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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  September 15, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> marie: right now on "news 3 live at 3:30," getting your questions answered. from paid leave to race relations in america. republican candidate donald trump sits down to discuss the issues in a segment we call beyond the podium. >> reed: a new way to detect the zika virus. it's all about the eyes. what this means for diagnosis in the future. >> marie: also the cat bandit. don't let the fur fool you, this cat is terrorizing a neighborhood. what she is accused of stealing >> announcer: news 3 starts >> reed: talking politics. hillary clinton back on the campaign trail after taking a few days off while recovering from pneumonia. thank you for joining us. i'm reed cowan. >> marie: i'm marie mortera. clinton boarded her plane in white plains, new york today. her first stop in? a campaign rally in north carolina. donald trump is revealing his medical records in today's episode of the dr. oz show. his medical records show he has
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for president of the united states or maybe any other country, but when you are running for president, i think you have an obligation to be healthy. >> how are doing? >> i'm doing great. thank you so much. >> marie: pollsters are saying pneumonia may not be clinton's biggest problem. trump is tied with clinton in today's cbs/new york times poll. the quinnipiac poll was ten points last month. in ohio and florida trump leads in new polls. >> reed: to our question of the day. we want to know what you think. who do you think is the healthiest to serve as commander-in-chief. we've also included the other candidates who typically you are not seeing on other stations being featured. jill stein and gary johnson. head to to weigh in and we appreciate it when you do. new at 3:30, donald trump
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his -- talking about his health with dr. oz. >> ben took some of your questions to the republican nominee. here what's trump had to say as we go beyond the podium. >> reporter: we met with donald trump for about five minutes before his rally in canton wednesday. i asked for some of your questions from twitter. one question dealt with trump's plan to provide new moms with six weeks of partially paid leave. we have a question from grant. he families be eligible for child care under your plan? >> you will be, yes. >> reporter: trump talks about building a border wall with mexico at all of his rallies. he says it's not just a solution for immigration but also the drug epidemic. >> another question from tina in ohio. she says beside building a wall how would you specifically come up with solutions to fight the drug epidemic. >> we have to do something very strong. we have to have very, very
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we have people addicted and we have to help those people. if we don't help those people we've got ourselves a real problem. we've got a build a wall. we've got to have strong borders. we've got to stop this poison from pouring into our country. it's poisoning our youth and many other people and we will stop it then we have to work to help those people already addicted. >> reporter: we also asked about race relations in america. and the violence at some of his ra tests. we have everybody at my rallies. and the relationships are incredible. i mean, i will say if there's one little squirmish it ends up front page of every newspaper. >> reporter: we ended with the interview asking about trump's tax returns. your running mate mike pence has released his tax returns. hillary clinton released her tax returns. do you plan on releasing your tax returns. >> i do. but i'm under a routine audit.
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>> reporter: we've talked to the auditor of the state of ohio and he says there's nothing about an audit that will prevent you from releasing them. >> lawyers tell you to get the audits done. i'm audited every year for probably 15 years which i think is very unfair. i'm under routine audit. as soon as that's done i will release. >> reed: news 3 and our sister station network all over the country is really invested in getting you answers to the questions for the candidates that is just one example of our commitment fight to reclaim iraq from isis and australia looks to tighten laws against terror suspects. details from the terrorism alert desk. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert desk in washington i'm michelle marsh. an important milestone. u.s. official says iraqi and coalition forces have retaken almost half of iraq from isis control. the terror group still controls most of mosul. the pentagon is discussing
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forces to advise and assist iraqi forces as it prefires recapture mosul. at this point there are no formal proposals for how many troops might go. the fight could begin next month. in australia the government is trying to toughen its terror laws. a new proposal would allow the government to keep convicted terrorists in jail past their prison sentences. also children as young as 14 could be tried under australian law for terrorism related offenses. the current age i'm michelle marsh. >> marie: an oversight committee has given the green light to bring an nfl stadium to the valley. >> reed: this afternoon the committee recommended the state put $750 million in public money toward the stadium project. the approval from the southern nevada tourism infrastructure committee is a major victory for the plan which still needs approval from the governor and the legislature. i want to let you know we are tweeting out here in just a moment a statement from the mayor of oakland seeming
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we'll have that statement on our twitter handles @marienews3lv and @reednews3lv in about 20 seconds. meanwhile, a new discovery this afternoon that the zika virus can be detected in a patient's eyes. chinese researchers swabbed fluid from the eyes of six people with atlantas confirming case -- laboratories confirming cases of zika. the virus was detectable. in the first five days. experts say the shorter duration means it's unlikely that eye swabs would be us diagnosis but suggest the virus could be transmitted through fluids in the eyes. >> marie: a despicable story across the state line. a 64-year-old handicapped man was beaten over his parking spot tuesday afternoon. this all happening in a parking lot of a wal mart store in fairfield, california. according to police, the victim was arguing with the attacker's girlfriend because she parked in a disabled spot without a placard.
