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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  November 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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crash. and no word on that person's identity. we want to welcome you in. thank you so much for joining us. kim, very glad to have you. >> kim: thank you. i'm in for michelle velez. we want to thank all veterans for serving our great nation. >> krystal: we're going to talk about the destruction in portland, oregon as anti-trump protests continues and turns into a riot. >> kim: not going away. in fact, police in portland saying this is no longer a protest. they're calling thes rioters. you are going to see why. we take to you the streets of portland around 8:30 p.m. last night. police took to twitter saying the protests was considered a riot because of extensive criminal and dangerous behavior. one woman who was stuck in traffic got out of her car and tried to throw bleach at some protesters. you are going to see this play out. those protesters knocking her to the ground. protesters/rioters. a lot of buildings were tagged. kicked in cars.
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windows. power was knocked out for a time. police ended up setting off smoke bombs and flash-bangs to get the crowd to break up. >> krystal: we're hearing from donald trump about this. what he had to say about the marches. he calls them, quote, very unfair. in the tweet trump said the protesters were incite bid the media. then he followed saying love the fact the small group has passion for our country we'll come together and be proud. retired senior senator out of the great state of nevada unleashing a series of personal attacks against donald trump. this morning he released a statement saying white nationalists, putin and ice igs are celebrating his win. i am going to quote here. if this goiks a time of healing, we must first put the responsibility for healing where it belongs. at the feet of donald trump, a sexual predator who lost the popular vote and fueled his
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develop we have life images -- live images of mike pence the vice presidential candidate who is leading the transition team now for donald trump. as you see on your screen, he is presiding over a ceremony as we speak in our nation's capital. pardon me, he is not in our nation's capital. he is actually in edenburg indiana where he is speaking. and nbc's halle jackson is taking a look at how this transition might >> reporter: donald trump's white house taking shape. his transition team working fast to figure out who goes where. multiple campaign sources tell nbc news high profile people are in the mix for high profile positions. like chris christie, newt gingrich and rudy giuliani who didn't rule out attorney general rumors. >> i certainly have the energy and there's probably nobody that knows the justice department better than me. >> reporter: former congressman mike rogers giving a no comment
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special security clearance. nbc's cynthia mcfadden reports exclusively the president-elect's team has named nearly 30 people to whom he would like to give access to the most sensitive details of american foreign poll sfim the list includes current and former members of congress and the military. like senator jeff sessions and retired general flynn. maybe not outsiders but some are outspoken like john ambassador to the u.n. under president bush. insiders hunting for clues in trump's every move. like his decision to bring son-in-law jared kushner to the white house thursday walking the south lawn with president's chief of staff. kush ner won't get that law. federal law prohibits relatives from taking paid staff positions. that rules out ivanka, donald junior and eric. overnight trump staffers
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list up to five options for each cabinet position. aiming for geographic diversity. trump values loyalty and that will likely be rewarded with steve banon his controversial campaign ceo one option for chief of staff. another? rnc chair reince priebus. we're going have much more as far as the veterans and we celebrate their servi back to a dramatic scene here locally yesterday. we want to let you know that the child who was hit by the van is going to be okay. a school bus to be exact. it's pretty dramatic when you see the bike that was stuck underneath the bus. again, this is at cactus and jones from yesterday afternoon after school. according to witnesses the bus had just left riles elementary school, was dropping students off like they do each and every day at 2:40 p.m. when a little girl on her bike got stuck
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hit. from what we understand from the people who were on the scene, the little girl was taken to the hospital and treated for injuries. we are told he is expected to mike a full recovery. >> krystal: a big development in the federal case against the bundy family for that armed standoff at the bunkerville ranch. in a motion filed late wednesday, government prosecutors admitted the bureau of land management agents shredded documents about the round-up for bundy's cattle shredding was needed to prevent the disclosure of sensitive information gathered by law enforcement. cliven bundy along with his sons ammon and ryan remain in federal custody in las vegas awaiting their february trial. >> kim: it's 12:05 p.m. in case you are keeping time and want to see when we take you live to the parade which is next half-hour of the program, right now we're focusing on recreational marijuana.
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approved the measure on election day. >> krystal: craig fiegener has been on the story breaking this down. how this will move forward and what we can expect. >> craig: when the law is all settled -- and that means lawmakers revise the rules for sales and taxation -- it could mean anybody of drinking age in nevada can buy recreational marijuana. this is one of the grow rooms inside the 70,000 square foot facility that is home to shango las sale as medical marijuana and it's sold to about 100 patients daily. but with voters passing question two, de-criminalizing recreational marijuana, business at shango is expected to jump three-fold. >> removing prohibition. an unfair law really. we think it's right on many levels. >> reporter: the first change comes at midnight new year's eve. in january in nevada possession up to an ounce of cannabis will
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people just for smoking marijuana is astronomical and outrageous in my opinion. >> reporter: state senator siegel bloom championed question two. as for step two, the legal sale of recreational marijuana, he says lawmakers need three to eight months to craft the rules. >> now it's just a tax question. just say it's medical and over here it's recreational. >> reporter: even with the passage of question two it is still illegal to smoke or cannabis in public and your employer can drug test for marijuana and fire you for using it. >> and people can still be charged for certain things such as cultivation of plants. >> reporter: in clark county cannabis use for pleasure had 95,000 more yes than no votes. add to that strong support in wa show county, 15,000 yes votes, that gave question two the votes needed to win. back here live.
