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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  October 31, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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local school targeted specifically. plus -- >> we never thought we were going to say thank you to anthony we're. >> kim: email surprise. donald trump informs vegas over the weekend talking about it. this morning donald trump , jr. live on the program. dana is asking the questions and it's headed your way. >>an october, 2016 there. is a live picture of the thomas and mack center. the runnin rebels in action there tomorrow night. >> kim: the last time we were talking about the thomas and mack center, it was the focus of the third and final presidential debate. we are eight days away from election day. live team coverage headed your way this morning.
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here. >> we'll talk to tom coming up in just a bit but let's get a check of the weather forecast. it seems more often than not around here , the weather really starts to turn right around halloween. >> kelly: it sure does and that is going to be the case today as well. we had a lot of wind over the weekend but those are expected to diminish today. 75 at 4:00. forecast coming up in 10 minutes. >> tom: we're doing great with travel times up to speed. car nado is fully under way with the biggest impact being a new way to get to 95 north using what the normally the mlk ramp. but that is not causing any delays whatsoever so let's get to the news. >> kim: never a way we want to start the broadcast and that is
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murder may be at hand here. craig is joining us live. from what we understand, first responders were called yesterday and when they got there, they knew they had trouble on their hands. >> that is what we understand this morning. a 7-year-old child is dead. this death was not an accident and they have made on arrest in this case. the person now in custody in connection with the death 31 years old and his name is kenneth connection with child abuse. this started sunday with a 911 call for help. the child was take on the sunrise hospital and died. firefighters saw injuries on the child's body. that was the first clue. they were suspicious and called metro to investigate. >> these are some of the most difficult investigations any of us have to deal with even from the most experienced detectives.
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abuse death. >> we are outside metro headquarters. there were also four other children inside that apartment. those children all safe in good condition and all in custody of child protective services. >> dana: so metro calling that murder. we had another murder that happened on the northwest side of the valley early yesterday morning this. happ i auburn avenue just after 2:00 yesterday. officers arrived to find a man with multiple gunshot wounds. witnesses say there was a fight between two people, erupted in gunfire. police asking for your help to find person who pulled the trigger. he took off after shots rang out. anyone with information is urged to call crime stoppers. >> the clark county school district along with local police
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with anyone who thinks they are going to show up on a school campus dressed as a creepy clown this. stems from threats on social media targeting las vegas academy here in town. that is that performing arts high school in downtown las vegas. authorities believe those threats are part of eyehook but they are not taking chances. security will be stepped up district wide. no clown costumes allowed at there is school today. nevada day was observed on friday. that's why kids didn't have class. everyone goes back to school today even though today happens to be nevada day. >> dana: even fits a joke, it's not funny. donald trump thanking anthony weiner. trump holding a rally yesterday. 5,000 people showed up.
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f.b.i. director inquiring about emails pertinent to the clinton email investigation. the emails were found on a device belonging to weiner who is separated from long time clinton aid. >> i have a feeling they just found a lot of them. i have a feeling. they just found a lot of them. to say thank you to anthony weiner. >> dana: trump thanked eastern for the distraction and disgrace of clinton as he called it. he addressed the latino vote by inviting an audience member on stage who was from mexico holding a sign saying latinos for trump. coming up i'm going to interview donald trump's son to talk about
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>> kim: this is a deep tease. live in our 6:00 hour this morning we're going to have the reveal of the today show costumes. we're going to give you a spoiler alert. you can look away for 20 seconds. we're not going to say what they are but for people who enjoy this connection to the today show, they like seeing it first here so we will have that in our 6:00 hour. still to come this hour oklahoma fugitive is dead following a this broke while most of you were sleeping and we have the story headed your way within moments. >> dana: donald trump , jr. live on this program. we're going to talk about what is happening with the which capain with eight days to go before election day. >> kim: still to come, a dramatic rescue caught on camera. how police say a toddler got
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>> kim: you're going to see this regular guy who turns into a
