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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  November 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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exchange. sphwhrz what's changing and what's not for the new rules for recreational marijuana. just 48 hours after donald trump demonstrators continue. i'm marie mortera. >> i'm jim snyder. >> tonight as you can see on either side of my shoulders here there appears to be no end in sight of the protest. people unhappy that hillary clinton won the popular vote but lost the presidency. in portland, police say protests are now riots.
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her windshield bashed in my protesters. she's terrified. president elect donald trump is saying protesters are are induced. >> it's going to be tough for anyone who is not white and male. >> people are serious, not just that the results of the elecn rhetoric of donald trump, which has been -- which has been completely appalling and hateful. >> reporter: while most protests have been peaceful, outside the white house as the president elect are met with be president obama, be signs of the times. the first lady met with melania
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dealing with the president in the future including counsel. >> it is important for all of us regardless of party and regardless of political preferences to come together, work together, to deal with the many challenges we face. >> easier said than done in the white house than on the ground. >> president elect donald trump tweeted out that he felt like he and mr. obama had great chemistry, especially warm between the first lady and our future first lady. the hope is that that will translate out online the streets. >> that meeting went along for an hour and a half. >> much longer than 15 minutes, as they initially said. new at 11:00, m arga gurster said she took her daughter into
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spotted both hillary clinton and bill clinton walking their dogs. many that would be former president bill clinton was the photographer. >> leading up to inauguration day, you can find more on >> metro officers use nonlethal force to arrest a man with firing a gun at a pecos and patrick tonight. he refused to comply with responding officers, when he reached into a bag, they used bean bag rounds to shoot at him. >> new at 11:00, a large brush fire burning in san diego tonight. officials say it started early this evening near the san diego
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no evacuations have stain place. trainings officials had to shut down the trolley service in that area because hoses are pulled over the tracks to fight this fire. crews are working to keep it from spreading to power lines. >> person shot and killed a homeless man while he was sleeping. sky 3 over the scene, near owens and las vegas boulevard this morning. the 46-year-old was found with a gunshot wound to police don't know of any motive or leads. they're asking someone who knows anything about this to speak up. >> that is no way for any human being a member of the community to have their life end. everyone should take this crime personally, officers who responded, detectives who investigate, and me as the captain of the area command. >> well said captain.
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the coroner is trying to find his family. call 382-5555. >> department of justice will department of education has abi. >> during the meeting they will get a list of underimferred underachieving.schools. >> be be educators and parents agree students deserve best education. >> we care about the school, we have an established relationship. >> but making a decision on how to give those students the best opportunity is the challenge. >> who can replace that? they can't replace the love in
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>> as the nevada department of education considers turning certain l schools statewide into charter schools. it will help these students. >> an achievement school is very nimble, an autonomous school. it operates outside of the current system. qualify but a maximum of six schools per state can be selected per year. >> be neivel education for money. >> wilcox says the three nonprofit charter schools have to get published by the state.
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>> this is just the start or the beginning of that press. >> all right, christy thank you for that. one of the most talented songwriters of our time, leonard cohen, died earlier today. a statement on his facebook page said he was a prolific visry musicians along the way, won tons of honest, and induction into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. >> 56-year-old kelly thorn was last seen november 1st near owens and marion, wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt. she may be suffering from
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call metro unit if you have seen her. numbers on the screen now. >> veterans day parade starts at 10:00 in the morning in downtown las vegas, it will go down fourth street to hoover and stewart. the streets will be closed for hours, so you need to change your commute if you are go to for details. >> soon, not getting in trouble with police after smoking marijuana. but you can still be fired for failing a drug test. we'll look at the new rules on new year's day coming up. somewhere. >> and selfies sunglasses document every move and share the results with the world.
