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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  November 13, 2016 6:00am-6:59am PST

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right now on news 3 live today not my president that was a chant on las vegas boulevard as protesters marched against president-elect trump. he wants to make it his top priority how he plans on taking on isis. raise no walk in the park it's a run down the strip will preview today's rock 'n' roll marathon. news 3 live today starts right now. live from las vegas this is news 3 live today. >> john: good morning to you. a live look at the las vegas valley today is sunday november 13. the sun coming up. pretty day for marathon jerry. >> jerry: i would say so.
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side. this is the view from red rock resort. an hour ago i put in motion you can see our skies have brightened were waiting for 6:16 official sunrise as you can see there is a view from the springs preserve. 53 are downtown studios here in las vegas. west northwest at three humidity up so as a barometer 30.20 is 50s a little warmer green valley 56. that's about all she wrote same 56 over in mountains edge. cooler up in the mountain 41 up there and 30s as you head up to 93 up toward caliente 57 in boulder city and 44 in pahrump. storm system up to the north not going to impact us were sitting pretty down to the south. the clouds overnight. have moved out looking at clear conditions going to be a big
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of that in the morning hours. today during our sunlight hours six at 8:00 a.m. sunday forenoon and 75 at 4:00 p.m. down from a ridiculously warm 77 afternoon high this will be our 13th straight day above normal this month. last time i checked it was november full forecast up ahead. john back to you. >> john: people been protesting donald trump selection since tuesday night and last night locals take a look at that large crowd now beginning the busy sidewalks of the las vegas strip. more than a thousand people marched from the link to the trump tower people upset the outcome of the present election. chanting phrases like, not my president. trump supporters marched along them chanting, for their president-elect. it was at times so tense metro officers had to form a human barrier you can see it there.
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>> metro officers who saw there were in full force making sure that rally remains peaceful. pele together to thank them for their service. no major incidents were reported. meanwhile present like donald trump has said wiping out isis will be one of his top priorities after he takes office. the terror group now in a firefight in the city of mosul. matt brown the reports from iraq on the challenges of in that country for the present. >> reporter: news of the election have been dominating headlines but just in our way from where i am now here in
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decisive fight against islamic state here in iraq.donald trump stands to inherit. donald trump is that he wants to wipe isis off the map you a signature part of his foreign-policy during his election campaign. but not exactly clear what he means. at least here in iraq isis is on the run and have been for the past month ever since the announcement of this offensive against mosul. iraq second largest city. also islamic state has been digging in the good u order to defend themselves. including use of war crimes that means human shields and chemical weapons. >> i think we need to take the risk of the use of more chemical weapons by the islamic state as a very real and very scary risk. >> united nation came out yesterday and said that four people died last month when isis set fire to a sulfur plant and thousands more were badly injured. war crimes are just a concern for islamic state.
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killed by us airstrikes in the past two years of bombing in iraq and syria. that's just the initial investigation. there could be a lot more to come. something that donald trump going to need to consider if he really wants to wrap up the fighting here in the middle east. back to you. >> john: hillary clinton is blaming the fbi for her surprise defeat in the present to raise. should a conference call with top campaign donors yesterday. clinton says her winning the race until fbi director james comey letter to congress. the letter set october 28 announced the fbi uncovered emails possibly related to his earlier probe in the clinton use of private server as secretary of state. >> it's happening today the rock 'n' roll las vegas marathon and half marathon kicks off on las vegas boulevard. that means more than 45,000
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downtown. starting at 3 o'clock this afternoon the road closure start at nine in the morning. freeway ramps to the strip will start shutting down it 2 o'clock in the afternoon. drivers heading eastbound from interstate 15 exit ramps not be able to cross las vegas boulevard. news 3 caught up with some of the runners during up for the big day. >> competing against ourselves. can we do it. the answer is as i learned is yes i've done six full maon marathons now all since 2010. found out that yes as ordinary average people can do this. >> annual rock 'n' roll marathon the only private event that exclusively shuts down las vegas boulevard, i-15 offramp tropicana avenue will be the first to open read apm exit ramps and flamingo will be the last reopen at 1130 mac las vegas boulevard should be
