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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  September 26, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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epilepsy foundation and find out how you can take part in this upcoming fundraiser. >> michelle: and grape stomp competition! how about making a glass of your own wine with your own two feet? that's exactly what you can do at the pahrump valley winery next week. we're going to show what you it's all about >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> michelle: all right. good afternoon everybody. we're happy to have you with us. dana wagner filling in to is off today. it's my pleasure to be along with you. >> michelle: happy to have you. metro has unanimously approved a settlement for a man who was unarmed. he was sitting in the passenger seat of a car when he was shot by an officer and hit in the leg. >> dana: news 3's sergio avila joins us from metro headquarters. i remember when this story made the newscast sergio. at the time we thought he might have been involved some way in some malfeasance but turns out he wasn't and now he stands to get a huge payday.
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lawrence gordon. that's 2012. he was never charged with any crime. today metro's fiscal affairs committee approving a $400,000 settlement that in essence makes the lawsuit filed against metro go away in this case. like i said, it was november 2012. it was officer rawson. he mistook a baseball hat inside of lawrence gordon's he fired one shot at gordon hitting him once in the leg. gordon did survive. like i said, sued a metro a year later. a civilian review board checked out the incident and recommended firing the officer involved in this shooting. but then sheriff ga lensy decided against the -- gi lensy decided against the recommendation. and i did speak to gordon
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order to pay him out that $400,000 settlement. and beyond that he said he would speak to his attorney before speaking to us further. just got a call from his attorney a few moments ago. told us that gordon will not be making any comments regarding this settlement. reporting live, sergio avila, news 3. back to you in the studio. >> dana: thank you. we are continuing to keep close tabs on a deadly shooting at a local starbucks. one person was killed the tense moments in a bomb scare unfolding near warm springs and rainbow yesterday. police say it started when the suspect identified as pedro jose garcia had his bank card declined in the drive-thru. he apparently parks his car, goes into the store to argue with the clerk when a regular customer got involved in the verbal altercation he was shot and killed. the bomb squad did move in to
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on site. turns out there was no bomb on site. we'll have more live reports on later editions of news 3 and our website at nine people hurt one critically when a gunman opened fire in houston in a shopping mall. police shot and killed the shooter a man the chief identifies as a lawyer. six people taken to area opt hospitals. one with critical injuries. plea others treated at the this is a petco store apparently. the robot is checking out the gunman's car which the chief says is stocked with weapons. the one-on-one that voters have been waiting for. hillary clinton against donald trump on the stage together for the first time in little more than five hours from now. tracie potts is at hofstra university with more. . >> reporter: the is stage for the first face off tonight.
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donald trump stage right. clinton's team is concerned the bar has been set too low for trump. what we don't want to have is some sort of double standard where donald trump can get the most improve aid ward but hillary clinton is judged on the fine points of policy. >> i think the clinton campaign has been gaining talking to the media saying it's your job to make sure that donald trump is fact checked in realtime. >> it's 90 minutes of debates broken into six sections. >> you get 90 minutes to look at people and see whether there's depth, whether there's substance and whethers there candor and truthfulness. >> reporter: tonight's topics: america's direction, achieving prosperity and securing america. that could get into immigration, jobs, the economy, foreign policy, leadership, even clinton's emails and the trump foundation. clinton's invited trump critic mark cuban to it? the front
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attention. her campaign trying to play games. donald trump is not about that. >> reporter: trump tweeted about inviting jennifer flowers who had an affair with bill clinton but his campaign insists she is not on their list. tracie potts, nbc news, hempstead, new york. >> dana: we're going to have complete analysis and reaction from a panel of political experts tomorrow. see how america reacts to both candidates from senior political reporter scott thuman and lisa fletcher online at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. >> michelle: all right. so you know the face, rick harrison. you know the show, "pawn stars." he is not here he was here earlier in our studio. not feeling so great today. >> he was. we sent him home for r & r. we need him this weekend. >> michelle: so we have danielle ma rano here from the epilepsy foundation to talk about an event he has gotten behind. this is the third year in the row.
