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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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good morning. it is 4:30 on this monday, november 7. and the polls open tomorrow across nevada. >> kim: what a sense of relief. anyone with election fatigue, it comes to an end tomorrow, we're hoping anyway. we're the wagners. i laugh because there was that time we went for several weeks on end gore was the president or george w. bush it was guy for the office. >> dana: 16 years ago, we remember it well. hopefully no recounts tomorrow. great weekend and we expect more of the same this week. >> kelly: at least to get things started. temperatures well above normal. normal 71-degrees. this is well above that. we're looking at 69 by 9:00 a.m. so close to normal by then.
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78. mostly sunny skies at 4:00 this evening. sunsets at 4:39 now. we'll take a look -t the up coming week forecast coming up. >> kim: janet reno, the first female u.s. attorney general passed away. family members say she pass add way from complications of parkinson's dea facing criticism early in her tenure for the deadly raid on that compound in waco, texas. she enraged the cuban american community discern. she sun successfully ran for florida governor in 2002. she is 78 years old.
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days. that ends today. clinton and trump have very busy days. tracy potts reports. >> clinton has a four point lead in the last wall street journal poll. the f.b.i. says the email review the over with no smoking gun, no charges and many of clinton did not mention it in new hampshire but did talk about the day after the election. >> we will have work to do to bring about healing and reconciliation after this election. we have to begin listening to one another and respecting one another. >> are we looking forward to tuesday evening? >> donald trump says the f.b.i. is protecting clinton.
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it , the f.b.i. knows it, the people know it. i think it's very embarrassing to the f.b.i. now it's up to the american people to deliver the justice. >> president obama joins clinton in pennsylvania tonight. >> the most qualified person ever to run. >> the nbc poll shows clinton leading women, african-americans, latinos and day of campaigning before polls open tomorrow. >> kim: the pahrump camp hoping to make our state -- trump camp hoping to make nevada a red state. sending one of their strongest surrogates here to excite people before election day. it was former new york city mayor in town. exciting reporters with promises
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calls a week america. >> he was talking about how president obama drew a line in the sand regarding syria and never acted on his promise. recent polling in nevada has trump overin we're going to find out how this election will effect our country after the results come in tomorrow night so stay tuned. >> dana: clinton had a surrogate in town over the weekend. bernie sanders who she was locked in a battle with during the campaign season. he was saying voting for donald trump is a big mistake and claiming that clinton will bring the country together as president. >> we need a president who is
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divide us up. and i say to all those people, many of them in the battle who are thinking of voting for mr. trump, take a hard look at the issues. >> dana: take a hard look at the issues. we did live stream this over the weekend. if you'd like to check it out, head to >> kim: the man last night's raucous at the trump rally is describing the disturbance. secret service agents rushing the candidate off the stage. there was no weapon only a man with a republican against trump sign. the man at the center of this says the situation got very scary very fast.
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i'm thankful for the law enforcement because had they not been there, it's possible these people could have killed me on the spot. >> kim: police briefly detained him in a restroom before releasing him. the rally resumed just a short time later. >> dana: we are joined live by dr. ben carson, a former republican presidential candidate himself, now a surrogate for the trump joining us. let's begin with the head of the f.b.i. releasing a letter yesterday saying he will not pursue criminal charges against hillary clinton however donald trump saying hillary clinton is guilty, what is aeth you my friend? >> i'm not surprised at the new information from james comey
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already knew that 33,000 emails had been illegally deleted and acid washed and there was confidential information and it was sent to people who didn't have security clearances and those are the kind of things that put other people in jail and it was predetermined they were not going to put hillary in jail. what else would they find that would change that so that is not surprising at elected president, do you think they will pursue criminal charges on other items in her past? >> i think you have to remember that the foundation, the clinton foundation is still an open book and progressively more information is coming out about how that has been used. it's going to be a black cloud
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if she's elected. >> dana: if she is elected will you accept the results of tomorrow's election whichever way it goes? >> certainly assuming that things are done on the up and up, of course. i think all of us should be willing to make that declaration. >> dana: thank you very much for joining us today. we have spoken with you many times on the democratic side of the aisle. tomorrow it comes to an end one way or the other. >> kim: stay with news 3 on election night for complete coverage. we're going to have a team of reporters all over town. nonstop coverage starts here at
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comprehensive election night coverage will be on the cw las vegas starting at 8:00. >> dana: i think there is one group out there that does not want the election to end. it's the people at saturday night live. having a little fun again over the weekend at the expense of the candidates. >> i never ever use email. it's too risky. instead i use a very whatever they want to and no one will read it. it's called twitter. >> dana: how the sketch ended has everybody talking this morning. we'll show you that coming up. >> kim: we take to you oklahoma where cleanup begins after an earthquake. officials say this is one that will be remembered for quite some time.
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>> when i am president i will sign the special make sure that she never --
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streets of new york city hugging people, people who you would think would be for the other side. that is how they have this final moment on snl before election day. bub leader board. his son has been diagnosed with cancer but there could be a ray of hope for the family. find out what that is coming up. >> kim: we just saw one of the lighter moments.
