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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 6, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to try to find it just for you on "mad money. the philippine presidents foul-mouthed warning cancelled a meeting between the leaders. 63 days to the election, press aboard their planes. >> i'm not concerned about the conspiracy theories. there are so many of them i have lost track of them. >> get them out, we secure the border. we stop the drugs from coming in. the drugs are pouring in. new video of newly released 49er bruce miller stumbling
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highest level for tennis levels of all time and a whole lot more as we kick off a very busy tuesday. "early today" starts right now. it's so good to be with you. very business i have morning are president obama but now this spout with president of the philippines. >> things getting tense. >> president obama becoming the visit the country of laos and this morning he underscored the importance of why he visited this country. >> from in the 1964 to 1973 the u.s. dropd more tons on laos.
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>> and it comes during a rare moment of messiness after a cursing raised eyebrows and ultimately lead to the cancellation of a meeting between both world leaders. it it also included a diplomatic snub. we are in laos traveling with the historic visit to laos? >> this is a historic moment for laos and the united states. president obama the first president to come here. the united states bombed this nation try to go cut off enmy supply lines. laos deal ws that here. there are millions of unexplodded bombs. some 20,000 people have been killed or injured.
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$90 million to help deal with the crisis. that's about as much money has been spent here since the war ended. the president attending southeast asian nations. laos hosting that event. it's all part of the effort to rebalance u.s. foreign policy towards this part of the world away from the middle east and europe. he is here for a couple of days after a very dramatic visit to china where he putin, perhaps the last time those two leaders will meet face to face. all right. full speed ahead. hillary clinton and donald trump, they are now at a final all out sprint with both candidates fighting it out across battleground states. and two new polls show how
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clinton beating trump 48% to 42%. the latest poll has trump beating clinton 45% to 42. days after clinton's controversial visit she has no intent to do the same saying i will continue to focus on what we are doing to create jobs here at home. while calling the job to mexico embarrassing, unfortunate. she also said her husband and former president shouldn't have to step down from the family's name sake foundation unless she wins the white house saying he has made it his life's work and he has said if i'm fortunate to be elected he will not be involved and i think that's appropriate.
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fit. >> i want to thank marsha for hosting us. i've been talking so much. every time i think about trump i get allergic. >> they contributed the allergie allergies. while convening her first press conference clinton hit back against donald trump and accused russia of lobbying for a trump presidency through the most recent dnc hacks. a pledge from 88 retired generals. >> you go out and you have to
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>> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> it is with the other cases. we had 11 debates. i look forward to the debates. >> the republican nominee made those in cleveland. it wasn't just a battleground in ohio. the tarmac was also center stage for both candidates. trouble continued to brew over
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now, a campaign spokesperson said the candidate madly addressed -- immediately addressed the issue and paid the fine. today on the trail trump heads to virginia and north carolina. hillary clinton will campaign as her vice presidential pick. conservative icon has died. he lawyer died in her st. louis home. she was credited to moving it towards her right wing party it became. the equal rights amendment was also the founder of the eagle forum. it is an influential right-wing group. she was seen as the king maker of sorts standing aside some of
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she endorsed donald trump in the 2016 race for the white house and coauthored a book. that book is due out today. she was with 92 years old. the san francisco 49ers released bruce miller after he allegedly punched an elderly man. he was drunk trieg to get -- trying to get into a hotel room. it wasn't his room. the to help. that's wheen the 6'2" miller charged and punched the 70-year-old man. both were taken to the hospital. miller was found across the street where an employee found him throwing up and bleeding in a stairwell. he was released after posting bail. keep in mind this incidence is not his first.
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pushing a woman to the ground. convicted sex offender brock turner is back in his hometown. some of them have even protested outside of his home armed with rifles. that's legal under the state's laws. they say they mean no harm unless they catch him committing another crime. >> should he decide to the power to stop him will and that's anyone here with a gun. if we catch him, or anyone else in the act of raping they are taking their own lives into their own hands. >> he was released from jail after serving only half of his six month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman last year.