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his car and started punching him. witnesses say the assault was hard to watch. >> reed: the family of sandra bland the woman found dead in a texas jail reaches a settlement in the wrongful-death lawsuit they brought. the family attorney says the wallard county sheriff department will pay $1.9 million. it also includes installment of automated sensors to ensure accurate and timely cell checks. she was arrested so many people were shocked she was found dead in a jail cell three days later. >> marie: more americans applied for unemployment benefits last week but jobless claims remained at historically low levels. the labor department reported the number of americans seeking jobless benefits ticked upward by 1,000 to a seasonally adjusted 260,000.
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of people applying for jobless benefits has been below 300,000. that's the longest streak since 1970. let's take to you a neighborhood in washington state. it's dealing with a cat burglar. literally. >> reed: the suspect in a string of robberies walks around on four legs and goes meow. mckenzie has more on this feline bandit. >> reporter: neighbors living on west 16th avenue have seen a rise in bu replacement on the truck. went inside and got a glass of ice water. came out and couldn't find my hand towel. >> it started getting out of control. >> reporter: they've been targeted for awhile now. >> a month ago in one night she took two full pairs of shoes and a pair of socks off their porch. >> reporter: the suspect? not who you would think. >> low and behold i was a victim of the cat bandit across the street.
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aka dory. steals your stuff. so my ten-year-old niece made this. >> reporter: dory will watch and wait during the day and prowl at night. the items she brings back end up right here in this orange bucket. >> this was full just two days ago. >> reporter: it's in this bucket where they keep the gloves, the toys, and even sneakers. neighbors just come right here to pick those items up. >> i don't know how she is getting in she is figuring it out. so they probably should come check the bucket. >> reporter: and she moves quickly. i myself almost became a victim of the cat bandit. [ laughter ] >> marie: that was mackenzie maynard reporting. let's talk about more animals. several displaced manatees headed back to the home -- to their home in the gulf here. it's all thanks to the work of dozens of volunteers in citrus
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manatees stranded in a pond at the plantation on crystal river golf course. the manatees served as a distraction for golfers but it was time to get them home. the rescuers pulled four manatees, two mothers and their cavs from the pond. as the day wore on more manatees were found. each under went a health assessment before being returned to the gulf. >> hermine came through. this area experienced a lot of flooding. th >> marie: this took a lot of work. one of the manatees rescued is one of the largest fish and wildlife has ever seen weighing in at more than 1400 pounds. >> reed: apple's newest line of iphones will be available tomorrow but not all of them. that tops our look at consumer news today. apple says initial quantities of that larger iphone7 plus have sold out world wide. if you were wanting the smaller
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it's also sold out. you can still order those desired devices online they just won't be available tomorrow. the seven line features infrared cameras. >> marie: spotify has reached a big milestone. the streaming app has reached 40 million paid subscribers making it the clear leader in the market. it's added 10 million premium users in six months. spotify's biggest rival? apple year has 17 million users. spotifyed hasn't confirmed just how many total users it has but in june it said it had 100 million total subscribers. >> reed: you have heard the term math brain. a new study suggest difficulties with math could be caused by abnormality in the brain. researchers at georgetown and stanford say the problem is in procedural memory which is linked to walking, talking and
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developmental disorders like diselection yeah. >> marie: a stranger's generosity brings a man and horse together. >> reed: the amazing connection they share and how they help each other out. hey guys the music is blaring out here. we're at liberty high school today. it's thursday and we're getting ready for football. that's just hours away. a preview of some of the routines will see plus a look at the forecast.