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all playing out in china. a guy walking by a building and sees the kid hanging from the third story. he climbs up the wall of the building with his bear hands. people can't believe what they are saying. no safety equipment. holds on no to that little boy until firefighters arrive and get the boy back inside safely. the boy's parentser weren't h they rush home and thank that man for caving their son. that hunt for that week long future fugitive over. vance who had a camp site near the area where they found him got authorities on the run but still in the end they got their
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vehicle he was driving. one fire was exchanged. he's accused of killing his aunt and uncle and then bragging about the crime on social >> another powerful eric struck thal portion of the country. 6.6 manage any tuesday eric. this happened in the mountains there in central italy. buildings that survived earlier were destroyed this time. no one killed or seriously injured. >> kim: the f.b.i. obtained a
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emails possibly tied to clinton's email investigation. emails pertinent to the clinton investigation had been discovered in an unrelated case. that is showing the pictures on your screen. that is anthony eastern and his estranged wife. those emails found on the device belonging to anthony weiner separated from his wife who is a top aid to harry reid wrote a letter to james saying he appears to be aiding one of the political parties this. violates the act which bars political officials from
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we have a lot of work at the
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72 is the high tomorrow. upper 70's by the weekend and fall back is sunday. >> dana: we take you live to new york city. donald trump , jr. joining us. we want to let you know that the
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, jr. available by satellite for us today. thanks for joining us. we appreciate that. >> my pleasure. >> in light of the f.b.i. investigation into hillary clinton's email, the renewed investigation, your dad has suggested in the past and we heard it yesterday where the crowd was chanting lock her up. would your dad if elected president of the united states seek to get criminal charges against hillary clinton and get her thrown in jail? >> i don justice served. it's ironic she's demanding all the emails. last time they asked for her emails under subpoena they were disdestroyed. it goes to show you so much of the corruption that is so obvious and prevalent in d.c. that is what this election is about. it's an opportunity for change. an opportunity to have a disruptor breaking up the d.c.
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aisle. we've seen this time and time again, the double standard. the theft that goes on there. i'm glad they are finally being able to access the information they requested so long ago that was breeched and destroyed. is being influenced by republicans in congress. >> that's the typical move. i remember when they dropped it because he didn't have evidence because she destroyed it. he was the greatest guy. now that they have evidence that shouldn't have been there on this laptop of anthony weiner. now we have it, they should be
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information before because they destroyed it. that's the double standard. they would have you believe should be happening in d.c. people want to know the truth. they expect to see the truth. not the usual lies and deceit that has trailed the clinton's for decades. i saw polling showing your dad in a neck in neck race with clinton right now. why do you think it's so close? >> we're going up against a big we don't have wall street behind us, we don't have big media behind us. this was a campaign against another candidate based on her experience, this thing would have been ore a long time ago but fur conservative there is a different standard. we're reaching across the aisle and getting independents. people fed one washington across both sides of the aisle and want
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real change, not just talk about it. >> dana: donald trump , jr., we thank you for your time today. >> kim: we take you live back to new york city at a different location. this is the floor of the nasdaq where jane king is standing by. here in las vegas over at mccarron southwest airlines is the largest air carrier and they love to brag about their baggage fees. your bags fly free. is thatn morning. >> they have invested a lot in that. southwest says it will not cave to pressure to begin charging baggage fees. they are the out lier. bags will continue to fly free for now. southwest under a lot of pressure to generate more revenue. so the c.e.o. did reject suggestions that southwest charge for baggage.
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people say happy halloween, ate plies to this day because candy sales going gang busters and that is a good sign for the economy from what i understand. >> sometimes i think you can learn more about the economy from these little things than government numbers. no tricks, gastritis. halloween candy sales strong this year. that is a good sign. it means consumers feel confident to spend on the holiday which is an unnecessary thing, candy. it is an potentially a strong holiday weekend i did shopping season as well. >> dennis: the party continues in chicago. it was just hours ago the cubs
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cleveland. anyone who thinks they are going to be a creepy clown. >> there is no hugging in football or is there?
