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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  September 14, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> reed: right now on "news 3 live at 3:30," the power of social media. both candidates using facebook and twit aer lot. well there's an impact here. but is it big enough that it could decide on who gets into the white house. >> marie: aging eyes. a new procedure could mean millions of people of won't need eyeglasses. the simple surgery >> projectors, eye ipads, ipods. took a stink from my studio. >> a man hits the same home multiple times. what else he stole that had the homeowners fuming. >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> marie: bill clinton is here in las vegas in place of hillary clinton. their daughter chelsea clinton also hitting the campaign trail. >> reed: she spoke in north
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of this election for millennials. lisa fletcher talk to students about what it takes to get their vote. >> reporter: there's no simple equation using the snap and click of social media to gain a millennial's vote. how big is the pay off for targeting millennials. >> it can be very large. >> reporter: matthew chairs the political science department at villanova. >> it becomes incredibly important to reach out to them on terms they can understand. and motivate them to hillary clinton super pac ad. using an interactive approach on one of facebook's most advanced platforms. >> i thought it was very, like, digitally compelling. it was a lot just bashing trump as opposed to promoting hillary. but i think does, like, catch the attention of a lot of people. especially millennials. >> reporter: we asked politically active students to talk with us about the ad targeting their peers and impressions of the candidates.
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down, you know, to using social media to promote their goal which is to become president of the united states. people really crave access to the true candidate. i think this is a strategy for donald trump. even if it doesn't necessarily make people like him. >> reporter: trump's unconventional and often unrefined approach on twitter has earned him more than 11 million followers. >> he is a twitter god. >> reporter: when his children on instagram, it was widely panned. >> i think actually recognizing the problems that millennials are going with and giving an answer i think hillary clinton has done a much better job at responding to due student debt and climate change than donald trump has even recognizing that it is an issue. >> when i make my final decision it's not going to be based on how they conduct themselves on social media. but i do think that the way they conduct themselves on social media is an indication of who
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virtually nothing to appeal to young voters specifically. so he says their clintons to lose. what she has to do is elevate the importance of the election to get them to the polls. on capitol hill, i'm lisa fletcher. >> reed: this leads us to our question of the day. we want to know who do you think is the most transparent presidential candidate? head to to weigh in. >> marie: a 15-year-old boy is arrested on suspicion of terrorism. the white house wants to bring more refugees into the u.s. details from the desk. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm michelle marsh. french police have arrested a 15-year-y suspected of plotting to carry out terror attacks in the country. the teen was arrested in paris and has been under surveillance since april. police say he was in contact with isis through social media. u.s. air force central command says they have launched a successful strike against
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headquarters for the terror organization. the pentagon says they don't know for sure what chemicals were being developed at that facility. the white house says it will try and take in 110,000 refugees from around the world next year. that would be a nearly 30 percent increase from the 85,000 allowed in the previous year. of the 110,000, 40,000 will come from the middle east and south asia. from the terrorism alert >> marie: u.s. senator harry reid met with supreme court justice nominee merrick garland today. the two talked about the path forward on his nomination. and the need for republicans to give judge garland a hearing and vote. republicans vowed they will not vote on a justice replacement until a new president is elected. there is an opening following the passing of judge antonin
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request that shooting victims pay them. dozens of victims sued the chain after james holmes opened fire in the movie theater. 12 died, 70 others were injured. the families claim there was not enough security to stop the gunman from carrying out the 2012 shooting. if approved, the request would end all civil lawsuits against cinemark this in she -- the shooting. >> marie: chelsea manning has been asking for. she reveled after being convicted of espionage she identifies as a woman. no transgender inmate has received this treatment in prison. in 2012 manning was sentenced to 35 years after a military court conviction of providing more than 700,000 documents, videos and battlefield accounts to the anti-secrecy group wikileaks. there's a brand-new medical procedure and it could mean no
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called the raindrop. pretty cool. it only takes five minutes to put in. dr. john torres was with the first patient to undergo that procedure. look at this. >> this is the view for a billion people worldwide. the blurry world of farsightedness caused by aging. it affects more than 110 million americans usually beginning around the age of 40. >> they're fuzzy. just even looking pretty much at anything close up. >> it's why sherry owns nine pairs of reading glasses. >> i usually have three upstairs and three down stairs. some in my purse. >> reporter: that blurry vision is caused by the eye losing flexibility. >> everyone gets this. whether you're near sighted, farsighted and whether you have had lasik. it's part of getting older. >> let's look and see how -- >> reporter: but maybe not for long. sherry is about to become the
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it was approved by the fda that reshapes part of the eye. about half the sides of a pencil eraser it is a tiny implant called the raindrop. it's made mostly with water and helps the cornea focus better improving vision for the farsighted like sherry. the procedure takes less than five minutes. >> dr. torres can take a look. >> reporter: similar to lasik surgery which corrects nearsightedness, doctors use a laser to create a it costs about $3,000 and is not covered by insurance. >> you just start add whole new era in ap that molg. >> there's a slight risk of seeing a halo or glare. but your world, like sherrie's could be clearer just 15 minutes after surgery. >> exciting? >> no more [ inaudible ]. they're gone.
