> trump surrogates are having a hard time explaining what he'll do with 11 million law abiding
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>> he's been completely consistent on this point. he'll release his tax returns this week and at some point trump will too. >> kim: speaking of politics on your screen right now president obama who not long ago touched down in china is holding a news conference. for that let me talk some quon tomorrow, the next leg of your trip a little bit. and tomorrow you are going to be meeting for the first time with the leader whose war on drugs has led to the death of about 400 people in the last two months since he took office. today he said anyway colorful way that you better not bring this up and i'm wondering are
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>> kim: that could go on for quite some dime, we'll have a team of pry producers listen and we know he's having a meeting of the minds with vladimir putin concerning how to move forward in syria. kind of a fun interesting element. he did not have the red carpet rolled out for him like the other dignitaries in china. they did not roll out the red carpet. he w not get that treatment. he had to use the stairs from air force one. that's how he was greeted to china. we'll take through for additional coverage. one of the final five trying her hand at another sport. that is the coolest first pitch i've ever seen. we have more of the fun this labor day weekend the final five
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the u.s. open is going on. what do do you during a tennis match, you got to use your cell
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>> kim: they call her the human emoji for good reason. simon doing something similar in july. throwing the ball right to home plate. threw out the first pitch at a mariners astros game. that is fun to watch. >> kim: simon telling all of the snl crew what about us final five gallons as host for the up coming season. offer she sent out on twitter. this is a controversy that is not going away. now the police force that is supposed to keep everyone safe at the 49ers games is, at the new stadium the police force saying i'm not sure this is the right thing for us with what colin kaepernick is saying.
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>> kim: nothing is ruining their big day. that couple is from arizona but they traveled back east to north carolina to tie the knot. they wanted to get married on the beach and they refused to let hermine ruin their plans. they took their wedding photos there on the things they thought we could go inside and get shots there, not ruin the hair or makeup. they said forget about it. we wanted to get married on the beach, we're getting married on the beach. we're going to take the pictures on the beach. >> dana: marchs that start that way will last. san diego host a sand sculpture competition on the last
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professional artist from all over the world created this. this is gorgeous to look at. locals are going to get one more day today to check out the sculptures before they are all wapped away by tomorrow morning. and i believe that is there in downtown san diego not far from the baseball stadium. >> kim: this is a special event. if you go to the san make your way over to or nod doe. they always have somebody doing a sand sculpture year round. let's check in to see if we have beach weather headed our way for the rest of the week ahead.
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a lot of people going to be out enjoying the weather. we had quite a bit of smoke in the air. you see that smoke move in and the spring mountains just disappear in the early morning hours. conditions did improve later in the day. that is good news. take a look at these temperatures as you head out is the door this morning. southeast 70. spring valley 68-degrees. you might want a little sweater as you are heading out the door this morning. temperatures will be warming up this afternoon but staying below seasonal normal which which is nice. wind speeds are light and going to stay that way. here is a look at the radar, pretty quiet for us.
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throughout the day today. a lot of sunshine. perfect labor day fur us. this is tropical storm knewton working to the northwest along the gulf of california and into arizona by the middle of the week. we were hoping we could get a little bit of rain out of this but looks like it's going to stay to our east so dry for usment wind shifting to the southeast five-10. clear skies. cool temperatures tonight. 70 our low. 95 for tuesday and wednesday and warming back up to the low triple digits by the weekend. >> dana: former stanford university swimmer brock turner returned to his family home in ohio. he was seen walking in the backyard of this home yesterday. turner was released from jail
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onconscious woman. there is a campaign under way to recall the judge who sentenced him. california lawmakers passed a bill mandating prison time for similar sex crimes. jerry brown has until september 30 to decide whether to sign that bill. >> kim: a vigil will be held for the man who was shot and killed by a police officer in july. his fiance was l at the time. that aftermath that was caught on cell phone footage and uploaded to facebook spurred a national narrative here. his death sparking nationwide protest. a memoial was held last week at the spot where he was shot by
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>> dana: a controversy continues surrounding this guy, colin kaepernick. he's not standing during the national anthem and did not show up at hiss church yesterday. the reverend there said he didn't show up to church because of his training schedule. kaepernick would come back to that church at another time. there is policni 49ers games because of kaepernick and his decision not to stand. union sent the 4-9ders a letter saying they are upset about kaepernick's statement that officers murder minorities and the organization allowed kaepernick to wear socks at
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socks and you can see pigs on the socks as he was playing. they are concerned about the safety of the officers because of what kaepernick is saying. he's not alone. there is a u.s. soccer star saying she's doing what colin kaepernick is doing and taking a knee because she wants to keep the conversation going about racial injustice and police departments in america. she's 31 ys the united states win the world cup last year. he did play in rio during the olympics. that's what she was doing right before her game started on yesterday. >> dana: couple of nascar truck racers getting into it after a crash. this happened over the weekend
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as he's celebrate. out of the corner of his eye he sees him coming in for the tackle. >> kim: was that out of fun or is he upset? >> he's upset. he spun him out and crashed. the guy was in the lead. you'll see this in the final lap. one of the racers goes into the back of the other guy to get loose so he can win the race and that's what he did. >> kim: full contact sport. we have a heads up of what to expect this morning on today. >> good morning and happy labor day. the latest on hermine. the storms impact up and down the east coast. >> most emergency room doctors
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homes. >> dana: the phone was on during the u.s. open. this is mar coss playing at the u.s. open and during the break in the match he decided to get on his cell phone. happening in the second his match. shortly after that he was seen arguing with the chair umpire claiming he was checking the time. players not allowed to use their cell phones in case they are receiving text or instructions from their coach. your coach could be saying go to his back hand more. >> kim: we are focusing on women's soccer.
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player and there she is. she, from what we nabbed, is expected to make a full recovery. she's the mid fielder for the u.s. women's national team. it was announced yesterday she has to under go surgery to remove a benign tumor on the right side of her blaine. she is pregnant by the way. doctors believe the baby is not going to be will make a full recovery. the tumor that she is having taken off her brain is benign. people sending prayers to this couple. >> debbie: pope francis offering 1500 homeless people a pizza lunch at the vatican after mass.
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across italy to take part in the mass sunday morning. a pizza maker brought 20 people and three pizza ovens to cook the lunch. >> kim: we take to you a high school in south carolina getting a lot of want. you are seeing why.
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way. >> dana: check this out at a high school football game. it was guy drunk? so the coach said is this a joke. he tweeted it out. it was retweeted more than 4,000 times. ended up on espn. fishes don't know how i fix it by the next game this. happened on thursday night in south carolina. >> kim: maybe if you are not going to a barbecue at a friends or family members home today, maybe you are eating out. a report headed your way in our 5:00 hour. they ever breaking down the best restaurants around our great nation. many of them are in our own
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>> kim: not a fan. the people who are sworn to protect and serve have something to say about kaepernick and his
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