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the full list of closures on our website new a developing story police on the scene of a deadly multivehicle accident in the northwest part of the valley. happened after 8 o'clock last night your rainbow and smoke ranch. right on details are slim will continue to follow store bring you any updates are ws condition after hit-and-run accident in the south west valley. metro tells us a car hit a 27-year-old just between 5 o'clock between flamingo and tropicana. officers say 25-year-old clement lamb driving a car that hit him he fled the scene and then came back in a different vehicle. police tell us he showed signs of impairment and was arrested. breaking overnight learning more about the murder of a north las vegas woman. police now say was a case of domestic violence for partner
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you see them there led north las vegas police arrested 63 old randall mcrae. he faces murder charges. north las vegas police say they found mccray's girlfriends body last tuesday in a home near centeno parkway and lamb. she had been shot once the corner still has not released her name. new information about a man killed while trying to hold up a valley convenience store. metro tells us the man was 24-year-old were shot o'brien of police and armed security guard shot him early thursday morning. they tell us ryan was trying to hold up a 7-eleven on east cheyenne. officers believe he was responsible for recent series of robberies in the area. coming up on news 3 live today. a sugar staying that's right why companies as dozens of undercover agents to try to win a lawsuit. make-a-wish is here talk about the second annual downtown holiday parade kicks off next weekend.
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will be right back.
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news china celebrated singles day yesterday. online shoppers spent billions of dollars in words busiest day for e-commerce. singles day created by chinese college students in the 90s as a version of valentine's day for people without any romantic partners for unattached young people treat each other to dinner give each other gifts through that special someone. and and their single status. thousands of retailers said they made $9 billion in the first 10 hours of tripled what the american spent in total last year on cyber monday. why november 11 commit greater say november 11 date was picked to be 1111 which of course is for singles. russia maybe days away from turning the lights out on link din social network site you've got your email whole bunch. so to be acquired by microsoft facing a potential ban in russia. a moscow court ruled on
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linkedin artie been found in violation of that but a lower court there. the company says such a ban would deny millions of linkedin members in russia an opportunity to grow their businesses. not clear yet when linkedin will be blocked russian state media reports ruling could affect early next week. company that makes splenda is suing dunkin' donuts heartland custom consumer products purchased under a year ago don't chain used to offer splenda to cut ties with a sugar substitute this year. the lawsuit claims a chain out offers a chinese offbrand sucralose. in yellow packets like splenda court documents heartland says it sent investigators to more than 70 dunkin' donuts around the country asking for splenda. they were directed toward that chinese product. and sometimes restaurant staff also falsely indicated that splenda was used in its products. heartland says dunkin' donuts
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reputation they want constant compensation for corrective advertising of the damages dunkin' donuts did not file a legal response for that is a ton of work just to get the money from the swinger company. undercover agents in a lawsuit. >> jerry: i think we should give krispy kreme equal time. [laughter] let's take a look at the sunrise here six is skiing back you could see the brightening skies out to the east clear tonight for the big supermoon. miracle mile shops in the strip 56 degrees west wind at 5:00 p.m. pressure is high humidity elevated but going to be very comfortable today. on the inside the does elementary sarah sloan 49 degrees. precursor of things to come. were going to be in the 40s whole valley by weeks end. out of the northwest
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exception to the rule. winds are not going to be a big deal today. mid-50s you can see in the mid valley and 57 over in the lakes and 51 up at nellis. 44 over at blue diamond. 40 up on the mountain and 30s as you head of the 93 toward pioche 55 in boulder city and 44 in pahrump. take a look at some official readings these are top of the our in our weather bug network. 55 out at the airport 36 in reno is 65 over the city of angels. across the nation not a a few showers moving out of the gulf into the southeast.a weather system up to the northwest that should not impact us cooler air ahead of that. or behind it i'm sorry. eventually that will move in here but not for the next few days. we are sitting pretty with clear skies in the bubble of high pressure over. afternoon highs today beautiful. look at this, mid-70s across
