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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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school. can you believe this story? we're live from the scene to tell you why coming up. >> krystal: a murder suspect back in custody. we're finding out more about how he managed to escape as he was being interrogated in handcuffs. >> dana: apple reveals the iphone 7. it is something that is not on the phone that has people talking this it is 5:00 on this thursday morning. are you ready for some football? sports authority field out of denver. >> krystal: kicking off no other place than here on channel 3. >> dana: game time is 5:30 but we'll have prelims here on channel 3. >> krystal: we're ready to get this thursday morning started.
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center, kelly with a check on the weather forecast. we know that newton has been moving southeast of us. i noticed clouds yesterday. >> kelly: the cloud shield we could see was the only thing we got out of newton. the rain to the south. they are dealing with showers in new mexico and arizona. here at home nothing but blue skies today. 94 by noon and at 98. we'll be back in the triple digits tomorrow. we'll talk about how long in a few minutes. >> tom: starting out with an accident at buffalo and windmill. use caution there. overall things are quiet as we cruise into the 15 and 215 and it's an easy drive from there into the bowl where travel times are running up to speed right now. no delays in terms of slowing
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green. >> dana: it has been a long night for students at a local , jr. high school here in town. some of them locked inside that school for 17 hours. we take you live to the scene. kendall joins us from johnson middle school with the latest. >> good morning. within the last 30 minutes to an hour every single student here at johnson middle where the mercury was found released to their parents. a long night for the kids and parents with questions about what led to mercury being found on campus. a student brought it. where it came from or where that student brought it to campus is unknown at this time. i can tell you why things took so long. there are federal regulations
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we spoke with parents and they heard there were only three epa agents out here overnight which is what took so long. a big relief they were checking their clothing and backpacks and making sure nothing was brought home and spread throughout their area. here is one student released later tonight. >> teacher that was out there telling us that y'all need to hurry up and take y'all kids to the doctor. saying. >> clark county school officials say they are following protocol by the environmental protection agency and each student had to be screened before they were able to leave. i was here with channel 3, one of the first reporters that was out here yesterday afternoon when we first got word of it. i was told specifically this was not a big deal, not to werery
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it was a big deal and those students out here much longer than we were told initially. >> krystal: a lot of worried parent for hours there kendall. thank you for that report. we'll continue to check in live with kendall throughout this newscast. officers are calling a suspicious death in the valley a hit and run. the man's body found near they believe he was killed by a vehicle but they don't know if he was intentionally run over. police are looking for a small white vehicle with extensive body damage. if you see a vehicle matching that description or know anything about this case, please call crime stoppers. >> dana: rarely do you get to see something like this. this is an escape? -in progress.
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expected in a local courtroom this morning. craig has more on that. >> reporter: perez had been brought in for questioning in connection to a murder. he was in handcuffs and seen on video escaping from those handcuffs and climbing into the ceiling at the north las vegas police department. he was gone for 40 minutes before anybody would notice. he was under the watchful eye of security video but nobody was watching the video vegas admitted this was a terrible mistake and we now have the video which shows this escape which is incredible. it shows the person brought in for questioning making a break for it. he encounters a detective but manages to slip out of the bureau. the police chief said it was a terrible mistake and changes
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>> takes the chair and puts it up against the wall, climbs up on the chair, knocks out a few ceiling tiles, climbs into the rafters and exits the building. he exits about 100 yards where he finds an unoccupied truck. it's running. he jumps in and makes his getaway. there were not constant eyes on the interview room. we're not perfect. the police are simply not perfect. however we will learn from our mistakes so they are not repeated. >> reporter: perez had been brought in for questioning in connection with the murder of robinson. robinson was killed because he didn't open a door for a woman at a fast food restaurant. as for this person, perez, he was arrested for questioning or detained for questioning. now he has many other legal problems.