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into installation problems tuesday when they tried to download apple's latest mobile operating system ios ten. some cues users got an error message asking them to plug into a pc or mac for a complete restore of the operating system. apple says the issue has been fixed so it should be safe to update but they always recommend you back up the device any time before a major update. >> reed: samsung planning to issue a s galaxy note 7 phones. the company says it will prevent overheating by limiting battery charges to 60 percent. not clear when the update will be available. there have been several reports of fires prompting a warning from samsung to stop using the phones immediately. >> marie: there is an apple store in green bay, wisconsin that doesn't sell iphones or computers and that has some people a little bit confused. green bay's ap eight store specializes in the apples you
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they reopened for the season monday, sold all the fruit before the day was done. the store's manager says they get plenty of calls from people asking them when the new iphone is coming out or to set up an appointment to repair an ipad. >> we get called daily about how to fix phones and computers and things like that. i have to explain we -- these apples are what you eat. they don't want me working on their computers anyhow. >> marie: she's an expert on these green bay's apple store features sweet tango apples from wisconsin's door county. more varieties expected in the coming weeks. none come with a charger. >> reed: they don't need it. hack ez break into a olympic database and steal confidential medical data of several high profile athletes. that's according to the world anti-doping agency. they say the athletes hacked
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basketball player. usa gymnasticss and the ioc say none of the athletes violated any anti-doping ordinances. long time l.a. dodgers broadcaster vin scully says he will not call any dodger games in the post-season. his final game will be on october 2nd. the 88-year-old has been the voice of the dodgers for 67 years. wow! he announced his retirement last yearo of sports broadcasting. >> marie: caught on camera. a miami breaks into the same house three times in three days. cameras inside the home show the man walking through while the owners are away. police say she stole everything from tvs, bicycles, even foods. when the homeowners returned they couldn't believe just how much was taken from their home. >> this was extremely brazen
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times. >> he came into the house and proceeded to steal all of my tvs, my bicycle, computers. >> marie: he is just walking right through. you see in the other clip police went to the home. they went every single day the intruder was there but still haven't caught him. the homeowner hopes the surveillance video will help police catch the man responsible. >> reed: repeat robber. it's been 35 years since john hinkley junior tried kill our president at the time. >> marie: and it brings back memories of a hoax that played out here in las vegas. tom hawley will break down details." little kids happy. what makes them jump for joy at the sight of each other when we come back. >> chloe: we're going warm up very nicely next few days. we'll talk about the
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released from a mental institution over the weekend 35 years after the assassination attempt that gravely wounded president reagan. while the main focus of the nation was on the president's health, an odd side story played out here nationally known as a psychic. on january 6, 1981, she taped a guest appearance with entertainment columnist dick maurice who hosted a local tv talk show. on march 30th an incident that shocked the nation. >> there's president reagan waving. right arm up in the air. suddenly everybody ducks. he goes down. everybody is down. three policemen jump on the assailant. secret service and metropolitan
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maurice and rand released segments said to be from the january 6th tapeing that got national attention. >> i feel upset. i feel as though in july he's under danger. and i felt -- i must tell you that i feel at the end of march perhaps the last week of march the first few days of april. >> tom: rand appeared to have foreseen the assassination attempt. >> it had to do with a gun. it had to do with shots all over looked it into. the microphone placement was different in the reagan segment. she went to the general manager of the statement. >> i spoke with the five crew members who were involved in the actual taping of the show. the director of the camera, people, the sound people and so on. and when we viewed the tape that ran on the "today show," they told me to a person that that tape was done on march 31st.