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77 today another warm one with light winds up on mount charleston. 60 degrees with the mountain ray 73 at red rock. good day to go take a hike. down in the lake 82 degrees i warm one with a north breeze developing at five to 10 this afternoon. tonight the big moon lots of moonshine 53 degrees our normal 40 7:00 p.m. and your seven day forecast here we go. temperatures plummeting by thursday down into the lower 60s that will be a shock to the system but tell w afternoon breezy to windy conditions on wednesday and partly cloudy skies that will be the transition day. some big changes i john. it's about time we cool down. what you agree? >> john: i'll take some fall weather. second annual downtown summerlin holiday parade kicks off on friday tell us all about it a really cool event it benefits make-a-wish in the way. >> downtown summerlin kicking off the season and the 18th starting at 5:30 with the
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custom characters penguins polar bears toy soldiers not crack the whole nine yards and the arrival of santa claus. following that the tree will be led by olympic gold medalist conor fields who won the mx he is a local boy hometown hero and he's going to be joined by make-a-wish kids. >> second chance to have them be involved in what will that do for the parade? >> we love it. he's thend parade. he's a hometown hero. everyone has pride in what he accomplished. were very excited to have him. he is going to present a check on behalf of the corporation to make-a-wish which will help us keep the magic going all year long. our kids are so excited to join him on the stage. our kids have already received their one wish but they love having opportunities to do fun and amazing things like this and the really looking forward to it.
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does. >> to have those kids involved. >> the power of a wish is real. our doctors tell us that kids actually feel better when there anticipating their wish. it lifts their spirits. it brings the whole family and the community together and one more cool thing is going to happen that i have to tell you. after the tree is late, mr. bill slowly who is the owner of our cities first professional sports franchise the hockey team is good be joined by george mcphee the general manager and they rock cream which is downtown summerlin ice-skating rink. it all happens friday starting at 5:30. the parade is kind of everyone now knows fall is coming. it's to welcome the holiday but it's more of a neighborhood brings a town committee failed to appear. >> absolutely. downtown summerlin is an open air pressure in malls was a great place for everyone to gather.
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wear a jacket that night. but were really looking forward to it and make a wish is honored to take the stage with conor fields and be part of this event. >> only second annual for people who did not go last year and what do they miss and were they looking forward to?>> the parade has several floats. it's got all kinds of costumed characters it's got dancers, it's got music, at super visual. it goes down park center drive. and happens nightly on select a lot of fun. perfect family activity. >> if people want to get involved, where they go, how did they find it? >> downtown >> all the information right there. >> what time? >> 5:30 friday. >> thank you so much. 6:00 p.m. park center drive free and open to the general public. who doesn't like a parade around the holidays?
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>> lebron james a world
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this. >> john: lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers took the opportunity while the white house to pose for the manikin challenge. first lady michelle obama joined in. the cavs to the photo captioning freezing our white house visit in time forever. with the flotus.
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sensation following the ice bucket challenge. the harlem shake a number of others. president obama invited the cavs after they defeated the golden state warriors. for the nba title. unit of a football team on stage and win last night. randy howe has the latest with your morning sports. >> historic multiple times over ufc made history just by holding the first card and new york state after years of battling to get it approved. commission. madison square garden historic first fighter ufc if you hold to cultivate can take lightweight champion eddie albers hardware from him him in the first round mcgregor knocked albers down with a big left hand and try to finish him in the first round but couldn't do it by the second round mcgregor did make history for huge counterpunch began with the left and right left right combination that sent albers to
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mcgregor 18th win by knockout history the first fighter to hold to belt at the same time. the featherweight lightweight championship in the ufc you hear from him coming up tonight on sports night in las vegas. other one is championship belt tyrone woodley kept his welterweight belt fighting the night in stephen thompson to judges and draws in that fight. morsi that one. also covers dry weight title romero pulled up knocked out chris weidman raquel pennington tape and tate retired after last fight. frankie edgar also beat jeremy stevens for rebel football team returned after by week. post the wild wind cowboys for wyoming big five no leading the mountain division for first quarter game tied at three.34 yards for the reps came up tonight at 7:00 p.m. but the rebels down by seven. david green find some green.
