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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  November 11, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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hit by a school bus on a south valley street. how she is recovering tonight. >> latoya: on this veterans day, a local guardsmen gives his kids the best surprise. >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> reed: news 3 has obtained this cell phone video showing police take down an armed man. we are looking at that tonight. thank you for staying >> latoya: i'm latoya silmon. instead of bullets police fired bean bags at the suspect avoiding a deadly confrontation. antonio castelan has the story you will only see on three. >> reporter: the man who recorded the police shooting says if it wasn't for the cops actions, the suspect might have killed them.
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cell phone video. the images show seven police officers surround a man at a sinclair gas station off pecos and patrick lane. after all the shots you hear the suspect survived. metro police used non-lethal rifles loaded with bean bags to arrest him. officers say just after 5:30 p.m. thursday night they received 911 calls of a man firing a gun outside this gas station. >> i was kind of freaked out. >> reporter: tyler dotson recorded the police shooting and six shots at an air tank used to inflate tires. >> the guy was shooting randomly. >> reporter: police believe the man was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. officers knew the man was armed. you can see officers grab for the man's backpack. investigator says there was a concern more guns were in the bag. jeff halstead a retired fort
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arrest. >> they have options. included in those options are pepper spray and a taser device as well as a stun gun shot begun. it saved a life. >> reporter: halstead says this is impressive police strategy in today's world of unrest, protest and deadly police shootings nationwide. >> what you see there is not just remarkable but also heroic. because the three officers that are on the passenger side of the vehicle, they're still greatly exposed to a deadly force threat. but they were effectively with the suspect. >> reporter: dotson is grateful for the officers actions. >> i this i think they did a really good job to keep everybody safe. >> reporter: police have not released to name of the suspect but he is at the clark county detention center. antonio castelan, news 3. >> reed: thank you. we want to show you the scene here behind me. it is a live image coming out of miami, florida. protesters have been marching throughout the day in miami.
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protesters and we are hearing they have actually shut down portions of i-95 in miami on the northbound lanes. if you aren't familiar with that area, that is the freeway that takes you down where you hop on to another road to get you to the keys. it is a major freeway, thoroughfare. parts of that area are shut down as are many of the streets. this is one of many protests going on for a third night after the election of donald trump. people protesting that hillary clinton won the popular vote but because of the electoral college. news 3 and the cw will be watching these protests and their impact and where they happen throughout the night and the weekend. officials in portland calling the demonstrations against donald trump all out riots. here's why. protesters smashed light poles, set things on fire leaving officers to set off non-lethal munitions to disperse the crowd. rioters got in a car dealership where they damaged vehicles and
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damaging them beyond repair. >> looked like people were holding, like, some fires. there's big smoke coming through. then they started throwing bricks through the windshields. we'll come and look at a couple of cars here that you will see that are damaged unreparable. i mean, it's-- >> totalled out cars. >> yeah. >> reporter: the sales manager says there there was thousands of dollars of damage and he says he supports peaceful protests. we want to know your thoughts with our qio care or do you think it's a big show? head to to weigh in. click on the question of the day tab on the home page. >> latoya: today president-elect donald trump announced his transition team. mike pence will lead the team taking the place of new jersey governor chris christie. the group will also include some of the future first family, members of congress. >> and campaign loyal isz like former new york mayor rudy
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until president-elect donald trump takes the oath of office. voter turnout dipped to nearly it's lowest point in two decade. while election officials are still tabulating ballots the 126 million votes counted means that about 55 percent of voting aged citizens cast ballots this year. that measure is the lowest in a presidential election since 1996 when 53.5 percent turned out. the figures do not include people who are ineligible to vote or who have not registered. the last comparison saw nearly 59 percent of people voting. >> latoya: at the end of an exhausting political week, people who lined up at the veterans day parade weighed in on where the country goes now. lining the parade route people who voted for both clinton and trump. but everyone we spoke with says it's time for this country to move on. >> what did you think of the election? >> well that's a good question. [ laughter ]
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and i just believe you got to support whoever is going to be representing uss on our president. no matter how you feel about them. >> the biggest thing about it was a surprise. i have a feeling that another candidate on either side could have taken the field away from either one of them. >> latoya: that was hank gordon. we'll look at more ways veterans hon ortd. >> reed: the seven-year-old girl hit by spent a lot of her hours in surgery morning. news 3's faith jessie brings you the update so many have been asking for. >> reporter: 7-year-old daffney hetherington is in recovery. her parents spent all day right here at umc as daffney went through surgery. they didn't want to speak on camera today but they did share with me all of the details of what they experienced yesterday. around 2:40 p.m. yesterday seven-year-old daffney had just