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this is an event to raise money for the epilepsy foundation. >> yes. this is our third year. we're really excited. rick has put his name behind it for three years. and it's the poker run so motorcycles, riders will join us on october 2nd. and they stop at three different locations. so they're going to go out to the pioneer saloon in jeanne. then they're going go to the steel bar in summerlin then over to hard rock laga and whoever has the best hands wins. >> michelle: i want to you talk about the epilepsy foundation. what it does here locally. i know it is a national foundation but we have a local chapter here. >> yeah. so rick is actually the spokesperson for the national foundation. and we're lucky that we have him in the community and he's been so great to help out in the local community and with us. the foundation really is an educational advocacy support
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nevada that have epilepsy. we're really there to offer support. whether that's just meeting someone with epilepsy, learning more about that, general first aid. you know, when you get that first diagnosis and walk out of the doctor's office you have to become an expert overnight. so we're kind of there for those families to be that first step. then we do a lot of fun activities with kids and just try to bring people together. >> michelle: so it's an important cause obviously. and you've got a big name behind it. it is a o like to register they can do so. >> definitely. register at click on the "pawn stars" poker run link. the ride -- registration starts at 8:30. the motorcycles will take off at ten. >> michelle: i heard rick say this morning he will be there and people will get a chance to meet him but so he is going to try to get corey and chum lee as well. >> definitely.
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quick picture. >> absolutely. yep. that would be great. >> michelle: fantastic. thank you so much. we're going put all the information on our website. if you would like more info on the "pawn stars" poker run going on here in southern nevada go to thanks for coming in. thank you. >> michelle: we'll be right back. actually to you dana. . >> dana: coming up we're talking about the big debate. not the one tonight. we're talking about some of the biggest moments from debate history. and there's some funny also coming up in a few minutes michelle velez says she would be putting her bare feet into a bucket of grapes. >> michelle: yes i'm going to do it. >> dana: why would she do this? we'll let you know and we'll see. >> chloe: it is a great day to drink feet wine. it's going be wonderful. warm weather continues today. but, but there's a chance for a rain shower in the valley.
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horner: i was proud to stand for our country. i will not stand for congressman hardy
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and said seniors who rely on programs like social security are a draw on government and the disabled are a drain on society. and then there's donald trump. they're just not for us. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father?
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t structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices? >> chloe: what a beautiful day. most people i know don't like mondays. but you can't be mad at monday when it starts out like this. look at that. phenomenon skyline. not just mount charleston but also we've got a live picture from high school southeast. i am having a hard time spotting a cloud in the sky right now. lake mead marina 89 degrees right now. in the mid-60s near boulder city. 87 near southeast career and tech. and this morning we were off to a nice crisp start. temperatures in the 60s. but we warmed up quite a bit since then. look at that. almost near the 90s. 88 degrees for sunrise right now. mid-80s for north las vegas. 85 dupetown area as well as -- downtown area as well as the
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town but you can't call ten miles an hour that breezy. it's pretty comfortable outside. it's going to be very much like yesterday. if you liked sunday, you will like today. 68 degrees. excuse me. 88. i need my glasses. 88 for pahrump right now. low 60s for mount charleston. 87 degrees for sandy valley. we're going get a few degrees warmer over the next few hours. dry conditions will continue oversouthern nevada for now but low pressure moving in from the south will b week. you can see the earliest chances of that will be on wednesday morning. absolutely continuing for the next few days. highs today will be a little bit warmer compared to our numbers yesterday. we're still going to see temperatures just barely above normal for this time of year. protecting a high around 92. in las vegas. we'll see a little more clouds later this evening. temperatures overnight won't be quite as cool as last night. looking at lows dropping into the 70s. as we look ahead to the next few
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cooler weather will continue as we make our way into tuesday. after that, chances for showers wednesday through friday. don't wash your car then. looks like we'll stick with the cooler weather. temperatures below normal but drier by saturday and sunday. >> dana: fred smith hates when chloe tells people not to wash his cars. you know why? he owns car washes. he is like what do you do that for. >> michelle: it is the most annoying thing ever when you wash your car and it rains. a legendary los angeles dodgers sports caster received a standing ovation from all the players and fans. this happening over the weekend. >> dana: there he is with his wife sandy. he's been the broadcaster for the dodgers for 67 years. wrap your mind -- he started in 1950. imagine that. and this is his final game in l.a. the final game he will announce in his dodgers career will be this sunday in san francisco.