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as the super appeared. >> tom: at first an indignant maurice claimed the gm was lying. >> let me tell you one of the reasons he said this. this is the [ bleep ] operation. canceled all of their advertising. >> tom: but a couple days later he confessed on the sun. tamara rand's career as a psychic ended as the president recovered. president reagan fully recovered, served two terms and died 2004. tamara rand disappeared from public life. dick maurices 1989. and as of last sunday, john hinkley junior is a free man, discharged from a mental hospital at age 61 to live with his mother. >> reed: fascinating stuff. >> marie: tom always brings great stories. interesting stories from the video vaultd. from the video vault to the good stuff where we shine a light on people doing amazing things in our world. >> reed: two orphans who became best friends with little boys are reunited after nearly 11 months apart. hanna and dawson met at an
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hanna was adopted and moved to north texas but dawson was left behind. the family who adopted hanna say how they saw how close the two were and they posted to facebook to try to get dawson a forever home. thanks to a close friend, guess what, dawson has it. >> they must have hugged like 400 times. [ laughter ] they kept hugging and getting so giddy they fell over. >> reed: beautiful. the parents say they call each other brother and orphanage waiting to be part of a family they each have terrific parents and live only five minutes away from each other. >> marie: i love that. a california high school cheerleader who was made a social media sensation after her football team gave her dozens of roses, she's speaking out. she says she is very grateful. >> first i thought they were starting to like bend over to tie a shoe. then i saw a rose and i'm like oh wow this is happening.
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>> yeah they kept on coming. i wanted to cry. >> marie: we recently told you about ashley. she is currently undergoing treatment for bone marrow cancer. her school's football team wanted to make her feel special so every single player placed a rose at her feet as they came out for the football game. 57 in orange roses of all. orange is the color for leukemia awareness. she says she cannot wait until she is cancer free to go bac >> reed: mother of a fallen marine has received a special gift. major sean campbell was killed last january when two helicopters crashed in hawaii. after his death the blue star mother made a special dog tag for campbell's mother. the blue star mother intended to present the necklace to campbell's mother but somehow it got lost. that was until tuesday. >> it's overwhelming. i'm rarely speechless.
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but i just -- it's overwhelming. thank you so much. i can't say enough. >> reed: here's the back story. apparently a complete stranger found the necklace in a houston car wash and thanks to social media tracked down campbell's mom and present herd with that piece of jewelry that's a touchstone to her son. if only dogs could talk then one pooch would have quite a story to tell. two-year-old casey went on a seven month journey. he ran away in pam and joe thought casey was gone forever but he turned up on a woman's porch 80 miles away. the lady put his photo on a lost pet facebook page. the mclaughlins found him leading to a tearful reunion. casey suffered frostbite on his ear and is being treated for fleas and worms. other than that his family reports he is in good health. >> marie: that tail tells it all. wagging in happiness.
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with a new comic book. jay deb's comic is called kid brooklyn. it focuses on a group of heroes based on his friend who's have to save the world from a group of aliens that have come to steal all of the planet's resources. with help of his dad who is also a professional illustrator, they're hoping to make jayden's comic a real thing for people to buy. >> we felt it was kind of this kind of unique collision of ideas. not only is brooklyn really diverse, know, neighborhood, it's extremely global now. >> marie: jayden's comic book is set to be published in december. they need to raise money so they've created a kick starter campaign with a goal of raising $20,000. they're just under halfway there. the way our world is, hopefully they get it done. incredible. let's keep this conversation going about the good stuff. tweet us @marienews3lv, @reednews3lv, or the station @news3lv.
