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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  September 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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done out there. >> reporter: it's certainly not hard to find construction work here in the valley, including this now job about to start at craig road that will extend all the way up to the las vegas motor speedway. construction detours and traffic. >> very annoying. >> reporter: frustrating for truck drivers who spend five days a week on valley roadways. >> if you have one accident, then, time. >> reporter: the nevada department of transportation will add another 18-month project into the mix. the plan is to widen interstate 15 between craig road and the las vegas valley speedway. >> i'm ready for a mass ride now now. >> reporter: n-d.o.t. made the announcement this morning at the speed way, calling it a race towards progress. north las vegas mayor john lee joined in. >> this will be a great opportunity for people to get in
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spaghetti bowl and all of those area as they have in the past. >> reporter: n-d.o.t. has seen early signs of success with other projects like project neon. this past weekend, the 95 to 15 closure wrapped up three hours early. >> unexpected gift. >> reporter: tony illia with n d.o.t. said the construction projects are a necessity for valley growth. >> we expect traffic will double in the next 20 >> reporter: getting a break on the roadways, he says there's only one way forward and that's to get it done. >> cars going over four lanes at a time. >> reporter: and for drivers, like daniels, having to hit the brakes during these repair projects might be worth it in the end. >> i prefer not to but if it makes the commute better, yes.
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expand from four lanes to six lanes. that construction will start in october. and n-dot expects it will be completed early 2018. reporting live, i'm christy wilcox, news 3. back to you. >> thank you. changes coming on the roads and a change in our weather. >> you can see it here on our live images. gray skies. let's check in with what's happening outside with our kevin janison, our weather authority. >> all right. we have a lo have hurricane payne. the winds not going to be a factor for us. it will weaken. the rain could be already approaching the border with arizona and california. this rain is marching northward. it's pretty dry. even though we have the clouds, it's pretty dry. humidity will surge and so is the chance as the rain moves northward. not quite sure all of las vegas will get it, but henderson
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showers and we have two more disturbance. strong winds, manger drop in temperatures this week. it's an action-packed forecast on what's been the final triple digit day of 2016. we'll wrap it up for you coming up. >> kevin, thank you. six people were hurt in a crash today in north las vegas. the intersection was shut down for a while. all of this happening at carey and commerce. north las vegas police say two people were taken to the hospital. five cars and a scooter were involved. police still sorting out who is at fault but they say likely speed is a factor. an update now on this crash we told you about last week. the passenger in the dodge magnum you see in the video, jessica sanchez, has died from her injuries. this happened at maryland and charleston on september 9th. metro says the driver of the dodge, raul, espoinoza, was arrested for driving drunk. a hit-and-run victim's friends are calling on the
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struck after a minivan driver blew a stop sign outside of rancho high school. news 3's antonio castelan joins us live from the crash site and do police have any leads? >> reporter: marie, there are some leads. we've been told that debris from the hit-and-run minivan was spotted on the street. but there were also plenty of witnesses at the intersection during the time of the crash. many victim's friends say they can't believe the driver blew that stop sign and didn't thik >> they don't care about people's lives. they just care about themselves. >> jo bautista sounds off on the hit-and-run driver who hit her friend, 56-year-old phillip porter. these pictures show the aftermath of the crash that show porter flying off his moped near searles and 26th street sunday morning. >> unfortunately, i found out that a lot of drivers in
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worried about who they hit. >> reporter: he calls porter his best friend. they often reminisce about their days in the army. >> he's a veteran. he was attempting to get his disability in to buy himself a house and knew this happens. >> reporter: they say the driver blew a stop sign and took off. he was in a honda odddy sin. rockertbrookings can't believe the driver left the scene. >> a human being on call the police. >> reporter: porter is in critical condition at the hospital. bautista prays her friend recovers. >> he's a nice person. >> reporter: again, police are looking for a honda odyssey. if anyone has any information on the whereabouts of the driver, you are asked to call
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for ammon and ryan bundy and five others continues in a federal court. today, a biologist who works at the federal wildlife refuge testified that when she got back to her office, it was completely trashed and the group had left a lot of stuff behind, garbage and supplies. the standoff lasted 41 days. the group is charged with conspiring to impede federal employees from doing their jobs. north las vegas police are looking for whoever killed a morning. police say they are looking for a small blue pickup truck which may be connected in some way. the shooting happened near lake mead and belmont. the 19-year-old was rushed to umc where he died. detectives at this point don't believe the shooting was random. if you have any information about the crime, call crimestoppers at 702-385-5555. it's been a violent year in las vegas. now one group is out to help families devastated by murder.