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at 7:30. his first court appearance we'll be there to observe and report to you live at noon. >> krystal: thank you craig. an intense day in court as a local pastor learns he will spend rest of his life in prison for raping young girls in his congregation. >> i've not had a trial. >> you had a trial. >> i've not had an to prove my innocence with evidence, witnesses and facts. >> you've said this three times. >> krystal: that is hotties holland making out burst claiming he did not have a fair trial. the judge sentenced him to 15 life sentences meaning he won't be eligible for parole for another 60 years.
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candidates answering questions on national security during the first ever commander in chief forum held last night on nbc with matt lauer moderating asking the candidates how they would defeat isis. >> is the plan you've been hiding this whole time asking someone else for their plan? >> no, i have a plan. i don't want to broadcast to the enemy what my plan is. >> we have to defeat isis. that is terrorism goal. >> dana: clinton answering questions about her private email server defending her handling of classified material and acknowledging using a personal email server was a mistake. trump slamming president obama while praising vladimir putin. we have live pictures out of the
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lady liberty on your jean. soon we could see tim tebow in a new york mets uniform. heisman trophy winner played for the broncos and other teams in the nfl. his nfl career is over. he's switched to baseball. hasn't played since high school. tried out for a number of teams and the mets according to espn have signed him to a minor league contract. the interesting part of this is where is the mets aaa farm team? las vegas. right here in town. could we see tim tebow in a las vegas 51's uniform next season? possible. >> krystal: interesting tidbit there. thank you. new housing arrangement groups students at one california school by what they are interested in. how this new idea is upsetting
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about this new policy. >> dana: apple unveiled the iphone 7. there is something not on there. they didn't include something and people are going really you don't have one of those. we'll tell what you is missing coming up. >> krystal: and dramatic video. look at that. that truck plunging straight into the river 80 miles a i pledge allegiance, to the flag [continues in background] they're e bringing drugs, they'e brigning crime, they're rapists... you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes...
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>> dana: president obama raised the issue of a dispute in a summit today. president held a separate meeting with the leaders during the summit. the president said the u.s. wants to work constructively with southeast asian nations to lower tensions with china over the issue.
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keep pushing for completion of the trance pacific partnership free trade agreement which is waiting ratification through congress but unlikely it will pass through congress. >> krystal: a helicopter hoveri he has been obtained in a prison since april will appear before a judge refusing to talk at a previous hearing. >> dana: ryan lochte expected to be suspended for 10 months by both organizations. the olympic medal winner along
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been held up by armed men in rio at that gas station. it was later revealed that lochte made up much of that story. the other three being punished but not as severely as lochte. as a result of that lochte will not be able to compete in next year's world championships. >> krystal: let's talk about the par olympic this is the 15th summer paraolympics. 4300 athletes from more than 170 nations in more than 20 sports. people really excited. two and a half weeks after the closing of the olympic games in
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september 18. >> dana: they know how to party in rio. >> tom: they are ready to to the go for the next phase. we have this closure in effect at martin luther king boulevard ramp to '5" north. started a couple of days ago. move up to bonanza and enter by way of rancho. check on travel times most part at this early hour. we want to look ahead with our traffic ahead forecast. you see 215 no problems there in 30 minutes. in a couple of hours the 15 southbound will add a couple of minutes to your travel time barring any accidents. >> kelly: we start with a time lapse look from yesterday.
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beautiful colors in the skies. you see the clouds start moving closer getting over the valley and then pushing back out as we got into the evening hours. that storm system is exiting the hours. just a few lingering showers in parts of arizona and mexico. here is a look at the temperatures. stepping out the door just a little warmer than the last couple of mornings where we were in the upper 60's and low 70's. now mid 70's across the area. a comfortable start if you want to take the dog out for a nice long walk this morning. there are the lingering showers we were talking about but nothing here. high and dry conditions. lots of sunshine temperatures close to normal. 98 is our expected high today. tonight clear skies, 75-degrees
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return to the triple digits friday through the weekend. saturday a high of 101. cooler temperatures on the way. 90 for the high on wednesday. >> dana: loving it. time to take you live to the floor of the nasdaq. the lovely and talented jane king joining us from new york city. have you n t.s.a. security lines really aren't that bad. >> not bad at all. a breeze. we were worried about getting to the airport in plenty of time and went right through security. all that worry about the summer traveling was for nothing. the government says all the work it did to reduce wait times to less than 30 minutes, many waited less than 15 to get through security.
