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tv   Today  NBC  September 28, 2016 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a ?? >> hey, everybody. you made it. happy wednesday. winesday wednesday. hoda calls it hump day. september 28. that's act like you don't by brook eden. >> i haven't heard that. i like it already. >> yeah. >> we have a great show. two lovely talented stars are here. hilary duff and debbie mazar from "younger" which we happen to have a cameo in tonight. >> that's what we hear. >> home cooking.
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>> we are. >> then it is the best-selling novel that sold 15 million copies. now "the girl on the train," one of the most anticipated movies of the year. we'll catch up with star luke evans. >> you got to see it. >> i did. >> stop it. >> i'll tell you in a minute. what else do we have? >> il divo. they are the international singing sensation. they bring love and passion and sex appeal to our studio. >> they sing well, too. >> yeah. >> then the recovering lauren grutman is back to help you like she helped herself. get out of debt. she'll answer the questions you have been sending in. >> would you like words of wisdom? >> before you hear about "the girl on the train," yeah. >> may your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. that's nelson mandela. >> excellent. >> can i give a shout out to an event i went to last night? >> yeah. >> there was a great nascar
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it is a great thing, the first time it's been in new york city. they were honoring mark lazarus. >> sports but now just had a big promotion. >> that's mark and his adorable wife. danica patrick was there. it was one of those really wonderful events. they honored great people of nascar. i told the crowd i'd share a picture. there they are. >> we meant to take a picture yesterday but we didn't. >> yes. >> we want to for taking us to lunch yesterday. in all the years we have been working together he's come to my house for dinner one night. we went to lunch yesterday, went to michael's. we had a lovely time. we love you louis. >> we do. >> shall i tell you about the movie? >> yes, please. >> cassidy is home. so i watched with her. we only had it linked. >> this is "the girl on the train."
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computer. for all 15 million of you that loved the book there is the fear that the movie is not going to be as good. i liked the book. i didn't love the book, but i liked it. it kept me. >> page turner. >> but i loved the movie. the movie is incredible. and emily blunt is so good in everything. but she is spectacular -- >> what? >> -- as rachel in this. everybody is so well cast. the direction is taught, gripping. when you already know the story and what's going to happen, that's saying a lot. >> you loved it more than the book? nobody ever says that! >> well, i did. i just did. not everybody will agree. >> so excited. i can't wait to see it. we'll talk about the movie later today, too. >> yeah. >> if you were tuned in to "the voice" last night -- by the way, i tivo'd "this is us" so don't tell me what happened.
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>> often in "the voice" the great thing about the chair turn is you see the voice and don't see the person and sometimes they don't match. >> i love that. >> last night michael sanchez shocked everybody. listen and then look at the judges' reaction. ?? ? just use me ? ? use me, baby ? ? ? come on and use me, yeah ? [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> i can't believe! >> michael, dude. >> what? >> i thought there was a very large beard waiting for me when i turned around. >> i thought it was for sure a 60-plus-year-old black man.
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>> "rick moranis". >> that was good. there was another contestant named darby walker with a really great night. blake, alicia and miley all turned for her. let's see what happened. ? jolene ? ?? ? please don't take him even though you can ? ? no one ? ? no one ? no one ? ? can get in the way of what i feel for you ? >> the difference is -- this is what alicia does. she's right here in your eyes. okay. >> who'd she pick? >> they sang the duet. now we'll see who she picked. >> i would have guessed because -- >> she picked miley. >> yeah.
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out of time. but anyway, how authentic is it when people are told you're the best? >> it's weird when watching the show. there's no one like you. i feel -- everybody says that. >> you want to be chosen as the mentor. >> as the coach. >> imagine first you were chosen by miley, alicia, blake, whomever and another person comes up and does the same thing. we love you. we're connected like soul mates. wait, i thought i was your soulmate. >> lots of people in life you shouldn't marry them all. >> exactly. >> we had the kids voice a couple years ago. >> oh, god. >> it was hard to tell small children tough stuff. i remember thinking i don't want to fall in love yet because i haven't set the bar yet. i don't know -- you know? >> yeah. >> if you said you're great and somebody else comes along who's
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>> like sex. >> what? >> sometimes that's the only way to get her attention. have you all noticed? you've been watching for nine long years now. >> can you believe -- >> sex. >> you're really funny. >> nothing makes her happier. we're going to get our windsor wish, okay? >> yeah. >> prince william and k photographed. doesn't canada look beautiful? it's like they're on a set. >> it does. >> they are just in beautiful canada for the royal visit. >> the daily mail wanted to take a different look at the royals. they had a body language expert look at the photos. the consensus is they are very much in love. appears to be genuine, not forced. they say this is the proof they found in photos. you will know if you and your
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kate often puts her hand on william's knee. her knees are crossed toward him. their eye contact -- oh! it's strong. they hold each other's gaze. >> they enjoy a moment. they stop to gaze and say, isn't this cool? >> yes, you're right. >> they are sharing the moment together. >> when they stand at public appearances she often maintains physical contact. look how her hand is in the crook of the elbow. >> . intimate pose. >> yeah. >> conversely, this is how you know if there is trouble. >> let me cross your legs toward you. >> mine are always toward you. >> mine are fatter. go ahead. >> the university of toronto studied body language and found out while standing or sitting next to each other you turn your torso away from the person. like, hi, kath. >> hey. >> you have to face each other, you use blocking.