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i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> marie: it is friday eve as we like to say around here. so let's celebrate by talking about the good stuff. where we shine a light on people doing amazing things in our world. >> reed: apparently needing to take my coffee cup off the set again. a story about a special connection between horses and their veterans they're helping. >> for some the relationship
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to everything. >> reporter: navy fighter pilot jeff hensley. >> i can feel my own anxiety drop. i can see myself get centers. >> reporter: oversees veterans equine therapy at ee quest. >> the first horse i ever rode. >> reporter: veteran mike gregory has been riding horses here at ee quest more than three years. >> horse coming through. >> reporter: he served in the army national guard for nine years. he said it was early on when he first noticed something was wrong. >> i developed it while i was at basic train dealing with side eflgs for -- side effects for more than 20 years. >> i got a neurological disorder which causes poor posture. i picked up some bad habits. >> when you engage your core and are more balanced. >> reporter: he said equine therapy has made a huge difference. >> riding a horse has helped me to gain more strength and more muscle control. >> reporter: there's also what you can't see. things like controlling your
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silently. >> you can't talk your way into a relationship with them. you have to be authentic. you have to be emotionally vulnerable. you got to be willing to let yourself feel something to connect with them. >> reporter: it's also instilled a new sense of accomplishment from finally getting jacks to trot. >> good! keep him going! bravo! >> reporter: which is a lot harder than it looks. >> success! >> reporter: to the leaving the arena in tulsa. after winning a belt buckle for third place in walk/trot. >> it was the first thing i've ever won. so it was really awesome. >> for somebody like mike that pays huge different dends out in his life outside the ranch. >> reporter: horses and veterans, both have a servant's heart and know what it means to take care of others no matter what their needs. >> rs horse coming through.
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e-quest doesn't charge for that therapy they just ask them to pay it forward by helping someone else. two officers helped an arizona mother deliver on the side of the road. >> reed: it started when one of the officers spot add man yelling for help. they realized his wife was having a baby. the baby was not going to wait. so they stepped in. >> i through my gloves on and told her to caught the baby. it was a really cool experience. you know, i joined this job because i want to help people. and that was just a prime example of being able to step in in a unique, stressful situation for these two people and have such a large impact on their life. >> marie: large? huge! he literally brought a life into this world. >> reed: he caught the became. >> marie: officer parish had
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weeks. >> reed: he did learn how to deliver a baby during training. all that ends well ends well. >> marie: and welcome the world. time for a look at what's ahead on "news 3 live at five" today. a giant step tonight. we've been telling you about the pro football team coming to las vegas. one step in the process. at five what still needs to be done to turn las vegas into radar nation. >> reed: a push for nevada to get a nuclear wte why yucca mountain could become reality. those stories and a check of your traffic tonight on "news 3 live at five." >> marie: the striking image of a typhoon. it's what a nasa weather satellite picked up as typhoon me ranti hit the philippines wednesday. you can see a streak of lightning just atop the eye of the storm. this infrared image was captured thanks to a nearly full moon.
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southern taiwan causing one death. a million households are without power. this is the strongest typhoon since super typhoon devastated the philippines in 2013. >> reed: time for a check of our forecast. news 3 is your weather authority. >> marie: we've sent chloe beardsley out into the elements because she's such a great cheerleader here at the station. we said join the cheerleaders there at liberty high school for today's thursday night lights. >> chloe: i am really trying to keep up. hard. let me tell you, it is not easy doing tricks when you are dealing with this kind of heat. we'll look at some of the temperatures in the neighborhoods outside right now. again, another warm day across the valley. we're slowly getting warmer as the week progresses. you can see on your screen the current temperatures outside. here's what we're expecting later tonight by the time we kick off against desert pines tonight here at liberty high school. 86 degrees under clear skies. most part looking at pretty mild
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activity. the dry conditions continue through the next few days. big changes are expected in the next week. overnight tonight we're looking at temperatures in the upper 60s under clear skies regionally 39 degrees on the mountain. 75 at mount charleston. you can hear the music behind me. highs tomorrow. a little warmer compared to our temperatures today. 97 degrees at lake mead. low 90s boulder city. 92 pahrump. and 88 for indian springs. in las vegas it's also a wall-to-wall sunshine kind of day. wo just in time for the weekend. that warm up does continue with the sunny skies all across the las vegas valley. we are expecting a chance for thunderstorms later in the week. low pressure off the coast of baja is going to help filter in moisture from the south which could prompt thunderstorms to develop. and we're going have to enjoy the weather out here while we can. speak of that, i am here with roxanne thomas. you have been coaching this team for the last three years. tell me about all the effort they've put in to some of their routines that we're actually
