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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  November 4, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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car lovers pour in to see the classics. vir of reality helping some get their piece of the american 12-year-old something many of us may take for granted. we are following breaking news here at channel 3. if you have our mobile app, you know this news already. it just pushed out. the mother of a little boy who was found dead on sunday by emergency personnel has been charged in his death. we're talking about 7-year-old richard finley junior. he was beats to death in the
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they found this little boy and he was pronounced dead, police immediately charged kenneth robinson. they charged him with murder but now, days ahead, the children that were in the room are now in protective custody. the mother has been charged with murder. an update on a story that horrified so many people. 50 years later, this evolved into the premiere auto trade show in ournt the show is just wrapping up. did you pick out a fancy car to bring home tonight,s nathan? >> reporter: i wish. i wish. i had a lot of fun. this was not the worst story that i could have been on today. but i have to tell you, if you are not a member of the industry, it's really hard to get in the show and check out all of the cool cars and the action. but there's one opportunity if you are a member of the public, you can come here to sema
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doors and are letting people in. they are going to have a parade coming through here as well. from burning rubber to classic cars, this is the sema show in las vegas. more than 140,000 people, thousands of vendors, this is where the world comes to see the future of the automotive industry. but sema is much more than your average car show. show, all of the great products that are unveiled each other, well, they don't just sit on a tabletop. they come to life in four different areas. >> reporter: getting hands-on experience with these cars and all of the equipment that comes with. let's go for a ride. a hands-on approach to new products, building a car that
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and sema ignited will be going on until about 10:00 tonight. i'm gonna bring in nathan from phoenix. you actually have been to sema before. what was the big draw for you? >> reporter: for me, it's kind -- >> for me, it's crazy, the technology, the modifications we can do. i love seeing all of that. what's possible, the potential for the future. >> reporter: as a member of the public, you are not necessarily allowed into sema but get the taste of the madness, at least. what are you looking forward to tonight? >> all of the drifting. i like that you can get up and close and personal with it and look at some of these cars. not being allowed in the show kind of sucks but it's awesome they have the event that you can go to and see. >> reporter: thank you. enjoy your time. if you want to get involved, you can come out here until 10:00 tonight. it's about $20 a ticket. but there will be a lot of stuff going on here, that big parade
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nathan o'neal, news 3. >> thank you. looks like a lot of fun. now to decision 2016. claims of a rigged system have dominated the last few weeks of the campaign. this is not the first time we're hearing about claims it's rigged. >> yeah, bernie sanders made the same claims earlier in the election. the released of hacked e-mails show he might be right. here's more. >> in other words, the establishment determined who the anointed candidail the process. >> reporter: claims of a broken system by bernie sanders continue gaining traction months later. just days before the election. with the daily release of hacked e-mails by wikileaks. >> you see how the -- certain parties and the media are, you know, working together behind the scenes. i mean, i think from a public
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being revealed. >> reporter: examples include this pair of e-mails sent by donna brazile sending debate questions to the clinton campaign ahead of time and others showing politico sending stories before they were published including this one from glen thrush who called himself a hack and says please don't share or tell anyone i did this. this said there's no doubt there's media bias. >> there is a coziness and a level of connection that people don't always expect to be there. >> reporter: coziness which donald trump has seized upon. >> we are in a rigged system and a big part of the rigging are these dishonest people in the media. >> reporter: wikileaks has vowed to release more e-mails every
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election. in washington, back to you. >> we want to know what you think. do you think the media has been biased during this campaign? head to to weigh in. the fbi with a warning about possible terror attacks here in the united states on the day before the election. let's get the latest from the terrorism alert desk. >> i'm jonathan three u.s. service members have been killed in jordan. they were about to go back into the base when they were attacked. their names have not been released. the fbi is warning about a possible terror attack in the u.s. on the kay before tuesday's election. it's thought that al qaeda is planning to strike in texas, new york and virginia but no other specifics are being given. the fbi says security is being stepped up at sensitive locations like airports, bridges, government buildings and polling places.