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the day that he fell in love with baseball. i'm not kidding. october 2, 1936, when this young boy, eight years old, was walking along the street in new york city and noticed the giants had just gotten wall opd by the yankees in the world series and he fell in love with baseball that day. his final game will be against the giants on sunday. >> michelle: that's a love story right there. congratulations and good luck to of some of your favorite actors and actresses may be difficult to find. you know on that website img. here's why. subscription websites used by entertainment employers will have to remove date of birth information from profiles if requested to do so. that is because of a law signed by california governor jerry brown. the screen actor's guild supports the law saying it's going to help halt age discrimination. you can find all the information that you need on any actor on
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critics say the move is censorship and it will not -- i mean, it's not the personal information but they're saying it's not censorship and the internet association issued a statement saying it is disappointed with the new law. >> dana: we're not going to be able to find out the age of leo dicaprio. >> michelle: i think you can google it. >> dana: of course we will. yes. >> michelle: the duke and duchess --. >> dana: forget about them. that's mom and dad. we want to know about their kids. ther age. they're in canada for the next eight days. apparently little charlotte is teething these days which every parent knows. i just love to see this sweet family. they look perfect. at least on the surface. i also heard about a high-five between the prime minister of canada justin trudeaux and will that didn't go according to plan. but it was a funny moment. >> michelle: will put his hand
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no. it was the little guy. george. he got down on his knee and prince george was kind of dissed him. he didn't mean to you know how kids are. in advance of monday's hillary -- or today's hillary-donald showdown, cnn's jeanne moos put together one of the best and worst when it comes to past debates. >>. >> reporter: prepare for the good, the bad and t u the only things the candidates point their fingers. the debate duel was fought with zingers. >> senator you're you're no jack kennedy >> i am paying for this microphone mister. >> reporter: was a loan borrowed from spencer tracy running for president in a movie. we have seen debates remembered
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five weeks. >> reporter: debates remembered for sweat, for sighs. ross perot's running mate became famous for being unknown. >> who am i? why am i here? >> reporter: and why did george h.w. bush keep checking his watch. >> how has national debt -- >> reporter: candidates should probably avoid invading their opponent's space. >> i believe i did. senate rival look like a stalker. >> we'll shake them. >> i want your signature. >> reporter: a signature line is what lives on after a debate. >> there you go again. >> i hear there's rumors on the internet. >> i don't think i'm that bad. >> you are likeable enough, hillary. >> thank you. >> reporter: if you want to advance beyond the primary debate. >> what's the third one there? [ laughter ] >> reporter: thing to avoid. >> oops!
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moment. and when the donald debates hillary, he should stick to bragging about the size of his buildings. >> he referred to my hands. if they're small something else must be small. i guarantee there's no problem. i guarantee it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn. >> are we not doing the talent portion? >> reporter: new york. [ laughter ] >> dana: we invite to you follow us on facebook. look for the kim and facebook page. you are also follow us on twitter @michellenews3lv, @ dananews3, and the station @news3lv. >> michelle: so i am a huge fan of wine. dana, i know kim wagner is a huge fan of wine. i wish she was here with me because we're about to do something i've never done before but i love lucille ball and one of my favorite episodes of "i love lucy" is when she was stomping wine. we're going do that.
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from the pahrump valley winery and symphonys restaurant here to talk to us about the grape stomp festival which is happening. you were telling me this happens at the end of every harvest. this is a tradition. >> it is a tradition. tradition in the wine industry. when you finish harvest you have a festival. they call it different things. we call it grape stomp. this is the 24th year at the winery we're doing grape stomp. we have thousands and thousands of people over the weekend. i tell everybody it is a great opun sticky, make a fool of yourself, drink a lot of wine, and eat a lot of good junk food. >> michelle: i'm about to do that minus the good wine and junk food. let's talk about the tradition of grape stomping. because aside from our jeff maher who apparently drank his own feet grape, stomped grapes last year. so gross. [ laughter ] you don't actually drink the stomped grapes. >> no. >> michelle: this is just tradition and fun.