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practicing since back in june. and they -- we got a little bit of a break in july but we've been going since august. they practice five days a week and two hours a day minimum. >> chloe: what? >> yeah. at the same time so while they're working on their routines for their school performances they also have a competition performance they've been working on. >> chloe: i'm told that there are -- not every high school cheer team is part of a competitive team. separated from the rest. >> well this team, we've been rebuilding a lot. our team was a competitive team before i took over as the coach. and we took a year off. so i currently have a very young team. i only have two seniors. and most of the team is sophomores and freshmen. so we've been focus on tumbling to try to get them up to that level. >> chloe: that's awesome. we just got to see the tail end of that routine. they're going to be out here later tonight for the high school game against desert
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. >> that's right! [ cheering ] . >> chloe: so if you don't have plans tonight, you better be down here at liberty high school because this is where it's at this evening. 7:00 p.m. is kick off against desert pines. you are not going to want to miss it. but if you have an excuse and can't come out here you can watch the game streaming line on my lv tv. that is our sister station and randy howell will have all the updates from the game and, of course, these cheerleaders have been giving us amazing send it back to you. you are not going to want to miss it tonight. if you don't have plans we'll see you at seven. >> reed: bravo. thank you. >> marie: they're probably going to be hungry don't you think? after great workout like that out in the field. taco bell teaming one sony to give away thousands of playstation reality headsets before they're available in stores. >> reed: starting today taco bell diners who buy a big box meal will receive a code for a
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3300 of these headsets. they work with the playstation four and will hit stores october 13th for nearly $400. >> marie: here i was thinking they made your tacos look more interesting. [ laughter ] finally today someone might want to tell nasa the moon is on the loose. video caught by motorists and passers-by in china shows this blown up moon just rolling along the construction site as well as over vehicles there on the road. >> reed: it's a part of ch mid-autumn festival which is a time to gaze at the moon. this one tried to make a roll for it. >> marie: and you see people going no! moon you are beautiful i just don't want to be that close. not that close. >> reed: thank you so much for watching. that does it for "news 3 live at three." "family feud" is coming up next. remember our conversation doesn't end with the show. share your stories online. >> marie: your ideas, comment on what you have seen here. reach out on facebook and twitter and, of course, on
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news. see you then. >> hello. i'm mark hyman. detroit was the biggest municipal bankruptcy in u.s. history. here is what's happening behind the headlines. detroit was in its financial hell hole there was an expectation that vital services would be performed. water, sewer and trash pickup would continue. cops would patrol. firemen would put out blazes providing critical services to the highest priority. but long before the motor city filed for bankruptcy there was one vital service ignored. in 2009 a prosecutor visiting ab evidence warehouse stumbled upon 11,000 rape kits from victims. sealed and untested. some were from the '90s. seven years later, there's still a backlog yet to be tested. matching dna has helped catch countless person freightors.
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aren't tested. attackers remain free and victims don't get closure. this wasn't a bankruptcy issue. many cities aren't sending rape kits to the lab. new york city has 17,000. 12,000 in l.a. the same in dallas. according to the justice department there are more than 400,000 rape kits in police evidence rooms around the country. untested. it is a national epidemic and a disgrace. and the backlog. to comment go t
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don't believe... don't believe... don't believe joe heck's attacks. catherine cortez masto has always served with integrity. as a federal prosecutor and attorney general... she made sex trafficking a felony crime. she worked with the bush and obama administrations to combat terrorism. as attorney general, she helped reduce crime. that's why she's endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. catherine cortez masto. catherine cortez masto.
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i'm catherine cortez masto, and i approve this message. announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: good. good. how's everybody today? i appreciate y'all. thank you. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey.
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folks, we got another good one for you today. returning for their fourth day with a total of 40,740 bucks, from warsaw, virginia, it's the champs, it's the jones family! [cheering and applause] and from houston, texas, it's the austin family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and possibly drive out of here in a brand-new car. let's go meet the austin family! kane? kane: yes, sir. steve: i thought your name was "kanye." [laughter] which would've really threw your family in the summer. "y'all daddy named kanye?" kane: no, no, no, no. steve: well, kane, introduce everybody. kane: this is my lovely daughter-in-law leeann, my other lovely daughter-in-law lauren, my favorite son hayden,


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