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tv   News 3 Live in Prime  NBC  October 2, 2016 8:30pm-9:30pm PDT

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our guys are going to put 30, 35 points on the board. and tonight, they sort of flip that on its ear defensively and started attacking. and you end up with this score, 43-7. you wonder how good this team might be. that was hubbard. in around here, pouncey is out of the game. and you saw the snap. you saw it with your own eyes. >> cris: i've seen it before, where the center thinks that the quarterback is under center. you know. that's just been terrible
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into the kansas city bench, around the 35 or so yard line. even farther up. make it the 38 yard line. so, let's take a look around the national football league. week four. ryan and jones, alluded to by michelle. 300 passing yards, 5 hur receiving yards. buffalo, shocking new patriots haven't been shut out at home, since '93. brady comes back next week. undefeated teams, denver, philly, and minnesota. and the other winless team, cleveland. >> cris: you know who the mvp of the league is right now? >> al: let me think. that goes to the outside here. well, i mean, ryan is in the neighborhood, right? >> cris: that's who i was going to say.
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and this one. and 300 of them to julio jones. and i don't know how the player of the month couldn't be considered the mvp after that was his next game following winning that award. >> al: second down and eight. and bursting through the middle, is spencer ware. and spencer ware will get taken down from behind at about the 15 yard line. vince williams, chases him down, after a big gain of 46 yards, to the 14 yard line. >> cris: don't let me ever say vince williams lacks speed again. watch him get this guy. you have spencer ware, who is a legitimate player. and then, it's going to be vince williams, the only one back there and he caught him. >> al: when did you say he
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the perfect match-up. >> al: i have to go back and look at the tape. ware had the fumble early on. three in two games. and now, he's got it high and tight. >> cris: we have to look for the whistle again. that's perfect form there. >> al: williams, able to get him from behind. the clock kicking down to the two-minute warning. there's a flag for interference. arms around chris conley. that will take us to the
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the call from ron tolbert. >> referee: before the pass was thrown, automatic penalty, first down. this is the two-minute warning. >> al: it is. off and on rain tonight. but the steelers reign at home.
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>> al: coming up shortly, the michele on the field. bob, tony, mike, break it down
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there goes outlaw jesse james. and one more time, to markus wheaton, which made up for the one last week. and mike tomlin gives a hand shake. a little fist bump with todd haley. and hit the showers. >> al: 1:58. on the draw. and ware takes the ball to the 5 yard line. most games with five or more t.d. passes, drew brees, who had a comeback win for the saints in staying. peyton manning had nine. >> cris: remember when ben had back-to-back six-touchdown games. >> al: we did one of them.
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we did one of manning's seven touchdown games, as i recall. >> cris: vince williams making another tackle out there. just a comfortable night. all of the what ifs about this team coming in, and oh, they look like on defense, and the two signal callers are gone. and le'veon bell, how long will it take him? we had all of those things. >> al: now, the kansas city fan base goes, what happened? tomlin takes his team, keeps them right here, to take on the jets. they go to miami. they have new england coming in on october 23rd. and the chiefs will have a week off, regroup, and andy's group
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>> cris: that's no picnic. >> al: no. not these days. fourth and goal. they take a time-out. they had too many -- guys in the backfield. trying to line up to the right side. and alex smith has stayed in the whole way. you're wondering who the backup quarterback it that's our match-up. "football night in america" will begin at 7:00 eastern time. the giants will play the vikings. and then, the packers off this week. they seemed to get everything back together, certainly offensively, last week against detroit. the giants and the packers from lambeau.
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"saturday night live," you see any of that last night? >> al: i missed it. >> cris: oh, it was good. >> al: what are you doing up that hour? >> cris: west coast time. >> al: i got you. fourth and goal. in the end zone. that's caught for a touchdown by travis kelce. so, the kansas city chiefs, with put something on the board. >> cris: harrison drops underneath it. and smith moves right. and smith was able to sneak it in. and everybody on the defense is
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happened. >> al: santos will attempt the conversion here. and that makes it 43-14. the steelers, you look at their whole schedule. they never leave the eastern time zone. never. there it is. the whole schedule, being played out for you. even indianapolis, which used to be -- would go to standard for a while. they're on eastern full-time. i don't get that schedule. not that schedule. >> cris: you don't want that one. >> al: don't want that one.