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life. how about the best athlete ever? she is the winningest player with the most of any to play the sport. serena moved past icons like roger federer. she is on her way to the u.s. open finals, one step closer to winning her 23rd grand slam singles titles. she'll have the championship in tennis history. >> it must have been a moment for her but also for the fans, everybody watching that. >> absolutely. it is always great to see history unfold. >> right in front of you. we have got weather threats. bonnie is here to track the details. >> good morning. good morning. we have hermine not wanting to leave us. it's a strong one. even though it is moving to the
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on the west coast we are watching another one, hurricane newton. this one is going to impact the desert southwest in terms of rain. we could even see flash flooding in the tucson area. that's a look at the big sunshine at 64. -- 65. we'll be watching for the wet weather into arizona and texas due to newton. just ahead, why the fbi is taking heat for the way it rounds up child porn suspects. this is the second annual
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hundreds of thousands performing this year's april grimmage. you may recall it caused the death of more than 2,000 people. this year though we are going to see incr incluing gps connected. it is expected to help track the crowd's movements. >> it is amazing how high-tech it could be. >> especially with people in such a small space. >> it is under fire for the methods used in a child porn crack down. it stands from the technology to track down people trading child
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did a jurisdiction laws may have been illegal. >> football hall of famer bart star has returned from mexico after receiving his third experimental treatment. the former green bay packers has bounced back from several health set backs including two strokes, a heart attack and last year's infection. the treatments he received are manufactured bay company and shipped to mex w home. as many as 100 u.s. patients are opting for these treatments but with rising costs they are planning for a hearing next week. fast forwarding today the judge in bill cosby charged with drugging and assaulting a woman.
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we will foes exclusively on issues that the next president will have to confront as commander in chief. that's tomorrow night at 8:00 eastern on msnbc. a big deal for general motors. causing delays at multiple airplanes around the world. we have details. what a headache for travelers. >> reporter: yes. passengers facing delays as a computer glitch hit the airlines check-in system. it urges customers to check in online. british airways isn't commenting
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washington, d.c. and atlanta. the play lists are a direct challenge to spotify who has more than 40 million users. it offers 25 tracks based on your listens history. and the two final bell weather cases related to faulty ignition switches. the deal comes ahead of a case set to settlement options in more than 200 lawsuits. gm paid $2 billion in fines and settlements related to the switches. back over to you. >> all right. thank you. you know certainly the headaches when it comes to international travel as you sit there and wait for that plane to take off. >> it has a ripple effect all across the world. it will delay a lot of passengers.
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it just hit number one on the billboard chart. it breaks her previous record with the most number one albums. it also breaks her into the top three overall tieing her with bruce springsteen. the beatles still reign supreme with 19. >> you have to listen to her. she does these duos. >> >> i can imagine some of those videos will go viral as well. >> now a hero always in the cards for kyle prater. he wasn't really into cpr classes not knowing his sister would immediately need them. she was choking in the car and those cpr skills came into handy. you're never too young or too old for cpr. this is "early today." this is ""
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welcome back to "early today." it will really be a scorcher out there. we are watching to work its way across the southwest. temperatures still warm southeast. >> it is still summer. that's proof right there. thank you. a florida woman tried to get the ultimate revenge. it was taken over the weekend. police are asking for the public's help. guess what? got the vehicle wrong. she torched the wrong car.
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her arrest. so now she is awaiting charges for arson and other charges. you would think if you're close enough you would know the car. >> luckily no one was hurt. an take a look before it was destroyed by visitors. an iconic rock was destroyed over the we officials first thought it may have naturally fallen over. it seems now with this video that the act was actually caught on camera. park officials say they take vandalism seriously and criminal charges are being considered. chevy chase checked into a minnesota clinic for what they are calling a tune up in his
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struggled with substances in his career. back in the 80s he checked into a clinic to check his addiction to prescription painkillers. it turns out men are getting better at their house work duties. over the last 50 years men have lifted their load as people's mind sets have progressed. women still do an average of two hours more workh those in italy and spain spent the most time with men -- we cleaned up the house. >> took out the garbage, took
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go-to. thanks for wa. >> dana: death investigation. henderson police are investigating after two people are found dead. this happened hours ago. we're going to tell what you they believe happened ahead. >> kim: name calling. the president of the philippines has harsh words about our president. what he called her current commander plus -- >> that was the most rewarding moment of anything that i've ever done. >> dana: different kind of fighting. ufc fighter being called a hero after a chance encounter at mt. charleston. we'll tell you what happened. it is september 6. did you see that comeback by
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because we were tracking the same way. for you, you were thinking about the comeback and for me i'm thinking the star player at fsu that went and sat with a student at the lunch table and gave him a jersey. >> dana: check on the weather right now. i see we have a hurricane off the coast. is that going to impact our >> kelly: it is not. it's going to turn to the east. arizona will get showers out of that. for us dry conditions throughout the rest of the week with temperatures slowly rising. winds nice and light today. 91 by noon and 95 at 4:00. i'll let you know when we can see a return of the triple digits coming up. >> kim: we turn to this developing story. henderson police are


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