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>> tomw continues. have you some easy alternate routes. travel times are looking good. traffic ahead forecast shows southbound on the 15 will add a couple of minutes in a couple of hours but we're in good shape right now so let's check the weather kelly. >> kelly: current temperatures as you are stepping out the door, you are going to want a jacket. pahrump 55, boulder city you are
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wind are diminishing. for the kids heading out around 6:00, hit the pavement there 72-degrees is the temperature. long sleeves maybe underneath the costume, maybe tights as well a good idea. going to get chellie with temperatures dipping into the 60's. >> kim: you've heard it before. the nfl standing for the no fun league. we take to you lose the saints hosting the seahawks. early thomas races to the end zone for the seahawks. touchdown. you give the ball tie fan, then fall on your back and then hug the ref. the ref did smile. he did have a grin. here is the problem. they can't have players doing this every game. that is an unsportsman like
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ensuing kickoff. that means they'll kick from the 20-yard line. >> he's picking it out of his back pocket and thomas is hugging him. he goes nice touchdown don't do that again. saints winning this game 25-20. >> kim: i saw it happening live. >> dana: it's wrigley field everybody. >> kim: chris bryant who graduated from bonanza high school, he hit a homer last night. >> dana: and they won 3-2 so y factor in the game last night. game six tomorrow night. >> kim: this guy shouldn't be doing this. he's in a panda enclosure and is not a staffer. he lives. he's going to be ok but from the dumb criminal file we have the full story headed your way. >> dana: game five last night.
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>> kim: coming up in this half hour, clown threat. school officials sending a warning rights now. they are not messing around. if you think you are going to be a creepy clown on campus, think again. michelle joins us live with details in moments. >> dana: grand opening. a new hospital opening in henderson areason this morning. how much this new facility costs and who pays for it coming up. >> kim: suspicious death. this is breaking overnight.
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a local 7-year-old. craig has details coming up. >> dana: it is 5:40 on this monday morning and the runnin rebels open the season tomorrow night at the thomas and mack center. an exhibition game. >> kim: we have the sideliners golf tournament this week here in las vegas. that and those are professional golfers. the pga tour vegas every year. >> dana: we're the wagners on this monday morning as we toss it over to traffic. we know from a lot of people this is halloween but this is actual nevada day. >> tom: people drive with extra attention to the roadways with kids all over the place.
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southbound 15 people miss the detour exit because they can't make the normal merger on 95. it starts at lake mead and martin luther king to get on the 95 north. everything is in good shape. just a little sluggish on 15 southbound. no big whoop. >> kelly: as you are heading out the door, a sweater or jacket a good idea. by noon today 71. 75 at 3:00 so close to were knoll. for the trick or treatet 6:00, 72 with mostly clear skies. we'll talk more about that trick or treat forecast and what you can expect the rest of the week coming up. >> dana: a 7-year-old boy is dead in our community. metro says it was murder. this happened yesterday evening on boulder highway near flamingo. metro have arrested a 31-year-old man named kenneth robinson in connection to this death. police are investigating it as a child abuse case.
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severe trauma. someone called 911 from inside the apartment. the child taken to sunrise hospital where he later died. responding firefighters believed the child's injuries were suspicious so they called metro. the boy's mother home at the time but investigators believe robinson is responsible. four other children inside the apartment at the time. they were unharmed but they were taken into child protective custody. >> kim: students, parents, you do go day. on this halloween, kids will be on campus but no creepy clowns. for details we check in live with michelle. you are at las vegas academy and apparently las vegas academy has been targeted on social media and local officials are saying creepy clowns beware. >> they are saying no clowning around and they are serious.
