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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> dana: good morning. it is 4:30 on this hump day. for the first time donald trump and hillary clinton are going to be together. they are not going to be answering questions at the same time but they will be in the same space at the same time. >> kim: it's not a traditional debate but the first time we feel like we're hed election. we'll have a live preview on that. before we get to that, let's welcome new properly. we're the wagners, kim and dana checking in with kelly when it comes to the forecast. >> kelly: dry conditions, warmer temperatures.
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south. newton. we are watching the clouds and the rain down there. they are dealing with that flash flood watch. here's what you can expect this morning. mostly sunny skies at 9:00 a.m. noon 94, 98 at noon today. that's our high today. that's one degree above average but temperatures will continue to climb head into the >> dana: about 20 people getting help from the red cross after this fire at an apartment complex on the south side of the las vegas valley. this thing started about five hours ago at the paradise spa apartments near las vegas boulevard. the owner of the apartment complex says a woman was cooking french frisson her stove and forgot about them and that
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french fries. fire crews telling people to get away from the building after asbestos was found inside. no injuries but people without a home. >> kim: metro looking for whoever is responsible in a deadly shooting in the northwestern section of town. it happened about 6:00 last night in the parking lot of the heirry park both victims were rushed to umc where they later passed away. they are looking for multiple people involved in this crime. if you know anything that can help crack this case, please don't keep it to yourself, they need your help. you can call that hot line number. and you can remain anonymous
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>> dana: this guy back in custody. this is a local man accused of shooting and killing another man at this mcdonald's restaurant. the man got shot and killed because he didn't hold the did door open for a woman. the guy accused back in custody. he was captured at a home on charleston last night. police caught him last week but while left him un attended and he got out of his handcuffs and got away in a pickup truck. >> torture, just pain. it just hurts so bad knowing that the person that murdered my brother might get away with it.
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i hope no one has to experience. just knowing that he's caught, i haven't smiled since i heard my brother passed. this is the first smile that's come out of me. >> she's thankful peeves back in custody. she has questions how was that accused murder able to get out of custody in the first place. >> kim: i've seen question on media platforms. we are going to lighten it up in a matter of moments. before we do, we have another distressing story to share. it takes to us henderson where police are investigating why a 38-year-old man shot his wife and killed himself. the couple and their two daughters had only been living there for a few months.
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neighborhood but doesn't want to be identified heard the chaos coming from the home minutes before two people were found dead inside. >> i saw what i believe to be their aunt run out of the house screaming. you could tell something horrific happened and my first instinct was someone was going to come out behind her. >> the couple's two daughters had just arrived at the home. they were coming to check on their mom. the home and found a man and woman dead. a man shot and killed his wife before killing himself. >> my heartbreaks for the kids. >> the woman who was in the process of moving out came to the house to get some things before she was killed. >> this is a quiet good neighborhood. sweet family. fantastic mom. the girl were fantastic. my kids played with them, went
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it's heart wrenching and horrible to see. >> politics had been called to the house for a domestic violence issue. jennifer who lived a few houses down said this tragedy could have been prevented if people were more involved. >> maybe she didn't know the neighbors anted was afraid or scared and needed to be out at that minute. >> happening today about six hours from now apple expected to many people believe they will unveil the iphone 7. we may see new watches from them and a new way to listen to those devices. the new iphone expected to have a faster processor, more memory and a better camera. >> we opened up the program talking about it in new york city tonight and you are seeing the stage behind me donald trump and hillary clinton will be
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of them from military members. matt lauer will do the -- >> these are where romney and mccain were. they had between 300 and 500. i'm doing better than any democrat, he's doing worse than recent republicans. >> democrats are worried. clinton six points ahead in nbc's poll but two points behind in cnn's. >> we like to see clinton selling herself to the american people.
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audience tuesday trump switched topics several times. asked about syria's leader he switched to iran's nuclear deal. >> each side disparaging the other. >> he has no clue about what he's talking about. >> as this race tightens. >> dana: coming up we're going to show you what happened at the u.s. open, not the court but in the stands. you're going do like this one coming up in minutes. >> kim: still to come a 72-year-old man is safe but this is surprising because he was lost for six days when he went out for a hike. there are three things officials say that he did that likely
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>> kim: the u.s. open continue this is week. there is a tennis fan making an amazing catch. we're going to put it on full display for you. this is a addition for the winner into the audience. here is the catch one more time. awesome. her reaction priceless.
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semifinals. >> dana: the misery over an incredible wedding picture. couple posing for this shot. who are they? we may have some answers ahead. >> kim: who has the better plane, trump or clinton? we're doing some comparing.
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>> dana: live pictures out of virginia beach, virginia. arlington national cemetery. world war ii pilot i lane harmon finally being laid to rest there. she died last year at the age of 95. women were not granted military status at the time they served in world war ii but received
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in 1977. her family has fought to get her remains buried there. we just found out that is going to happen. >> kim: we take to you different waters. whether you want to go with dana's suggestion or kelly's, we're talking newton and newton packing a punch here, knocking out power in some places in mexico this is a full fledged hurricane. we had a lot of visitors trying to get vacation time the storm hitting land yesterday. it was a category one hurricane when it slammed into that part of mexico. sustained winds of 90 miles an hour. the national hurricane center that is based out of miami predicted that newton could cross the peninsula as a hurricane and reenter the gulf. newton was forecast to dump 12 inches of rain in the baha
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other states. kelly was talking about us dodging a bullet but new mexico and arizona going to get the brunt of this. we'll check in with her in a matter of moments and see if anything has changed. >> dana: not going to be heavy rain in southern arizona but they are getting ready. it could be about three inches of rain as they were getting ready yesterday in you the son out fantastic.
