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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> kim: we're hearing from the people who are sworn to protect and serve and what they think about colin kaepernick, especially the force at the stadium in santa clara. >> dana: good morning. it is 6:00 on this unofficial end to summer and this morning it feels like it's coming to an end. >> kim: it is so nice outside. a breath of poring. we're the wagners on this labor day holiday. >> dana: we're going to check in with jeff in a second. first kelly curran, it feels nice out there. the. >> kelly: very pleasant. we're looking at temperatures in the 60's across the valley this morning. a little bit of haze but not as dramatic as we saw yesterday.
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88 at noon. 92 at 4:00. perfect day for golf. we want to see or hear what you are doing on this labor day. >> jeff: we have a freeway accident 95 north bound as you approach jones. not seeing a lot of slowing on the 95 however some slowing on jones. we'll continue to monitor that one. 95 from downtown to 215 is clear at 11 >> kim: thank you very much. breaking overnight, at least one person is dead, several others injured when a building collapsed. happened about three hours ago at a construction site within the city. police say at least four people are still missing at 6:01 las vegas time. reports indicate that a crane fell on that three story
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as this continues to develop, we'll have continued update here on news 3. >> dana: a local teenager lucky to be alive after he was hit just outside of his home and dragged for a distance underneath a car. >> i wake up and it's just to like a lot of pain. >> dana: he's just 16 years of age suffering broken bones, a cracked spine, several internal injuries. his family says he's lucky to be alive. >> the tire went over first i guess it broke this. if it was more it could have ran over his head. >> dana: the driver that hit him got away just a ticket and he may have been texting at the time anthony was hit. he is expecting to be in the hospital for a while know and
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up. if you would like to help the family pay for those go to >> kim: we have a murder suspect still on the loose this morning and that is after he was initially in custody. police still searching for this person who escaped over the weekend. here he is interesting interviewed. he's wearing that jersey that says 21. they found his getaway car. the pickup truck he took off in. now we transition toi north las vegas police say the man you saw in the jersey escaped over the weekend and this theaters in is after being accused of killing the man you saw a moment ago. apparently he was able to break free from that interview room. he slipped out of his handcuffs, got out of that room. he's cued of taking the life of robinson. they are outraged that not only
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>> one of those instances where we had a suspect in an interview room. the detective steps out for a moment and a situation like this happens. it's very rare. the focus is we apprehend him because he's wanted for murder ever. we are asking the public for help if you see him. >> kim: police say the man you are looking at is conre if have you information that could lead to his arrest, don't keep it to yourself. you can call the crime stoppers hot line number. you can remain anorthern mouse. we'll stay on top of this developing story.
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discern these two correctional officers were critically wounded before the man was arrested. they are in the hospital as we speak. among the charges attempted murder charges. he's a convicted felon. he sent 16 years in prison for rape. 2340 word on why he opened fire at those officers. >> kim: we focus on decision 23016 and here is some numbers for you. early voting starts in less than 50 election day 64 days away. campaigns are ramping up efforts in the closely contested contest. like nevada we are a swing state. a battleground state. democrat opened another field office the other day. republicans have super saturday last and sent hundred offense volunteers to canvas
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potts in the next half hour of the program to see what the candidates are doing on this labor day. >> dana: a world war ii hero and he will be remembered today. he's going to be laid to regs. he passed away last week at the age of 91. a french legion of honor medal recipient. he died after battling cancer. fundamental a chance to meet him, he was a character. everybody that met him absolutely loved him. >> kim: that includes us. we met him several years ago
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recipe that was delicious. and he is somebody who will always be remembered here in southern nevada. if you met him, then you know him. right now we're focusing on what is going on back east and we're also talking about the president of the united states. all of these stories headed your way. you see him on the red carpet that is not from china. they snubbed him by notol commander in chief. >> dana: what about kaepernick's decision to sit or kneel. you'll hear from the president coming up. >> kim: storm watch. pictures back east, the jersey shore and hermine with impacts felt up and down the eastern seaboard after pushing into georgia it's expected to move up
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>> kim: happening today bernie sanders campaigning on laugh of clinton. it was about a year ago they were debating on the local stage