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whole idea. they are not laughing. they say this is a serious problem. it's one thing when someone dresses up like a clown trying to do a fun halloween prank. but these clowns are scaring children chasing them down the street. this happened to be a social media threat. the clark county school district metro prepared to deal with anybody who plans to carry out any halloween threats under the disguise of a these posts they've seen on social media targeting las vegas prep is a joke but they say it's still not funny. >> anybody who hides behind a mask and makes threats to students at the school should be taken very seriously. at first it seems like a really sick joke but when you see people running and chasing kids or showing up on campus to scare
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connotation. >> michelle: because this whole clown thing has just gone crazy across the nation, they are not taking any chances. they are not allowing people to dress up as a clown. no clown costumes, no clown props on campus anywhere within the clark county school district. if anybody is caught trying to frighten people they will be in trouble. >> dana: i think people are just trying to have fun joking around here but it's not especially with all the clown scares we've had across the country. people have been warned this morning. don't try to play any jokes on anybody wearing a clown costume at any local school. healthcare in the southeast valley gets a boost when henderson hospital opens up in less than three hours. located just east of the 95. the hospital will start accepting patients at 8:00 this
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the valley system. it fills a gap in this area. 130 beds and offer a variety of services. $168 million facility, has 245,000 square feet. there is a medical office building under construction adjacent to that hospital. >> kim: happy halloween and we see that it's happy for so many of you because you are hashtagging at news 3 halloween. not so great f unfortunately. all have you to do is use this # and ate semiables it on our tag board and we can show it on the show. "the today show" has a tradition. we show you the costumes before you head out to work. this is from last year the
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in case you can't wait until "the today show" for the big reveal, because of the time difference with the east coast, we're going to have it for you first in the water cooler live in our 6:00 hour and we will make sure if you want to be surprised during "the today show" we'll give you the heads up. we're going to flash it for about 20 seconds so you can be up to speed before you head out the door. >> dana: coming up a woman rescued after getting pinned coming up how long police say she was there before she was discovered. >> kim: a man sneaks into this enclosure with a panda sleeping. the panda wakes up and look what
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as a marine combat veteran, i understand the sacrififices our military makes. our benefits are earned, and we rely on them. politicians like joe heck should understand that. narrator: joe heck voted to shut down the federal government,
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and during that shutdown, heck continued cashing his congressional paycheck. his military record deserves respect. but back in dc, joe heck is putting politics before nevada. and that doesn't work for me. narrator: vote vets is responsible for the content
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>> kim: it's kind of funny bits bad behavior on full display. this is a panda enclosure. a guy trying to show off for his female friend. that is what happens. the panda apparently wrestles with breeders like this but doesn't know this guy. he ends up being ok. the panda isn't hurt and the idea. >> dana: i'm guessing alcohol was a factor. >> tom: you don't do that. we're looking good on the roads. travel times running in the green with no real delays on the freeways. sheer kelly. >> kelly: it's a little bit cool out there this morning. the winds diminishing.
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61 for the morning bell. mostly sunny skies and on the way home today 75. >> dana: lots of people getting into the halloween spirit including some celebrities. they can definitely sing. we'll tell you who that is underneath that blond wig coming up. >> kim: we mondays. you're going to meet veronica. we were there when she had her wish respree. wait until you hear her talk jim dunlap: too many nevada police officers have been killed in t the last few years. the truth is, we make it too easy for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill to buy guns. they get them at gun shows or online from strangers, no questions asked. so here's something we can do to honor the fallen: close the background check loophole. that will help prevent future cop killings.
5:42 am
police officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty. background checks save lives. v.o.: yes on question one. i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women
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even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients,
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>> krystal: a baghdad
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34 injured following a car bomb that exploded this weekend. it happened yesterday at a popular fruit and vegetable market near a school. this was one of several explosions sunday killing at least 17 people in all. isis issued a statement claiming responsibility for that attack. this is the battle to reclaim iraq's second largest city from largest congregations of any mammal in north america. it's a nevada cave where millions of bats spend the summer and early fall before migrating south. for scientists it's a natural laboratory for studying the elusive night fliers. we have a preview of the special report flying into extinction. >> they are nature's perfect bug control. throughout the united states bats eat hundreds of millions of
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but in recent years there is a threat scientists have been tracking. a fungus killing off back colonies back east has now been found on the west coast. we traveled to a waive where an important trap, pandore lease program sunday way. up close and personal with these often misunderstood creatures. >> they'll cluster in as many as 5,000 bats per square meeter and there are so many of them inhe thermal environment. >> did the bats bump into us occasionally? yes, they d. it was a fascinating assignment. i hope you'll join me for my special report tonight at 11:00. >> kim: a woman who was missing for five days was found alive in wreckage of a vehicle from an accident. this was over the weekend. we take you to the scene. rescuers called to the san
5:47 am
down a hill. she was taken to the hospital. as of this weekend she was reported to be in serious but nonlife threatening condition. >> dana: live pictures from chicago. wrigley field. how many people do you believe have hangovers this morning in chicago after dririg old style all night? sold out wrigley field. going yard with the jack. the solo home run. he had a stolen base. he is the only cubs player in history with a home run and a stolen base in the same world series game. and the cubs win this game 3-2 last night. their first victory at wrigley field in the world series since 1945. chapman closed it out. this guy throws hard.