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for normal wine we crush the grapes and for ment it. >> michelle: we'll talk more about the process while i do this. i had no idea i was doing this until 20 minutes ago. but i am going to do it because i am a good sport. good thing that i had my toes done recently. [ laughter ] >> these are seedless grapes. >> michelle: money if you can see. okay. >> i think you will do -- >> michelle: oh this is so gross! then so the whole point here is-- >> just crushing grapes. be very careful. you are doing it just like lucille actually. this is really disgusting. [ laughter ] in the old days this is how they did it. >> michelle: it kind of feels good too on your feet. this is really how they did it back in the day. they drank their feet wine. >> absolutely.
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mean, i have a lot of grapes in here to crush. but this what's people can go out and do? >> this what's they can do. >> michelle: okay. so the information on your screen. i am getting winded. you would think i don't sxer size ever. this is a good workout. 24th annual grape stomp festival. hold on i want everybody to hear. [ laughter ] do you hear it? i'm doing good. okay. that is going to be-- >> and you are modest. >> michelle: i'm shy as you can see. >> we're sure you got more than drank this. he is disgusting. i'm not going to do that. but dan said he would drink my feet wine. >> dana: that was off camera. promises made off camera don't count. >> michelle: do people have to buy tickets. >> general admission is $10. we're open saturday and sunday. gates open at 11. if they want to stomp they have to sign up in advance and go to our website to take a look at that. >> michelle: you have to sign up in advance. one more listen.
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dana? >> dana: awesome. thanks. coming up tomorrow at noon, if your child fell down and broke a bone what would be the first thing that you would do? you might think it's something else. we have answers ahead. and the carol king music is taking over the smith center in downtown las vegas. we're going have a few cast members joining us in the studio to tell us about this spectacular production. it is a terrific show. you going to hear from the cast
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what kind of person would misuse the topic of rape in a political campaign? joe heck, that's who. the truth is, as attorney general, catherine cortez masto led the fight against crimes like sexual assault and worked with republicans and democrats
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d for victims. but in washington, congressman joe heck voted against funding for rape kits. joe heck. lying about rape. part of the problem in washington. i'm catherine cortez masto
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>> chloe: it's going be awesome today to go outside if you can. 92 degrees for your high. a little warmer compared to yesterday. don't wash your car until we're done with friday. >> dana: sorry freddie. >> michelle: here what's we're
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three." using roller-coaster as way to treat kidney stones. one doctor says this is a real thing. a thrilling study he conducted to prove the point. and the new program giving students a real look at what it takes to work in law enforcement. so we're going to have those stories and more coming up on "news 3 live at three" today. >> dana: and halloween coming up a month from now. what are the most popular halloween costumes out there? princess costumes number two. most kids are going to be dressed as the top choice. with more than 3 million children saying they're planning to dress as super heros. as for adults? the most popular... witches, priets. most popular for pets? pumpkins. >> michelle: i dressed my pet as a cheeseburger one day. >> michelle: i dressed my pet as a cheeseburger one day. he [ cellphone ringing ] it's just another scandal from danny tarkanian. tarkanian was the corporate lawyer for those with an elaborate scam that tricked hundreds of seniors
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he refused to pay back $17 million, sticking taxpayers with the bill. why would we ever send danny tarkanian to congress?
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we faface. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what
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>> john: if steve wasn't wearing ththat kevlar, he'd be dead right now. >>eah. he was a step ahead. it's too bad he didn't see the joey thing coming. >> marlena: kayla must be out of her mind. i'm surprised that orpheus let her live. >> john: it's all part of the plan, just to terrorize everybody in salem who ever wronged them. >> marlena: what perfect revenge, huh? is killed and then wonder what gonna happen to her son who's been kidnapped. >> paul: what do you think their next move is? >> john: not waiting around to find out. i have come up with a plan to keep this family safe. now ideally, everybody would stay right here until these guys are caught. >> claire: wait, sorry, we can't leave? for how long? >> marlena: are you listening? >> claire: no, we have no power! seriously, if i don't find a place to charge up, i can kiss my music career good-bye. >> john: sweetheart, i love you so much, but if you don't do exactly as i say, you are gonna have to


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