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ben, he wrecked the defense from kansas city tonight. they did not allow 27 points in a game. two days short of a full year. they had 29 at halftime. came out opening quarter on camera. telling what a great defense this is. andy reid and bob sutton, second in points allowed only to seattle. they have big ben tonight. who are you voting for? >> al: matt ryan. >> cris: there you two. >> al: go for villanueva, after tomlin talked about him.
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they can pick this one back to the locker room. we can begin to think about the green bay/giants match-up. >> cris: congratulations to kevin green. got the hall of fame ring tonight. down there, reminiscing about >> al: congratulations to melissa horton in the booth tonight. almost had to put her on p.u.p. >> cris: yeah. >> al: active for the entire game. and that's going to wrap it up from heinz field. ben, 300 yards, 5 t.d.s. volkswagen postgame report coming up on the other side of
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welcome to the postgame report. here, now, bob costas. >> all-steelers from the jump. they win it, 43-14. the game balls go to ben roethlisberger and le'veon bell, coming into this game. ben roethlisberger had six touchdown passes and four interceptions. tonight, he threw for five scores without a pick. and le'veon bell, never missed a
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carried 18 times for 144 yards. also caught five passes. here they are, with michele. >> mike tomlin called this redemption sunday. and yu came out so aggressively on offense, right from the get-go. what was the mentality? >> good to have 26 sacks. the guys up front, it starts with them. i told the guys before this game. i said, hey, we're drive in the car with a broken rear-view mirror. we did g >> five touchdown passes. three came on three-consecutive throws in the first quarter. what was that stretch like for you? >> we didn't use up much clock. but guys made plays. you put it up there. it's raining. not easy to make those plays. and proud of the way everyone stepped up tonight. everyone got involved. that makes us all happy. you win like this, it feels
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>> you mentioned le'veon bell. what a difference is he in there? >> we asked him to do a lot this week. and i felt he answered the bell. literally and figuratively, i guess. he did a good job of not being overwhelmed and stepping up. and just kudos to him. good to be on the film with him. >> congratulations. >> thanks, michele. appreciate it. >> he said you answered the bell. receiving and rushing combined for 178 yards in this first game back for you from that knee injury last year. why did things go so well out of the gate for you? >> i this v to thank the guys up front. ben put me in on the right plays. gave me the ball in open field. my conditioning in the off-season and getting ready for the game. i kind of use my suspension to get in better shape. i ran a lot of routes. and i felt great today. >> your teammates have said how thrilled they are to have you back.
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issues are behind you? >> i grew from it. you know what i mean? i made two mistakes. i'm a human being. i'm not a perfect person. i can't say i'm a perfect person. i'm going to try to be. i'm going to do what i can to move forward and put everything else behind me. >> bob? >> michele, thank you. let's bring in tony dungy. the steelers were blown out last week by the eagles. what made it so different for em >> michele talked about mike tomlin putting the pressure on them to get redemption. it started with the defensive line. they got more pressure tonight than they did last week against philadelphia. but offensively, ben roethlisberger and those receivers, are so tough to match up with. all of the man coverage with kansas city. it started off the bat. they attacked upfield. they took advantage of those match-ups. and they were just too much for
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tony, thanks, as always. we will shift over to mike florio, so many quarterbacks injured. what's the latest information? >> let's start with cam newton. the panthers quarterback. he took a wicked hit on a two-point conversion try to n the loss to the atlanta falcons. left the game for concussion evaluation. the panthers said he does have a concussion. he won't be able to practice or play until he's cleared by an independent neurologists. carson palmer sustained a concussion in the loss to the l.a. rams. they play thursday night in san francisco. less time for palmer to get cleared to play. and trevor siemian, the broncos quarterback, landed hard on his left shoulder. he came back to the sidelines. could have returned to the game. that's what gary kubiak said after the win over tampa bay. but don't be surprised if
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introducing the new turbocharged golf alltrack. [ clearing throat ] the new golf alltrack. with 4motion all-wheel drive. soon to be...everywhere. welcome back to the volkswagen golf postgame report. ? oh, sunday night oh, sunday night ? >> that's the match-up next week as we go to lambeau field. the green bay packers win on opening day. and they lose to minnesota. people go, what's happening? and aaron rodgers doesn't look great. too early for him to say relax.