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arrived home when he asked her dad for permission to ride her bike. her father says he told daffney to put on her helmet and pads. minutes later the third grader was hit by a school bus bringing other students home from the same school. witnesses say the little girl and her bike were trapped and dragged by the bus. one student witnessed everything from inside the bus. >> i was on the bus. i got dropped off and i was driving home and then i saw a girl got banged by a bus and she and i saw her shoes fly out. >> reporter: another witness took this cell phone video of daffney being take to the ambulance by paramedic. her father says he was in the garage at the time a few houses down from the incident but wasn't aware that his daughter had been hit and taken to the hospital until metro came knocking on his door. daffney was rushed to umc for serious injuries including a small fracture to her skull. multiple broken bones in her leg including her femur and damage
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like this has happened in their neighborhood. they've lived on the same street for a decade. but a neighbor at the scene yesterday says she is concerned and fears for her children's safety and the area. >> i barely let them out of the house because this is, like, a problem area. it's only going to get worse with construction and more building. i'm already scared to let them out and it just solidifies why i am scared. >> reporter: daffney's parents tell me that doctors do expect a full recovery. they do want to stress the importance of wearing sa riding a bike. they believe her helmet saved her life. faith jessie reporting, news 3. >> latoya: thank goodness her dad made sure she had a helmet on. a man is rescued from a burning building but that's not the end of his troubles. >> reed: why police had to arrest him after firefighters saved his life. >> latoya: and valley drivers beware. your traffic authority with areas you need to avoid this weekend. >> chloe: and temperatures today were at 77 degrees slightly cooler numbers on tap
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get by the time the next storm
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. >> latoya: . >> latoya: trending on facebook. users say they've been logging on only to discover the social network thinks they're dead. people have been seeing a ban every memorializing certain profiles. not everyone was affected. but at one point even facebook ceo mark zuckerberg was declared dead by his own site. it's uncle mass obituaries but is likely a bug caused it. >> reed: he's not an attorney but serves as counsel in one nebraska judge's courtroom. meet finnegan. he is a testimony to a dog's ability to defuse tension. it happens during the toughest situations. family court judge doug johnson believes in this and made sure he brought his dog to work one day. he saw that finnegan had an affect on the people in his courtroom. so finnegan was hired.
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down and the kids love him. and it was a game changer from day one. >> reed: finnegan lies under the judge's bench until it's time to go to work. when e is not soothing an upset child or uptight parent he is working his magic on the judge himself. johnson says sometimes when he is hearing really rough testimony just reaching down to pet finnegan calms his own nerves. firefighters in iowa rescue a man from a burning building then police slap handcuffs on him. crews arrive at this abane trapped on the second floor. they rescued him then arrested him for trespassing. police say they often find homeless people living inside this abandoned building. they're investigating but so far no arson charges. >> latoya: a warning from your traffic authority. if you are not in running shoes you might want to avoid the strip this weekendd. the rock 'n roll marathon is bringing tens of thousands to town and shutting down some of our busiest roads. news 3's denise rosch show
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minor closures on saturday for the 5-k run but the main event is on sunday. but you can see the warning signs are already up. that's when 45,000 people will be running along the strip and through downtown. the rock 'n roll marathon a huge draw for las vegas but a bit of a challenge for folks in cars. >> keep them moving let's go! don't stop. you stop you don't get a bag! >> reporter: it's the traffic jam before the traffic jam. sa marathon. the line snaking around and around outside the las vegas convention center. while over on the strip, fencing goes up along the medians near mandalay bay. the starting point for sunday's huge run. >> we love las vegas. we love the people. and we want to have fun at the rock 'n roll marathon. >> reporter: she is here with
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club. their theme? all things elvis. beginning at 2:00 sunday afternoon, the marathon will shut down both sides of las vegas boulevard. the 26.2 mile course twisting and turning from russell road through downtown las vegas and ending at the mirage volcano. trying to get across town? event organizer dan cruise with this advice. >> the best thing to do is stay on the freeway. all the f trying to get from north las vegas to downtown use the freeways. >> cruise says another good tip? download the waze app. it provides real time navigational help on your phone. >> we were collaborating with them to import the closures into their map and they're sending push notifications. that will give people directions on how to get around the closures. >> reporter: it's expected the final runners will finish up sometime around 10:00 p.m. sunday night.