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now he is top surrogate for clinton. he is going to be in new hampshire today. he's not going to be campaigning next to her. he's going to be campaigning on her behalf. the senator will highlight her plan to build an xi that works for all americans, not just the wealthy. clinton lost to sanders in the first primary election >> dana: china is hosting the g20. g20 stands for group of 20. the most powerful countries in the world. this is the 11th time the g20 has let. the main goal is trying to get this world economy going again. the united states economy is good compared to the rest of the world. the chinese president said it's
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and investment. the united states and russia coming up short on a deal to end the syrian civil war. john kerry said a couple of tough issues remain after the latest in a series of talks with the russians. >> kim: on "the today show" reporting live on the snub to our community commander in chief they did not roll out the red for him to get off air force one. we are focusing on problem turner. he's home in ohio. everybody is watching. talk about nosey neighbors. this is taken to a new level because of what he is accused of. you see him in his own backyard. there are eyes everywhere and people rolling. he was released from jail in california friday and many of you saw that live here on the program as he walked out of that
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sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. just half of that sentence he served because he got credit for time served. that sentence created outrage because most people thought it was too lenient for the crime. as a result there is a campaign this morning to recall the judge who sentenced turner. last week lawmakers passed a bill mandating zika prison timen time for similar sex crimes. jerry september 30 to decide whether to sign it. new this morning colin kaepernick sitting during the national anthem refuses to stand over what he calls racial injustice here in the united states. the president of the united states commenting on this saying he's exercising his constitutional right to not stand for the national anthem but this could compromise security at the 49ers games.
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>> kelly: temperatures today will be below normal expecting highs in the low 90's. winds will be a big change. not as strong as what we saw over the weekend. winds 5-10 this afternoon and that's about it. dry conditions across the southwest. little bit of haze but not as dramatic as we saw yesterday.
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the north west. moving up to the northwest and going through the gulf of california. arizona and new mexico they are going to see some of the rain showers. for us dry conditions. 92, sunny, light winds. any outdoor activity just don't forget the sunscreen. clear and cooler. 90's throughout the work week this week warming slowly weekend. >> kim: what a sight at the vatican over the weekend. they had imagines from india. you saw a moment ago a statute
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stood. look at this image from yesterday at the vatican. thousands upon thousands of people gathering to express their love for her. an estimated 120,000 people attended this ceremony at the vatican. >> dana: i like they served pizza to the homeless after. >> kim: that is awesome. i didn't realize that. >> dana: 200 homeless came and she would have liked that. it weekend during the college football game there as they remembered a fallen teammate. nebraska went out for a punt and you could see they only have 10 men on the field, no punter. the reason is they lost their punter in july. sam was killed in a car accident. some of the teammates getting emotional as you can see. they went out in punt formation without a pubber to pay tribute to him.
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stadium. the other team knew what was going to happen as well. >> kim: some would call at this time play of the game. you'll see a receiver catching the ball and somer salting into the end >> dana: touchdown. this happened last night. the fighting irish taking on texas last night. that was one of many great plays. this thing went double overtime. texas winning it in double overtime 50-47. the irish ranked 10th in the country. l.s.u. ranked in the top five, gone. oklahoma ranked third in the nation, they lost.
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>> didn't ucla lose too? >> they lost as well. unlv takes on ucla this coming weekend. it's not just the football field where you are seeing accused crooked hillary bats. gymnist bringing their game to the baseball field as well. wait until you see the human emoji throwing out the first
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for seniors like barbara, social security makes a difference every month. but for the wall street types who've given congressman joe heck's campaigns over $500,000, social security could mean billions of dollars in fees. and why joe heck and wall street support it. under heck's privatization plan, retirement security gets risked on the stock market. and the wall street types supporting joe heck make billions. whose side are you on? senate majority pac is responsible
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>> dana: now everybody knows simon biles. >> kim: it wouldn't surprise me if she's a guest host on snl. she threw out on twitter they were looking for potential ideas and she said how about the final five girls.