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november called and they're
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>> breaking news just coming in during the commercial break. a metro officer is okay after being hit by a car after chasing a suspect. >> one car did stop avoiding the officer but a second didn't stop and ran into the officer. >> we're still communicating with police trying to figure out if the suspect is in custody or on the nevada's voted to allow recreational marijuana to be sold over the counter. >> john treanor is here with the story. >> starting january 1st having marijuana in your possession will no longer land you in this room. with one vote, a drug illegal
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sold to anyone old enough to drink. marijuana will soon be legal in nevada so what happens now? >> not quite yet. but on january the 1st, the police cannot arrest you for having possession of up to an ounce. >> state senator and architect of the state's marijuana law says he will not be buying recreational marijuana, but carry the drug. it's legal to hold up to one ounce of marijuana and that attorney dustin marcella tells us will end up with a huge impact. >> still a criminal fest history. >> just because weed is legal does knot protect you at work and you cannot smoke or ingest
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>> the number of arrests for minor possession that's going to go, the amount much legal fees and court time can be it's really huge. >> you look at the time line here, we have medical marijuana, now we have recreational marijuana, stig segerboom wants to extend that, he wants to try to roll back criminal history come something, you night guess that versed as california did. >> thank you john. snap chat looking way behind cell phones. the perfect smart grass he. you can't buy them them just anywhere, you get them from a
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the glasses cost about $130. are. >> snaps night! be. >> start either an fij out what we're going to more days then things will start changing in a great day. look how calm there is the in the peek wind gusts often 12 miles an hour. the wall is looking like glass. they.sitting there calm,
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windier areas in the high lands they gusted to 9. be wigwam, area of hch is sitting right on top of you, the air doesn't move pnl downtown coming at an even 60?. 83, s pahrump is at 56. , 89 in death valley, laughlin at 87. but the top temperature, in oklahoma city, an even 80. our forecast was 80, that means although dollar for the nevada
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day in november we may take that tom. then the reerch for 80? in a clent year, today was our time. once the air gets holder it starts at the time of tetd ling, we'll probe see some air quaimed ooushes mid 70s by lunch time. close to 80 for a high and hardly any wind at all. that is going to change next week because the weather pattern thaingd in a huge way. woou might get some many the thin high clouds that will move in and one they do here accommodation the rain and down goes the temperature, this will
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your low. mess skied as is, las vegas clear 56 for the morning low, the rebound will be 73 as we told you we will style the record acknowledge will learn under to his capabilities. cialg. >> he was back there screaming. came? news then today, got to love it. >> is thank you. need chamghts they ber official
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official,. >> coloring books and bunl wrap. >> just a regular swing.
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>> this is operation football. >> one two three four. ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? studios this is operation football with randy howe and amber dixon, brought to you by findley toyota. >> all right, welcome to the show, alongside amber dixon i am randy. playoffs, some of them will be saturday as well. >> big schools were in action. randall cunningham,
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our papa john's game of the week. >> patriots knocked off the stats, 58-13, are opening things up in the second half, keyshawn griffin. and raising canes play of the night. noah spinoza, i snatches it he is gone 31-zip. liberty goes on to the big win. competition is going to get tougher week by week. >> absolutely. as the playoffs go on you're going to get better teams per week, more is at stake. silverado came out and held their own for the a good part of the game. >> opportunity of one of
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being up there, i went up there and got the ball and saw the touchdown and knew i was going to make it. >> how about foothill upsetting last week, they would take on a basic and seemed to be well, 37-35 earlier this season, foothill won it. 36 yards, up on top first score of the game, toby hornick aian hollister touchdown. made be 20-zip the wolves tonight win big, they will face liberty for the sunset title. amber. >> seven time defending state champion, bishop gillman, up by two
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feels the heat so he turns on the ac and the jets, running 32 yards, put foreman under. foreman up. >> shut down many palo verde, rumbled forward six points it will same quarter, after blocking this bonanza field goal attempt. floating it out there and elijah pope comes down with it. that would set up a
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>> all right, welcom sunset regional, first round, sierra vista taking a legacy. >> 173 yards tonight to reach 2,000 yards for season. he's averaging eight, nine yards per carry this season. >> legacy, 27-7, is lamond, 33-7 legacy
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team. biggest runs, 14 yards, just 45 yards tonight, well short of 2,000. he did find the end zone, 47-14 and the horns get the big win tonight. >> these guys are a family and they stick together and they work hard and 7 and 2 in the second most in the school history, then is advancing to the second round of the playoffs. this is a team that sticks together, these guys love each other and i think previously when i took over in 2014 we had a team of individuals. >> arbor view, the 1c aggies, hosted, and andrew wagner who's weaving like a champ. dives for pylon and scores a touchdown. aggies are at
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who despite going untouched, decides to dive into the end zone. here is a little bit about next week's semi final games. it will be a holy war as ibish gorman faces lutheran, and star running back samuel turner.
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with prism tv from centurylink, you can get over 320 channels, whole home dvr, plus you can watch on your devices. and the best part is, you don't have to deal with cable. we love not having cable. but, paul, babe, when -- when was this headshot taken? recently, i guess? uh... okay. yeah. [ chuckles ] so, like, recently, recently. feel like a hollywood insider
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>> welcome to operation football, whoa! >> all right, well it's time now for that social media segment. >> we are making big stars out of the fans in the stands with their selfies. >> it comes from the wolves game, how about
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lined up, they suffered a loss to the falcons a few weeks ago, they're off to the playoffs. we have one big operation football be next week. >> playoff matchups this saturday, take a look at them powered by force stream. have a good one. [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- amy adams.


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