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the giants, 2-1. and pending tomorrow night's game. it was manning versus rodgers, which is special. >> anytime you get a quarterback match-up like that against guys who have taken their team all the way to the world championship, it makes for great excitement. and can't get to get up there. i think green bay, you know, now, jordy nelson is getting healthier. you start to see it. start to work better on offense. could be an offensive explosion out there. playoff games at lambeau field. >> he has. he has. with a cold nose and the whole bit. >> you bet. we will see you next sunday night, from lambeau field. that's your final score here. the steelers go on to win it, 43-14. for now, al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya, the whole gang. the pregame show and the guys in the truck, saying good night
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>> nbc thanks you for watching in special presentation of the
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look. whoa. a. >> right now on news3 live in prime, on the line, a major fault ready to rupture and many people in the path. how a major impact could affect
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crash happened, a tool supposed to give them answers instead giving them nothing. >> trump still not releasing his tax information but new york times says they have everything everyone wants to know. >> news3 starts now. >> a swarm of hundreds of quakes along the people on alert. if a major quake were to hit southern california, experts say nevada would also be caught in the fallout. news3's flay than o'neil, las vegas is no stranger to seismic activity. >> gerard, all eyes are on that prominent fault in southern
8:57 pm
authorities are looking at all the activity going on there, so we could understand and be prepared should the big one hit. california on earthquake watch tonight, after a swarm of 142 earthquakes shake the salten sea. >> once you start seismic activity at that end, people start looking more >> experts estimate 1 in 100 chance these quakes could trigger a larger quake. devastating in southern california, the shaking felt in las vegas. >> it would certainly be a disruptive event on the quake. >> but the follow up for las vegas would be obvious. >> unintended consequences, you
8:58 pm
you're going to lose your gasoline supply because it goes offer he the cajon pass. >> thousands of people coming from southern california to live. emergency teams in nevada and california are preparing for. there we kind of already know what's going to happen but the question is when. >> and so far, the swarm of earthquakes that we've seen in southern california have been relatively small between magnitudes 1 and 4. if we see a magnitude 6 or greater, experts say that's when it's time to really worry. nathan oach neil, news3. >> thank you for the update, nathan. it's not earthquakes but wind and dust that may be a problem tonight and tomorrow. want to head over to jerry brown for a first look at our forecast, jerry. >> cooler temperatures to talk
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balmy, 52 in tonopah, and 57 in reno, 43 in pahrump, 50 here in the valley, there is a cold front headed our way, going to pass through valley sometime between 4:00 and 7:00 a.m. wind advisor in effect,. >> all right jerry we'll get back to you in just a moment. i believe we'll figure that metro police say a man is in grave condition and is not expected to survive after he was stabbed in the head. man and a woman got into a fight whether the woman stabbed the man prospect she was taken into custody and is identified 30-year-old lakeisha looks. she faces one count of attempted murder. a man accused of driving
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accident. i-15 and russell road, a man was driving a lexus when he lost control and hit a motorcycle driver. the driver died. the man in the lexus crashed into a wall several hundred feet beyond the motorcycle. the fourth deadly crash in las vegas this weekend. now an update on the train crash say one of the data recorders recordersisn't working, they wio find the second one. the second one is located in an area that's considered just too dangerous to access. the data from the black box will help authorities determine how fast it was going when it crashed into the platform in hoboken.
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a baby that defies the odds, ezekiel, young boy reaches a milestone that his parents are calling a miracle. plus a major political figure coming to the valley this week, how you will be able to see donald district attorney steve wolfson: as district attorney, i've prosecuted a lot of violent people. our background check laws have stopped over 5,000 dangerous
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dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? state in next month's election. if you need any proof that, just who's visiting the state next week? donald trump is scheduled to speak at the henderson pavilion at 11:30. doors open at 8:30. you need to register for tickets at donald trump's website.