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illegal. then in the year 2000 medicinal marijuana became legal in nevada. i'm craig fiegener reporting live, news 3. >> krystal: thank you for that. >> kim: right now we take to you our nation's capital after hosting a breakfast there first honoring veterans and their families, president barack obama then did this. made his way to the tomb of the unknowns where he laid a wreath there. each year which is 8:00 for us here las vegas time a wreath is laid at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery. this is the last time he will do this as role as president of the united states. the ceremony was followed by a parade of colors inside the memorial amphitheater. >> krystal: bringing it back here local where we had our annual veterans day parade kicking off this morning in downtown las vegas. it was a big one.
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then some of our service men and women as well. the parade included a flyover by the air force's f-35 from nellis air force base. judging by what we're seeing here it was pretty well attended. it was a gorgeous day to do so. more on that on news 3 at 12:30 in a live report from our kyndell nunley. >> kim: it was earlier this morning that our meteorologist kelly curran was saying, look, if you are going to take a lawn chair down and secure a place along the parade route, make ur out and it did. >> kelly: it did. and it is a beautiful day. get out and enjoy because we don't have a whole lot of days left there as far as these 80 degree temperatures. this is the southeast career and technical academy time-lapse. so far this morning it has been nothing but blue skies. temperatures rising quickly. we actually had lows bottoming out in the low 50s. here's what we're seeing right now. 77 at cunningham elementary
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it is a little cooler. 72 that's the current temperature. we're looking at a high today around 80 degrees. if we hit that, that will mean we're going to tie a record for november. eight 80-degree days in the month. that's incredible isn't it? 74 degrees at 6:00 as you are heading home. by nine we're looking at 68. those temperatures drop quickly once the sun goes down. we'll have a look at the weekend forecast coming up. >> krystal: we appreciate that kelly. we're sliding into speaking of which maybe some people might be traveling but flights in and out of l.a.x. canceled after what's being called a minor collision. >> kim: coming up, wait until you hear what caused that plane to crash into what's considered a tug vehicle. we have it headed your way. also a man rescued from a cruise ship. the whole thing caught on camera. why did he have to be taken off by a helicopter? we have answers ahead. >> krystal: and today one of
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and it's forever home friday. look at these adorable pups. the an maul foundation here with a cute little doggy that you can
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. >> kim: from the pretty scene locally to this one from this morning. firefighters in newport beach responding to a large structure fire. the four-alarm fire starting at an industrial complex and it's damaged several cars and a carport in the process. emergency crews did find one victim with third-degree ns smoke inhalation. so far no official cause on the fire but firefighters do say the area is known to have a homeless population that lives in the area. >> krystal: a china southern airlines flight collides with an airport tug. this happening at the las vegas international airport, lax, last night. this is video of it. images. police saying the plane crashed into a truck on a tarmac. two flights canceled.
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the time. the crash by the way remains under investigation. a plane traveling between santiago and the southern chi legalan city -- chilean city had to return to the capital and make an emergency landing after a bomb threat. police say a brazilian woman told a flight attendant there was a bomb on the plane. this happened about 20 minutes into the flight. after returning to santiago, passengers were escorted off the plane and the woman you see there arrested. authorities seang no word if anything was found on board. >> kim: you are about to see when countries come together because they're trying to save someone who is sick at sea. you will see the whole thing play out because it was caught on camera. japan to the rescue of a chinese passenger on board that cruise ship there. as you can see this was serious. they had to land a helicopter right there on that cruise ship to be able to get the 66-year-old man. he had a stroke while he was on
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out of there. an hour later he was brought to the nearest hospital. we still have no word on his condition. >> krystal: comedian/singer/song writer leonard cohen passing way awat 82. hundreds gathering outside his home in montreal for more on his passing. they laid flowers and tributes on the steps. the vigil outside of his home small and really grew as the night progresses. co just weeks ago and his best known song many really know is that song "hallelujah". >> kim: what a perfect day to kick off a holiday weekend. in 14 minutes we're taking everyone to the parade right. you couldn't have dialed up, if you were in charge of mother nature, you could couldn't have dialed up --
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no, don't blame me. >> kim: when we have a bad day you go i don't know what you are talking about. i just predict the weather. >> kelly: exactly. we did have a fantastic weather today. i looked and saw what it was this time last year for the parade. and temperatures only topped out in the 60s. so today 20 degrees warmer for this parade. let's take a look at the inspirada overlook camera. lots of blue skies. sunny conditions throughout the morning hours today. temperatures rising very quickly. this what's'r right now in the las vegas valley. downtown at 77 degrees right now. southeast 78. summerlin and lakes both coming in at 74 degrees. winds, they're light not an issue today. or through the weekend. we're looking at, again, lots of sunshine on the map. look at all these clouds. showers stretching from northern california up through seattle. this system is going to work eastward. what we're going see out of this is high, thin clouds, maybe
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are going to take a dip but still going to be above normal. here's the forecast for today. 80 degrees. that will be the eighth day in november that we'll tie the record as far as 80 degree days in the month of november. winds today out of the east three to eight miles an hour. overnight tonight we're going to go down to 56 for the low. we'll hit that around daybreak. southwest winds five to ten. let's talk about the recreational forecast. what are you doing tomorrow? you want to go to mount charlest temperatures that is the place to be. the high? 54 degrees on the mountain. if you want to go to red rock and do hiking, 70 degrees for the high. looks like a great day for hiking. light and variable winds with mostly sunny skies. head out to the lake and maybe do some fishing? it's warmer. 78 that's our forecasted high. winds are going to stay light out there as well. here's our 7-day forecast. the weekend in the las vegas valley looking great. mostly sunny skies. looking at highs in the 70s.
