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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  October 31, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> kim: creepy clown watch. this is a local story. somebody going online taunting a certain school in our community and police are all over it. we'll tell you where they are going to be stepping up their presence today. >> dana: good morning. it is monday, 4:portion october 31. it's halloween but it's also >> kim: we're the wagners, kim and dana here on this monday morning. >> dana: it was 152 years ago today that president lincoln made our state the 36th state in the union. >> kim: i canalways count on my
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information. kelly, a lot riding on the forecast because kids have to go to school but they won't have to bundle up necessarily tonight. >> kelly: we're not going northeastern halloween where we wear snow suits you'll want extra layers under your costumes. 65 at 9:00 a.m. going to be cool this morning. 71 by noon and 75 at 4:00 trick or treat forecast coming up. >> kim: we focus on decision 2016. eight days away from election day. within the next 24 hours we could learn more about the new emails the f.b.i. says may be relevant to the investigation of hillary clinton's private server. democrats are demanding answers right now and are suggesting the
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the law by interfering with the campaign. >> democrats are demanding the f.b.i. provide details today whether emails are new, contain classified information or duplicates for which clinton has been cleared. >> we're calling for him to come forward and explain what is at issue here. >> he has a duty to move forward professionally understand a timely way on have violated the hatch act ! a very unusual thing when 11 days before a presidential election something like this just gets introduced as a distraction. >> clinton avoided the issue campaigning in florida sunday. >> there is a lot of noise and distraction. >> donald trump suggested without proof that the f.b.i. may have discovered thousands of
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load. i think they found them all. >> it could be a problem not just for clinton but other democrats. >> it's going to hang around the necks of down ballot candidates for why they continue to support her. >> with 21 million americans having already voted. >> dana: tracy mentioned senator reid's letter in which he said comey may have broken the political party over another. this violates the hatch act which bars government officials from using their position to influence an election. he wrote a letter on friday saying emails pertinent to the clinton email investigation had been discovered in an unrelated
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anthony weiner. >> kim: donald trump was visiting las vegas over the weekend and you can bet that he went there when it comes to the latest investigation of hillary clinton of on the. >> her criminal action was willful, deliberate, intentionallal and purposeful. hillary set up an for the obvious purpose of shielding her criminal conduct. she set up this illegal server knowing full well that her actions put our national security at risk and put the safety and security of your children at risk. >> kim: that's donald trump in his own words from over the weekend here in las vegas.
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discussion with dana wagner live on this very program. >> dana: oklahoma police shot and killed a man accused of killing two relatives and shooting two police officers along other crimes here. this man michael vance , jr. shot and killed last night by a state three-point. the manhunt began a week ago. an officer injured when responding to a call from someone saying they spotted e the officer was shot in the shoulder and elbow but his injuries are not life threatening. after the encounter vance took off and was shot and killed by a highway patrolman. >> kim: a 31-year-old man has been arrested connected to the death of a 7-year-old boy in our community. new information this morning , the man has been arrested.
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scene you are seeing on your screen. the child suffered severe trauma and signs of abuse all over the child's body. metro saying someone called 911 from inside that apartment and the child was take on the sunrise hospital where we got word that he later passed away. the people who responded here, the first responders and firefighters believe the child's injuries were suspicious initially so they called police. metro went in to investigate. the boy's mom home responsible for all of this is now arrested. >> these are some of the most difficult investigations that any of us have to deal with. even from the most experienced detectives. it's very sad that we are investigating this as a child abuse death. >> kim: there were four other children inside that apartment at the time. they were unharmed but still
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custody as this investigation plays out. >> dana: clark county school district and metro are prepared to deal with anyone who plans to carry out any halloween threats disguised as creepy clowns. this stems from this recent threat on social media, specifically targeting las vegas academy. authorities believe it's just a hoax but they are not taking any chances. >> anybody who hides behind a mask and makes threats taken very seriously. at first it seems like a sick joke but then when you see people running and chasing kids or showing up on campus to scare them, it takes on a bit darker connotation. >> dana: security is going to be stepped up district wide today. no clown costumes allowed at any school in the district. props banned from campuses as well. >> kim: no clown costumes on
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halloween whether you take to instagram, twitter or facebook, if you use that # it will assemble it on the tag board and we can have fun throughout the broadcast here on news 3. this year's world series is going to be one for the record books. the cubs managing to keep themselves as live. and right now we are doing a little >> dana: talk about perseverance. check out this cricket player. losings his artificial leg and
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chicago cubs last night at wrigley field. bill measure flay attendance. a huge cubs fan. we saw vince vaughn among the faithful last night. the kid who went to bonanza high school with a dinger into left field. he hit a home run last night. and in the end it was chapman taking to the mound for the cubs, their closer pitching closing out the game in the ninths inning. they are still down three games to two. game six is tomorrow night in cleveland f. they win there they will have a deciding game 7 on wednesday night. >> kim: both ball clubs known as the lovable losers. we know there will be one winner soon enough.
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dogs lie. those pandas none too happy to see him. we'll take to you conclusion on this one ahead. plus -- >> dana: shots ring out in nearby california. we'll tell you where and why
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>> kim: ununbelievable story out o a woman who was missing for five days has been found alive. she was in a vehicle that had wrecked. rescuers were called to the scene in san bernardino saturday after somebody reported a vehicle rolled down a hill. it took first responders about an hour to get the woman out. she was rushed to the hospital. as of saturday night the woman was reported to be in serious but nonlife threatening condition. that is according to fire officials who were the first responders on the scene.