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for quarterback for the rebels played very well. can't it take to 18 yards. 30-24 unlv lead at the half and fourth quarter became a shootout rebels lead 44-38 the pond to austin conway here's local bands got a little nervous but conway brings her back 60?wyoming up 45 -44. moments later alan deck dropping back to pass sees a whole takes advantage and he's gone. 76 yards untouched the qb final driver wyoming one yard line tie the game and send them into overtime five seconds to go. it would be josh allen to tanner he makes a great one-handed catch. can you believe that? tony sanchez couldn't get two teams going to overtime tied it
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overtime after picked from wyoming nikolai 46 yard a 40 yard field goal help the rebels get the win 69-66. that's a big unlv win. >> upset day to be the top for the ap playoff pleasure alabama only team that one. clemson got upset. so did michigan against iowa on a last second field goal number 14 washington they got beat by usc. might these new teams in that top four. that's going to do it for sports. back to you. >> john: coming up on news 3 live today 6:30 our garage still a ripoff the morning valley woman has for folks hoping to make some real money.
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air force what you expecting if you're heading there. we'll let you know coming up next. if you're heading there. we'll let you know coming up next.
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up next. >> john: a garage sale ripoff the warning valley woman has for folks hoping to make some
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plus, 75 years most of them show in the city. how this using aviation nation ever celebrated at nellis air force base and hundreds but there pedal to the metal to show the support for valley veterans more about the annual ride for recovery event. you're watching news 3 live today. live from las vegas this is news 3 live today. >> john: good for joining us live look at the las vegas valley. today is sunday, november 13 the street soon full of marathon runners. nice day to be rock 'n' roll marathon jerry. >> jerry: it is. winds should be like conditions should be gorgeous temperatures in the 70s you can see our brightening skies to the east the view from the springs reserve. across the street from the meadows mall out to valley view 52 degrees out there winds are
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nice day. temperatures in the mid-50s right now. low 50s to mid-50s as you can see 53 out in summerlin and 54 downtown henderson of the northeast valley 50 at nellis and 55 down at mount edge. around the southern nevada 41 up on the mountain 45 in pahrump 30s as you edit the 93 and still hanging at 60 down in laughlin. we take a look at satellite shot storming us up to the north but a bubble of high pressure over us clouds move through last night.going to have clear skies tonight and tonight for the big supermoon good celestial viewing in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. 8:00 a.m. today looking at 60 to 74 by noon peak at 77 and then down to 75 by 4:00 p.m. should be a great day for the marathon in a great day for anybody planning outdoor activities for the forecast my seven day has some much cooler temperatures in it. we'll have that for you up ahead. john.
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magnitude earthquake rocked new zealand's south island this morning for new zealand authorities have a warning for people living christ turns to move to higher ground. the same area was devastated by 6.3 earthquake five years ago. that nearly killed nearly 200 people. somber ceremony in france today. remembering the horrors of one year ago. november 13 last year extremists attacked bars restaurants and other symbols of that joyful life thatrs the town into a spasm of violence that shook the nation to its core. president francis hollande visit each of the seven attack sites to honor the 130 people killed that friday night. hundreds injured. hollande unveiled a plaque outside this data the fronts in place wreath at the side of the suicide bombings that marks the beginning of the tax last year. how about this ripoff for a
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yesterday someone paid for the purchases with a counterfeit bill. >> andrea tells news 3 two men and a woman and her fake hundred dollars bill she later noticed the bill was smaller than it should have been a today we received similar reports from valley residents who were also holding yard and garage sales. the secret service says it's recovered more than a million bucks in counterfeit money since last october.that does not make andrea feel any better. >> they come in here and when we open they always turn up again. you don't really believe that
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to keep the bill file a report on monday. but she told us she didn't want to wait the public to wait that long before they heard the message. new one of the most exciting shows of the year happening this morning at 10 o'clock and nellis air force base. the airshow aviation nation celebrating 75 years this year. after a year hiatus to the military budget cuts. today the crew gave fans young and old a free show. those we spoke to said the highflying not disappoint. >>. [indiscernable] for more
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aviation nation visit our page a special bike race dedicated to storing hopeful local veterans takes place along the strip yesterday. nonprofit organization known as ride to recovery together this year's las vegas on a ride. the noncompetitive cycle event takes a public ride alongside our local veterans but our very ow yesterday's special event around 800 participants including own misty wilcox wrote in it.organizes a local support is the key in the lives of veterans. the success of events like this one. >> our goal is making a difference in the lives of healing heroes. at the same time to make that healing happen we need civilians out here. we need civilian support. some see this it's amazing. major blessing.