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enrollment in a precheck program. >> dana: the apple iphone released yesterday. where do i plug in the headphones? >> they got rid of the head phone jack. in its place it's offering ear buds called air pods and people are complaining about them. they are saying they are not going to stay in their ears and will be the m 2016. >> dana: everything new is hard for us americans. >> we complain about everything. >> dana: may be something new to listen to in those air pods. >> pandora could be offering a $5 a month streaming option this. $5 option would function like apple music and spot fy but gives users ability to skip
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>> dana: we need to embrace change. i'm thinking about getting a cd player for the first time. thanks for joining us. >> krystal: look at this. so a florida man arrested for both under the influence and that ended up happening to his yacht. the 72-foot ship spotted beach. he said he couldn't navigate it into the inlet. he admitted to drinking long island ice teas before the incident. no one was hurt. everyone on board the yacht able to walk ashore. he had to get a tow boat to help remove that yacht. >> dana: this frightening. a driver in maine losing control of his truck and crashing into the river.
5:21 am
charles straiten was driving when he suffered a medical event. his truck ended up in the river. one man saw it happen. jack and others ran to rescue that 61-year-old man. police estimate that he was going over 80 miles an hour when he crashed into the water. they got him safely out of his sinking truck. >> krystal: talk about a story grabbing the nation's attention. we're talking about creepy clown sightings. this happening in north carolina. how police are responding to this. >> dana: there is a new student housing arrangement some people
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>> tom: one accident here shouldn't task many people. most of the traffic is closer to the center of town. let's bring it up to the charleston curve slightly under the speed limit cruising north on the 515. people having to brake just a tiny bit as they round the
5:25 am
beltway. >> kelly: temperatures stepping out the door are quite comfortable. 68 in pahrump. boulder city 75. mesquite you are 75 as well. winds nice and light. not going to be an issue for us today. highs climbing into the upper 90's. triple digits are on their way. for the weekend. >> krystal: we're talking about a community college at california and new housing policy has people upset. >> dana: some people call it racist. we'll let you decide. this is at california state los angeles. when they open up a new black living learning community. this is student housing we're talking about.
5:26 am
housing for black students only. the university said it was for students concerned with issues of the black community. other campuses do this. uc berkeley offers african-american, asian pacific american, native american among their housing options. ucla has similar housing. anybody can live there but this >> krystal: let us know what you think. you can head to our facebook or twitter and weigh in. >> dana: live pictures out of denver. mile high stadium and the nfl kickoff tonight here on channel 3. 2 broncos will be hosting the panthers. carolina a road favorite. we'll see if the broncos have a super bowl hangover like many
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bowl. kickoff is around 5:30 or so. this guy right here not happy -- you laughing about his face? >> krystal: i know the story behind this one. >> dude is not happy about his marriage. he wants divorced. how he was trying to get out of his marriage is what people are talking about. >> krystal: we're still following the developing story out of walter johnson middle school. this coming inbo all students had been released. they are back with their parents as far as we know. a lot of worried parents and
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p says he'll make america great again while he's taking the shirts right off our backs. >> dana: a lot of people don't like clowns but you are especially not going to like this one.
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>> dana: welcome in. live pictures from the las vegas strip. you see a bit of the dawn glow in the distance out there. >> krystal: thank you for waking up with us on this thursday. >> dana: we do traffic and weather every 10 minutes. for the traffic portion here is tom. >> tom: let's start you by t the bowl area to check travel times out which are looking good. we have one intersections at bonanza. a pretty good start to your thursday as we counterweight we are kelly. >> kelly: temperatures comfortable this morning.