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parents of murdered children. news 3's sergio avila has been talking with the group's president. he joins us live from the solutions recovery center. sergio, this group is just a few months old. >> reporter: jim, they hosted their first meeting here at the solutions recovery back in july. they've been doing it once a month ever since. again, this is for families who have been struck by tragedy. when we hear from family members of murder victims, it's usually when emotions are raw and the setting in. in 2013, this man lost his brother on the las vegas strip. >> i never knew what it would mean to lose a person to violent crime. >> reporter: this man lost his son after he was robbed of his ipad. >> i think about it constantly. >> my son was murdered july 25th, 20 -- 2010. >> reporter: laura patterson's
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>> we have family in san diego. he was staying there for the summer and was stabbed to death in a park. >> reporter: six years later, talking about dillon is still difficult. >> this pain is unbearable. it really -- it was really important for me to be around for people who totally understood the anger the pain. >> reporter: patterson found comfort with the group parents of young children she found in california but quickly realized there was no such group in las vegas. so she worked to get a chapter >> it became real clear the only way that i will survive this is by helping others. we just want to be there to help support them wherever they are in their walk. >> for patterson, it was the openly way for her to find healing. >> i don't know how else to generate anything positive with this pain. helping others is my only way of being able to give back. >> reporter: the chapter here in las vegas is called desert of
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first wednesday of every month here at solutions recovery between 6:30 and 8:po 30. they are hosting a special ceremony this coming sunday between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. to remember those who have been lost to murder. for more information, you can visit our website back to you. >> thank you. a man wanted in a string of local robberies strikes again. >> and some of his crimes are captured 0 surveillance video. what we're learning about miss latest alleged act of violence and where it happened. and will vince neil face a jury? why he wants his battery case to go to trial. the charges filed against the suspect held in connection of the bombings in new york and new jersey. >> that's coming up in our second half-hour at 6:30. and we'll be right back. following segment is sponsored by port of subs --
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owner mark from port of subs. this is on the location on -- west lake mead boulevard and rampart. we're here getting some donations. tell me what this big box is all about. >> well, we're helping out salvation army to donate for warm souls. and what it is if you can donate jackets, blankets or sleeping bags that are new or slightly used, we're donating these to th have them. you can see the donations we already have so far. we're very happy with the response we've had. >> reporter: you said people are coming in even before -- before this started. this kicked off today and continues all week. how does it feel to have people that motivated in the community? >> it's great. it's a lot better than i thought we were gonna do. i thought we would get a few. but you can see the box is almost filled up. >> reporter: that's awesome. we have nice jackets in here.
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subs locations in the valley. to see which ones will be having these boxes go to
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welcome back. a serial robber behind a series of holdups across the right start here, he's -- strikes again know. we're getting a look at the man who is responsible for robbing nine businesses. kelsey thomas is live near sunset and pecos with more of the surveillance video that police hope will lead to an arrest. >> well, jim, this is the last place that he hit, a port of subs. you might recognize the guy. police are hoping maybe the way
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he is. >> you know, stereo typical, masked robbers coming into the store. he's not that guy. >> he's dressed like a businessman, a button-down shirt, tie and slacks. >> he's dressed very plain. so maybe you wouldn't notice this individual to be strange. >> reporter: officer hadfield says the unsuspected robber is responsible for at least nine holdups across the valley. seven robberies took place in the last few weeks nea one near pecos and sunset. the second near spring mountain and i-15. >> this individual has threatened the employees of the stores with a firearm. however, we've not seen one at this time. >> take a good look at this video. do you recognize the guy? as the robberies mount, officer hadfield worries so will the violence. >> with every crime a suspect commits and doesn't get caught, it's the potential to go ahead
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situation. >> reporter: that surveillance video is pretty clear. if you recognize the guy or maybe you know something that will help police, call crimestoppers at 702-385-5555. reporting live tonight near sunset and pecos, kelsey thomas, news 3. >> kelsey, thank you. a flight heading to reno skids off the runway in denver after the plane's brakes failed. a reporter with the reno gazette unfolding. he commented the plane did a emergency reverse engine maneuver to keep the plane from heading nose first into a ditch. no one was hurt and passengers were bussed back to the terminal to catch another flight to reno. right now, metro police are helping nye county authorities investigate a suspicious package found this morning. it's happening in beatty at a gas station and candy shop along u.s. 95 near the entrance to
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scene to help determine if that item is any threat. onto weather where we welcome you back from some time away from las vegas. you are coming back to a pretty awesome week. >> not bad. a little warmer than i expected when we landed in town. he wasn't the only one goofing off and here we are. >> it was pretty stat physical quo. now we have action-packed meteorological plate. let's start with how things look in aliente, looking southward across the las vegas valley. nice blue sky to get rolling. here come the clouds. plenty of them. they will continue to stream overhead and thicken. and you get an idea from this view, watch as the clouds move in when the sun starts setting, you can see the sun in between the clouds and through them right there and then all of a sudden, clouds become too thick.