6:36 am
organization events in the future, pedro website coming up on news 3 live today today a terrifying site what caused the train to derail in minnesota and what witnesses are saying. and a horrific crash was a somber and a veteran's day celebration and michigan. take you there coming up. plus, by emile give a meal program kicking off next weekend to help many families in need how you can take part of not your daddy and square food with prism tv from centurylink, you can get over 320 channels, whole home dvr, plus you can watch on your devices. and the best part is, you don't have to deal with cable. we love not having cable.
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oh, uh, i don't know. recently, i guess? uh... okay. yeah. [ chuckles ] so, like, recently, recently. feel like a hollywood insider
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>> john: making news about a barricade situation coming into our newsroom police investigating a domestic dispute and maryland parkway and tropicana. happened early this morning the police officer said they've arrested a man with a knife he is considered a suspect in this. news 3 details coming in will have much more information about that investigation and upcoming show. meanwhile the collision while he was out celebrating veteran's day in detroit michigan. please say 64-year-old maurice mims died at the scene after he was hit by a man who was driving a silver chevy impala. police still looking for the driver of that car. a series of train cars overturned selling a zigzag pattern across the tracks and allendale minnesota. hazardous material seen colin after one vehicle carrying propane crashed people within a
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evacuate as a precaution. one witness described that scene. >> we heard like something a screech like something breaking.the railing safety on they stayed down they would not come back up. >> that scene currently under investigation. police officer said thankfully, no one was hurt. one ambush in alaska a police officer seriously injured. happened thursday night in downtown anchorage.police say the officers responding to the report at the time. the suspect opened fire on him as soon as he stepped out of his cruiser. investigators believe the suspect deliberately lured police to the scene. shots ring out in a crowded mall in upstate new york. happened yesterday afternoon in albany. the capital there. police said they opened fire on a suspect and killed him.
6:41 am
expected to survive. still unclear what motivated the suspect to shoot at police. coming up after the break dave chapelle back at least for one night. what you might've missed on snl last night. and a divided united flight how the flight over the election forces a pilot to get involved. then not sure daddy here in studio not only talk about that delicious food but tell us about it by emile give aal program how to partnership with
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right back. >> john: snl c kate mckinnon and alec baldwin to get out. last night was little different opening of the show took a more somber >> first episode since donald trump won the presidential election. opened the show not only paid tribute to hillary clinton but the song mckinnon saying for the late leonard cohen who died earlier this week. last night's episode were no talk jokes noted that baldwin make an appearance. united airlines captain settled a politically charged
6:45 am
to his passengers. comes after a verbal argument broke out between two passengers. the pilot decided to defuse the situation by asking those passengers to come together. take a listen. >> what i do ask is that as people we have to come in dc to respect each other's decisions. and to get along on this flight so that we can have a good time to get down there. nobody has a problem with this honor flight tomorrow. not going to be on this one. i hope that is clear. >> the name of the pilot is unknown. official said the flight landed safely in puerto vallarta without any further disruption. volunteers and security forces on sunday inspected the damage caused by a bomb blast at a shrine in southwest pakistan.