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tim kaine is said to hold a voter registration event, the second time that kaine has visited nevada. he was in reno in mid september. before he comes to southern 9/11, kaine is preparing for the vice presidential date on tuesday. important dates you have to know, you have until october 8 election. 8th through the 15th you will still be able to sign it but you have to go to a county election office. head to our website,, to find an easy link to register online. an officer attacked in his
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>> it is a rare birth disorder that can lead to life threatening complication. for one local baby he's defying all the odds to not only survive but to thrive. john treanor takes you to ezekiel party. >> reporter: the presents were so tall they almost hit the sealing. it was ezekiel canseco's first birthday. it was a miracle. by all accounts little ezekiel, he was not going to make it. he was born with a birth defect
9:08 pm
, we first met him at five months old. the scar, hid the detect. doctors felt for sure he would die. >> these kids never survive. in fact, he's the only one that has survived. >> instead, he is the one to blow out the candles. his parents are amazed prospect. >> i only thanked >> for a baby with a tough condition, god has something for you. >> doctors credit the survival, after planning while ezekiel was still in the womb, boxing theme, for a one-year-old already fighting for his life. >> more than 300 people across
9:09 pm
conservation area beautiful. painting signs, placing sleeves on stickers, and other general maintenance and cleanup. about 60 of the 300 are, helping to create an environment where hikers are keeping red rock beautiful. >> a lot of people, a lot of recreation that happens here. but the trail conditions, they're very good conditions and don't happen by lands, we own those lands, we're the public and so it's up to us to make sure that the trails are in good condition and that foams can have fun out here. >> beautiful time to be out there. also, the people who are out today is say they love cleaning up national parks and recreation areas and do it on a regular
9:10 pm
repaired and now we get to the good stuff jerry. >> kick up the winds, big store is going to be drop the temperatures. let's take a look at our day in motion. from red rock looking to the east, sunrises and not a lot happens, as can you see. we had lots of sun today, lots of sun tomorrow, few high clouds around. central valley, south southwest to 20 miles an hour, tomorrow, what it is now. 15% the relative humidity, 77 with a west southwest breeze at 18. blowing at 20 out on the west side at westtec, 69? there. 70s around the valley, starting to drop into the 60s, on the west side also in blue
9:11 pm
these winds are going to blow and accelerate when the front comes through between 4:00 and 7:00 a.m. in henderson, i'm expecting the northwest will get the most extreme wind gusts. and it could be well over 40 to 50 miles an hour with down slow winds. 38 mile-an-hour wind gusts, at charleston, cs indian springs, 29 miles anou primm and here are your wind gusts in the valley. official temperature, 89?, enjoy it, second day this month above normal but we'll be well above normal for the next few days. 77 the current temperature out at the airport. looking at a high tomorrow of about 76?. so weakening upper level low on the east coast, they're starting to dry out a bit.
9:12 pm
but that's going to stay to our north. what we're concerned about is this frontal system across the state, political blustery ahead of that, wind advisory in effect into 3:00 a.m. don't expect the winds to magically drop at 3:00 a.m. chilly too, temperatures getting down to the 50s, the winds that is. 33 up on the mountain generally in the valley. highs tomorrow, what a drop, 70s predominanting, 54 at mt. charleston, city for a high for search light. feeling definitely like fall. 59 at 7:00 a.m. 75 at 5:00 p.m. and our seven-day forecast looking just beautiful. temperatures right around 80? through much of the week,
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definitely take a deep breath and open up the windows gerard. >> all right jerry, we will do that. still up, trump's tax information or lack thereof, is the subject of criticism, new york times says it has what everyone wants to know, what it says for the presidential candidate. and it was a big day in sports, form err rebel ryan moooo so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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>> the united states was looking to snap a ryder cup drought dating back to 2008. ryan moore was the last player
9:16 pm
ryder cup flags were waving in the wind, patrick reed taking on rory melissa carlson. mcilroy.took the lead with thate putt, johnson goes on to win two up on wood. phil mickelson's 28-foo rhine moore, needed an eagle putt here to win the hole and he does! then he gets a birdie on 17 to tie westwood and on 18 moore needed two putts to beat westwood and clinch the title for the u.s.a.
