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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> kim: well the candidates have pretty much said everything they need to say. is that a good thing or a bad thing? it probably depends on which candidate you are going to cast a ballot for. we are the wagners, proud to be americans. >> dana: as we go to kelly in the weather center. we're proud to be americans. it makes you proud. the transitionf going on in this country for more than two centuries. >> kelly: and a beautiful day to get out and vote. shorts and flip flop weather today. looking at lots of sunshine. by 9:00 a.m. 70-degrees. 4:00 it's going to be 80. we're going to get close to a record. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> dana: 4:30 on this tuesday
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we know that trump is going to be there, clinton is going to be there as well. it was a long night for donald trump. it was a long early morning as he was campaigning in michigan into the early morning hours today. >> that's right. so you would think donald trump would be resting up this morning. we know he's already tweeting. we are told he's expected t that's all his campaign is telling us about his plans today. he did campaign in five states yesterday. terrorism officers are blocking off the streets prepared for what is to come. we've seen people out for and against donald trump. despite that trump is hoping his supporters will help him pull out a win.
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campaigning, donald trump ends his with a late stop in michigan, his last rally before voters have their say. >> there is no place i'd rather be for my last rally right here in michigan late at night and full of energy and life. boy do we have energy and life. >> michigan is a critical state last six presidential elections. despite this trump's camp is optimistic. >> we're leading in one national poll after another and it is wheel to wheel here in the state of michigan. >> while polls show him trailing trump is trying to pave the way for an upset win barn storming battleground states. >> hillary that would be four more years of obama and we don't
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>> another key state is florida. trump making his case to voters in sarasota. >> i'm asking to you dream big because with your vote we are just one day away from the change you've been waiting for your entire life. >> and while trump has done all he can to close the deal, the ultimate decision is up to voters. with more protest expected today, there is a sense of security all over new york, especially in the two places where clinton and trump are expected to host election parties tonight. this is the polling location where hillary clinton is set to
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would be first woman president of the united states. we're going on with the rest of the news from hours ago concerning hillary clinton and donald trump. once we get word she's shown up at that polling place, we will take you there for live team coverage. >> talk about move, let's focus on clinton right now, she wrapped up her final day of campaigning. it started in philadelphia. john bon jovi and the boss and the current president of the united states. and she ended hours ago in north carolina and you see her family along the ride with her. lady gaga, she's there. this was at midnight it started up in north carolina.
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new york where she will soon cast her ballot. before we get to that you have to hear from some of her top surrogates who were on the stump just hours ago. >> whatever credibility i've earned after eight years of president, i'm asking you to trust me on this one. because i am absolutely confident that when she is president, this country will be in good hands. >> i know that for you've thought about what to do. let me say this, this election is basically between division and unity. >> and again we are awaiting hillary clinton to vote at an elementary school in new york. her unking mate tim kaine just
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york city. stick with us here at news 3 for live team coverage of decision 2016 as those candidates are on the move. >> dana: so this election is going to come down to a few swing states including the state of nevada. florida is huge this morning and these are lines forming in the city of miami, florida. if florida goes for clinton tonight, we heard some pun dents would be a bad sign for donald trump f. donald trump can take the state of florida, then he'll have a fighting chance tonight. we're going to be watching new hampshire, north carolina, georgia, florida, arizona is in play, michigan as well, ohio a big state as well. >> kim: as those people are still lined up in miami, these folks have already voted.
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it's in new hampshire a state that both candidates will be watching closely as well. under new hampshire state law communities with fewer than 100 voters can open up their polls at midnight and close them as soon as everyone voted. it didn't take long. with just eight voters that vote was tallied and all said and done by 12:10 this morning. clinton taking an early lead over trump with a vote of 4-2. the libertarian candidate and someone wrote in the former candidate mitt romney. >> dana: you have a chance to vote today. 2/3 of you have already voted in early voting in this state. that means 1/3 will be headed to the polls later today. record turnout for early voting. if you show up to the wrong location, you have to go to a specific location for your neighborhood. there will be somebody on site
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address. don't worry, if you show up to the wrong place, they'll show you where to go. don't wear any attire that supports a particular candidate. election officials say they hope everyone comes out to vote but emphasize today is your last chance. >> kim: you have been covering 10 election sikes i suppose so you have quite a bit of history to pull f to see you doing it. not like justin timberlake when he was in the actual booth. # it i voted lv. you might get a shoutout on the air like some of these you've seen in early voting. remember to use that # no matter where you are in social media and it will assemble it on our
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the coverage here on channel 3 beginning another 4:00 this afternoon. we're going to to the have a combo platter for you. nbc news and news 3 will be providing coverage. at 8:00 switch over to the cw for continued local coverage as results come in. we're going to have a full wrap up of the key races live at 11:00 and updated results all night on >> kim: not only are we your local place for politics, but we also take you down under for this up coming story. yes, there was an arrest made in australia and had to do with a cawhat la. >> dana: a hiker falls 75 feet and lives to tell about it. we're going to tell you why he's
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>> dana: we have breaking news. there is tim kaine voting in virginia. a popular mayor at one point. he was a u.s. senator from that state. the governor hoping he can carry for hillary clinton and his ticket there. in 2000 eight and 20123.