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>> yeah. >> we have stuff in front of us like this. >> okay. >> drinks, cards, things. blocks. >> okay. you not only say no but you also shake your head as if to reiterate and confirm it. >> no. >> no! >> if someone says yes but goes like this -- >> they're lying. >> and sometimes you don't realize it, are you hungry? wait. how do you do it? >> yes. no. no. forget it. >> sex. >> can we say hi to two people back there? >> sure. >> melissa and peggy are visiting. melissa is a long time viewer of nbc and peggy is with her. the dynamic duo. >> great to see you. >> can we show the baby i love you. >> we have a second. >> let's show it real quick. >> 3 month old. >> you wonder if a 3 month old can speak. take a look at this.
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[ baby cooing ] >> i love you! oh, my god. >> it's close! >> i heard it. >> clear as day. >> that was great. great show. >> special day. you will find out why. >> "younger" star hilary duff has come to play and debbie mazar, too. >> look at the little puppy.
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honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures. introducing tiny toast. the tiny cereal with the big taste of real fruit. he's got traditional leading man good looks but there is nothing traditional about the roles luke evans takes on. >> he's played a dragon slayer to a sociopath. who isn't? now he's a husband suspected of murder in "the girl on the train." >> the film is based on the novel that everybody has loved,
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anticipated movies of the year. luke plays scott hipwell, husband of a slain woman who finds himself in another woman's tangled web of lies. take a look. >> you're tom's crazy ex. were you going to tell me that? now the detective is asking if you and i are in a relationship. you? i would never even get near someone like you. my wife is dead and you're lying what's wrong with you? >> i'm scared of you. >> he's over here saying, he's not a bad guy. >> trying to defend the guy. yeah. >> welcome. >> hi. >> hey! >> congratulations on the film. i don't always agree with critics. we haven't had reviews or anything. my daughter and i were riveted to it. just riveted last night. >> i can't imagine the pressure given that the book was such a runaway success. so many people in their heads have preconceived notions of the movie.
10:15 am
you have to live under a rock to not be aware of the phenomenon of the book, but i read the script first and then i read the book after that. >> yeah. >> i tried to go into a book shop late at night the day it was announced and picked it up quietly. the guy passed it over and said, i'm surprised you haven't read it yet. >> how true to the book is the movie? >> i would say it's quite loyal. >> incredibly loyal. it's a really complicated story >> tate somebody? >> tate taylor directed. >> beautiful. >> have you worked with emily blunt before? >> i haven't. i love emily. she's a wonder. she's a true -- a real talent. this role is difficult to pull off. she's inebriated, hung over, not very likable throughout most of the film and she's the leading lady. >> she's a troublemaker. >> she causes problems for a lot of people including my character.
10:16 am
>> right. >> this face that can be completely different from the face -- it's the same face but she's -- >> totally, yes. >> she's a young meryl streep. >> she is. as versatile. >> where did you shoot this? >> we shot it in west chester, white plains. >> up the street. >> i got to live in manhattan. >> beautiful. >> fabulous. it was the end of last year into the beginning of this one. >> very fast. >> especially for a book on the bestseller list two and a quarter years ago. >> i shot "beauty & the beast" before that. it's still not out. >> you're gaston in that. >> i am. >> he's got horns and all the -- what is it? ? all of my decorating ? >> the welsh man, is there one that cannot sing? >> i can name a few. >> it's rare.
10:17 am
but he's not. ? what's new pussy cat ? >> we love a bit of tom. >> a bit. >> a lot of tom. >> everybody does. >> hoda you're going to go crazy for this. >> have you seen it? >> i haven't yet. you have a crazy twitter following. you tweeted i'm coming and the avalanche of people. >> the luke-ateers they call themselves. >> you have two more and you don't know sociopaths until know us. >> i have seen you drink wine at 9:00 a.m. >> 3:00 in the morning. don't judge. >> where's mine? >> you could have asked. >> "the girl on the train" hits theaters october 7. >> it's amazing. okay. you will be feeling older when we take you back to the '70s with a game of who knew. >> first "younger" with hilary
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appeared in over 150 tv shows and films. >> currently the two talented actresses star alongside each other in the tv land series we love "younger." >> the show follows sutton foster's character liza, a 40-year-old divorced mom leading a double life as a 26-year-old book publisher in new york. >> debi plays maggie who knows the secret and her true age. >> hillary plays liza's millennial she's in her 20s. >> expect twists and turns. hey, ladies. >> hey. >> it is a special day because it is hilary duff's birthday and debi wore lots of cleavage in her honor. >> serving it to me this morning. >> we were talking about this with sutton. this show started off as a little -- >> a sleeper. >> all of the sudden it picked up steam and turned into a tvland hit.