5:32 am
temperatures about a degree above normal today. 81 our expected high today. winds will stay light but we have warmer temperatures and dust r gusty wind in the extended forecast. >> krystal: our story we've been covering yesterday into now developing at walter johnson middle, finally releasing all of the students. this coming in a little more than an hour ago after being placed o hours due to mercury found in the gym. kendall has been covering the story from the beginning. she's live out there with the latest. what is happening now? >> those students officially released. a very long night as parent waited all day yesterday and all night for their students to be released.
5:33 am
in the gym area yesterday morning. it is actually standard protocol by the environmental protection agency to inspect each and every single student, that includes clothing, shoes and backpacks to make sure they are not bringing any of the chemicals home to spread around their home area as well. a lot of questions about what happens when you are exposed to the chemical. we heard yesterday from the fire department that thereer the chemical was exposed. they actually -- their parents were contacted right away. the others as standard protocol screened to make sure everyone was safe. we reached out to a doctor for what happens when someone is exposed. >> when you have a spell you can breathe it into the lungs and it
5:34 am
bloodstream. >> classes are cancelled here today to make sure that the work is done when it comes to the epa. we'll stay on top of developments what went on overnight. a lot of parents happy to be back home with their kids. i'm sure catching up on their sleep because they were up all day and all night as well. >> dana: i think people know this by now but there is mercury in the new one breaks in your home you need to be careful how you clean it up. metro looking for three masked robbers. they held up multiple businesses early yesterday morning in the valley. they walked into each store, pulled out guns and demanded money. nobody injured here. one of the robbers wore a skull
5:35 am
we learned one of the people involved in that murder suicide. henderson police say he killed his wife first, her name yet to be released. she was in the process of moving out of the home when this happened. she has a 14-year-old daughter from a previous relationship and the couple had a daughter. >> dana: our long nightmare is almost over. our nightmare without football. we've been living without nfl football since february. that's when the super bowl was played between the broncos and the panthers. we're going to get the rematch tonight. carolina invading this field tonight to take on the broncos. broncos without peyton manning
5:36 am
first start for the broncos. we'll have a preview of what to expect from the game. >> krystal: why one man says he'd rather be put behind bars than stay in his marriage. >> dana: than spend one more day with her. >> krystal: we have that story why he right now, get the centurylink prism tv essential package
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>> krystal: typically when there is a couple that no longer want to be married, they get a divorce this. 70-year-old robbed a bank and then told officers he did it because he'd rather be in jail than with his wife. the f.b.i. say the man handed a teller a note that said i have a gun, give me money, not making light of the situation. this is an interesting one. stealing $3,000. he sat in the lobby and told security he was the guy they were looking for. he told police he'd rather go to jail than go home to his wife after an argument. >> dana: there was no room at the local motel. the guy couldn't move in? >> tom: i guess he wanted three hots and a cot and someone else
5:40 am
we'll start out down here. our money maker, the las vegas strip by planet hollywood cruising on into the bowl , the busiest interchange in the state of nevada. it's early so we don't expect to see a lot. travel times, traffic ahead forecast. six minutes is what it takes now inbound from the bowl to tropicana. add a minute to that in an hour. 95 south gets busy lake mead into predict it will be about a nine minute drive in two hours from now barring any accidents which change the situation. everything normal rush hour traffic getting a little bit sketchy there at the bowl. frees up by charleston. let's go ahead and check weather with kelly. >> kelly: we have clear skies across the area this morning. temperatures comfortable too as you are heading out the door
5:41 am
for the kids heading to school this morning 81. by lunchtime 94 and 91 our high. going to be t shirt weather in afternoon. >> dana: pictures off lady they object to their portrayal in a new movie of an airline 7 years ago. pilot was a hero that day saving everybody's lives but he was treated -- a lot of people don't like clowns. serve not going to like this
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>> dana: the rematch has carolina favored by three. and a new quarterback for the broncos. he's replacing peyton manning. coverage begins channel 3. >> krystal: a driver of a tesla model s electric car passed away this week when a vehicle smashed into a tree and then burst into flames. police investigating the cause of the crash. tesla says it's helping with the investigation. authorities say firefighters did not immediately recover the man's body because of fears that emergency service workers could
5:46 am
was using the auto pilot system. auto pilot is the driving system that uses cameras, radars and computers to stop objects in front of the car to stop it in case there is danger so you don't have a collision. it is a driver assist system and the human driver must be ready to take control at any time. >> dana: people a man was standing in the middle street dressed as a clown. he tried to lure the woman into the woods. when she refused he ran off. if you see this, call 911. >> these kids were so terrified this man tried to lure them into the woods. there is somebody in these woods trying to get these kids. >> dana: guy was holding a machete too.