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clicking the thumbs up icon. that gets you in all kinds of conversations. searching for ksnv news 3. time for a look ahead at ksnv live at five. a lot of heartache and tears as a family who lost a loved one to a drunk driver speaks out during her sentence. the message the family is sending to the community as they grieve. >> marie: news 3 closely watching developments in the federal trial of ammon and ryan bundy. what the sheriff told a jury about how the those stories plus the check of your traffic tonight on "news 3 live at five." >> reed: time for a check of our local forecast. news 3 is your weather authority. >> marie: if you were going to pick a day to come back to after not feeling so well this really was the day huh. it's nice outside. >> chloe: if you look closely you will notice kevin is gone when it floods. i'm gone when it's windy. just kidding. that's just joking. that's by chance. i'm kidding everyone.
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last couple days a least. it's not like that for the next several days. came back when the weather started to be calm. you are welcome. it's beautiful wall-to-wall unsunshine. we're going lock at a few areas. mostly calm conditions at lake mead. earlier this afternoon a few people enjoying the water for hump day. taking a look at conditions in the valley. you can see not a cloud in sight over the last several hours. and spring valley much calmer conditions compared to yesterday. th ranging from the low 80s in summerlin and blue diamond to upper 80s on the east side of town. we're going see slightly warmer weather next few days and winds are calm outside and it feels very good. we're coming in at 84 degrees for indian spring as well as mid-80s for pahrump and lake mead. upper 80s boulder city. very pleasant conditions wind wise. looking ahead to the rest of the evening in las vegas. we're going to hang on to the
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still going to see clear skies and winds will remain light. we're going see dry weather continue over southern nevada for the next several days. you can see the area of low pressure north of us continuing to move east and out of our area. we mentioned tropical storm julia. you can see it's continuing to impact the carolinas bringing gusty winds across the area. right now has sustained winds at 40 miles an hour and it's moving around six miles an hour in a northeast direction bringing several inches of rain across the coast. as we look at the next dry like i talked about. not much happening with our weather pattern which is good news especially if you have plans you are going to be doing for the weekend. overnight it is going to be another chilly night starting off with lows in the 60s tomorrow morning. one of the cooler spots 41 at mount charleston. tomorrow will be warmer compared to today. a little light at the end of the tunnel. 90 for the projected high.
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don't we? temperatures near normal as we get closer to the weekend. temperatures well above normal as we make our way into the next workweek. monday and tuesday 98 degrees and 97. cooling down slightly into wednesday. we promise to show you guys the kitty. this is nimbus. he was named of course -- had to name him after a weather term. the dark gray clouds that bring the rain. but he doesn't bring any rain. just in the litter forward to the rain here in southern nevada. we need rain and you need nimbus. >> chloe: got him from the animal foundation. one of our photojournalists was fostering him. >> marie: he was babysitting nimbus. >> reed: now you need a girl cat named virga. >> marie: i like it. let's stick with the animal theme. this panda video is always cute. this one it goes to cute then
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back trying to turn herself over. >> reed: she hasn't got it figured out though. kind of got frustrated over her lack of success. just roll me over already. the china conservation and research center says the cub does not have a name but many call ther zudu's baby in reference to her mother. her mother's name translates as little bean. >> marie: she'll grow up to ab big panda but you know what i think she really wants? ael
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and, folks, we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day with a total of $40,000, from warsaw, virginia, it's the champs. it's the jones family. and from broomfield, colorado, it's the aslamy family. to win a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new car. let's play feud. give me angela. give me azam. all right, guys, here we go. we got top 7 answers on the board. we asked 100 single men. fill in the blank-- to end a bad date early, i tell a woman i have what?


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