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the weekend. this is in the sierra mountains. this is interstate 80 just to the west of truck key. you can see that people were jacked up there. not only do you need chains or snow tires to get over the top of the summit when it snows like , this a lot of times they have accidents that jack up the commute as well. >> sacramento, we went up to that area and it was the highest elevation you could go and use a mike wave truck. there is a little bit of weather to talk about here. >> kelly: we were dealing with breezy conditions yesterday.
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morning. we had quite a few clouds yesterday. here is a look at the temperatures. eldorado at 63, spring valley 60. green valley 61. going to want a sweater or jacket stepping out the door. these temperatures below normal for this time of year. everything is least in our area. winds will be picking up to night again but hopefully after the trick or treaters are all done. today 75. mostly sunny skies. winds shifting to the southeast. for the trick or treaters, here is what we're looking at. around 4:00 it's 75. by 6:00 72 and by 8:00 67. winds will start to increase up
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for the low 55. partly cloudy skies. winds gusts 25 over night. mostly sunny and 72 and warming up. upper 70's by the weekend. fall back saturday night, sunday morning. we're going to be going to bed a little earlier. >> dana: an extra hour of sleep. a man in california drove his they opened fire. this happened in california after the driver of that camper got into an argument with a park ranger. police showed up and the man drove his rv at them. they opened fire were and did not kill him. they pulled him from the camper and arrested him.
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officers injured. >> kim: happening today jury selection will begin for that former white south carolina police officer accused of shooting an unarmed black man. that jury will have to decide if he's guilty of the murder of walter scott. that encounter took place in april of last year when he pulled scott over for a broken taillight and scott took off running.
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receive new water pipes in light of the water crisis. you are going to see something quite unusual. that is a panda enclosure. that guy is not supposed to there. what happens when you sneak into a giant panda enclosure. it is not a good idea. he wrestles with the panda. the man showing off to his female friend by jumping into the enclosure. the panda woke up and rips the guy's leg. usually pandas will do this if they are playing with their breeders. the people watching started to panic and the guy then was
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panda. he struggles to free himself. the panda has a strong grip. eventually the man does manage to escape. the panda and man were not hurt. this is another example of what you are not supposed to do when you see a giant panda sleeping. >> dana: guessing that alcohol was a factor here. could be one of the largest congregations of any mammals. millions of bats spend the summer in this cave bor migrating south. a preview of a special report flying into extinction. >> they are natures perfect bug control. throughout the united states bats will eat hundreds of millions of insects every single night. in recent years there is a threat scientists have been tracking. a fungus killing off bat colonies back east is now found
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nevada where an important trap, tag and release program sunday way with these often misunderstood creatures. >> they'll cluster in as many as 5,000 boots per square meeter. they create their own thermal environment. >> did they bump into us accuseddally? yes, they did. it was a fascinating assignment. join me tonight a special report. >> kim: we have an early heads up of what to expect this morning on today. >> coming up on a monday, much more on the october surprise in the presidential race. the f.b.i. obtaining a warrant to review the newly discovered emails. >> reaction from both campaigns and now just one point separates clinton and trump. >> it is halloween and we're throwing an extravaganza on the
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including our can't miss costume reveals and our special can't miss concert. >> dana: never seen this one before. guy loses his artificial leg during a cricket match so what does he do? does he go for the ball or leg? he slips and falls. there goes his leg. he goes for the ball. this guy is running. got to get the ball in and he against a team out of pakistan in dubai. after the game he said he didn't know whether to grab the leg or ball but decided to go for the ball. despite his effort england lost by three. >> kim: this appears to show a guy getting kicked off a cable car because of his pit bull. the woman who posted the video says this is a service dog.
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the transit says they are looking into what happened here but are gathering the facts. service animals are allowed on board. it's not clear if that dog is a service animal. dogs are allowed on cable cars. there san if here. they have to make sure they are on a leash and muzzled if they are not a service animal. >> dana: video of a man's mother telling him who to vote for going >> if i don't vote for hillary, what is going to happen? >> there will be a little problem in this house. i will seize the phone and i will seize the car. >> i am serious. >> she said i'll seize the phone and car and he laughs at his mother. his mom tells him not to vote
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this video has 50,000 retweets. >> kim: still to come we have
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>> dana: how do you find referee and hug him. the referee did smile but then he reached for his flag. you can't hug the referee. whoo is next? >> kim: i saw that and then felt bad when he got a flag. the saints won. still to come, eight days until election day. we have donald trump , jr. live on the program. dana is asking the questions and
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>> kim: a 7-year-old boy dies under suspicious circumstances and breaking overnight a big arrest. we'll fill you n. >> dana: how the clark county school disstrict taking clown
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local school targeted specifically. plus -- >> we never thought we were going to say thank you to anthony we're. >> kim: email surprise. donald trump informs vegas over the weekend talking about it. this morning donald trump , jr. live on the program. dana is asking the questions and it's headed your way. >>an october, 2016 there. is a live picture of the thomas and mack center. the runnin rebels in action there tomorrow night. >> kim: the last time we were talking about the thomas and mack center, it was the focus of the third and final presidential debate. we are eight days away from election day. live team coverage headed your way this morning.


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