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11:00. but with this size of crowd, you never know. so definitely plan ahead. no joke. those maps are confusing. if you need more information just go to our website,, and search out las vegas marathon. denise rosch, news 3. >> latoya: a lot of fun. this veterans day the nation honored those who sacrificed so much to secure our freedom. ? [music] ? president obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier as part of his final veterans day ceremony as president. president obama mentioned the recent election and encouraged citizens to continue to forge unity in spite of diversity. >> reed: a las vegas soldier is home after a nine month deployment to kuwait. his homecoming a total surprise for his two sons. >> go get him.
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camouflage the major was reunited with his kids at their school. today the family was able to enjoy the annual veterans day parade in downtown las vegas after this heart warming moment. it is a tradition for them. >> it's nice to honor people who have gave us our freedom. it makes them feel really good inside too. >> we've been coming out to this parade since they've been, you know, little babies. first time he came out three days old. >> reed: he says he looks forward to going to his boys soccer games now that he's home. isn't it funny you leave your kids and it's just the simple things that matter the very most. >> latoya: he doesn't want to see their -- who doesn't want to see their dad after not seeing him for a month. >> reed: may they have a simple weekend and may we all have a simple weekend. it is the little moments that matter. >> chloe: yes. the weather going to be simple for now.
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forecast. a few more clouds in the sky expected then. right now it's clear. a great night in las vegas. and look back at the afternoon. it was hard to spot a cloud in the sky. it's going be a different picture by tomorrow. overall great conditions. great way to kick off that it's friday. we're done with the week and now we're ready for the weekend. temperatures outside right now? one of the warmest places was laughlin hitting 87 degrees earlier today. in comparison w cooler spots. 62 degrees was the high at lundzy elementary school at mount charleston. currently at 36 degrees outside right now. highs in the las vegas valley. you can see it ranging from the mid-70s in centennial, upper 70s at the lakes. even the low 80s on the far east side of town like southeast. in comparison with where we're supposed to be this time of year. normally we're supposed to be in the upper 60s. this is the mark at mccarran and
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in the forecast over the next few days. just wait until you see the numbers for next week. that's going to blow your mind. our highs are going to be lower than the numbers you are seeing right now. here are the current temperatures. 68 degrees for southeast as well as sunrise. 69 for henderson. in the mid-60s for green valley and 67 at the lakes. 65 for spring valley just naming a few weather stations. calm across the board here. and even outside the valley. conditions are very mild. pahrump. 65 degrees for pahrump. mid-60s for mesquite as well. and like i said those numbers are going to drop like a rock by next week. we're tracking a couple of storms happening here. you can see off in the pacific we've got this area of low pressure. should be popping up on our screen. we can see it progressing and starting to move into the coastline. there's also another system that we're tracking in the pacific. looks like i'm having a little bit of a malfunction with my computer. but essentially we have another
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that will bring us stronger winds in the week ahead. here is a look at the next few days. this storm really coming apart as it hits the west coast. we're just going to see the increased clouds and a very slight dip in temperatures. literally talking about a two-degree temperature drop from today for the forecast high. cool again tonight. tomorrow a few degrees cooler than our high temperatures today. you are probably not even going to feel the difference but you will see the difference. a little more clouds overnight. partly cloudy skies in the morning for some throughout the afternoon. temperatures reaching mid-70s in las vegas. slightly warmer by sunday. but don't get too comfortable folks. in the week ahead we have a big storm headed our way. that's going to bring our temperatures down significantly with those highs. if you stepped outside it's going to be our coolest high temperatures in the following week are cooler than the weather right now. we're looking at a big temperature drop. >> latoya: to people will be breaking out the coats and
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[ laughter ] >> chloe: yes. >> reed: you said you are going clothes shopping. >> latoya: i am. i am excited for the colder weather. i love to run in cold weather. you telling me that the more i spend time here the more i am going to be freezing. >> reed: i like to run from the cold weather. [ laughter ] the most famous holiday flavor pumpkin spice actually makes the cold weather enjoyable. >> latoya: but just because you can doesn't mean you always should. experts at consumer reports put the pumpkin spice trend to the test. >> r
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i really did save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. i should take a closer look at geico... geico has a long history of great savings and great service. over seventy-five years. that is great. speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. you like smash mouth? uh, yeah i have an early day tomorrow so... wait. almost there. goodnight, bruce. gotta tune the "a." (humming) take a closer look at geico. great savings.