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ads for joe heck are attacking my time as attorney general. the thing they left out is the truth. the truth is crime actually went down during my time in office. that's why i've been endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. i'm proud of my record cracking down on meth, protecting seniors from scams, and holding banks accountable for defrauding homeowners. i'm catherine cortez masto.
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>> kim: around here above normal temperatures but will they last? details right now from kelly. >> kelly: i want to start out with our brand new camera. this looking at mainstreet and once it gets colder we're going to get great video of snow out of here too. we're happy to give them a look at what is going on in their city with the mostly sunny skies we saw around the area yesterday. lakes 60, henderson 57.
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6:10 in the morning. mostly clear skies during the overnight. we had high thin clouds working through the area. clear right now but more clouds expected. we're looking at mostly sunny skies and temperatures well above normal. today's high 79. winds out of the northeast three-eight miles per hour. as you head to the polls tomorrow looki high. 10 above normal. mostly sunny skies. temperatures start trending downward. >> kim: this has been an extraordinary presidential campaign ending in roughly 36 hours from now. we should know who will be the 45th president of the united states. what should those candidates be
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remains. >> we are finally down to the wire. both candidates trying to sure up their base. what do they have to do for the next 48 hours. i talked to two political analyst earlier today to get their perspective. >> donald trump trying to seal the deal. >> we will take back this country for you and we will make america great again. >> while clinton makes her last minute pitch. >> let's prove that love trumps hate. >> this late into the game, both races. >> the fact that the clintons are putting so much of their attention in philadelphia and pennsylvania means these polls that say donald trump is not competitive there is not true. >> experts say mr. trump must look in big states with a lot of
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>> he has to turn his base out, make sure they all show up and win the undecides who walk in and don't want another four years of president obama. the more concerning part for democrats is african-americans are not turning out in as high as numbers as they were four years ago for president obama. >> the after the wikileaks and email cases -- >> he's the happy warrior. she's the angry lady who on halloween night turned off her lights and never answered the door. >> both candidates are taking no chances. many political experts believe whoever wins florida will twin
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surprises. >> dana: michael bub leader board taking time off from his singing career because his son three years old has cancer. there are doctors out there that say there is reason for optimism. >> it has a much higher curate in children than adults. we cure nearly 80% of our kids much higher than an adult with cancer. michael buble asking for prayers, respect and privacy for his family. >> now we take you there with an early heads up of what to expect this morning on today. >> good morning. coming up on a monday on the show. the final push on the eve of the election. hillary clinton and donald trump set to criss-cross the country
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we'll talk to the campaign manager on both sides. the one thing all voters seem to agree on why this campaign has stress at an all time high. those stories and the world famous rockets give you a sneak peek of this year's special as we get started on a monday morning here on today. >> kim: that music is so uplifting. so nice to be able to play that over and an. often devicive. it is obvious america is a bit divided when it comes to these two candidates. >> dana: but there have been some funny moments as well. jeanie most reports. >> from the moment donald trump took an escalator to announce his candidacy, campaign 2016 has escalated into laughs from
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to coughing. the donald not allergic to kids. he signed one but threatened to reassign a crying baby. don't worry about that baby, i love babies. actually i was kidding, you can get the baby out of here. >> do you want to go with them or stay with trump? >> and then there was the child like delight in balloons. >> batted and kicked them. >> like he had seen balloons for the first time in his life. >> the donald seemed delighted with his own pronunciation. >> nevada. nobody says it the other way. it has to be nevada.
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>> nevada. >> at one rally. >> trump attacked his teleprompter. >> he probably humiliated his microphone. >> remember when ill hillary barked into her mic. >> and then this happened. >> was that a dog? >> hillary. >> when it comes to thens >> i don't want mosquitoes around me. >> and hillary appeals to flies. >> if only time would fly so we can get relief from a consonant buzzing of the candidates. >> i don't like mosquitoes. >> still to come snl takes a break from spoofing the candidates to pay tribute to the
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i'm catherine cortez masto. i know some people are so disgusted with politics they think their vote doesn't matter. but we can't just sit on the sidelines when so much needs to be done. i know that, working together, we can make progress. as attorney general, i brought democrats and republicans together to fight sex trafficking and drug dealers.
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>> bill murray saturday night live cubs super fan singing with three members of the cubs. >> we do have live images the program. we told you about the earthquake there. it was a big one. it was 5.0 in scale and may have damaged key infrastructure in addition to causing damage to this prairie town. they are selling something with the likeness of both candidates that will get your attention. you'll see how ahead. >> a make a wish monday.
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>> chris: we have breaking news this morning. the first woman to serve as u.s. attorney general has died and we look back at her historic
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plus. >> dana: the man who caused a disruption at this trump rally in reno is talking to our cameras telling us exactly what went down that night. you are going to hear from him coming >> dana: tomorrow the polls will be open about 24 hours from now. >> kim: a big collective cheer, sigh of relief for many. it seems that america is so


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