9:17 pm
teammates. what a week for las vegas resident. >> this is unbelievable. the point that clinched it for us. obviously we had some great play behind me, i was able to relax and play those last couple of holes and able to sneak a win out there. >> you were a phenomenal match play player. what makes you so comfortable and so good in this format? there i don't know. you're trying to beat one guy. when i went down, i didn't want to let my team down. >> drivers eliminated from the chase, kyle busch was safe, but kurt while he was on the cut line started 11th. only the top 12 would move on. couldn't afford any hiccups. lap 38 his battery goes down. he ended up dropping to 25 and missed the advancement in the
9:18 pm
all of his championship hopes go away. search cars remain on the heed lap at the end of the ray, one of them kyle busch took sect but could not catch treu ax today. . >> i was in my own area co we missed the boat, we finished 22nd like we did last year. we're able to move on in the next round and keep focusing on being able to do that and just give ourselves the home set. that's what matters most. >> more nfl highlights, steven jackson we caught up with him at the lasks bowl, symon keith
9:19 pm
dodgers they lost to the giants, giants become a wild card team and taking on the mets. mets but today vin scully's final day calling a dodger game. >> randy appreciate that. still ahead, another deadly police shooting, this time in los angeles. you will hear from the victim's mother who w horner: i was proud to stand for our country. i will not stand for congressman hardy and donald trump insulting seniors and veterans. hardy wants to raise the retirement age and said seniors who rely on programs like social security are a draw on government
9:20 pm
they're just not for us.
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?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? >> donald trump's taxes are back in the spotlight. the republican candidate tweeting that he's the only candidate to fix the tax system. trump showed a loss of nearly $1 billion on his 1995 tax returns.
9:22 pm
taxes for years. >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes, when she releases her 33,000 e-mails. >> while many are still waiting for donald trump to release his tax returns, the new york times recently received tax statements belonging to the business mogul. in 1995, trump reported a $916 million loss. the report ci said trump could use his loss to not pay taxes for up to 18 years. saying the gop has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in other taxes including real estate and other taxes. rudy giuliani called trawmple ogenius for taking advantage of the tax code.
9:23 pm
person, manipulating the tax code. >> bernie sanders. >> i'm worth billions, i'm a successful businessman, i don't pay the taxes, you make $15 an hour you pay the taxes, not me. that is why people are angry and want real change in this country. are. >> trump responded on twitter, saying he knows tax laws better than anyone who has run for president and is the only one to >> the l.a.p.d. is investigating a deadly shooting that occurred on saturday afternoon in los angeles, officers pulled over a car they believed to be stolen, are over, and the person inside ran out, shot by officers, and a
9:24 pm
scene. >> they won't let me see him. they said they moved him already. i want to see if it's him. >> family members have identified the victim as 18-year-old carnell snell. the shooting drew several protesters to the scene where they remained all night and into the morning. dash cam video, showing california highway patrol and several street driver got out of the car to speak to the driver of a chevy tahoe. people have been arrested for shooting and kitting at the car. police are still searching for others involved. still ahead, a tower of humans.
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[cell phone vibrating] en the billionaire koch brothers call, congressman joe heck has been answering. voting with the koch brothers' agenda 85% of the time. giving tax breaks to big oil companies and the super rich, but ending medicare as we know it and forcing cuts to social security. taking care of the koch brothers may be a good call for joe heck, but it doesn't work for nevada's working families. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this ad.
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i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients,
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>> and big changes ahead in our weather, 50s overnight tonight, and then the mid 70s for monday. actually it's going to be very, very nice though there will be a north breeze blowing, 10 to 15 tuesday, wednesday, thursday, any complaints? warming up to the mid 80s by next weekend. wind advisory until 3 a.m., then things get nice like they should in october in las vegas. >> looks nice jerry. finally, people watched in amazement during the 26th annual human tower competition. in spain.
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>> i remember, at one point, just actually thinking, "why on earth? i just cannot believe they are allowing this to happen." sharyl: what these women saw coming was the mortgage crisis that would plunge america into a deep recession in 2008. >> greed is what happened. it's the almighty dollar. scott: follow jahan mahmood long enough and you are bound to find yourself in what, over the years, has been a breeding ground of aspiring terrorists. your whole goal is to stop them from getting to the point that they actually go overseas? jahan: absolutely. sharyl: a rarely united congress rebukes president obama, in the end siding with the families of those who died on 9/11, including terry strada. >> we're going to be able to hold the people accountable that


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