6:46 am
to 50 people with more than 100 wounded. the blessed targeted worshipers as they were in the throes of the devotional donald dance. at the time packed with families women and children. isis later claimed responsibility for the suicide attack. >> prime minister malcolm turnbull turn sunday announcement sunday announcement agreement with the united states to resettle an languishing in the pacific islands. speaking at cadaveric turnbull said the agreement was to resettle refugees currently being processed at centers on meadows island in nauru. most of the asylum-seekers of muslims from middle east africa and asia. the agreement could empty the camps that have been condemned by human rights groups. new in russia central and
6:47 am
few days. with an unusual variation of temperatures this time of year. moscow was covered in snow bringing joy to many kids. however the last two days dozens of car accidents occurred in the city and a high number of petitions were injured due to icy roads. the ministry says his team is providing heat stations on the roads and highways for drivers traveling long distances. not seeing any of those images here. there has been a little warmer. >> jerry: i would think the capable of dealing with snow. i'm surprised by that. take a look at the last hour you can see our sunrise 6:16 official sunrise. we're looking at 52 degrees the central valley. sahara on the 15th wins barely noticeable unity elevated bit but so is a barometer for no rain coming we had the ominous
6:48 am
beans.48 down in the southern highlands.looking at fortis by weeks and across the valley. it's going to cool off meanwhile about north las vegas and review 57 degrees and barometer quite high 30.18 inches of mercury. these across the valley safer blue diamond and as we look around the southern nevada 81 up in the mountains 30 up to 93 boulder city 56 in pahrump you can take 10 degrees off that city. 55 at the top of the hour for las vegas. skies not a lot going on across the country. some showers over the carolinas. the texas gulf coast and little sister moving into the pacific northwest but were insulated from now. our skies will be clear tonight lots of glorious november sunshine. some good viewing for the full moon. supermoon overnight tonight. 77 high today in pahrump to 79 overton 76 in boulder city you
6:49 am
heading up to the mountain about 60 up there at the large to 73 at red rock and down on the lake low 80s. nice warm day with north winds developing an afternoon but only 5 to 10 mile an hour range. moon will be close to the earth tonight lots of moonshine. 53 degrees our normal 40 7:00 p.m. your seven day forecast. big changes ahead especially going into thursday will be dropping down in the 40s. low 60s for thursday. after the mid-seventies that will come as quite a shock. looking for some breezes to develop on wednesday that will be a transitional day. finally, after 13 or 14 or 15 and 16 straight days were going to cool off and get down below normal. john. >> john: if you're cold at 60 degrees which i might have to be margaritas not joe's a table full of them over here take a bigger story not your daddy and
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bank. >> not sure daddy has been generous to do a give a meal program where they provide one meal just three square for each meal purchase. they let us know they had a donation for 110,000 meals. that's amazing. >> why get involved in a. >> locally owned business. we want to get back to the community. what better way to partnering with three square. fight hunger nevada. >> we are triple dip. housemate k sophia are salsas all made fresh daily with guacamole. lobster shrimp tacos. buffalo hot naturals. i loaded the vegan menu a full vegan menu. we have our supreme just data naturals.
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>> probably the test data naturals. all of our matches are out of this world. >> has a program work? >> all three locations are part of it. you can go to any natural daddy here in town for every entrie you buy we give a male to three square. >> it's a small thing. opposite cost the customers nothing. how much does this impact three square? >> were looking to serve 137,000 people it's really a community deal where we need the community involved from all angles from small businesses to large corporations to wonderful community partners like natural daddy.and that number growing? >> the good news is one in six southern nevadans used to be a number that we were using after that number is leading to one in 77 nevadans.
6:52 am
benefit from this cannot. >> there's a misconception about that. you think that as people who are struggling locum that kind of thing but the truth is it comes from every single zip code in the happens people go on disability. they lose their jobs. they lose a spouse.we find in summerlin and anthem and some of the higher income areas that are still high level of food insecurity. it is a long-termthing >> they need to get back to stabilization. >> what better way to get back and find not joe's? >> we have three locations. >> locally owned company?
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after this. >> john: take a look at that beautiful shot of the las vegas
6:56 am
truly try to grind it out. meanwhile this weekend veteran's day we can service dogs and training graduate become lifelong practice for veterans in washington d.c.. > graduation ceremony except the graduates walked across the stage on four legs. two classes of servic congratulated on the completion of the hero dog program and nonprofit providing service dogs to veterans three free of charge. the training the dr. training become facility dog therapy dogs are skilled home companions. the canine graduates will now join veterans and their families to support our countries member service former service members. >> great program.
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americans. >> never doubt that you are powerful. >> if you succeed, then the country succeeds. ?? a. good morning, welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist. the alleged smart money a week ago was hillary clinton would be president of the united states. president trump lost the popular votes, but won the electoral


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