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particular location to cast a ballot for herself. she would be the woman on the ballot, the only one this time around. >> dana: australian police made an unusual find searching the bag of a woman being arrested. a koala. she handed them a bag and inside that was baby koala. she said she found it saturday night a ever since. she was taken to the police station while the baby koala was taken to a rescue where it was found to be in good health. >> kim: remember that ufc fighter jon jones we were talking about that failed a drug test and dropped from the card
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dunlap: over two thousand police officers from all across nevada support question 1. i'm one of them. i support question 1 because it will help save lives. haley: question 1 protects gun rights and does something urgently needed: it closes the background check loophole and keeps guns out of dangerous hands. fewer police officers shot and killed in the line of duty. it won't end all gun violence, but it will save lives. that's a fact. protect our families and police.
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>> kim: new this morning it is a breaking news event that takes us to japan. there is a main section of street that they've over night. not traffic, gas, water and sewer services but put people in panic mode in an instant. it is a massive sink hole veneer a train station that people use pretty much 24/7. gas leaks, water stoppage all happening in this vicinity. a woman was injured when she fell down steps that were not steps but all of a sudden a dropoff.
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order to people who live in this vicinity. ground water entered the subway system and that's what triggered this cave in. police and officials continue to investigate the cause of this breaking news event. >> dana: a man in ohio hiking along when he falls 75 feet and lives to tell about it. he had a cell phone on him so he was able to dial 911. firefighters get to the scene and find him and it takes them he suffered a broken leg. he won't be free to go home after he gets out of the hospital. there are two warrants for him on separate charges. >> kim: tremendous weather to get out and vote. you saw people hanging out in miami where it was full of sunshine just like southern nevada.
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yesterday, tons of sunshine. few high thin clouds but that was about it. maybe you want to get in line and be the first one at the polls this morning, grab a jacket. spring valley you are at 58 and henderson 59. light wind for us. big ridge of high pressure is why we have all this beautiful sunshine. michigan down to texas, parts of louisiana and mississippi it's forecast high for today 81-degrees. that is two shy of the record set in 1950. northeast 3-8. tonight 59 for our low. seven-day forecast a lot more sunshine. tomorrow's high 80. veterans day is friday and the weekend is looking fantastic. >> kim: a third body has been found on that property in south
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been charged with four other killings. the f.b.i. is on the case. homeland security also joining the investigation. this is on todd's property. also announcing that a second and third body were found on sunday. those bodies removed from their grave just yesterday. the coroner will start testing on tomorrow morning so that will take place tomorrow to find out how these people lost their lives. the gender and age of the victims as well as how unanswered this morning. >> dana: jon jones has been suspended for a year after failing a drug test which kept him out of ufc 200 which was fought here in las vegas earlier this year. 29-year-old became the first ufc athlete to enter arbitration with the u.s. anti-doping agency last month. losing that case, suspended for a year, let to active to jewel 6. this has been a troubled young
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the law but he's a talented fighter. if he can get his life straight, i'm sure dana white will have him back in ufc soon. >> kim: they are the best minds when it comes to the news business and they are all assembled this morning on "the today show." here is what to expect. >> coming up decision day 2016 is finally here. voters heading to the poll as cross the country after donald trump and hillary clinton their frenzied pitches overnight. what to watch for when the results start to come in. >> kim: it has been a mean and
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>> dana: snl made it funny. >> like the real clinton and trump, they have sniffled and shimmied, they have lurked and stalked through this endless campaign. by the next snl one will have won the presidency. the last snl before the election had aaron burnett asking the question. >> mr. trump everyone can see your tweets. >> really? and i'm still in this thing? >> comedy could barely keep one reality. >> the f.b.i. doesn't like me. what even is the f.b.i.? >> i'm going to grab some coffee, do you want some?
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all clear. >> the candidates made appearances. >> donald trump, isn't he the one like you are all losers. >> not since tina fey have comedians been so i impersonate. hillary likes it. >> i thought i was going to fall off my chair. >> the donald didn't. >> he's portraying somebody mean and nasty and i'm not mean and nasty. >> they came out of character to complain about the campaign. >> do you think i feel gross all the time about this.
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don't expect the real donald to carry the real hillary around on his back after we finally get this election off of our backs. >> kim: still to come, we take you down under for quite the fortunate rescue. a scuba diver stranded but he's ok. wait until you hear how he was rescued. that's ahead. >> what election day the worst case scenario for stocks.
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>> dana: rescue workers found his boat and were about to take off when they spotted his yellow wet suit. the strong current kept him fro getting back to his boat. he's expected to be just fine. >> kim: we are still waiting for hillary clinton to walk into this polling place. her home not far from this elementary school where she's expect dod cast her ballot for herself as president of the united states. that home where she had the private email server that daunted her during this election
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you there for live coverage. >> dana: i wonder if she'll have to stand in line or if they'll usher her to the front , the secret service. >> kim: i'm sure she will be back out on the trail before the end of election day. angelina jolie and brad pitt have an agreement on the custody of their children. how are they going to do this as think proceed with divorce? we hav
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>> kim: coming up, it's finally here. election day, our long national nightmare almost over as people head to the polls and we have live team coverage headed your way. >> dana: people hit the polls just after midnight in one small town in america.
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for coming up. >> kim: home invasion. a local homeowner scared the suspect away. what was that person doing right before being caught? we have it headed your way in a live report. we begin with breaking news on this electionay president, there he is tim kaine arriving at his polling location in virginia this morning, walking into that polling place shortly before 6:00 this morning to cast his ballot. the vice presidential hopeful all smiles chatting with the poll workers there. we know that the clinton kaine ticket has a six point lead in his home state of virginia. this is according to the final poll from the lawson center for


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