10:22 am
i think we're lucky. the first season, did anybody see the show? are you going to make it. >> you're working so hard. >> i used to do a lot of reruns but they have so much faith in the show. they really let it grow and develop. everybody's got great stuff going on this season. >> same thing happened with "hot in cleveland." everybody said, a scripted series? good for them. >> and "seinfeld" started slow and picked up steam. right? >> they don't care. >> i love seinfeld. >> what can we expect this season? liza will get in more trouble. she has a hot trio thing, two men. >> she's a shut right now. >> she's lucky. >> she's not married. >> liza is having everything offered to her now. she said yes, yes, yes. she's doing what everybody wants to do and can't. >> for somebody divorced who is getting up to a certain age to
10:23 am
grab it. >> it is a domino effect. she's lying about her age, wants to be honest, her friendships are at risk. it is interesting. she comes home and unloads stuff on me. i have to deal with the balance. you know, she has amazing stuff this season. her character grows. last season ended with her fiance getting killed by a crane. >> we had to get rid of him somehow. >> cranes happen. >> it does. >> weryo friendship. >> we never met. >> and i'm obsessed with her now. >> like me and you. we want to play a game. >> okay. >> this is famous friends. we want to show you famous friends and see if you can guess. we don't even know. >> we're ready. >> we love a game. >> here it is. >> that's -- >> oh! >> i have no idea. >> will and grace?
10:24 am
>> they all looked like guys. >> friends. >> no, it's not. >> "sex and the city"! >> oh, my gosh. terrible. >> i'm bad at this. >> bert and ernie. >> i love them. >> lucy and ethel! >> oh, matt damon and ben affleck? >> you got it! >> we w birthday. >> here we go. brought it for you. >> share with everybody. happy birthday. >> thank you! >> "younger" has been picked up already for the fourth season. season 3 premieres tonight. hoda and i are on. you might want to watch. >> get ready for a fabulous foursome known as il divo. we'll party like it's 1976 when we head across the street to play "who knew" after your local
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves.
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get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. it's winesday . it's wine someday wednesday and that's play the funky music. i'm going to have to trust and by wild cherry and the number one back in 1976. today's move is about to t you back 40 years. we saw the debut of charlie's angles and many other classics. we're about to put you to the test, and hoda is across the street and she is ready to handout $100 to anybody that gets the question right. those that don't, get one of her signed books. here with me is kate and the executive editor of people
10:31 am
so nice to see you. >> great to see you. >> it was a greater era, wasn't it? >> yeah, it was. people say 70s and it was like disco and shag carpet. so many pop culture moments. >> okay. let's start with the first one. >> okay. guess who is here for the fan of the week. >> lanette. >> where >> charlotte. >> the 1976" rocky" made it's writer and star sta lon famous. but the studio made it famous. who was it? >> harrison ford. >> is she right? >> no. >> okay. it was but reynolds.
10:32 am
film, it was but reynolds and finally two producers said that we will do it with you kid. pretty great choice. >> yes. won the academy award for the best picture. unbelievable. okay. hoda. >> what is your name sweetie? what is your name and where are you from? >> texas. >> what were the main characters names on thest charlie's angles? >> she says a. boom! $100. >> yeah, america just held the breathe when the three woman came in with the gun. >> they did. network held the breathe when farrar fassett said that she wanted a lot more money.
10:33 am
walked and she rewrote the film. >> yep. yep. yep. fascinating. okay hoda. >> what is your name? >> lynn. >> from? >> arkansas. >> in may of 1976 which singer set a record for the number one hits by a female vocalist? >> she says a stevie knicks? >> what was the answer? >> it was diana ross. >> that's huge. >> solo artist she was the queen of the 70s. a lot of people think of disco but everything from "touch me in the morning" and she had an unbelievable decade.
10:34 am
one more hoda. >> dana. >> here from? >> austin, texas. >> okay. let's play. what variety show had the best selling doll of 1976? was. >> marie osmond. >> no. >> was that the great decade? >> it was a good but not as sood as it was for cher. i had that one in the hot pink halt er pants suit. she was a real life barbie doll. >> not that we don't love the marie. and barbara, thank you so much and the best with the babies.