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tonight thanks to all of those clouds. 98 degrees lamb and owen. they are blowing at 11. del web, 93 and 12%. these numbers are gonna jump tomorrow. and in the southwest, 97 and 11%. rest of the numbers across the valley, 9 on the far west side. mid- to upper 90s depending upon your neck of the cactus. we did hit valley. then outside of town, a refreshing 71. 93 in pahrump and 99 still out of the lake. overton and laughlin maxed out at 105. at mccarran as advised, 100 for the high today. this was the final triple digit day of 2016. and we've had 83 of them and of
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53 made it to 105 and of those, 17 of them made it to 110. all of these numbers well above the average number of days you would see for those respective temperatures. tomorrow, we start in the 70s. find our way to the low to mid-80s but because of the clouds and the chance for rain, not gonna do a whole lot better than that. we'll have a couple of breezes. here's payne. payne is kind of a all of that moisture is moving northward and should start to move into clark county as early as tonight. some of the rain south of las vegas could be heavy at times but once it gets here, i'm not even sure will get here, it will be light to moderate. another disturbance will slide in, give us a chance for thunderstorms wednesday night and this one from the north. that will kick up the winds thursday, got some action. 51 in the mountains, 67 in pahrump. high temperatures tomorrow, not
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the mountain at 65. death valley is still triple digits. our valley is 77. a couple of breezes. maybe some sprinkles very late tonight. tomorrow we do have the chance for rain. better chance the farther south you live and then south outside of the valley as well. 85. that's it for the high temperature. seven-day forecast, now, hang on. fasten the seat belt. we'll have the chance for rain tomorrow. again, real iffy about how much water will make valley. chance for thunderstorms wednesday night. back side of the third system, very windy. we're talking gusts offer 30 miles an hour. leftover breezes on friday and a big temperature drop. 100 today. we won't see that until next may. we won't see 90 for the next week. >> boy, you weren't kidding. >> not bad. >> it's the way it happens around here. we don't ease into anything. >> hard shift. thank you.
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>> well, he didn't appear in court today. but his attorney did.
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we want to tell you about breaking news we just received in our newsroom about a half-hour ago. reports of a possible shooting at mccarran there on the scene. they are describing this as an active situation. >> we just got a note from metro. with everything going on in the world, we want to make it clear, at this point, they think it's a domestic violence situation, that one person was shot. we have no idea of that person's condition. but again, this seems to be isolated to a domestic violence, not something else. we have a live crew on the way there right now. we'll bring you more information as we get it.
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at 7:00 as well. motley crue front man vince neil did not appear in court. but his attorney says neil believes he's innocent of attacking a woman and wants to go on trial. he's accused of grabbing a woman's hair from behind and pulling her to the ground at a las vegas strip resort last april. neil's attorney told us an agreement was reached for the prosecution to delay the trial. it has been scheduled for today. >> we had contact with the prosecuting attorney's o an agreement this would be continued at our request for a resetting of the trial. it's been reset for october 20th and the reason for the continuance was a witness availability issue. >> since neil was nicholas cage at the alleged attack, neil's attorney would not say if cage was the witness who wasn't available to testify today. an oklahoma family is looking for answers after their loved one was shot and killed by
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caught on dash-cam video. also what we're learning about the man accused of going on the attack at a minneapolis shopping mall,s stabbing nine
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want to get back to the breaking news we just brought you. metro police are confirming a shooting at the parking garage at mccarran airport. you can see the metro lights here in our live picture. this is coming from our camera on top of mandalay bay. we understand the shooting happened just before 6:00 p.m. and the initial reports from mccarran officials were it was
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shooting is domestic-related. at this point, we don't know the condition of the victim just yet or where the shooter is at this point. police custody, it's not clear. but we can tell you, we do have john treanor heading there as we speak. we'll bring you a live report when he get there. well, the suspect in connection with saturday's bombings in new york and new jersey captured today and now charged with attempted mu >> 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami was captured after a shootout with police in linden, new jersey. our reporter is at the scene with one of the bombings. >> we have every reason to believe this was an act of terror. >> reporter: on monday morning, the nypd and fbi released a photo of ahmad khan rahami and asked the public for help in finding him. in a matter of hours he was in custody. >> now that we have the suspect in custody, the investigation


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