5:47 am
clown. that's enough to freak you out and he's got a machete. >> krystal: i can't imagine what is going through their mind. something a lot less frightening. let's talk traffic. >> tom: sometimes i come up with scary stuff happening on the roadways. right now just a fender bender over here just to the east of the downtown area. generally we're in good shape. getting a little southbound 15. that is about a five minute drive so a little bit of congestion over there. here is what that looks like right now. i remember a couple of decades ago apple came out with a hand held device called the newton. >> dana: we're talking about newton. have you your cam newton, your
5:48 am
figure newton. >> kelly: we're talking about hurricane newton and what is left of it. this is flooding we're seeing from the storm. it made its original land fall in the baha peninsula. arizona under flood warnings yesterday as the rain was coming down. some areas saw an inch or more of rain. i saw a repor tucson, four and a half inches of rain in that area. still a few lingering showers in the area but that's about all that is left. it's going to take a while to dry up and clean up from that storm. yesterday in mesquite as question set this in motion you see quite a bit of cloud cover
5:49 am
sunset. in the mesquite area the clouds have exited. we're looking at clear blue skies today. lake 76 right now. green valley 78. southeast 76. @s a little warmer than the previous couple of mornings. low to mid 70's not bad for the beginning of september. not bad at all. beautiful conditions to get outside and enjoy fresh air. here is a look at the radar where we are seeing the cds they are more spotty today. they are going to track off to the north and east. for us clear skies across the region. 98 isth high today in pahrump, boulder city 97 today. mesquite 99. temperatures a little bit above average today. tonight indian springs down to 66. our seven-day forecast. 98 today. triple digits tomorrow and into the weekend.
5:50 am
saturday. another storm system working in next week going to bring us gusty winds and cooler temperatures. morning lows in the 60's. >> krystal: ten acts have been chosen to move into the finals of america has got this guy accused of stealing something off the tour bus.
5:52 am
i pledge allegiance, to the flag [continues in background] they're bringing drugs, they're brigning crime, they're rapists...
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>> an inside out collection focuses on looks you can work in your real life others saying calm down already. it's a little racy. concert in phoenix about a five hour drive from las vegas was the seen of a major theft. about $3 million worth of
5:56 am
rappers tour bus. king charged with the theft on wednesday. he was arrested by arizona state university police for one count of trespassing, $3 million worth of jewelry. what was in there? latest star on the hollywood walk of fame goes to usher. the singer song writer honored yesterday. this comes before the eight time grammy winner is expected to release his new album hard >> krystal: we're talking politic. tracy potts joining us live from washington, d.c.
5:57 am
trump and clinton answering tough questions. we have the latest i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs.
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?? >> you got people out here instead of offering something to the public, we're just examining them, we didn't get any of that. >> krystal: lockdown lifted. local middle school holding
6:00 am
yesterday. we have the latest from the scene. >> dana: caught on camera. this local murder suspect able to escape from custody. we're going to show you the whole thing how he did it and what is expected to happen to him today in a live report. >> krystal: grilled about national security topics. what they had to say during this commander in chief forum. >> dana: welcome in on this thursday september 8. it is 6:00 straight up. sun will be up in about 18 minutes from knew. >> krystal: we have some of the best sunrises around. football is coming. >> dana: football is coming. our long nightmare is almost


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