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yesterday. we will see some clouds today, especially as we look to the southeast. i don't think we're going to get the clouds over the city of las vegas but you will see high thin clouds, that is the edge of what is left of hurricane newton which is still a tropical storm by the way. it is a nice cool morning. summerlin 69, paradise 72 this here is a look at that wet weather. for us clear, dry. here is the leading edge of clouds making its way into northwestern arizona and here is the rain. near tucson they are seeing light showers across the area. thunderstorms embedded as well. southern new mexico and southeastern arizona all under flash flood watches. that's something we'll keep an
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77 for the low. our seven-day forecast, the triple digits are coming back but briefly. 101 is the expected high on saturday. next week another system is going to come through and knocks those temperatures back down into the low 90's. >> kim: we take to you minnesota for a big update on a case that really captivated the country in a man has been arrested in connection with a kidnapping and murder of an 11-year-old. that man confessed to the crime. if first picture you saw confessed that he kidnapped jacob on a rural road in october of 1989. then he sexually assaulted him and shot and killed him. not only did he confess but he led police to jacob's remains as
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family never gave up hope. >> to us jacob was alive to be found until we found him. >> it's incredibly pain to feel know his last days, his last minutes. >> how that mother was able to get up there and share those words unbelievable especially kn smiling face at 11 years old he asked his capper what have i done wrong, please take me home. this has been going on for three decades. they want to finally lay jacob to rest. >> dana: the french woman who received a world's first face transplant died.
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we don't know yet took so long for them to release that information. she was 49 years of age. hospital did not release details and not clear if her illness was related to the transplant. she was severely disfigured by her dog and was ginn a new nose, chin and lips. medications that patients must take to prevent their bodies from rejecting the new organs can cause other illness have severe side effects. >> kim: a utah helicopter pilot is being praised for rescuing a 72-year-old hiker who had been lost in the wilderness for six days. he just about was going to throw in the towel until he saw something. >> i think we're going to be looking for a body out here if anything. didn't place a lot of hope on the fact we'd be able to find
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of the 72-year-old. this is what we can learn from. that pilot said that the 72-year-old did three things right. he was wearing brightly colored clothes. he also told somebody where he was going and when he was supposed to be coming back and when he realized he was lost he stayed put and he waited it out for help. >> dana: i don't know if you've seen this yet on the internet has gone viral. this couple at i don't semiat yosemite atsunset snaps this pi. that couple has not come guard. >> what a great picture. >> maybe the mystery will be solved by the time "the today show" comes on.
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what you recollected expect. >> matt will be live look accused need tonight's commander in chief forum in prime time. what do trump and clinton need to say to court the military vote. summer may be over. now is the time for vacation. where to find best deals right now. and a stunning live performance from cirque de soleil new >> dana: looks like it's going to be on broadway but we have a lot of those products that make their way to town by the smith center so maybe some day. >> kim: who had the better
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>> dana: hillary just got hers. trump has been flying around in the trump mobile for a long time. >> coming soon campaign stops nationwide but which plane is donald trump ascus miosessed 757 or clinton's blue 737 on its maiden voyage as the campaign plane. hillary was parked within sight of the donalds. hillary was asked how she felt seeing his plane. >> i didn't feel anything. >> trump's plane is more fantasy island. >> 24 karat gold plated. >> while hillary's is more normal carrying 96 passengers, trump's carries 43 but puts them
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own bedroom. hillary's is a rental. while the donald bought his jet used, it's now 25 years old. the donald makes up for that gold plating by sending out photos of himself eating mcdonald's and kfc with a knife and fork. hillary had a coughing fit allergic to trump. she broke off her gaggle. one critic coined the # air allergy. there is no question whose plane is bigger, the president's air force one. trump's is bigger than hillary's and the donald told rolling stone it's bigger than air force one but pants on fire better
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>> dana: football players
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>> kim: so different than the original version it was hard to figure out. the vikings are going to play a little football taking on tennessee this sunday. it is a video vault wednesday here on the program.
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in time to the diamond
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>> kim: coming up, a local apartment owner saying that something burned on the stove and caught fire and boy did it spread quick, the full story headed your way. >> just knowing that he's
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the first smile that's come out of me. >> dana: back in custody. this man was able to escape on friday here in the valley. they found him last night. we'll tell you where coming up. >> kim: also confession, the man on the left confessing to killing the young man on the right more than three decades ago. the story captivated the country. we have a big update headed your way this >> dana: good morning. happy hump day. the sun will be up in a little more than an hour from now on this wednesday september 7 as we scan the las vegas strip. >> kim: come on, bring your a game. there is a new cirque de soleil show in brook lin. we're going to have to get that here in town because we want everyone to come spend their dollars in our fine city.


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