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ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. millions of americans are in some kind of debt. if you were with us when lauren greutman was here you might remember the story about her family's financial problems. of a big hole and lauren writes about it in her new book called "the recovering spender". >> lauren asked you to send out an sos if you needed help in getting back on track. today you are here with answers. this is a good idea. >> i am. we got so many questions. >> let's go with the first one from louanne in illinois. what's the best way to pay off
10:40 am
difference of opinion sometimes when it comes to paying off credit card debt. some people say start with the highest balance first. >> yeah. >> some people -- the highest interest rate. some say start with the lowest balance. i show a graph. you can see there is really only a one-month difference depending which one. but the psychological benefit of paying off the lowest balance first and getting rid of the little creditar outweighs -- >> you can chip away at the big one. >> too many cards. >> exactly. it's overwhelming. >> how many? >> i think zero. if you do have a credit card, i would say stick with one. >> it's hard to go to the store and they say, do you want to get one for 20% off? >> i hate it when they don't take the one you've got. >> that's true. >> janet from new york. >> i have $10,000 in credit card
10:41 am
loan. i am so lost and scared. i will not share with my family. my husband is not even aware. oh, my. i cannot share this with anyone. there is shame involved. >> there is a lot of shame. the question was near and dear to my heart. that was me nine years ago. the bigger question is why are you spending so much money. >> of course. >> in my book i talked about the psychological things that happen when you're spending money. there is a that doesn't ignite. it is responsible for telling your brain danger, danger, don't do that. they found in people that don't overspend it's not telling your body no. >> it's a brain thing. >> with her you have to get real with why you are spending money. is it an addiction? it can be like a drug addiction or alcohol. to really address that issue. >> the high from the purchase. >> right. >> physically though right now if she feels buried, what's the
10:42 am
somebody. if she sees a financial counselor, a regular counselor, get it out of your body. >> a friend. >> anybody. >> then you can start working with, okay, the next step is to talk to my husband, get real with this as a family. >> sounds like she does the finances for the family. >> yeah. >> he's not aware. >> exactly. it is important she talks to somebody. >> what about having a family meeting once a month to go over finances. >> we call it budget night. whole month before it happens. >> this is a question from crystal in north carolina. she says, i have no idea how to put my husband and son on a budget. my husband is the sole wage earner. my son is 18, still studying in school. when he needs something he just gets it. i have no idea how to do a budget. we are slowly drowning. i don't know how to save us. >> how is he getting it without a credit card? >> this is the interesting thing. how do i put my husband on a
10:43 am
it doesn't happen. >> especially if he's the sole breadwinner. >> exactly. they have to sit down as a family and decide the family values. what are they going to do as a family. that's really important. >> like what? >> vacations and -- >> for me, me and my husband have four children. our kids and their college education is value to us. having family together time. having financial security is something that's important, a value to us. if you are overspending and according to those values, get rid of them. they won't help in your life. >> how is this young boy, 18 years old, able to purchase things -- >> exactly. >> mom and dad gave him a credit card. >> right. >> or he could have applied for one. >> that's true. >> without any -- >> yeah. >> i had one. >> my first one was my first week of college. >> i had one, too. >> mm. they get you. >> it's all great advice. >> terrific. thank you so much.
10:44 am
>> they speak several languages but you only need to understand one. >> the language of love. >> il divo on our stage.
10:45 am
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absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented by citi. >> just when we thought the day couldn't get better we are about to be serenad the classical crossover group sold more than 30 million albums. they have 50 number one singles. their latest album is called "amother il passion." they are going to be next door at the radio city music hall tomorrow night. >> have you ever played radio city? >> we have played it before. but not for a long time.
10:50 am
notch. you have performed for us. we got to see a little of the rehearsal but we are about to see something different. >> they have added the feminine touch. >> a lot of touches. we have a feminine touch. we now have dancers on the show with us. we dance with them. we play instruments. we are doing solo songs. it is a whole new tour. >> all right. >> that keeps it fresh for you, too, doesn't it? >> yeah. >> what are you singing today?
10:51 am
?? ??
10:52 am
10:53 am
?? >> whoo! >> il divo. >> thawa >> let's bring the ladies back. you were great, too. >> that was beautiful. >> radio city music hall tomorrow night, everybody. >> we have more in a moment. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. great job, guys.
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tomorrow we have a big star with us. samuel l. jackson will sit down
10:57 am
>> plus one woman gets a brand new look in time for her daughter's wedding. another gets ready to wow friends at her high school reunion. don't miss the special edition of ambush makeover. >> we are ringing in rosh hashana with a cooking segment. >> holland taylor.
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. we'll see donald trump become president." i don't know what i said, aah... narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck.
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