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still mild for monday and tuesday. then a bigger storm system is going to come in wednesday into thursday. we're going see clouds, breezy conditions and look at the drop in temperatures. we're talking just 62 degrees for the high on thursday. >> kim: when you see what we have for friday, i would take credit too, kelly. [ laughter ] i would take it. because you don't want it when it's not so good. >> krystal: we're talking rip-off alert today. it was a criminal who thought he was just going aft >> kim: but our marie mortera explains how a crook actually stole millions of dollars from all of us. >> marie: investigators say this con preyed on the desperate. hopes of prisoners across the country. but the damage impacted a much bigger victim. >> he promised he would send reading materials. he would put them in touch with people if they needed legal aid. he also promised he might give them a small amount of money they could put on their prisoner accounts.
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explained he sent brochures to correctional institutions addressed to inmates. >> they didn't have family members to help them. they didn't have friends that would help. they had no money and were left in prison to rot. >> marie: all they had to do was fill out a brochure including their name and social security number there. >> there are legitimate charities that do offer that kind of assistance and do include names and social security numbers. so the prisoners were not alarmed when they were >> marie: shabazz turned around and used the information to file fraudulent tax returns with the irs, say inspectors. more than 13,000 prisoners had information compromised. >> everything else can be completely bogus. they'll enter bogus wage information, dependent information. they'll put in exactly the right information they know will maximize a refund. >> marie: social media photos show him with some of the $12 million he received in the
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carrier noticed checks arriveing at the same atlanta home with different names. inspectors say any of can be a victim. >> make sure that you file your taxes as early as you can. because once taxes have been filed for you for a given tax year, they can't be filed again. >> marie: shabazz convicted on 30 counts of wire fraud, identity theft and defrauding the irs. with this rip-off alert, i'm marie mortera. >> krystal: we're about to show you a door buster but this >> kim: it's caught on camera. hello! oh yeah. how this whole thing ended after a very quick time-out. >> krystal: oh boy. >> tom: it's time to take a moment for tom's trivia challenge where each friday you have a chance to win a prize for what you know about the area that you live in. this week you are playing for a room at casablanca for one night and one spa or golf.
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>> krystal: across the nation people paying tribute to our veterans including during a florida-panthers hockey game. had four navy seals that rappelled from the raptors at bb & t center. pretty unique salute. they lowered to the ice surface then took place in the ceremonial face-off dropping the puck at center ice. the panthers hosting last year's stanley cup finalists the san jose. >> kim: since it's veterans day and we're celebrating the navy seals you want random trivia? it was 241 years ago that the
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the bar keep said i'm going to set up and it's going be called the marines and that's how it started. i work with tom hawley a lot. >> krystal: you have all this knowledge and trivia. this one as different kind of door buster. >> kim: you hear about door buster sales. the deer got the message and decided to put it into practice. this was inside an american eagle store. this was last night. the deer seen running through racks of clothes before taking a leap through a window two windows broken. the deer is going to be okay but your heart is kind of in your throat when you see this happening. where oh where would a deer be able to do something like this? stillwater, oklahoma. >> krystal: i'm glad no one was walking by at the time. >> kim: i mean, that deer really wanted the sale. >> krystal: stay with us we
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>> kim: right now on "news 3 live at 12:30," honoring our heroes. the valley celebrating our nation's veterans. we have the biggest parade this side of the mississippi. we're taking you there live to check in with our kyndell nunley in moments.
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>> krystal: keeping a promise. playing taps for a friend. a friend honors his comrade in the armed forces after making a promise decades earlier. what that promise was in this heart warming story. >> kim: it also is a forever home friday. which gives us the opportunity to say who is a good boy? who is a good doggy? you are going to see exactly who is on the receiving end of that praise coming up >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> krystal: you look great my dear. >> kim: i just got caught sweeping the bangs around on this veterans day. i'm so glad you are hanging out with us. i am hoping you were able to enjoy the day off school if you are a teacher or maybe you just got a day away from the office and can celebrate our nations heroes with us. >> krystal: it just takes a moment to say two simple words -- thank you.


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