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isis in mosul. they've regained control of six neighborhoods in the city. the territory taking is a small part of that sprawling city. back to you. >> thank you. british musician sting has announce ed will perform at the reopening in paris, almost a year to the day after the paris terror attacks. the small concert hall reopens next saturday. reopening needed to remember and honor those who lost their lives in the attack. also,er says celebrate the lives and the music that this historic theater represents. the cdc says 13 people got stick because of a rare fungal infection that's never been seen in the country. it often results in -- it often resists drug treatments and usually treads in healthcare settings like hospitals and
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part of the country. six other cases are still under investigation. virtual reality. we've seen it used for movies, video games and even when you go for a ride. >> now that technology is expanding to an industry you might not expect. mark barger explains. >> reporter: walking through the front doors of a building that doesn't exist yet made possible through the eyes of virtual game, only in the real state world. >> reporter: for this firm, it's part of the process now. immersive models replacing blueprints and mockups. >> we use it as a design tool to help expedite schedule and save in cost. >> reporter: a more detailed picture of the final product allows client to give specific feedback and see any changes in realtime. >> we would deliver a set of
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that they could not only they can see it but we can see it at the same time. >> disposal attachments can send the experience to a smartphone. right now, the technology is used mainly for commercial spaces, offices and luxury homes. but experts see wider use in real estate as this evolves. >> we are hoping to use it with google tours to remodeling project, virtual reality could break down the watches between imagination and realization. mark barger, nbc news. samsung is recalling nearly 3 million top load washing machines because the top can detach unexpectedly and cause injury. the recall involves 34 models. we can tell you that mine injuries have been reported, including a broken jaw when the
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consumers can get a free repair in their home or a rebate towards a new one. a u.s. park police officer is recovering after shooting himself in the foot in washington, d.c. authorities say he shot himself while being attacked by a raccoon. the incident happened thursday at a neighborhood in northwest dc. someone called 911 to report that the raccoon was acting oddly in the garden. when the officer showed up, the raccoon went on the attack. >> at some point, there was an and the officer. some shots were fired. >> heard two gunshots. were they gunshots? what? heard like five more. >> some neighbors heard as many as nine gunshots. as for the wounded officer, he's expected to recover. still ahead -- chicago cabs' -- cubs' celebrating a big win. >> and we'll introduce you to a woman and her incredible moment
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i couldn't believe she would do that with me. >> a sweet surprise for a student after her school bus driver comes to the rescue. >> reporter: and guys it's loud out here. we're having a great time. the band, they are gonna play for the big game again more with them coming up and more with them coming up and we'll have your forecast. thatat we'll have your forecast. with all of the shenanigans danny tarkanian's pulled in nevada -- helping set up fake charities used to scam nevada seniors, failing to pay thousands in property taxes, losing $17 million in a failed development scheme, then sticking taxpayers with the bill -- imagine the shenanigans tarkanian would pull in washington.
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ads for joe heck are attacking my time as attorney general. the thing they left out is the truth. the truth is crime actually went down during my time in office. rd cracking down on meth, protecting seniors from scams, and holding banks accountable for defrauding homeowners. i'm catherine cortez masto. i approve this message because i've spent my career solving problems.
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steve wolfson: as district attorney, i've prosecuted a lot of violent people. our background check laws have stopped over 5,000 dangerous criminals from buying guns here in nevada. but a loophole makes it easy for those same dangerous people to buy guns. they get them at gun shows and online from perfect strangers with no background checks, no questions asked.
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now for the good stuff where we shine a light on people doing a lot of amazing things. >> sometimes superheroes arrive in unexpected places like on a bus. a 4th grader in pennsylvania brought a tray of cupcakes for her classmates but then they accidentally got knocked on the floor of the bus. well, theri she rushed home between bus routes to make a fresh batch and deliver them to the students just in time for her class's party. >> i didn't know she was gonna make me cupcakes, but then the lady came in and said that these are for us. oh, my gosh. my bus driver made me cupcakes. i was crying. i was -- i couldn't believe that she would actually do that for me. >> so sweet. the class was so touched.
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saved the day. a boy in alaska gets his eyesight back. 12-year-old rena was born with an underdeveloped optic nerve. thanks to new glasses, he has the ability to see perfectly fine. the glasses have a camera and two small l.e.d. screens. he can use the remote to zoom in and focus allowing him to see things that are far away. >> i need to see more >> i have just seen, you know, him be -- be more of a kid instead a concerned student looking for where he can cheap. >> the technology cost his family $15,000 to let their soon see. -- let their son see. after 24 hours, $15,000 had been raised. you tell me people are not good
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first world series in over 100 years. no cubs' fan has waited longer than hazel nielson. she was born two months before the cubs won their last world series back in 1908. she received flowers and a card as she held a newspaper with the headline she's been waiting a lifetime to read. >> they were my team. and they lost and they lost and they lost. go, cubs, go. she's cute. she as i her bucket his has an added check mark on it. >> makes me miss my grand ma. join the conversation by going to our facebook page. let us know when you come across an interesting character. we want to tell those stories. search for ksnv news 3 las vegas. time for a check of the forecast. news 3 is your weather authority.