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>> kim: we went to the make a
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kids and staffers. criss angel has a message for all local view they are morning that is going to touch your heart and we have it headed your way. >> dana: we have you covered every 10 minutes with traffic and weather. we begin with jeff mar. >> jeff: we have an accident. if you are on the freeways there is not a lot of traffic out no slow spots. you should have no trouble getting in if you have to. >> kelly: if you don't, if have you the day off, a great day to get out and play golf or get out on the water. the winds will be lighter than what we saw over the weekend. 92 at 3:00 is our high for the day today.
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at about 6:00. >> kim: if you do have to hit the road today, we have an idea who you are going to be sharing space with. let's check in with craig. >> good morning. if you are going to be hitting the road soon, safe travels to you. that's our wish. if you are hitting the road today, you are going to have some company. 36% of people according to a today on this labor day monday. a lot of people we understand from that same survey are not ready to go home just yet. it's estimated 14% of people are actually going to enjoy the holiday monday today as well. and then return tomorrow tuesday december 6. and then presumably go back to their life on wednesday september 7. add to the other information
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travelling. 60% of people drove to their destination likely because the price of self-serve regular unleaded has been lower this holiday weekend as opposed to last labor day. the travel sup by 10%. this is according to a survey done of 2,000 people traveling by trip we are reporting live with the strip behind me. i can't help but w watching this report this morning doing the math and wondering if they can leave form and then return to the real world on wednesday. it can be done. i know people who do this. not me unfortunately. i'm going to plan better next year. >> dana: if they want to avoid the traffic jam they either better leave now or leave late tonight. this it was scene at los angeles
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weekend. they arrested a guy in a stolen vehicle out front of the terminal. they told people to get inside the safety of the terminal. they saw guns drawn as you can see so people didn't know what was going on. a number of them went through the security area without being screened and about 15 people ended up on the far mack at l.a.x. this is not a good situation. they went back i as a precaution. police searched the terminal with bomb sniffing dogs. they didn't find anything and gave the all clear. 2,000 travelers had to be rescreened as a result of this. you see celebrities all the time at l.a.x. now we're seeing celebrities in the desert of the nevada. yeah because of the burning man.
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just a few stars that came to our state because of burning man. last night they had the big finale where they burned the temple to the ground. that is a dark contrast of the burning of the man himself. it started with fireworks and explosions. the burners have been leaving notes and letters. some people leaving the ashes of loved ones inside that temple all week in preparation of the burn under the crescent moon. you are celebrities that made the trek out. now the big clean up begins. something that they are used to. this has been going on for quite some time. >> dana: time for your daily dose of inspiration on this make a wish monday. star of a national television show has a soft spot for sick children. sitting down with criss angel on friday partnering with our local
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is now fighting leukemia. you may have seen the people magazine article on friday about that. angel hosting a star-studded performance where he has his own show hoping to raise $1,348 in the fight against pediatric cancer pleading with everybody out there to join in. >> if you are watching this right now, you can make a difference in the world. you can save a donating one dollars. please go to criss angel and make a difference in the world not for me but for these kids that don't have a voice, that need your help. >> dana: head to criss to find out how you can help out in this
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star-studded event monday night at the luxor. a lot of stars will be there on monday night. you can help wipe out pediatric cancer. >> kim: it's already started. there is vice president biden. he has joined tim kaine and they are delivering remarks today in pittsburgh at a labor day parade. the vice president has if any news breaks, we'll pass it on to you. still to come this morning sore loser. it's the end of the race and the other guy gets the big win. you are going to see how the one driver responds to that win and some people are saying poor sport headed your way. >> dana: check this out from a baseball game over the weekend.