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>> reed: every year a central fall flavor is added to everything we eat or drink. >> latoya: in tonight's consumer reports, kim wagner helps you digest the world's obsession with pumpkin spice. >> kim: starbucks pumpkin spice latte made it famous more than a decade ago. now you find pumpkin spice added to everything. soup to ns but do those foods taste good? consumer reports sounds off. if you want a pumpkin fix, how do you even begin to pick? consumer reports expert food panel starting with 20 products to find the tastiest. some are not so great. >> whatever that pumpkin is it's not pleasant. >> reporter: putting pumpkin on the label did not make blue diamond almonds irresistible. the candy like brown spice
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but there were some standouts. like this finest yogurt pumpkin. it's full and creamy with real pumpkin and a hint of spooiss. it's made with whole milk and it's pretty rich so watch your portion size. or start your day with pumpkin spiced cheerios! they taste mainly like clove but they also do have hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. you can snack on the pumpkin from kashi. it was pumpkin and flax seed and tastes of honey and brown spice. the tastees agreed on the imagine organic creamy pumpkin soup. it's thick. it's smooth. it's slightly sweet with some pumpkin spices. and they all seem to like it. finally, have a glass of water ready for trader joe's fall harvest salsa. the testers felt the heat over powers the flavors of the pumpkin, the apples and the squash but they still thought it
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yummy, not all are healthy. so take a look at the label and make sure those traditional spices don't also come with a load of added sugars. kim wagner, news 3. >> reed: all right. thank you. time for a look at what's coming up tonight on "news 3 live at eleven." are you using your smart phone too much? new tonight, i'm going to have a story to try to help you break that addiction. that story and a lot more coming up on "news 3 live at eleven." i've got a really cool app how much you are on this thing. >> latoya: is it possible? i mean, we carry it everywhere. >> reed: it's possible. before we leave you tonight we want to talk about a major installation of the new las vegas casino set to open in less than a month. >> latoya: the lucky dragon put up the center piece of its property, a glass dragon chandelier. check out this time-lapse of the 13 day process. the sculpture weighs one and a quarter tons and is surrounded by nearly 300 glass orbs.
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adheres to the function of feng shui. it will open saturday december 3rd. i think who is going to dust it? [ laughter ] all right. we welcome the lucky dragon to las vegas. thanks for watching.
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val kilmer struggling to
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p> what's really going on with and then a janet jackson baby bombshell, but it's not that baby. did she have a secret love child with her ex? we have a public confession today. >> you think you have a daughter with janet jackson? >> prince harry's girlfriend flies to london, and we are at their love nest. >> meghan markle has now met william and kate. >> and grandmas scenes of cameron's new cooking show as fierce grannies clash over control of the kitchen. >> one, two on. >> i'm walking away! now for november 11, 2016, this is "entertainment tooight". does pregnant janet jackson already have a secret child? that bombshell allegation is on the way. >> we start val kilmer, the star


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