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basically high school in henderson. nothing basic about this night or your moves, chloe beardsley. look at you go. ? >> reporter: i'm having a lot of fun right now. a look behind me here. these guys are amazing. this is the basic high school band. like you said, they are phenomenal. they've been playing all afternoon. they are going to be playing tonight against el dorado high school at 7:00. it's a big game. a lot of people are coming out. if you don't h want to nis this. it will be right here. kickoff is at 7:00. as we look at the weather, most neighborhood temperatures, it's still pretty toasty out there. i'm feeling the heat out here. everyone here is having a great time. it's going to be a wonderful night for some football. temperatures in the mid-70s by the time the kickoff hits.
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looking at the satellite you can see beautiful conditions. a few storms are popping up across arizona. but overall, we have nice conditions for southern nevada. overnight in las vegas, mostly clear. lows in the 60s. regionally, a look at your temperatures, 36 degrees on the mountain. 70 for lake mead. quite a contrast around the region. temperatures won't be as cool tonight compared to last night. highs tomorrow will be pretty much like what we saw today. in las vegas, 79 degrees for your high temperature. time of year. and looking out at the next seven daps, not much change with chain -- days, not much change. it won't feel like fall at all. very nice conditions. we're looking at not only a wonderful forecast but also a wonderful evening for some football and i'm here with the band captain. this is ryan. your nom -- mom is watching. you want to give her a
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for this game? it's a pretty big deal with el dorado high school. what does it mean for you and the school? >> we're pretty excited. it's exciting to be on channel 3. >> reporter: and you have quite a variety of incidents. this is a snare drum. >> yes. and we have the bass in the back which is the upright drum. that's it. >> reporter: and this is going to be a very exciting game, not just for the band but also for the dance team. they are going to give us a preview of their routine that they will be showing up at the game against el dorado high
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? >> reporter: they've got some moves. no wonder they are an award-winning dance team, regionally award-winning. ? >> reporter: again, this is just a preview of the dance they are going to do tonight. we're going to have a lot of people out here. if you don't have any plans, you will want toom high school. kickoff is at 7:00. i'm told it is gonna be one heck of a game. we'll keep getting ready warming up for tonight. i will send it back to you in the studio now. >> i love fridays because you hear, like the -- something about the drumline. i don't know. they take you back to a better time, when you were young and going to football games. it looks like they are going to have a great time. >> we took a horse and buggy
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[laughter] it feels like donald trump is everywhere. >> now he's going to be in a comic book. we have your first dunlap: over two thousand police officers from all across nevada support question 1. i'm one of them. i support question 1 because it will help save lives. haley: question 1 protects gun rights and does something urgently needed: it closes the background check loophole and keeps guns out of dangerous hands. states that have closed the loophole have seen fewer police officers shot and killed in the line of duty. protect our families and police.
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"she's a slob." "she ate like a pig." "i'd look her right in that fat, ugly face of hers..." donald trump calls women "bimbos", "dogs", and "fat pigs." but congressman crescent hardy said he'd support donald trump 100%. nevada, there's a better choice: ruben kihuen. kihuen pushed to crack down on employers who pay women less than men.
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coming soon to a comic book near you, it's a bird, it's a
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jim dunlap: too many nevada police officers have been killed in the last few years. the truth is, we make it too easy for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill to buy guns. they get them at gun shows or online from strangers, no questions asked. so here's something we can do to honor the fallen: close the background check loophole. that will help prevent future cop killings. it works. in states that have closed the loophole, nearly half as many police officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how are y'all? how's everybody today? heh! i appreciate y'all. thank you, folks. thank you very much.
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yeah, i do. i appreciate you, folks. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheering and applause] and, boy, we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their fourth day with a total-- 40,995 bucks, from cleveland, tennessee, it's the champs. it's the turner family. [cheering and applause] it's the archer family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody could drive out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] give me tommy, give me melissa. ["family feud" theme plays] heh! guys, we got top 8 answers on the board. here we go.


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