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>> debbie: check this out. this happened at the end of the
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weekend with one driver tack it will other driver. let's show you what led up to this. they are fighting for the finish line and they are bumping and grinding all the way down. finally the number 8 car sends the other guy into the wall. he gets the victory. he is not happy about it so there is them check and he comes at him. let's go at >> kim: i have a feeling anyone who has a brother can relate to that feeling. i know have you gotten into it with your brother in sports. >> jeff: it happens. it does. that was a photo finish. they had to go to the officials
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he was not happy. we're not seeing a lot of that. fortunely we're not seeing a lot of traffic at all. we had an accident working on 95 north bandeaus approached jones that has been cleared. let's get a check of the forecast with kelly. >> kelly: the sun is up shining. temperatures starting to warm up. temperatures comfortable too. we're taking a live look outside. lot of blue sky. 71 is winds light today and moving on to our new charity for september. >> kim: still to come colin kaepernick getting support from
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danny tarkanian's carrying a lot of baggage. as a real-estate developer, tarkanian was penalized for failing to pay thousands in property taxes. tarkanian was ordered by a judge to repay $17 million in a failed development scheme. tarkanian refused to pay the money back, forcing taxpayers to bail him out, leaving us holding the bag. danny tarkanian's out for himself, not us. switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream...
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so call 844-560-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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>> kim: i know, i've heard it from people they hate it when broadcasters use the phrase lucky to be alive but there is no other way to put comes to this local teenager. you see the accident scene and now you are hearing from him from his hospital bed. >> i don't feel too good. i wake up and it's to to pain. >> kim: that is 16-year-old anthony. he was not only hit by a car but dragged underneath the car for several feet. as a result he suffered broken bones, a cracked spine. he has several internal
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last week. happened in that neighborhood in the north section of town. his family saying that the driver responsible walked away with only a traffic ticket. anthony's family expecting a long stay in that hospital. those hospital bills stacking up. if you'd like to help out this local family with what they are dealing with, emotions are one thing and t we have everything you need to donate to their cause at people go it's such a phrase lucky to be alive. really is. >> dana: indiana governor, vice presidential candidate mike pence announcing that he and donald trump will eventually release their tax returns. >> donald trump and i are both going to release our tax returns. i'll release mine in the next
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>> dana: he's going to release his this week. donald trump will not release his until they get done with the audit which is probably going to happen after we nominate or elect a new president coming up in 64 days from now. let's talk it out with tracy potts. i don't know if you had a chance to see that interview with mike pence yesterday. but there is one particular thing they want to talk to you about today. it was chuck todd talked t immigration policy and asked him at least three times if donald trump plans to deport the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in our community and chuck todd said i guess you are not going to answer the question. >> he was consistent about saying donald trump is consistent but on what. that seems to be the issue. is he or is he not going to deport people who are not
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are out of here. but trump is started out saying people who are not would also be deported. afterwards he said -- the other thing he said one important line in all the emotion na people missed was donald trump made it clear he has not decided to deport all 11 million. that is not what it sounded like and that's why still out there. >> dana: still confused what the immigration policy is of trump's campaign. it's an issue important to thousands upon thousands of people here in southern nevada and i'm sure that will be
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thank you for that. meanwhile libertarian presidential nominee gary johnson getting an unlikely endorsement over the weekend. receiving the endorsement of the richmond kind dispatch. they have endorsed republican candidate for the last 36 the final of the three debates is going to be held right before election day here at the thomas and mack center here in las vegas. >> kim: dramatic images when a vehicle is hit by an amtrak train this. happened in south carolina last night. just after 8:00 our time. that train headed to florida, originated in washington, d.c.