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so the series shifts back to cleveland for game six tomorrow night. bill murray was in the crowd. >> tom: it's a getting through the bowl. travel times not bad but you can see traffic ahead forecast will add a couple of minutes barring any unforseen accidents. starting to bunch up a little bit on southbound 15. let's do weather with dana and kelly. >> dana: i've been here about 30 years and right around halloween
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a big dip. >> kelly: the sierra got snow over the weekend. a couple of crashes. 80 shut down in both directions. six inches of snow fell on roads. drivers with no chains found themselves stuck in all of that mess. that is going to be a while to clean that all up. i'm sure this is just t beginning. winter isn't even officially here yet. i want to start out with this time lapse look from yesterday. quite a bit of cloud cover to get things going. we had rain showers moving through the area as well. you see that in this time lapse passing to the north and west of the las vegas valley. pahrump saw just a little bit of that as it went through. for the most part it was light. 64 is the current temperature.
5:50 am
those are diminishing. diminishing. a jacket or sweater heading out the door this morning. rain showers have cleared out of the area. mostly sunny skies today. temperatures pretty close to normal. pahrump 73, indian springs 69. tonight boulder city you are going down to 57 f mt. charleston 32 tonight. our seven-day forecast we're looking at 75 for the high today in las vegas. mostly sunnyny skies. 72 for the trick or treaters this evening and warming back up into the upper 70's for the weekend. >> kim: still to come, celeb selection tis like to dress up too. for instance who is this sounding so terrific?
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area head. >> dana: you can win a as a marine combat veteran, i understand the sacrifices our military makes. our benefits are earned, and we rely on them.
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narrator: joe heck voted to shut down the federal government, risking critical services for nevada veterans. and during that shutdown, heck continued cashing his congressional paycheck. his military record deserves respect. but back in dc, joe heck is putting politics before nevada. and that doesn't work for me. narrator: vote vets is responsible for the content
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she's dressed like cia and even sounds like her. not everybody can pull this off. have you figured it out? >> kim: it's kelly clarkson. i looked at your script. >> dana: this facebook video h been viewed almost 400,000 times. other celebrities going all out this halloween. down who this is? that's beyonce. and then katy perry dressed as hillary clinton. you can't even tell who that is. who is with her dressed as bill?
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going to reveal what "the today show" crew is dressed as. last year they went at the peanuts gang. matt lauer dressed as lucy. we're going to show you what they are dressed as this year. we're not going to talk about it. we're just going to show you. we'll give you a warning in case you want it to be revealed on "the today show." in case you have to or school early this morning we'll show you and give you ample warning. >> dana: michael phelps confirming he is married. this may not be the last secret. they are hinting at baby number two on this facebook video as
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with leonardo dicaprio? >> kim: back in my singling days of course. >> dana: for $6. all have you to do is donate $6 to the scottish homeless charity called social bite and you'll have a chance to win. this is a lottery situation to win a date with leonardo dicaprio. >> kim: today is nevada day and no creepy clowns. we're going to check in with michelle our next hour. she's at a certain school targeted on social media. no creepy clowns on campuses today. >> dana: there is a guy with the twitter handle shoot ter clown. he's joking we think but they are not taking any chance. >> kim: the moment a couple of guys grab another and throw him in the trunkover their car before speeding away.
5:57 am
tracy potts from d.c. focusing
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>> kim: breaking overnight. there has been an arrest that has to do with the death of a local 7-year-old. craig has details in a live report. >> dana: clark county school district teaming up with metro.
6:00 am
this halloween. they are taking them seriously. we'll tell you which high school has been specifically targeted. >> kim: new investigation. the f.b.i. revealing new emails that may be linked to hillary clinton and that investigation into her private server. tracy potts sounds off on this developing story ahead. >> dana: 6 o day. 152 years ago that president lincoln signed the proclamation making nevada our 36th state. >> kim: i'm a native nevadaen. a heads up in the water cooler this morning we're going to have the big reveal from the today show costumes. we'll do the spoiler alert. if you want to find out on "the


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