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was running ahead of schedule when it slowed down and all of a sudden stopped and you are seeing why. the passengers smelled some kind of gas. when they looked outside the train had pushed that vehicles hundreds of yards up the track. that vehicle was sideways on the track after the train came to a stop. no injuries to the crew members or the passengers on board the train. that train was delayed some three hours before it was able to continue on. have any word on the extent of the injuries suffered by the driver of the car that was hit while it was on the tracks. >> dana: these protestors taking to the street protesting the new president in brazil.
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days after the ousting of the leader. they fired tear gas to stop vandalism. >> kim: the building caught fire and look at all the protestors out there. that's how it started. video showing the protestors. some of them starting fires with tires burning out front. firefighters worked fast to put down the flames. witnesses indicated that a smoke bomb was thrown into the building at one point. this particular tv station is
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russia sentiments. that is why they believe that happened. >> dana: chon 3 burned to the ground some 50 years ago. the parents of that toddler killed by an alligator at walt disneyworld are speaking publicly for the first time since that accident. >> lane, we love you up to heaven. happy birthday buddy. we miss you. >> that's the dad. he had to witness that horrific accident. they released thousands of balloons on saturday in his home state of nebraska to remember little lane. he would have turned three on
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today show." >> kim: that footage is on your screen as they celebrated that toddler's life. they released some 5,000 balloons in honor of him. today would have been his third birthday. that is going to be on "the today show" this we're going to show you what led up to this coming up. mariners taking on the angels when kyle hits that comebacker at the head of matt shoemaker. hitting him in the head. segar was shaken by it as were players on the field. he walked off the field.
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clot too. the ball was probably going 105 miles an hour at the time. >> kim: the dangers of the job. let's check out the morning commute by checking in with jeff. >> jeff: it has been a good commute. we have a waze user telling us about a disabled vehicle 15 north bound at lake mead. no accidents to speak of and no delays either. 515 north bound clear at 13 minutes. let's get a check of the forecast with kelly. >> kelly: we are looking at a lot of sunshine outside. a few clouds in the area and a little bit of haze. nothing like yesterday. the sun is up. the winds are light. look at that water, like glass. do a little paddle boarding. that would be great this morning
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temperatures heading out the door very comfortable. temperatures will warm up this afternoon. winds today staying light as well. a lot of sunshine. quiet conditions across the southwest. pahrump 90, boulder city 91. today 92. sunny skies, 95 for tuesday and wednesday. slowly warming back up to the triple digits by the weekend. >> dana: time for the water cooler on this monday morning. you've seen colin kaepernick doing it, going to one knee during the national anthem. now he's getting support from a soccer star. one of the best soccer players
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she also place in the united states. over the weekend going to her knee saying this is the least she can do to keep the conversation going in the united states of america. you wonder if we're going to see this more and more in other professional sports across the country people kneeling to stand up for colin kaepernick. rebound baptist church mcintire and brooks and dunn say when it s there no end in sight. with a live look at cesar's palace where the three perform there. in separate interviews they were asked if they had any plans to leave las vegas. ronny brooks telling the magazine they keep renegotiating their contract and probably perform here through 2018 at least. they love it. and daughter of the late steveer wynn paid tribute to her father
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she posted this photo saying you'll be my hero for my entire existence. >> kim: he did something right in his lifetime because that daughter seems like a tremendous person. "the today show" is next. they have numerous exclusives headed your way. live team coverage. more local news continues on the cw las vegas with jeff and michelle. >> jeff: we have a lot to the local teen who was hit by a car. >> michelle: and we'll have a look at all the star-studded fun from burning man. >> jeff: national cheese pizza day. we'll tell you how you can make
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good morning. breaking news. tense talk. president obama goes one-on-one with vladamir putin overnight. the leaders clashing on everything from cyber security tosia as the president admits to gaps of trust between the world powers. show of support. a star soccer player kneels during the national anthem. a nod to colin kaepernick. the president weighing in on that controversy as well. >> i think he cares about some real legitimate issues that have to be talked about. >> this morning the growing backlash against the quarterback and the sudden spike in his jersey sales. holiday headache.


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